THE NIKE HyperAdapt (Nike’s Self Tieing Shoes)

Hey guys welcome to Brainy, and self lacing
shoes are finally here and available to the public. The Nike Hyperadapt, and you can get one for
yourself, if you have $720 US just lying around the house. Yeah, everyone has that. So, the Nike Hyperadapts were actually inspired
by the movie back to the future, since that movie brought up the idea of self tying shoelaces. Actually, earlier this year Nike Unveiled
the NIKE Mag which was basically a prototype of the self tying shoes that was fully functioning,
the things is, that the NIKE Mags were produced in a small quantity and it was almost impossible
to get one unless you entered a worldwide contest to receive one. But in the case of the Hyperadapts, everything
is different. These are available to the public, though
not in a large quantity. Let me explain. Currently there aren’t that many HyperAdapts
available to the public but as time goes by they will be available in a much greater quantity,
and as for the price tag, well, I think NIKE is actually working very tactically here. Given the fact that the price tag is quite
high and the supply is quite low, many people would one one. Basically Given the fact that we have this
price, and there is such a low supply currently, demand will be driven through the roof and
these shoes will get a lot of hype and heads turning. The basic functioning of the shoes is as follows. There are two main buttons on the side that
can be used to either tighten or loosen the shoes. You could choose exactly how you want them
to fit. So to get a pair you will need to lay down
$720. You will also need to have made a reservation
at one of the two New York City Nike stores where the HyperAdapt 1.0 is being sold. The only other option is the Nike+ app. Yh, that’s why the demand and popularity
of the shoes is slowly increasing. The following is a quote from,
in which they quote Tech Cruch, quoting a senior engineer at NIKE. According to TechCrunch, Nike senior innovator
and engineer Tiffany Beers, said, “This could absolutely be a mainstream product. It doesn’t feel gimmicky after using it. Athletes move and change. And their environment is constantly moving
and changing. So optimal fit is important. Why isn’t our shoe changing more with our
foot? That speaks to the potential future of where
this is going.” For Nike, the HyperAdapt 1.0 represents the
beginning of a long runway. If it works, then Nike will help seal its
footwear domination. Someone could easily think of these shoes
as toys for lazy people but I see things differently, it’s an innovation. Getting the custom fit with your shoes and
easily being able to loosen or tighten them. And honestly, I could easily see a generation
of little children growing up not knowing how to tie their own shoelaces but I’ll
believe it when I see it. Anyway, thanks for watching. If you liked this video, learnt anything new
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on what you think. Until Next time, this has been Brainy, and
I will see you in the next video.

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