The Open One – The Explanation

Okay, welcome here in Gantrisch, Berner Oberland. We thought it was time to do a quick run through,
all the features of The Open One. Now let’s start with the main material, it’s
a Sympatex material. It’s made out of approximately 30 recycled
PET bottles. Let’s now and start to walk through the whole
jacket, from top to bottom. We start with the hood. We made a hood that fit’s your helmet. Pull it up here. Adjusting with the Cohaesive.There is cord
on this side, where you can just pull it and push to release. There is one the back, that works the same. Then here in the hood, there is the RECCO,
integrated into the visor. We have a high collar, so you can hide in
it, when there is a severe weather change. We use YKK Aquaguard Zippers, for all the zippers. Here we have a little pocket, where you can
put in your ski ticket and there is an emergency whistle. We have two big front pockets, where you can stash a lot of your stuff. The pockets go really deep, on both sides. On this side, we made a special pocket for
your smartphone. So you can take it out by pulling the cord. Just make sure, if you wear a beacon, that you don’t put your smartphone here. Because it can interfere with your beacon. You can also use these big pockets to put in your skins… … for when you are touring, so they don’t freeze. We’ve got big pockets here at the bottom,
so you can bring water, sandwiches, or whatever you want. All pockets have small loop, so you can attach
your keys to it. Then we have vent zippers here, that open
from both sides. And then here, on the inside, we have a pocket,
as well as a connection for your headphones, so you can connect your phone on the inside
here and it comes out here. And the sleeves, with velcro, which you can
adjust. On the inside we have lycra cuffs, which are
detachable. That means that if you open it here, you can
take away the cuffs, very easily and you can ride with the jacket in spring. Plus it’s
also easy to switch the sides… So you can use it at both sides. Then all the way at the botton, we have another
pair of Cohaesive. So you can just them as well. That’s it. Now enjoy the useless drone footage, that
we shot here as well.

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