The Secret to Getting 3 YEARS of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for $1!

– I’m Andru Edwards, and
you’re watching Gear Live. (uptempo electronic music) Microsoft just announced the brand-new Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, which includes Xbox Live Gold,
Xbox Game Pass for Console, and Xbox Game Pass for PC, all for the price of $15 per month. However, if you’re thinking of signing up for Game Pass Ultimate, don’t do it until you watch this video because I’m gonna show you
how to save even more money on your membership. What is going on, Tech Squad? Andru Edwards here, Editor
in Chief of I just got back from E3 2019, and the Microsoft Xbox
media briefing was life. It was amazing. So many things to be excited about. But those are all topics for
future videos and the podcast. Right now, I wanted to quickly
do a video talking about this right here, the new
Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. Microsoft announced Game Pass Ultimate during the Xbox media briefing, and quite honestly, if
you’re into Xbox gaming, it is a pretty good deal. As you can see, this is
Microsoft’s pitch for Game Pass. Again, Xbox Live Gold,
Xbox Game Pass for Console, Xbox Game Pass for PC. You get to play Gears 5:
Ultimate Edition four days early if you’re a member of Game Pass Ultimate, and you get your first month for $1. Separately, all three of those
services would cost you $25, so you’re saving $10 a month by going with Game Pass Ultimate. However, what Microsoft didn’t tell you was there’s a way to save even more money, at least for the next three years. Now as you’ll see on the
Xbox, the current promotion if that you can upgrade to
the Game Pass Ultimate for $1 for your first month. So you’re probably thinking to yourself, “Oh, fantastic. So I’m saving
$14 right off the bat.” That’s good, there’s
nothing wrong with that, but here’s how you can save
an additional $10 per month for the next 36 months. Now when you go to upgrade
to Game Pass Ultimate, Microsoft lets you know on the Xbox that they’re gonna take the
remaining amount of time you have on your Xbox Live Gold membership and any time you have on a current regular Game Pass subscription,
combine those together, and grant you that amount of time in Game Pass Ultimate months. So for example, in you
have three months left on your Xbox Live Gold membership, and you have one month left of your current Game Pass membership, when you make the switch
to Game Pass Ultimate, your three months of Gold and
your one month of Game Pass will become four months
of Game Pass Ultimate. Plus, with the $1 promo, you’ll get an extra month on top of that. So it sounds pretty sweet. However, there is some fine print at the bottom of the screen, which is the key to
maximizing your savings. And let me read it to you right now. It says, “Joining Game Pass Ultimate “will upgrade your remaining Live, Gold, “or Game Pass memberships
into Xbox Game Pass Ultimate “for the same amount of
time,” but the key phrase, “up to 36 months total.
All conversions are final.” In other words, you can
have up to three years of Xbox Live Gold on your account, then pay $1 to upgrade to Ultimate, and then end up with three
years of Game Pass Ultimate for the price of three
years of Xbox Live Gold. So let’s break down the math. Game Pass Ultimate is $180
per year at $15 per month. Xbox Live Gold is $60 per year. That is one-third the price
of Game Pass Ultimate. In other words, if you make
sure you have three years of Xbox Live Gold on your account before you do the upgrade, you can save yourself $10
per month for three years, which equals $360. So how do you do this? Hit the link down in
the description below. Link to Amazon, where you can pick up a 12-month Xbox Live Gold membership. Your code gets delivered
instantly to your Amazon account. So you buy it, you get your code, then you apply the code
either on your Xbox console or at Amazon will allow you to add
two of these to your cart, giving you two years of
Xbox Live Gold for $120. So instead of paying $15
per month for two years at $360, you pay $60 for two years, $120, for two years of Xbox Live Gold. Apply you apply those two years, check your account and see
how much time you have left. If you want to add a third year, add one more 12-month membership
to your cart, check out, and apply the code to your account. Now that you’ve got three
years of Xbox Live Gold on your account, take advantage of
Microsoft’s $1 upgrade promo to Game Pass Ultimate. That $1 will add an additional
month to your membership, and then your 36 months of Xbox Live Gold becomes 37 months of Game Pass Ultimate at no additional charge. And once you’re done with the process, you can confirm this by
checking your renewal date. As you see here, I did the same
thing, and my renewal date, the next time that they’re
gonna bill me, is in 2022. So there you have it, guys. That is how you save $10 a month
on Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, getting the service for
three years for the cost of Xbox Live Gold. Let me know if you do this
and how it works for you. Again, it’s right there in the fine print. This is how Microsoft says they handle the remaining months on your membership. This is Microsoft’s policy,
so why not take advantage and save yourself a little bit of cash? Hit that Like button if
you enjoyed this one, and don’t forget, I have
even more coming from E3, hands-on with Xcloud,
hands-on with the new Xbox Wireless Elite Controller Series 2, thoughts on Project
Scarlett, and much more. And by the way, WiFi 6 is here. It’s almost time to upgrade your router to get the best performance
out of your game consoles. You can check out my review of the new Netgear Nighthawk WiFi 6 router. I’ll leave a card up here, for those of you whose
WiFi needs an update. Hit that Subscribe button if you don’t want to
miss any future videos. Till next time, thank
you so much for watching as always, guys. I appreciate your support. I’m Andru Edwards, and I will
catch you in the next video. (intense music)

