The Toy Master Hides Scientist Lucy!

(bubbles) – This is the latest invention
I made in the Toy Lab. I call it The Ultimate Makeover Bag. – Show us what’s inside, Maya. – My pleasure. (bright music) – [Girls, in unison] Wow. – Yeah, it’s make up
disguised as art supplies. – Wow! That’s so clever, Maya! – I get to use a special
notebook to make eyeshadows and lip glosses and all sorts of fun make up. – Yeah, and it looks like
there’s all sorts of fun mixing materials on it, too! – [Maya] Yeah, that’s what
all this stuff is for. – That’s super cool, Maya. But where’s the Toy Scientist anyway? I’ve been dying to meet her. – I don’t know. She’s usually
always here when we get here. (hissing) – [Man’s Voice] This is
the Toy Master speaking. – The Toy Master? Who is that? – [Toy Master] They Toy Scientist
is in a sticky situation. In order to rescue her, you must follow my directions carefully. – Oh no, we have to rescue her! – What do we need to do, Toy Master? – [Toy Master] You must
follow a series of clues that will lead you to the toys. Once you have gathered
all the toys that I want, you will have the opportunity
to rescue the Toy Scientist. – Okay girls, we’re all smart. And the Toy Scientist has trained us well. – You’re right. We can do this, girls! – Toy Master, what’s our first clue? – [Toy Master] You’ll have
to find your first clue. Look for an object that is in the Toy Lab, but that can also be found in Toy School. You’re on your own now. (hissing) – So we can find our clue in something that’s here in the Toy Lab. – Yeah, but this object could
also be found in Toy School. – I don’t get it. What
is he talking about? – I know! The whiteboard! We
have a whiteboard in here. But there are also
whiteboards in Toy School! – [In Unison] Yeah! (clunking) – [Maya] Where is it? Where is it? – I don’t see anything! – I don’t see anything on the back either! – What about in the marker
container down here? (clunking) Nothing here either. – Okay, what else would
we also use in Toy School? – Maybe the music player! (click) I don’t see anything here. – There’s notebooks in school! Nope, don’t see anything. – What about the microscope,
guys? Nothing in here. – I’ve got it, girls! The
periodic table poster! – Oh my gosh! You could be right, Addy! We learned about the periodic table in our Toy Science class. – Okay, but I don’t see
any clues on the poster? Let’s get it down and see if
there’s something on the back. – [Addy] Come on, girls, let’s get it! (groaning) – Whoa! – One, two, three. – [In Unison] I don’t see anything! – What else in here would
we find in Toy School? – Tic Tac Toy fans, if you see anything, let us know in the comments
down below. We need help! – Maybe there’s a clue under the rugs. There’s rugs in Toy School. – [In Unison] Great idea! (upbeat jazz music) – Nothing here. – Let’s try the other one. (upbeat jazz music) – Nothing here either. – What about the lockers? There’s lockers at lots of
schools and at Toy School. – [In Unison] Yeah! (footsteps) – [In Unison] Is it in here? – It’s empty. – Let’s try the middle one! – Nothing. – OMG there’s a bag in here! – What’s inside? – [In Unison] Awww! – It’s a narwhal! It’s so cute! – They’re Shimmeez! – And they have reversible sequins! (rustling) – [Avery] I’ve got Polly Pig! And Lainey Lamb! – Check out Arlo Narwhal! (rustling, with bright jazz music) – And here’s Oliver Owl! – I’ve got Delilah Dog and Maggie Unicorn! And these reversible sequins are the best! (rustling, with upbeat music) – These toys are awesome! But how does it help us
find the Toy Scientist? – I don’t know. I thought we’d
find a clue with the toys. – Toy Master, can you hear
us? Where’s our next clue? – I think he’s gone. – Is there anything
else in the bag, girls? – OMG! I didn’t see this earlier, but there’s a piece of paper in here. – It looks like some sort of map! – Yeah, look! This is our town! – [Maya] There’s the Toy
Lab and here’s Toy School. And look, there’s the Toy Hotel
and the Toy Doctor’s Office. – What’s this big X for? – I bet the Toy Scientist is there! – You’re probably right.
