The Mysterious Genius Who Patented the UFO

This is the story about
a forgotten genius, a gifted sculptor, artist, and
modern-day Leonardo da Vinci, whose UFO-like invention was the realm of pure science fiction. But it’s also a story about this man, his fixation with the past,
and living on borrowed time. A couple of years ago I got this email from a guy named Randy
Hunter, who was promising me the greatest nonfiction
story never told. It was about this
inventor, who lived here, in the outskirts of Silicon Valley. He had done all sorts of amazing things, but he’d been forgotten by history, and for one reason or another, I bit on this email, and
for the last two years, I’ve been coming to this
guy, Randy Hunter’s, place, where he has built a temple to his obsession, which is this inventor. What are you doing in here, man? I got another big batch of photos. You got a few minutes to look at this? Yeah. Meet Randy, a successful art
dealer and fine art collector. And this is the guy he wants everyone to know about, Alexander Weygers. Weygers was born in 1901,
in the Dutch East Indies. As a teen, he moved to
Europe to study engineering, and then moved to the
US to study sculpting. Near the end of World
War II, Weygers settled in Carmel, California, and it’s here he carved out a most unusual life. He built a house made entirely from recycled materials,
and objects crafted by hand in his blacksmith studio. Weygers’ ability to live off objects that other people threw away
turned him into a cult figure. Youngsters traveled from around the world to take his tool making
and sculpting classes. They also came to marvel at his art. This is probably the most
photographed Weygers, so far. Randy discovered Weygers in 2008, when for the first time, his
sculptures were put on sale. Randy snapped up the lot. As an art dealer, he had dreamed of hitting it big by
finding an unknown artist and making him famous, and
figured that Weygers was his man. This sculpture’s my favorite one. But what started as a business deal turned into a life-altering passion. Over the next 10 years,
Randy spent countless hours, and millions of dollars, tracking down Weygers’ sketches,
personal belongings, and all the finished artwork
he could lay his hands on. He produced a movie about
Weygers, wrote a book about him, and became convinced he discovered a hidden genius. What draws you, what makes
you fascinated about this man? I immediately fell in love with him, because he was just like my style. I could see the depth
in his work immediately, and he needed to be
shared with the public. The version of Randy you’re
seeing is more sedate than the affable, chatty
salesman I first met. In late 2017, he started to lose a multi-year battle with cancer, and painkillers made it tough to get around, and think straight. You want a hand? Sure. A few months ago, his cancer came back, and as you’ll see, he’s not at his best, he’s not the same guy that he used to be, and it’s a difficult part of the story. His whole mission has been to make this Weygers man as famous as he can be, and Randy might not get to
see the end of that story. This is his drawings, blueprints. Okay, how do you find all this? Look at this, man. This is, all these letters. Digging, man. During his hunt into Weygers’
life, Randy discovered something extraordinary,
hand-drawn designs for an exotic aircraft,
dating back to the 1920s. Alex appeared to have invented
the very first flying saucer. That was an amazing find, in itself. When I saw the blueprints, it was undeniable that he was the creator. Weygers called his futuristic flying machine the Discopter, designed to take off vertically, and float on a cushion of air. It was a unique concept, and one he thought cities of the
future would make full use of. Weygers patented the Discopter in 1944, and then tried to sell it. He started sending all of these letters to all kinds of companies,
telling them about his invention. As word of the Discopter began to spread, Alex felt the
US military stole the idea. It was an accusation they denied, but for Weygers, evidence of the theft was there for all to see, as images of his flying saucer seeped
into popular culture, influencing everything from architecture, to cars, and movies. A two-seater, ready soon, may be the car, or chopper, of the future. There’s this whole flurry of stories. Weygers First With
“Saucer”, a Dutchman says he designed flying saucer 23 years ago. The Man Who Invented the Flying Disk. He didn’t really seem
to be after compensation as much as recognition that
he’d done something important, and wanted a bit of credit for it. Spoiler alert, the Discopter
never became a reality. But the flying saucers it inspired live on in Randy’s collection of UFO memorabilia. This is the room that I think
of as the ultimate Randy room. This is the tribute to the Discopter. You’ve got books, you’ve got toys, everything you could
ever imagine about UFOs. To me, this room has always
represented the heart of who Randy is. He’s this guy with a passion that I think we would all envy, and
hope to have, for something, but also that bit of his character, where he can go too
far, and gets obsessed, to the point where some people, I think, would think he’s a little nuts. How has your family and friends reacted to this, over the years, as
you’ve gotten deeper into it. Do they think you’re a crazed man, or? How crazy you are, I think, depends on how much money you spend on your project. A couple of years ago, Randy, and his partner, Cathy, forked out $1.6 million, for the land
where Weygers used to live. While the original house is
gone, Randy’s been busy, turning his new home into a temple
to all things Weygers. This is Randy’s workshop,
and this is the room that I think ties him and Alex together. There’s a mix of Randy and Alex’s tools, and the molds of Weygers’ sculptures, all lying across the room. Outside, work has started on rebuilding Weygers’ artist studio and blacksmith shop, and there are plans for a brand-new Weygers museum, and a UFO fire pit is also in the works. It’ll be shaped like a Discopter, and when you’re actually burning a fire, it would be obvious, from a hundred feet in the air, that there’s a
flying saucer on this property. You might think Randy has
more money than sense, and let’s face it, he hasn’t managed to make Alexander Weygers and
the Discopter household names. At least not yet. But in Weygers, Randy discovered
a kindred spirit, a man who chose to live by his own rules, and who created a legacy,
using his own two hands. What would you say to
Alex if you saw him now? I wondered if you had dreamed about that moment, or anything. I did dream about meeting him. Yeah? Figured it was the spirit of Weygers, basically telling me I’m
doing the right thing, and I should continue with my mission.

