The new MacBook Pro is here

It’s been four long years since Apple issued
the last major overhaul to its high-end laptop line. And the wait, as we expected, is finally over. According to Apple, the new Macbook Pro is
the thinnest, lightest, and most powerful version of the Pro to date. The 13-inch version of the laptop measuring
in at 14.9mm thick, making it 13-percent thinner than the Air. While the 15-inch notebook weighs in at four
pounds and the smallest 13-inch version comes in at three pounds. The trackpad is now double the size of the
latest version and finally includes the Force Touch. The keyboard has been updated as well to include
the butterfly keyboard switch mechanism also seen on the most recent MacBook. Apple has done away with the Mac’s row of
function keys and replaced it with a mini Retina display named, Touch Bar. The small multi-touch screen utilizes gestures
and taps to perform a wide variety of different tasks. From showing typing suggestions to displaying
tools for various apps – all based on the context of what the user is doing at the time. The function row isn’t completely dead. There’s a function button that brings all
the keys back when you hold it down. Users can also customize the bar by dragging
and dropping functionality down from a Notification Center-like pane that pops up from the bottom
of the screen. The right side of this bar also includes TouchID,
utilizing the new Apple T1 chip for security. And this wouldn’t be a piece of Apple hardware
without Siri built-in. There’s a button available by default that
will bring you directly to the company’s friendly AI assistant. As for the rest of the hardware, Apple’s
souped that up as well. The 15-inch version of the laptop features
a 67-percent brighter display with 67-percent higher contrast and a color gamut that’s
a quarter brighter than its predecessor. That’s coupled with some improved speakers
for the system, as well. Inside you’ll find Intel Core i5 or i7
chips cooled by a new thermal architecture that promises to be quieter and lessen system
overheated – both issues found in previous versions of the laptop. According to the company, graphic performance
has been improved, with speeds up to 130-percent faster than the last 15-inch model. The outside features a shiny aluminum design
where you’ll find four Thunderbolt 3 ports, all of which can be used to charge the system. Using adapters, they can also double as USB,
DisplayPort, VGA or HDMI – so, great ready to pack some extra cables. And if you really want to go crazy, you can
use the 15-inch version to run two 5K displays side by side. And yes, the headphone jack is still there,
no adapter required (for now). The new Pro is available now. It’s priced at $1,499 for the 13 inch with
standard function key and $1,799 for the version with Touch Bar. $2,399, meanwhile, will get you the 15-inch
version. The entry-level starts shipping today. The others will follow in two to three weeks.

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