The Tech Show: Watch ElliQ in Action

We’ve got one more thing to help you win
Mother’s Day, or just as a special gift for your mom, dad, grandpa, or grandma. ElliQ is a proactive artificial intelligence social robot that seamlessly connects
older adults with family and friends by making interactions with technology
simple and intuitive. It’s a social companion that adapts to its owners’
personalities and interests, recommending news, TED talks and games. It can also
remind older adults to take medicine or recommend a walk outdoors. Friend of the show Nikki Noya was at CES this year to watch ElliQ in action. [Nikki]: So, Dor, tell me about ElliQ –
and I think this is such a wonderful idea, so tell me about it. [Dor]: Thank you. Well basically, the concept is to help older adults thrive when they
age in place and help them close the digital divide on one side so they can
connect to what’s going on, they can stay sharp, they can stay fit they can connect
to their families, consume content on the internet, and stay active and engaged,
because actually there are wonderful wellness factors and health factors
associated with that. And in order to do that, we had to build this – or, we wanted
to build this – we think beautiful product which is proactive and not reactive, so
she learns what’s happening around, she observes what’s happening around and finds the right opportunity to create and instigate an interaction to nudge
the older adults to try something new, to leave the house, to learn something
new today, to listen to some music or what have you. And she – as you’ll see, she also has a brand new way of interacting which is all about embodying body
language within a system like this. [Nikki]: That’s wonderful! And you know, especially I’m just thinking about my grandparents and what a wonderful idea this is. So,
show me how it works. [Dor]: Sure. ElliQ, can you tell me a joke? [ElliQ]: What do elves learn in school? The elf-abet. To order ElliQ and learn more about what this wonderful robot can do, visit:

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