If we can find this place, I bet we can help rescue the Toy Scientist from the sticky situation. – Okay girls, let’s bring
the map and the toys with us. The Toy Master mentioned
that we had to gather all the toys he wanted. – [Addy] Okay girls, stuff them in here! (upbeat music) – I got the map, let’s go guys! (bubbling) – Well, according to the map, the X should be right over this way. – That’s ’cause the Toys
R Us is over there and the Crazy Car Store is over there. – Yeah guys, it looks like
we’re going the right way. But let’s hurry. – Toy Scientist! – Where are you? – Toy Scientist! Toy Scientist! – Where are you? (slow, eerie piano music) – What’s this? – Pirates only. No trespassing. All others will walk the plank. – Wow! Where are we? – And how have we never come
across this place before? (eerie piano music) – Well, let’s go look for a clue. (piano music) – Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! (eerie music) – We’re here! We made it! (upbeat guitar music) – Well, I don’t see the
Toy Scientist, girls. But maybe there’s a clue
at least here somewhere. – Yeah, let’s look around, girls. (bright rock music) – No clue up here! – I don’t see anything in here. (bell ringing) – The bell didn’t do anything. – Hmmm. I don’t see anything here. – I think I found something, girls! (bright guitar music) – Is that a treasure chest? (clunking) – [Addy] It sure is! – But it looks like it’s locked. – There’s got to be a
key somewhere, you guys! – Let’s start looking, guys! (upbeat guitar music) – Hey! What’s that over there? – It could be a key! – Let’s go check it out! (guitar music) – It’s the keys, guys! – Perfect! Let’s get back
to the clubhouse, you guys. – Wahoo! (delighted screaming) (clunk) – That was awesome! – My turn! Yeah! (clunk) – Wahoo! Awesome! – It’s my turn! Wahoo! Wahoo! – Alright, let’s go find the clue, Maya. – Let’s go find the clue. (bright instrumental music) – Alright girls, let’s see if this works. (clicking) – It worked! It worked! – Let’s see what’s inside! (gasps) They’re so sparkly! – Like real treasures! – They’re Moj Moj! (rustling) – I can’t wait to see what’s inside! There’s two inside! I’m
gonna get these open. Look how adorable they are! – Oh, I love the starfish one! – And look at the two I got! And I love how squishy
they are. Squish, squish. – Aw, look what I got! This
one is purple and blue. The other one’s so glittery! – That must be from
the Glitter Gang, Maya! – And look what was in
my second package, girls. – Aww! – Simply adorable! – OK girls, so we got some good toys here, but we still don’t know
where the Toy Scientist is or how to rescue her. – Is there a clue on the bottom
of the treasure chest maybe? – I don’t see anything
besides our Moj Moj. – Wait a minute. Let me see that! This looks like it could
be a false bottom here. (gasp) It is! This must be a clue! – What does it say, Avery? – Let me see. Only the finest
LOLs, Shopkins, and Hatchimals Sides are whipped up here.
Hurry to find a clue. – What does that mean? – Where can we find LOLs,
Shopkins, and Hatchimals? – Tons of places. Toy School,
Toys R Us, and our homes. – Yeah, but what does it mean when it says they’re whipped up? – I don’t know. Do you think it’s leading
us back to the Toy Lab? – We just came from there though. – And notice how it says
LOLs, Shopkins and Hatchimals SIDES. That word has to be important. – Okay Tic Tac Toy fans,
we need your help again. If you know where we
can find our next clue, type it down in the
comments section below. – This is a tough one. – Let me read that one more time. Only the finest LOLs,
Shopkins, and Hatchimals Sides are whipped up here. Hurry
to find the next clue. – Wait! I think I know, girls! Who whips up the best toy
side dishes in his kitchen? – [In Unison] Chef Pierre! – Off to the Toy Hotel, girls. (bright instrumental jazz) (bubbles) – Yes, this is Lucy from the
Toy Hotel and we have a serious emergency. Chef Pierre has
been locked out of his kitchen! – [In Unison] Miss Lucy,
Miss Lucy, Miss Lucy! – Yes, Chef Pierre tried to
go to his kitchen this morning because he needs to fulfill
some room service orders, but there’s some new high-tech lock on it. (gasp) – Yeah, none of us know
how to get it opened! – Did you hear that? It looks like we came to
the right place, girls. – Let’s go check out
this lock on the door. – Yeah, maybe we can crack the
code and get to the kitchen. I bet there’s a clue inside somewhere. – Or maybe even the Toy Scientist. – Come on, girls. – Okay, well, please come
as quickly as you can. There’s room service orders
for the Shopkins Suite, the Fingerling Suite, and
the Hatchimals Suite that all need to be fulfilled. (bubbles) (bright music) – [In Unison] Wow! – This is definitely the
craziest lock I’ve ever seen. – Wait a minute! I think
I’ve seen this before. – You have? – It’s a biometric hand
scanner. It’s super high tech. – Well, great. Get it to work, then. – Well, it scans your hands
and your fingerprints. So if I don’t have the right prints, it won’t unlock the door. – Well, it’s worth a shot, girls. (electronic beep) – Oh, my prints didn’t work. – Step out of the way.