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100 thoughts on “The Secret to Getting 3 YEARS of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for $1!

  1. Grab your 12 month Xbox Live codes here: – top off your account and then use the $1 promo to get three years of Game Pass Ultimate! Let me know if you do it!

  2. Pretty good deal. I had a combined 15 months left of Gold and Game pass. So what I did is grabbed 2 12-month Gold codes from Amazon and added them to my account. Then upgraded to Ultimate with the $1 deal. It was pretty sweet since I had about $40 in credit card points and used them to buy an Amazon gift card. So ended up paying about $80 to top off my Gold membership. Granted, I went a bit over the 36-month limit in getting 2 12-month codes. But ultimately it was a bit cheeper than getting 1 12-month, 1 6-month, and 1 3-month code from Amazon. Botton line, I'm good until the end of June 2022 and it only cost me $81 up front.

  3. Do I necessary need the game pass ultimate, I don’t do PC gaming on my home computer and most of the games on game pass is not my preference or game is trash.I don’t care about playing a game 5 days early I’m good playing at launch.
    My question is am I still good with and buying Xbox live gold subscription and save by paying $59.99+ tax for 12 months or this ultimate pass is mandatory ??

  4. Did the 24 month sub, then the 1$ gamepass. 09-05-2021 next bill. Costco 24 month for a 100 bucks saved 20 bucks plus a lot more….thank u.

  5. I watched a couple of videos on this subject and yours was the only one that made any sense. Job well done 👍

  6. I already upgraded to Ultimate. But I didn’t buy additional days first. Is it possible for me to still get my 3 years or am I stuck now?

  7. I have xbox live 14 days free trial, if i activate it and then subscribe for 1$, will i have 44 days ultimate?

  8. @Andru Edwards
    I already bought the Ultimate Game Pass and I don't have to pay until November, but I wish i could have done it for 3 years. So here was my idea of fixing it but I don't know if it will work
    Once my subscription ends I pay XBOX LIVE GOLD for 3 years or 2, after I buy that I pay the Ultimate Game Pass fro 15 bucks and from there I should have Ultimate Game pass for 3 years. I know I don't take advantage of the promo of 1 because I already bought it, but my idea ( If it does work ) will be better than buying Ultimate Game Pass every month as that would accumulate to around 500 bucks. If my math is right XD

  9. I purchased Ultimate and it ended my Gold subscription. But when I saw that it was going to charge me $15 again. So I canceled Ultimate and it gave me a refund. But it already cancelled my Gold subscription and didn’t say I got a refund. And I purchased gold only 14 days ago. Someone please help. ( it was a one year $60 Xbox Live Gold subscription)

  10. I’m so confused so if you convert your gold into game pass membership you won’t have any more gold right

  11. also, if u agree the automatic renewal option they give you +1 month for free, then you cancel the automatic renewal on your account config window. and you can do this with every code u enter getting +1 month every time

  12. That's sick! I just got gold and been holding out for gamepass as it's expensive. Do you know when the offer of £1/$1 offer will end? Next month's pay I'll get a 2 years subscription gift card then gamepass after. That's the idea providing it's available still in a months time.

    Cheers for this vid thumbs up given!

  13. Nice video made the most sense out of all the ones I watched but I don’t have $181 sitting around so i will stick with buying one month from it every month

  14. Does this still work? Please respond I read an article saying the deal was over. How do I do it? Do I just buy Xbox live?

