The Suppression of Alien technology ( Happy UFO day )

The recent appearance of bob lazar on the
Joe Rogan channel has seemed to have reignited public interest in the field of ufology. One of the questions asked to Bob was why
if we have access to such advanced technology are we not seeing aircraft with the abilities
the same as those attributed to UFOs? Bob’s answer was that the technology is being
suppressed. This suppression of technology will not last
he insisted, and if you watch the documentary lazar was promoting you may come to the conclusion
that this is because Bob has something in his possession that would prove his story
very true. This forcing the secretive government agencies
to release what they know Let’s take a look Welcome to If…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….. If you know the story of Bob Lazar you also
know about element 115, this element was said to be the power source for the extraterrestrial
craft that Bob Lazar claims to have worked on. It may also provide us with a reason why this
kind of technology is being suppressed. There are those that say the UFO and Alien
phenomena is being ‘covered up’ because ‘free energy’ would RUIN the oil industry!! Stephen Greer has long said the existence
of extraterrestrials is actively being covered due to the thought that any new technologies
the introduced to our society would ruin the fossil fuel industries and in turn collapse
the world economic model. For this reason, Corrupt world leaders are
said to be sitting on “alien technology” and keeping it from the public knowledge all so
that they can continue to profit instead of allowing the world to have the means to provide
cost-free renewable energy. The reasons this secret is being kept may
span more than greed, free energy would unsettle the current power dynamic between nations
and would also see society having to adjust the way in which products and services are
valued. Currently, the cost of purchasing a service
or a product can go back to the cost of materials and energy used. If “alternative energy” is produced from
alien technology utilized, trillions of dollars invested in oil, gas, and other public utilities
will be worthless. The world capitalist system could collapse
if people were able to generate power and electricity for free. The introduction of technology that changes
the global power and economic structure could also lead to conflicts. Would the governments or countries who had
contact aliens share what they have learned? Could this see alliances being formed over
the access to extraterrestrial technology? This is just are just a few questions we would
need to address. Getting back to Dr Greer has been working
for a long time attempting to expose the truth about aliens, you can hear his thoughts in
an interview with Dr Greer has long been a prominent figure
among those that are calling for disclosure, the government should let the public have
access to the files they have kept hidden. This could put an end to the speculation and
give the public peace of mind, that is if they are being honest and there really is
nothing otherworldly going on. If they have been hiding this for decades
then the outcome may well be very different, the distrust of the government would be a
little more justified. Greer spoke about this saying: “If along with
the disclosure of intelligent life, you’re going to have the most disruptive technology
in all of history come out… this becomes a big macro-economic issue and that is what
the secrecy is partially rooted in. I began to realize that there were people
inside the government that know about these projects and there are people inside who do
not know, and it has nothing to do with your rank, it doesn’t matter if you are the president. It doesn’t matter if you’re the CIA director. It only matters if the bureaucracy feels like
you are going to go along with the agenda and keeping this secret.” This free energy technology being that which
has been taken from or developed after alien tech could see a more equal world but this
is what “THEY” a shadowy cabal said to pull the strings behind global politics. Pick a group “Illuminati, Bilderberg’s
or even NASA” The “free energy” conspiracy theory focuses
on the claims that government scientists have created usable technologies which can produce
free energy, these include the ever elusive perpetual motion machines and the sci-fi staple
of cold fusion generators. Other methods have been developed which can
extract useable power from unconventional energy sources, things like quantum vacuum
zero-point energy, this new invention creating energy for little to no cost. The conspiracy says that anyone trying to
promote these systems has been silenced, many scientist and engineers were killed before
they could go public with their secrets. There is also the effect that these technologies
would have on the constant global arms race, we have long had the threat of nuclear war
and at the height of the cold war mutually assured destruction. What weapons could these new energy production
methods spawn? There are those that say these weapons have
already been built and that electromagnetic weaponry has been built by the US and that
they are desperately trying to keep this a secret and hold onto their global influence. If a treaty was negotiated between the alien
visitors and the major governments found on Earth, Such a pact might allow the present
power hierarchies to continue to operate (with some new limitations and guidelines, of course)
while at the same time essentially doing the work they’ve been assigned. It seems incredible that the fate of all humanity
may already have been decided and that this was done without our knowledge or consent. Censorship and top-secret classification of
sensitive information keeping the public in the dark. Stanton Friedman, UFO researcher and nuclear
physicist, has publicly stated that “whoever controls alien technology rules the world.” Dr Greer lays the whole theory out in the
documentary “Unacknowledged.” Maybe when you are finished watching the new
Bob Lazar documentary you can watch Dr Greers’ both are available on Netflix. Ufology has become a mainstream subject these
days, and the news keeps rolling in. Some of what we are now hearing illustrates
the extent of the cover-up of information in regards to UFOs and the principles on which
they operate. The disclosure movement seems to be building
in momentum could this lead to the release of all the information that government s have
hidden, could this information reveal the technologies that would free humanity from
the constraints of an “energy for money” based economic system. Will we get to see a world where all nations
and peoples have equal access to energy at no cost? Will this lead us into a future when humanity
unites knowing that we are not alone in the universe? I hope so. What are your thoughts on UFOs free energy
and government suppression of technology? Let me know in the comments below

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