Things I wish I knew when I started Programming

Hey, Tech lead here now, I’ve been programming for a long time I started maybe six hundred years ago so and I’ve learned the a lot of things on my journey I told I would covered in this video some of the top tips I’ve for you Things I wish I knew when I started coding my self. Now let’s get into the tips. The first tip I have for you is to not try to learn everything. It’s going to take you forever to try to learn everything and things keep changing all the time so choose what you need to learn and focus on getting results You are going to be interfacing with thousands of different technologies Maybe MySQL, Linux, different APIs, Frameworks, all sort of different things that developed by other people that changing all the time. And At least for me, I find myself often digging into various technologies, try to figure out exactly how things are working But the key I think is just start using things.

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100 thoughts on “Things I wish I knew when I started Programming

  1. You're so right about the mental barrier of learning a language is definitely higher than actually learning a language

  2. Things I wish I knew when I started programming. #1 – Its addicting and you cant stop once you start (for real though lol)

  3. Get things rolling. Do not love the code but the results. Try to have functioning program with web interface as early as possible.

  4. Another piece of advice is to learn the basics of a language: variables, arrays, if/elif/else statements, loops etc. This will take no time. Then ditch tutorials and start looking for problems to solve. If you have an idea, work on it. You'll learn as you attempt to solve problems that are out of your current skillset.

  5. not sure why google only recommended your videos to me just now … I like what you say and 2 videos now and it goes in my head one thing yes that's what I believe in and been telling everyone around me lol

  6. one thing i very much relate to is the amount of products projects that I have just dumped after working on them and they never saw the light.. a massive mistake is not releasing things and taking the mindset of perfection .. never get perfection come in the way of good

  7. Guys…. What if he IS an alien and accidentally spoiled his real age in this video and then later tried hide it through sarcasm? Of course, we would think he is just being sarcastic but good god WHAT IF HE REALLY IS…….!!??!!?,,, 😱😱

  8. I make QA engineering content if anyone’s interested in that topic too. I’m a full stack developer and I would love to make tech content for you all 🥰✊🏼

  9. I make QA engineering content if anyone’s interested in that topic too. I’m a full stack developer and I would love to make tech content for you all 🥰✊🏼

  10. Thanks techlead! Wish i also know this rule so that i was more productive back then, more web apps produced maybe

  11. "Things I wish I knew when I started coding myself"
    So he admits he is beyond space and time and he created himself.

  12. Having decades of experience, I'd say this video is good advice. The only tip I'd add is that you should learn security best practices for the language(s) you use, if you are handling personal data for customers.

  13. 4:00 The field moves fast and the only constant is change; and what you will always need is the ability to learn quickly.

    Thank you.

  14. Bro this has been the most helpful video i've seen in a while. Thank you for demystifying the process, giving encouragement, and solid advice. Thank you

  15. Thank you very much. I always have a low self esteem when it comes to code. It makes my life miserable sometimes. You cheered me up. Great job !

  16. He could turn people off the CS field entirely with this pompous rants.
    YouTube should ban Tech Lead from its platform.

  17. I wish I knew the coding world has become such a toxic and cut-throat world. I also wish I knew the coding chair is the chair the other departments can kick to. Glad I abandoned this world after decades. This "professionalization" of the IT world (yes, I am that old) has been a disaster. It introduced fancy management-terminology and mediocre programmers.

  18. I have been programming since 1990 and I agree. However, the only regret I have was trying to reinvent the wheel. I'm still doing it in small amounts for hobby projects because I want authorship pride or full control and I love the creativity but it is wise to know what other technologies are out there even if you don't intend to learn them. If you are like me, you have probably programmed things and later found out what labels have been applied to them. This month I found that I have been designing and developing in the MVC design model, and that I programmed JSON 15 years ago but found out what JSON is today. I do have hesitation in learning new technologies for the fact that there are so many (and so many more coming) – I think the best start is just know what each one is then choose what is applicable to your project or career. On the topic of garbage, yes there is so much garbage out there. I recently came across a VBA application where code was just copied and pasted from the internet, variables were declared but not used, functions were called with the incorrect number of arguments, it was a complete mess. But the application got the job done… despite the occasional crashes… and I don't think there was much interest from the business to invest in a re-write as much as there was to add new functionality. And that is where the challenge was, adding brand new code to a train wreck.

  19. "Software is mostly duct tape and strings."
    I literally paused the video here and shared it with every fucking person I know.

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  21. If yes, my question is, people are talking that now machines will code instead of human beings .what is your say on this and since you worked for Google, are they using such technology.please reply with your experience.

  22. If you think Jordan Peterson is worth reading you really are an idiot. Sad. You spent all your time and effort learning tech to the detriment of your understanding of social and political theory. Unsubscribed.

  23. Every video is pure gold with a negligible amount of weird(in a good way) comedy. Always grateful for these types of content! Salamat!

  24. I would like to share a small tidbit of advice. Mark Twain said "I'm a terrible writer, but I'm a great re-writer." It is this second step that is really needed to produce beautiful, clean code. It is the easy step to do as well, but is often ignored by coders for various reasons (time constraints, laziness, working alone(code reviews are important!), project is going well so why bother, etc.). 90% of the work is to produce a working prototype. 10% is to make it beautiful. I make this a habit when I code. First I get it working, then I go back, rethink the problem and solution, restructure as needed, separate into appropriate functions, document where needed, add tests, etc. These last steps really don't take much time once you develop the re-writing skill but will save you a TON of time in the future since you will have to maintain the code you wrote.

  25. @TechLead I am learning Python for the first time, and going through a 30 hour Udemy tutorial learning the fundamentals, and after a week of this I am / was totally overwhlemed with having all this information in my head, but nut yet knowing how to use it in real world scenarios. I watched this video and it made me laugh and gave me a good idea of how to best tackle learning python. Thanks for that.

  26. Wow, TechLead listening to Jordan Peterson's book – is really an additional sign that reasonable people are on the same wave. Huge respect!

  27. Not all code is garbage. Just all the code at Facebook and all the code he got to work with at Google. I like this guy, but it's so sad that he has never seen or written perfect code. Of course he "doesn't do open source" with that view.

  28. Hey Techlead, I have been learning python for about a month and I’m already better then you. Don’t you wish you were me? It’s good to be me. You should start calling me the techlead instead.

  29. Taking his advice with grain of salt….eat the meat,leave the bones.My humble opinion is stick with fundamentals principles things like Algorithms,design patterns,..problem solving skills and learning skills and you will br fine.The idea just build….is good but…

  30. This guy is massively full of himself.
    Many people in the CS profession due to its complexity and difficulty have an overblown sense of self.
    In the general ‘non nerd’ world have no interest in what we do.
    Get over it…
    Most people could give a flying f,:;; about the difference between a While loop and a decision structure

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