  15. It says “$1.00 plus applicable taxes for the first month
    $14.99 plus applicable taxes every month after that” what dose this mean

  16. HELP PLEASE HELP ME, i bought the xbox live gold for a year. Then i have upgraded to the xbox game pass ultimate, but it says it will charge me monthly and i got the first money for one pound. please help me have i read something wrong as i need to know if i have just lost out on money

  17. Great informative video! Just a quick question does anyone know if you’ve already done the deal but want to add more Xbox live will the game pass add on as well?

  18. so if i buy the ultamite gamepass right now with my already 1 year gold subcription i already have it wont charge me till my gold runs out? and can i immediatly cancel the gamepass after i buy it and ill still have it for the year?

  19. I have a question it says that my Xbox live gold got canceled when I bought the pass but it’s not canceled, what does this mean?

  20. I bought an Xbox One yesterday and I’m confused! What’s the difference between Gold and Ultimate and Pass? Should I get the Ultimate?! I don’t have a PC tho.

  21. i have Xbox gold till September 2020. so if I upgrade to ultimate pass with 1 $ till Sep 2020 and canceled after it?

  22. If you wish to
    gain the right way to win codes
    you only need to find " yadakjoo xbox " in Googgle or Yahooo.
    I hope its not patched already.

  23. Dude there is a better way to save more.
    Buy ultimate for 1$ then when it runs out just make a new account and keep buying ultimate do this for every month for 3 years and you save $503.64

  24. I bought one year of Gold 2 weeks ago. I want to do this trick to get 3 years of the Game Pass. Since i have 11.5 months left of Gold, Would it still work if I buy two more years and then get the game pass? Someone plz reply

  25. When people do over 1 minute intros before actually talking about anything that has to do with the video title…. I don't care about your E3 thing. I'm here for a reason. But, in all seriousness, thanks for the tip. But, I don't think I would like game pass. It basically game rental. If I don't beat the game in the time I paid for Ultimate or whatever, then I don't get to keep playing it. I would rather just pay the extra money and own the game straight up. This is their way of try to move us to game streaming. Don't fall for it. Game streaming is the bane of gaming. It will be the end of Xbox with this nest console that is going to be streaming only. Think about it. A movie is fine. The data is easy to stream. A game, the data has to be sent to your console, then your inputs have to be send to the server, then back to your console. The lag will be unbearable. The only people that have tested streaming and reviewed it said they noticed lag and the server was in the same building as them. Just imagine having to wait for it to go to NY or CA or wherever. It's not going to be slight lag. It's going to ruin the game. But, they stand to make more money because you never really own it. It's the same as downloadable games. I'll admit that I have a few but for the most part, you don't actually own that game. Should Xbox go under or something happen to your drive, you just lost everything. Sure, if it's a drive issue you game get the game back but not your progress in it. So if you were 10 minutes from beating a 100 hour game, you have to go through the 99 hours and 50 minutes you already did. We need to stick to disks. Plus, it ruins the used market. I used to be able to get games for like $20 used. Now, they are priced like $5 less than full price or, you can try to find them on Ebay or Craigslist. It's bullshit. Stay away from streaming and buy hard copies as much as possible. If getting out of your chair to put a game in is too much work for you, you have other issues that need attending to.

  26. So I did the 3 mo for 14.99 . Promo could I cancel buy the 3 yrs then do the 1 mo. or is that not available anymore??

  27. Anyone who buys 3 Xbox live subscriptions for 180 bucks is a fool there are so many deals to get Xbox live gold cheaper when you buying multiple years especially if you a sams club member.

  28. Iv already bought the $1 option before seeing this, what would happen if I create a new profile, buy 12month gold live and use the same banking details?
    Will i get the $1 option again?

  29. I got a question?
    So I bought game pass ultimate and cancelled the renewal
    But since I just bought Xbox live gold a week ago and just bought ultimate. The subscription ends in 1/2020. Does it charge money after u cancel the subscription of ultimate

  30. I use MS rewards. I'm at year for GP ultimate but might use points to buy 3 months ultimate and points left. But saving for a game

  31. Theoretically you could still do this if you have already used the ultimate offer but you would just have to pay normal price , but still would be saving hundreds

  32. Nah their system is so confusing.

    Subscribed for a trial under 1usd. Now I cant cancel it unless I pay where their billing me 15usd for a month I have never even started yet.

    So, now I apparently owe them an imaginary 15 usd while im not sure if they'll add another 15 usd next month even if I havent even used the pass.

  33. Question. Once the subscription runs out after 2/3 years it says you cannot convert back from Game Pass Ultimate. So, can you keep stacking on gold subscriptions to be converted to Game Pass Ultimate? Or will you have to do month to month from there?

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