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1.8 trillion pieces of plastic float at the
surface of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. Here, The Ocean Cleanup is deploying the world’s first technological solution to this growing problem. The principle behind it is simple: create
a coastline where there are none… concentrate the plastic… and take it out. The system consists of a 600-meter-long floater and a 3-meter-deep skirt attached below. The floater provides buoyancy to the system…and prevents plastic from flowing over it, while the skirt prevents smaller particles from escaping underneath. As the impenetrable skirt creates a downward flow, marine life can safely pass beneath it. Here is how the system catches plastic: The system takes advantage of three natural oceanic forces: wind, waves, and currents. Both the plastic and system are being carried by the current. However, wind and waves propel the system only, as the floater partly sticks above the surface, while plastic is primarily just beneath it. The system thus moves faster than the plastic, allowing the plastic to be captured. The skirt extends deeper in the middle of
the system than on the outer edges. As the current applies pressure on the skirt, the system naturally adopts a U-shape which enables it to concentrate plastic in its center, like a funnel. The drag generated by the skirt also acts
as a stabilizing force allowing the system to re-orient itself when the wind changes
direction. And because the system – like the plastic
– is free floating, it automatically drifts to the areas with the highest plastic concentration. Fitted with solar-powered lights, anti-collision systems, cameras, sensors and satellite antennas, the system actively communicates its position at all times and continuously gathers performance data. Periodically, a support vessel comes by to take out the concentrated plastic like a garbage truck of the ocean. The plastic is then transported to land, recycled, and made into durable products. This is the first of a fleet of 60 systems. Once deployed, the fleet is expected to clean
up 50% of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch every 5 years.

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100 thoughts on “The Ocean Cleanup | SYSTEM 001 | Technology Explained

  1. Why is aloud to dump garbage from a ship, that is fucking stuppid, try to emagine how muth garbage a crice ship dump evry time it sail out, garbage it cut easy burn on the ship or on land, why first dump it in the ocean and after try to clean it up 5 years after someone els did dump it, stop dump garbage in the ocean from eny ship att all or platform.

  2. What about nano plastic at certain depths. I'd think about creating a submersible net it's would almost be like a blanket like material. It would have to stay ridgid. I'd also add a low frequency sonar to deter marine life away during the filtration of certain areas. I'd take this basic design and make a small scale to test if this invention would work for catching nano plastics.

  3. Moet je natuurlijk wel veel afval in zee blijven dumpen anders blijft dit systeem niet rendabel en aanlokkelijk voor de donatuers.

  4. Except Recycling has not worked as expected. China and other Asian countries are sending it back to the US and it won't disappear. Watch Trevor Noah talk about here,

  5. I think the bible stated that signs of the rapture is when the seas are ridden of garbage? Sorry if I'm wrong but I'm a little paranoid 😳

  6. yes, but we still need to not throw trash into the ocean (or at least much of it). We can't just rely on this technology to clean up the ocean for us, we need to do our part too.

  7. Are my replies even getting through?? Nevermind @Rifle Shooter Channel and others in denial, I'm going to continue my part of collecting coastline plastic… Thank you to Boyan Slat and the team at The Ocean Cleanup for your efforts in resolving the plastic crisis!

  8. 10 streams carry 95% of all plastic coming from rivers. 8 in Asia and 2 in africa.
    Maybe just concentrate on their sewage treatment (install plants) and introduce waste management.
    Dry up the source is way better than this. And in addition it works, unlike this attemp.
    The main problem is, those Asian countries are poor and don't care about waste management and environmental protection like most (all?) developing countries.
    We need to help them with our technology to become more sustainable.

  9. The Ocean Cleanup's subcount here on YouTube just got overtaken in a full sail fashion by 4Ocean! ⛵

    While plastic cleanups aren't about subcounts.. it kind of is, though. Therefore, please help initiate a little "sub rivalry" to gain both companies huge audiences!

    I'm thinking a meaningful "PewDiePie vs. T-series" like subscription race… We followers here at The Ocean Cleanup already need 500+ subs to regain our leading position. Spread the word to friends and families, and let's show'em who's got the bigger ship! 🚢

    Remember, a little rivalry is good. Coca Cola and PepsiCo made eachother (and our plastic pollution) greater. So can the cleanup companies help eachother grow similar audiences! 💪🌊

  10. Great work! I actually got a bit emotional when i first saw this. We need much more innovation like this and stop mass consumption of course, otherwise its no use. Keep it up folks!

