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Hey everyone welcome back to tech feed i’m
juliet beauchamp. Today let’s talk a little about wwdc–and
dive into some of the big announcements. Stick around. Okay, so if you saw my tech talk the other
day with apple blogger jonny evans, you know what some of the biggest announcements from
wwdc. For consumers, i-o-s 13 and a new watch o-s
seem especially exciting. And for enterprise, ipad os and sign in with
apple are big news. But i want to talk about the much-hyped–and
already much-criticized–mac pro. This new mac pro release is a pretty big deal. It’s been years in the making–apple confirmed
it was working on a new mac pro two years ago. It fast, it’s powerful and it has a whole
lot of storage. And it will cost you at least 6 thousand dollars. Then there’s the new pro display xdr–for
the low low price of 5 thousand dollars, you can get impressive brightness, color consistency,
resolution–the whole package, really. I mean, it’s a 6-k display monitor. Apple consulted with professionals who would
benefit from this high power mac to make sure they got everything right. But let me make this clear. This is, as the name suggests, a pro’s computer. So the new mac pro is pretty expensive. But definitely not as expensive as some similar
p-cs. And it packs way more power than most enterprise
users need–you don’t need something crazy to check your email or even do some light
coding–there’s absolutely a market for this computer. Video pros, music producers, data analysts
could all seriously benefit from having a high power computer capable of managing lots
and lots of data. Apple fans are, understandably, very excited. But let’s get into what’s causing apple
fans and haters alike to freak out–the absurdly priced stand for the new display. Yes, if you want to actually mount and, you
know, use your new pro display x-d-r, you’ll have to shell out an additional nine hundred
ninety-nine dollars for what apple is calling the pro stand. It’s got some bells and whistles–you can
make the display portrait mode, for example, but it’s still an extra thousand dollars
you’ll need to spend to actually use your new mac pro and display. Let’s recap. The new mac pro and display are something
never before seen for apple. A new hardware product is exciting, and sure
to continue to get positive buzz because it’s apple, it’s a new product, and that’s
just what happens. Is it the best on the market? I mean… maybe? It seems like this new mac pro certainly serves
a purposes for a pretty niche group of users–especially if those users are already working in apple
shops. Both the mac pro and the pro display xdr will
likely be available in the fall. Thanks for watching this episode of tech feed. If you liked this video be sure to give it
a thumbs up and subscribe to our channel. And tell me what you think about this new
mac pro–overhyped or totally worth it? See you next time.

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4 thoughts on “The new Mac Pro is here, but is it worth it? | TECH(feed)

  1. Ok, this mac is very expensive for a professional computer. It costs less than $3000 to make a comparable PC at the "entry" $6000 configuration. When you start adding things like MPX, video accelerator, and 1TB of RAM this mac becomes unique, and possibly a better value, but the price would be around $9000 – $12000. You're right that this machine is only for a very small niche where people are already invested in Apple, and have no money constraints. I think Apple was really trying to invent some new hardware and innovate, but realized that the only market that they could reach was the specialist colorist and 6k video editor. (BTW, video editors use proxies when editing 4k footage,) The screen is the same deal. It's amazing, and competes with professional monitors (which are going out of style) for only the high-end film and 4k TV producers. This computer is only for the 1%.

  2. Take a second to sit down, just imagine how much faster Instant messaging could be on this latest Mac Pro. I mean it already takes a second and happens in an instant.
    Now imagine if that work flow was sped up considerably.
    Your instant messages would now seem to appear in the past. Before you could check for any new messages future ones will have appeared before it was even seen as if it was magic. Mind bending feats of fury on full display here folks. Breaking the laws of physics traveling faster than the speed of light. :-0

  3. When the first image of it came on screen during the keynote, I thought for certain it was a joke and he was going to make a cheese grater joke. Nope. It was serious.

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