The Toy Master Comes to Toy Cafe

♪ Tic Tac Toy ♪ (Lulu pouring gumballs) – Here we go everything has to
be absolutely perfect today. Now to add my Squishy Mushy Sugar Fixes. Blue, red, blue, pink and purple – Hey Lulu – How’s it going? – Oh, Addy, Maya perfect timing. Here can you girls take these, to help arrange a creamy,
dreamy display for me? – Oh for sure, these look amazing – Totally, I wonder what
Smooshy Mushy is in this one. – And Lulu that Sugar
Fix display is on fire! – Thanks, I think. Is fire a good thing? – For sure, fire means its the hottest. – Oh, well thank you. I’m sure the creamy, dreamy
display will be on fire too when you two are done with it. – I’m sure it will. – Everything has to be
absolutely, positively perfect before the Toy Food
Inspector gets here today. – What’s a Toy Food Inspector? – Same as a real food
inspector, but for toy food they’ll look over the entire cafe and if everything is
in order, then I pass, if not, well I don’t even
wanna think about that. – Sounds super stressful Lulu. – Super, duper stressful. – I’m trying not to freak out,
but this really is a big deal – I’m not supposed to be up for inspection for another six months, but apparently someone
called in a complaint about the Toy Cafe. – No way! – Yes way and if we don’t pass inspection, we’ll be forced to shut down. – Oh well that’s awful,
but that won’t happen Lulu – Totally, just look at
this place, its amazing! – Yeah, you’re gonna pass
with flying colors Lulu. – I hope you’re right girls, now I just have a few
more adjustments to make, will you help me? – Of course Lulu. – Okay, you girls make
sure those 5 Surprise look absolutely perfect, and I’m gonna clean out the
refrigerator. Thank you! – Okay. Make sure they’re all
facing the right way Addy. – Oh great. (joyful techno music) – Okay, Chili Slime, Mac and Cheese… And Spaghetti Slime. Okay girls, I think it
looks pretty good in here let’s head up to the toy kitchen because I wanna make sure Chef Pierre has all of that in order too. – Sounds good. – After you Lulu. – Perfect! This way! (suspenseful music) (falling toys) It looks like Chef Pierre
stepped out for a bit, but it looks orderly and clean in here so I feel good about that. – Oh cute, goodie bags. – Yeah, super cute and who are they for? – Well I should really wait
until Chef Pierre gets here, but what the hey! Chef Pierre put these
together as a Thank you, for judging the Toy Cafe Baking Contest a couple of weeks ago. – Wow that’s so cool. – For sure, please thank
Chef Pierre for us. – Can do, he was so jazzed
to win the baking contest that really made his day. – Can we see what’s in
the goodie bags now? (falling toys) – Wow! its full of real
treats and toy treats too. – So amazing! – Look at this beautiful
cookie, its glittery. – I got one too, Addy. – Delicious! – And check out my squishy
and a Cotton Candy Cutie. – Check out my squishy. I got a pineapple. – And there is a sticky hotdog and PEZ. – So many great things. – Wow those cookies you two are eating sure do look delicious. – Oh they’re fabulous. – Like melt in your mouth delicious. (Lulu’s stomach growling) – Oh did you hear that? – I didn’t hear anything, what was it? – Just my stomach growling. – Here you go Lulu. – Here. – For me? Don’t mind if I do. – Mmm! – Delicious huh? – For sure… And now that my stomach’s happy, I’m gonna head back to the Toy Cafe and get the register all ready. I’ll meet you girls down there when you’re done with your goodie bags? – You got it. – Yep, catch you later! – Okay, bye girls. – Wow look at this – (mumbles) – Oh no. What happened to my Cafe? Did somebody do this on purpose? (phone ringing) oh dear! Who could that be? Hello? Lulu speaking. – Hi Lulu, this is Lucy at
the Toy Hotel reception desk the Toy Inspector just arrived, would you like me to have
Bellhop Jason escort him down? – The Toy Food Inspector’s here? Oh what awful timing, please stall him – Oh, okay Lulu not a problem So Inspector… – Yes? – Well, let me see. – I don’t have all day Miss,
which way to the Toy Cafe? – Well, that’s the thing… I suddenly forgot. – Forgot? Isn’t the Toy
Cafe part of the Toy Hotel? – (Lucy gulping) – Wow, what happened to this place? – This place is trashed. – Thank goodness you girls are here! I think someone is trying
to sabotage my inspection. I need you two to go up
to the Toy Hotel lobby, and stall the Toy Food Inspector. – The Toy Food Inspector is here? – Oh snap! – Yes he’s here and I’m so not ready. – Well what do we do to stall him? – I have no clue, but I need as much time as possible. You have to just figure something out. Quick, quick. (Lulu screaming) – So are we ready to get going? – [Girls] Hi Lucy! – Oh, Addy and Maya, so glad you are here. – Lulu sent us to help out. – Well your timing could not be better. Toy Inspector I’d like to
introduce you to Addy and Maya. They’re here to escort