  11. This deserves A LOT more views. 2 million is not enough for people to actively contribute to the cause.

    yeet skrrt

  12. Great tech. Unfortunately it's just a Band-Aid. Until countries including the U.S( yes I said U.S) stop dumping chemicals and other pollutants in the ocean, the oceans will continue to die. Yes they are dying, it may be very slow but in the past 20 years look at all the chemical spills and fish dying. The ocean floor is littered with plastics, chemicals, and even dangerous radiation in spots. You never see anything from mainstream news showing this but there are plenty of youtube vids on it. Some of the trash you can see, a lot you can't because it has been covered by sand or drifted into deep ocean trenches. Unfortunately the watchdog groups and legal means can't enforce any laws on foreign countries as long as they don't dump in international waters. Mercury levels continue to rise in tuna despite worldwide levels decreasing. The damage is done already. Just 2.5 ounces of tuna can affect a woman's fetus. I love tuna but rarely eat it. Other types of seafood has high levels of mercury and other chemicals including heavy metals.

  13. Total a good concept for a donut, no more.

    * where to store the waste?

    * where are the waste burial sites (which is old?)

  14. If people would recycle more and use less and refuse to use so many disposable items. Quit using straws, bring your own reusable cup for water. I work at a car dealer and we give away water bottles and it’s amazing to me when it’s 100° outside people come in dying of thirst and grab a water bottle. Why do you not carry one around with you in your car. Anywhere I go especially when it’s hot I carry my stainless steel water bottle full of cold water so I don’t have to get a plastic water bottle. I do not use plastic straws and I recycle 95% of everything I use! Take advantage of your curbside recycling if you don’t have it you need to push to get it

  15. Much better to catch the plastic before it gets tossed in the rivers. Educate the world on how to properly dispose of trash and the problem is solved.

  16. These guys are actually making the oceans cleaner? Most of our oxigen is generated by algae in the ocean as far as I know, so they are also fighting CO2. And the media is still stuck on a kid with anger problems and way too many unreasonable expectations.

  17. Why isn’t this in all of the news and in everyone’s recommendations on YouTube and on everyone’s instagram? It’s because they’re following liberals who only complain about thing instead of actually act. And why aren’t rich dudes like bill gates and Elon musk sponsoring and donating and partnering to shit like this

  18. Its useless… 8 million tons of plastic go in the ocean… One of those remove 60 tons of plastic in an year… You would need 135000 of those to collect all the plastic that goes in the sea in an year… that would cost billions too and there is the plastic on earth to think about too. So to remove all the plastic in the world we would need billions of dollars.p The plastic would not disappear… It cannot be burnt cause it produces toxic gasses so it can only be piled up. We would continue to produce plastic and we would be submerged by it in a few years… WORLD CLEAN UP IS AN IMPOSSIBILE TASK… WE ALREADY ARE IN THE POINT OF NO COME BACK

  19. Greta Thunberg: miss classes to talk bullshit about envoierment and is considered an example, by the media and the democrats
    Some random person: Develops a fucking intelligent system to clean the ocean and actually comes with a solution to the problem, but the media never said anything about that

  20. It would cost 293 billion to do a Pacific cleanup over a ten year period 489 million per boat times 60 boats times ten years

  21. more feel good solutions to nonexistent issues humanity made its choice a long time ago to value profit over our environment nothing has changed

  22. Strap these onto cargo ships as they cross the oceans. The owners of the ships can sell the collected plastic to Coke who have just worked out how to recycle ocean plastic. Great work guys! Keep it up.

  23. Cleaning up Gen x's mess, first the housing crisis fallout, now their literal trash…what a waste of a generation, srsly

  24. Hope you all have solution and action for trash on the land from asia, looks like india and indonesia, i show giant trash montain. I know they have recycling trash but not effective.
    First problem on the land, and i believe plastic on ocean will be gone

  25. Collection is also important. But isn't it more important not to throw it away?
    I think we need a global consensus on the influx of plastics in ocean.

    Cover this issue every day in the media and Internet media in all major countries for a month.

    I guess inflow will be reduced.

    Let's see this as the transfer of positive data.

  26. @02:11
    We need to change our ideas of what plastic should be used for.
    The mudsill or bottom plate of a 2X4 wall would be better suited to being recycled plastic than treated lumber.
    Increase MTBF to cycles of fifty years or more.

  27. Collect the garbage from rivers and oceans, send it to recycling, make more garbage products, throw garbage into rivers and oceans……….RINSE AND REPEAT.

  28. Meawhile.. we produce some more. More and more. A lot more..
    If I go buy water at the supermarket, there are like 3 glass bottles on the shelf. The rest is plastic.
    If I buy 3 lemons at the marketplace, they shove a plastic bag in my face and insist that it's free.
    No it's not free.. it's gonna end up in the bin, and then in your friendly oceanic dolphin.

  29. Sooo sad that regular people have to donate to clean up this garbage. Even though our general carelessness has caused this, plastic companies have made billions if not trillions of dollars from plastics. MAKE them pay!

  30. Where u would put this garbage after cleaning from ocean?
    Just a query.
    It can't be recycled completely as I think. 🤔🤔🤔

  31. This is honestly the best thing I've ever seen. It's a solution that works and that will make progress. I'm so happy that there are still people out there who are making an effort to save this planet.

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