The World’s Most Aggressive Telemarketer – Key & Peele

[phone ringing] Hello, this is Gavin. (Colin)
Hi, Gavin, my name
is Colin Valenti. I’m calling from
Master Travel Incorporated to tell you about an exciting
limited-time offer, exclusive Las Vegas getaway. Can I have a few moments
of your time to tell you
about this new package? You know what,
I would love to, but I just don’t have the time. [phone beeps] Hello? Hello? [disconnect tone] Hm. [touch tones beeping] [line trilling] [phone ringing] (Colin)
This is Colin Valenti,
Master Travel Incorporated. How may I be of service? Hi, Colin Valenti. My name is Gavin. I think we just talked. Did we get disconnected? (Colin)
Yeah, no–I mean, yeah,
I hung up on you. Why would you do that? I mean, are you even– Are you even allowed
to do that? (Colin)
Were you going to buy
the Las Vegas package? Well, I mean, probably not,
but that’s not the point. (Gavin)
The point is– [phone beeps] What the hell? [touch tones beeping] [line trilling] (Colin)
This is Colin– Yeah, Valenti.
Listen. (Gavin)
I don’t know what
crawled up your ass and set up shop there,
but you don’t get to hang up– [phone beeps]
[gasps] What? Oh, my g– [line trilling] [phone ringing] (Colin)
What the [bleep] do you want? What is your deal, huh? (Colin)
Um, you don’t want
the Vegas package, so I don’t want to talk. I did us a favor,
wasting our time here. (Gavin)
Stop, stop, don’t you dare hang up that [bleep] phone,
okay? (Colin)
Why shouldn’t I? Why shou– What if I wanted
the Vegas package? Wha–you know what? I want the Vegas package. (Colin)
Sure you do. [phone beeps] What? You mother[bleep]! Oh, my God! You son of a bitch. [line trilling] (Colin)
Come on, man, let it go. [bleep] you, man! [bleep] you! I want five [bleep] packages! Right now–you know what? (Gavin)
You know what?
Where’s my wallet? This is my credit card
number, right here. Okay, listen. Get [bleep] off me. My credit card number
is 0074-5403-0098. The expiration date
is 12-20! And then–and then the–
oh, yeah! The security number is 084! So run the damn card right now! Right [bleep] now! You run it right [bleep] now,
asshole! [suspenseful music] (Colin)
Thank you for your business. Well, I hope
you learned your le– [phone beeps]
[gasps] [screaming] These new call scripts
are really great. Yeah, I know, right? [phone rings] What the [bleep]
do you want, Kathy?

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100 thoughts on “The World’s Most Aggressive Telemarketer – Key & Peele

  1. Chris Cuomo aka Fredo from CNN if the kind of guy to call back a telemarking firm because he was offeneded…! What a dork.

  2. See usually I feel pretty guilty about hanging up on the telemarketers, I wish they'd just do it first lol

  3. As a former student caller I wish they would’ve let us do this, you can tell if someone’s interested in the first 30 seconds, having to push through is the most annoying thing ever.

  4. It’s for me a hit and mis: Key & Peele. But this is a hit. Goddamn funny, I’ve watched it a view time and it makes me laugh al the time

  5. They hang up on me all the time. The ones named "Jim Smith" that sound like Mahatma Gandhi and like to talk a mile a minute. They don't like it when you distract them from their script and tell them to STFU.

  6. That happens to almost every store, when you try to purchase something they say nicely with the smile 😀 “hi, how can I help you” after purchase they just turn their face around 😐

  7. So some telemarketer hangs up on you, and you call them back and willfully give them your credit card number, so they can take it home and use it later? Yeah okay, so funny. 😩

    I know this is fake and set up, it's just a shame that this is what actually passes for comedy nowadays.

  8. What sets this apart from snl is film quality. The detail the production feels like I’m watching an actual movie not a skit and I really like that

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