you to the Toy Cafe. Right girls? – Well its about time. Ladies after you. – Right this way Inspector. (upbeat music) – Gotta do this quick as I can. Gotta get the stools all in place. And there’s so much
toy food on the ground, that will never pass inspection. Okay, nice and orderly, nice and orderly. Here, this one goes here. I sure hope Addy and Maya
can stall the Inspector, I don’t know what he’d do if
he saw the cafe like this. (dramatic upbeat music) – Are we about there girls? – The Toy Cafe is just
right down here Inspector. – Here it is Inspector. – Its about time, I have a
schedule to keep you know. – We do now. – Ta-da – Oh! hello. – This is the laundry room,
this isn’t the Toy Cafe. – Oh yeah, you’re right, wrong door. – Oops, sorry Housekeeper Natalie. – Our bad. – I insist you take me
directly to the Toy Cafe girls. – Okay follow us. – Okay, just about done. Gumball machines look perfect,
Smooshy Mushies look perfect, now all I have to do is
wipe down the tables. (dramatic music) (toys clattering) Hello? Now this is strange, I thought I picked up all
these Shopkins Mini Packs. Huh. This is just so odd, and wait a minute… Didn’t I have a big box of DoughMis there? This isn’t making any sense. I better go back to the storage room, and get some more before the
Toy Food Inspector gets here. Okay. – Almost there inspector. – I sure hope so. – Okay, here we are. – Now are we sure this is the right door? – Yeah, sure. – Very good then. – Oh, I’m on a break. – (inspector slams door) this
is getting ridiculous girls, no more Tomfoolery, I demand that you take
me to the Toy Cafe, now! – Okay, just follow us. – Walk slowly, Addy. – Can we move any faster girls? – Nah, my feet are tired. – Okay, more DoughMis… Mmm, this is so weird, I
only have 10 DoughMis left. I know this morning I had 20, What’s going on here? (falling toy food) Well, these will have
to do for now I guess, I just hope I don’t lose anymore toys. Okay, (Lulu gasps) oh no, not again. That’s it, I’m gonna
figure out what’s going on, if it’s the last thing I do. But how am I gonna get
this all cleaned up again, before the Toy Inspector gets here? Okay, back quickly. (moving furniture) – Almost there (Addy gasps) – The Toy Cafe, finally. – (Addy gasps) look at that! – At what? – There’s a giant rabbit
at the end of the hallway! – What rabbit? – No rabbit, I’m stalling. – Oh yeah, what a rabbit
and he’s like 6 feet tall. – And he’s wearing a hat. – Love the hat. – I don’t see anything – Maybe you just need a lil closer look – Yeah, maybe your glasses
aren’t strong enough – Well, I would like to see this, am I getting any closer? – For sure, just keep going. – Getting warmer… Getting warmer, almost there. – [Girls] Keep going. – Oh, the rabbit just went
in the door next to you. – Oh which one?, this one? – Yep, that’s the one. – Okay. – (Maya gasps) quick, he’s gone. (girls breathing heavily) – We did it Maya. – What’s going on girls,
where’s the Toy Food Inspector? – He’s down the hall… – And we don’t have much time and it looks like you need our help. – Sure do, get to work and
lets get this place cleaned up. (upbeat rock music) (knocking) – Hurry, he’s here! – We can’t keep him that much longer. – Okay – Ketchup, mustard… – Just about done. – Okay guys, I think we’re ready. – Okay. – Why did you lock me out? – Oh, this silly door
gets stuck sometimes, we would never lock you out on purpose. – Oh, I see. – You must be the Toy Food Inspector. – Yes, I’m Inspector Jason Gadget. I’m here to inspect the Toy Cafe. – Well, ready whenever you are. – Very well, very well. (playful music) Nice to see you two again. – [Girls] Mm-hmm – Smooshy Mushies… – Girls, over here. – Lots of Slime I see. – As you can see inspector, we keep everything shipshape around here. – Aha. Shopkins Squeezkins… Let’s checkout this Smooshy Mushy display. – I know we did a good job on that. – Now the 5 Surprise. – How do you think it’s going? – I don’t know? – XOXO, that’s pretty catchy. (inspector knocking on stool) Well, I’m finished. – Oh! How did we do? – Well, let me see. 52 plus 34, minus that, carry the nine… – I still can’t believe someone called in and complained about the Toy Cafe. – Me neither! Everyone loves the Toy Cafe. – Well, somebody with the
initials T M, doesn’t, he’s the one that called
in the toy complaint. – Wait a minute, T M, I know those initials
from somewhere don’t I? – OMG, I think I know who T M is. – Who? – [Girls] The Toy Master. – Yes! That’s it. He
has to be behind this. – Didn’t the Toy Master
recently escape from Toy Jail? (females agreeing) – You still haven’t
told me if I’ve passed. – (inspector ripping paper) you passed. – Yay!
– [Girls] Yay! – My work here is done. Good day ladies. – Thank you. Good day inspector. – Oh, and if you two
see that rabbit again, be sure to let me know. – Rabbit? What rabbit? Is there
a rabbit in the Toy Hotel? (inspector screaming) – Giant man eating rabbit! – Huh? (inspector slamming door) – Now that’s an interesting exit.

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