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100 thoughts on “The Truth About T-Mobile 5G

  1. Not sure I'm sticking with the headline long-term, but since it's there now, some additional "truth" for you folks:
    – T-Mobile is also building out 5G in the high-band mmWave space (it already has the beginnings of such a network underway in Las Vegas and LA, among other places).
    – Its 600MHz deployment (which I test in this video) is built on spectrum it acquired in 2017. It's had LTE deployed there for a while, and has also had all that time to prepare for this 5G rollout, hence the "switch flip" moment.
    – Not all sites have been upgraded with the 5G equipment. When your phone connects to a specific T-Mo cell site using the 600MHz band, the site can indicate to the handset whether or not it's so equipped. If so, the phone switches the network indicator to "5G" to let you know that connection is available. If not, it stays put at 4GLTE.
    – The rollout, as with all carriers, is continuous. Expect coverage to increase, but expect speeds to remain about the same due to the limitations of low-band frequencies discussed in the video.

    More here:

  2. I always try to enter in the version 2.0 of the things, because I'm broken and I can't give second chances with this lack of money hahaha

  3. MMwave is crazy fast but with that inconsistent coverage, I'd say it'd go the way of WiMax before LTE took over. Except for the fact the Verizon is building it out so it most likely will be here to stay. Sprint took a huge gamble on WiMax and because of it, never seemed to recover how far behind they fell behind all the others once they focused on LTE.

  4. Thank you so much for being one of the few reviewers who gives the big picture and real world experience. Longwave 5G may not be much faster, but I'm led to believe it'll be much less prone to slowdowns due to the number of users on the system.

  5. You still got a lot of areas that in America that still probably still on dial-up internet and you still got areas that still can't get 3g or 4g.. If you have family that live in the country you know what I'm talking about.. Lol and your like no signal Noooooooooooooooooooo!!!! 😂😂😂

  6. 2016: 5G is here!
    Us: it's not ready yet
    2017: 5G is here!
    Us: it's not ready yet
    2018: 5G is here!
    Us again: it's not ready yet
    2019: 5G is here!
    Us: still not ready
    2020: 6G is here!
    Us: wait wat

  7. 5g is not as tempting as 4g was, I can stream 1440p on my phone and everything is streamed these days, so I opted for the note 10÷ 4g on the day of release, I plan to spend 2-3 years with this phone I guess I won't need 5g and I didnt make a mistake by not waiting for 5g.

  8. Some places (Russia, Norway, finland) also uses LTE on 450Mhz, this frequency should also be considered, not for speed but for huge coverage, and emergency services.

  9. I am a Moto Z3 user (bite me) who lives in a very rural area that Verizon has almost to itself. The 4G LTE is as reliable as one could ask for within immediate city/township limits, but drops to 3G 2-3 miles out then dies beyond that. I'd be shocked to see Verizon 5G showing up within 5 years here, since current 5G tech requires all those repeaters above streets to keep the signal going. Fine in urban areas mostly, utterly impractical in rural areas. Also, so much of this 5G tech currently on the market won't make it to halfway before newer protocols/infrastructure are in place, hence my trepidation to buy that 5G Moto Mod. It's like getting a slot car for Xmas without the track. Not too much fun.

  10. I'd like to be more excited about 5G but up here in Canada where we pay ridiculous amounts for Data and Unlimited plans basically don't exist because you're throttled down after 10GBS, I won't be using the capabilities of 5G for years to come I'd say.

  11. Its wack seein verizon at over 1.5 gbps and t-mobile at about 40 mbps. I understand that it'll reach more people, but damn this is nothing but 4.5g for t-mobile, basically. This is nothing to be excited about.

  12. The greatness of 5G will be combining all low and high frequencies depending on the case.

    Only 600Mhz won't give you much, but combine 600Mhz with other sub 6Ghz bands and you have great speeds and coverage everywhere. And mmWave will be awesome for crowded places like train stations and busy streets.

  13. Glad someone out here talking about how there isn't a need to drop good money on a 5G phone just yet. No one needs a $1300 5G Galaxy/Note for future proofing when you'll have more and cheaper options in the next 18 months. Thanks as always Mr. Fisher!

  14. 30 MBit? 70 MBit? I get 150+ MBit on 4G most of the time. And what's the use of 1500 MBit if the phone switches cell every 0.5 seconds (if there are 5 cells per 100 square meter as you apparently need?). And when it obviously only works outdoors? In the desert. If the rocks are small enough.

  15. Let's be honest, The MrMobile Channel seems to hold the best 5G Coverage on Youtube to date.
    Keep it up Michael, really appreciate this honest, unbiased and independent content.

  16. 5g won't be worth a penny if data keeps being as expensive as it is. Faster speeds just means reaching that data cap quicker.

  17. I have a Note 10 Plus 5G on Optus in Australia. Uses 3500mhz for 5G I tend to get around 300-500mbit down and around 50-100mbit up on 5G.

  18. You cannot call anything 5g,these companies are in a race and so t mobile is giving 5g which has speeds which are also possible with 4g,true 5g is Verizon's but it is unreliable

  19. I still believe high bandwidth 5g is years far from being ready and it's being pushed unnecessarily to the public for commercial benefits.

  20. To put it bluntly, all they did was rebrand a faster 4G as 5G. So forget about it folks. Full 5G coverage in real world situations won't be happening anytime soon.

  21. True, true, true Michael 👍👍👍
    In Europe 5G still isn't perfect. Only 5G Stand Alone Networks will be big steep but this in future (or in Korea now 😄)

  22. Best to wait about a year till the technology is more widespread and more OEM's come out with more reasonably priced devices.

  23. That Camera Sample you used from the OnePlus is exactly the reason I’ll never buy one again. It’s like OnePlus thinks it’s alright to dial the saturation up to 300% and call it a day. 2:25

  24. I dislike tinfoil hats. But seeing 5G can be interrupted by our bodies and other solid objects, kinda makes nervous about its impact on our bodies.

  25. Thanks to you Michael. Because of your previous video about 5G, I've made up my mind to get the non 5G of Mate 30 Pro and saved some bucks for the price difference to get the Huawei proprietary nano SD card instead.

    Being your top fan of tech reviews since Pocketnow era.

  26. I like T-Mobile's bottom-up approach better than the top-down of ATT & Verizon. LTE speeds are more than adequate at the moment, and the increased distance and penetration of these low-band 5G signals means it'll become ever so less common to find a dead spot.

  27. There is no any 1g 2g 3g 4g 5g 6g 100g it is just labeling .. it is ONLY increasing frequency and bandwidth … and another increasing is just in baby state so they need to install new masts which supports higher frequencies and bandwidth

  28. Thank you! One of the few people who explained the 5G experience CORRECTLY! Other YouTubers were completely misinformed and spewing verbal anthrax when in fact they failed to do their homework FIRST. 5G is going to have different layers like a cake 🍰

  29. T-mobiles low band 5g still on average slower than Verizon’s 4g lte, it’s just marketing b.s at the moment…….all I want is a damn cdma one plus 7t pro!

  30. 5G is useless… 4G can already reach high speeds (getting upwards of 180mb/s down (Montreal) and 30 up. Its more than anything you'd need for a phone

  31. LTE+ or LTE advanced networks in Canada (Ontario at least) can download 200-300mbps. Doesn't seem like 5g is gonna be ready for anything useful for the next few years.

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