Let me give it a try. (electronic beep) Mine didn’t work either. Well, we can only hope that
it’s programmed to recognize your prints, Avery. Go
ahead and give it a try. – Here I go. (electronic alarm sound and voice OK) – I think it worked! Open the door! – [In Unison] It worked! (bright music, heavy foot steps) – Alright, we’re in the kitchen now. – No sign of the Toy Scientist though. – Well, if the Toy Scientist isn’t here, then there at least has to be a clue. And maybe that will help us
get closer to finding her. – Okay, well, there’s a
gazillion places a clue could be in a kitchen. – You know what? You’re probably right. – Okay, Tic Tac Toy fans, where
should we look for the clue? Let us know in the comments down below! (bright music) – Nothing in the freezer. – Not in the sink either. – No clues under the table. (drawers sliding) – Nope! – Nothing here. – Only dirty dishes. Yuck! – Microwave looks empty to me. – Has anybody checked the
room service cart yet? – No, but great idea! (heavy footsteps) – It’s a toy! That’s a good sign! Bubbleezz? – Let me check this one! (gasp) Another toy! – Let me look on the
bottom of the cart now! Whoa! – We all got Bubbleezz! – Let’s open them! Maybe
there’s a clue inside. (rustling) – Look how cute mine is. It’s like a puppy on an ice cream cone. – And did you see that
there’s supposed to be hidden charms inside? – Maybe the hidden charms’ll
lead us to the Toy Scientist! Here’s an Eiffel Tower charm. – I don’t think she’s in Paris though. – I found one, guys! I
have no idea what it is. – It looks like I have
an ice cream cone. See? – So maybe she’s eating
ice cream in Paris? – That just doesn’t seem right. There’s got to be another clue somewhere. – Oh, I found a piece of pizza, too! – Maybe we should go back
and look at the cart, guys. – Yeah, we’ve always
found clues with the toys. It has to be here somewhere. – Let’s see. (gasp) – Here it is! Taped
to the inside of this. – Yeah, let me read it for you, Maya. – Good work, Maya! – Boxes and boxes and bins
and bins of opened and unopened toys can be found here. Hurry before it’s too late! Where are there tons of
boxes and bins of toys? – In the Toy Storage Facility! The Toy Scientist keeps a
giant collection of toys there. – Well, we better move quickly then, guys. – But we can’t forget the toys, girls. Remember the Toy Master said
to bring all the toys with us? – Where’s the treasure chest
and the bag of Shimmeez? – Don’t worry, I left them
right outside the Toy Hotel. (bright instrumental music) (bubbles) – [In Unison] Here it is! Here it is! (rattling) – The Toy Storage
Facility is right in here, but it’s locked. – And I don’t see any
fancy hand scanners here. – Then how do we get in, guys? (hissing) It’s the Toy Master! – [Toy Master] You’ve gathered my toys. Put the bag down in
the corner of the room. Walk away from it and
the door will unlock. You’ll find the Toy Scientist inside. I’d move quickly if I were you. (hissing) – She’s inside, guys!
We’ve almost rescued her. – But which corner does he mean? The one over there or over there? – I don’t know, but let’s
just try that one first. (bright music) (click) – I think I heard it unlock. (squeak) (bright music) – [In Unison] Toy Scientist!
We’re here! What happened? – Oh girls, I’m so excited you’re here! As you can see, I’m in a
bit of a sticky situation. – I can see that. – Yeah, my hands and
feet are stuck in slime and I can’t get out. (squeaking) – How did this happen? – Well, I was in here trying
to put away some of my new toy inventions and the
lights suddenly went out. I couldn’t see. I
stepped in this slime and I just got stuck here. – Wow. That’s crazy. – Yeah, and then this
voice came over a speaker. He said he was the Toy Master
and he said if I don’t get out of the slime before
the hourglass runs out, all the toys in here will be his. – Wow, this is an emergency.
We don’t have much time left. – You’re right. Listen, could
you guys unlace my shoes? That way, I can at least get my feet out. – Of course. (bright jazz music) (squeak) (squeak) – Oh, that feels so good!
Now, I’m gonna need your help. My hands are stuck in
this super strong slime. Can you guys grab a leg and pull? (jazz music) – [In Unison] Of course! (squeak) – [Avery] It’s almost out! – Pull, girls! Pull! Keep pulling! (squeak) – Ah! Keep going! (groan) (pop) – I’m free! Aw, thank you! That was horrible. – Wow, the timer ran out. I’m so glad we saved you and your toys! – Me too, but who do you
think this Toy Master is? – I have no idea. First we have to have Scientist Jason to worry about and now we have this Toy Master? I don’t know who he is,
but he must be an enemy of all of us toy lovers in the world. – Well, I don’t like him one bit. – I don’t either. But you know what? Let’s forget about him for
now, and let’s head back to the Toy Lab so we can give Avery a proper introduction to Toy
Science. This way, girls! – Sounds like a plan to me, Toy Scientist! – Alright, girls. Whew. (rhythmic music) (bubbles) (bright music)

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