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100 thoughts on “The Mysterious Genius Who Patented the UFO

  1. Big ole story on Randy and Alex for those who want to know more

  2. Well, UFOs have been depicted in paintings and cave walls for thousands of years. I just wonder where this guy got the inspiration from!

  3. Minute 8:11 the view seems to be Loma Chacita Ridge . The canyon is the San Andreas fault. If I'm right then he is in the Croy Road, Redwood Retreat road, general area.

  4. Thank you Randy for introducing Alexander Weyger to me and to those who don't know him yet. As an artist myself, I am truly fascinated by his work. I'll do some research myself on this amazing artist. I wonder how he came up with the detailed illustration of the Disc copter. There is no detailed illustration on the engine so I presume that he is just designing based on inspiration from Tesla, maybe? Or he may have seen a UFO himself. RIP Randy.

  5. This video made me realize how important physical documents,photos,art,letters are…Imagine someone like that in the near future we would have no trace of their genious after they're gone….instead of old letters and diagrams it would just be emails and files locked in their gmail or Google docs accounts forever.

  6. The government have captured alien craft as bob lazar says there nine he seen and one he worked on trying to reverse engineer it and everything and materials like elements 115 and everything is different and to say this old guy saucer is copied by government is just plain stupid

  7. Hey (((Bloomberg)))How can someone patented a unidentified flying object?! Q:"What is that flying in the sky"? A:"I don't know, but I patented it"…?!

  8. I would love to have a flying saucer as a car….like the cartoon jettsons. Weygur is a brilliant artist and engineer. Thank you for sharing.☺🙏

  9. If you ever want someone to carry on with your work or help you I'm an artist that would be willing to help whatever the cost pass this on if you want great work deserves to be shown for what it is

  10. Antigravity is possible, we see it all the time, in UFO's flying around, all over the world, on every continent, even Antarctica, so, We Too, can make it work & when we do, it will be like when the Automoble & Airplane were invented only more so, can you imagine, when we discover how it works & if it is released to the public. WOW.!! It'll be great, everyone has a Jetson type, vehicle, but you know? It may already have been discovered how it works & the US Government, dosen't want the public to get their hands on it, they probably want it to be completely secret, so they can use it, for the military, it'd be a terrible thing if everyone had an antigravity vehicle, anyway, like we do cars, there'd be many more accidents than car accidents, if you crashed with another one, then you have fall to earth, so no survivors, we already kill about 45 thousand ppl a year in car accidents, it used to average about 65k before they put in seatbelts and those balloon whatcha callets.
    I can't remember what you call em. But anyway, I believe the Black Agency & military already has them, you know? Antigravity vehicles. But are keeping it a big secret, that's why we see so many UFO's, cuz probably most are ours or our militarys & only used secretly. Every once in a while, someone takes a pic of those triangle type flying UFO's that go like hell & we say, their an alien UFO, but they just mite be ours, cuz the alien UFO's have always been saucers, you know, flying Saucers.?? till just the last 40 or 50 yrs, then the triangle ones came on the scene. Hummm!!!??

  11. 7:05 This is the UFO vehicle that Bob Lazar claimed to have worked on. With 7 looking differently, also at the same location and Russia supposedly has 9. All recovered from either shot down, or now get this one, an Archaeological finds.

  12. The germans have made first the ufos vimanas, they take the build specification from the ancient sankrit texts , what the yankee have invented are only cheap copy from german technology, but the us ufos do not have function it was unfunctional junk ufos which fly only two meter high .Without a genie like the german werner von braun ,the yankee never were be capable to fly in outher space, the real genie was the GENIAL MIND OF THE WERNER VON BRAUN .Where are this ufos today ? if you claim to had invented it ,in reality this ufo project was a huge us faillures project, the us have used for a lot of money useles , like the most another us useles invention , all the sheeps us citizen have payid a lot of tax money for this useles invention that fact !

  13. Don't ruin the story by saying at the end that you had a dream about him – and that his spirit told you that you are doing the right thing because we all know that that's a lie.



  15. they had my fucking phone hacked and heard me ranting my stoned insights of electromagnetic perpetual motioned zero-gravity liner…

  16. This guy is rich unwell bt he don't have an electric seat to slide upstairs? I will NEVER understand rich ppl 😐

  17. A UFO has no outside moving parts or emits thrust. A stupid video about a stupid man obsessed with a man with a dumb idea. This is basically a round fucking helicopter!

  18. The flying saucer type thing is very popular in india since ancient time(2000bc to 3000bc) as vimans and it was rediscovered by an india guy sivkar bapuji talpade by studying ancient texts in varanasi in late 1880s and he also conduct a test fly of this near bombay but colonial govt classified it and after this nobody known him

  19. The only thing about riding on a cushion of air is that you would just be hovering A FEW FEET ABOVE THE GROUND like a hover car and creating a lot of dust! This guy really was just dreaming

  20. He wants the world to know about the man… By storing and hiding away all of this individuals materials from the public…

    Randy, simply jumped on the man because he thought he could make money, he still does, the same disease afflicts gamblers, it isn't going to happen

  21. Yeah nah, UFOs don't use air to fly. Who is gonna believe these things are what Bob Lazar was working on at S4. Can we get some real journalists please. Not that this artist was not cool, his hover crafts look nice. But they are not anti gravity.

  22. Why is this being taken so lightly? This IS, HOW, we should be going into space, in the future, and not by the damn, stupid, backwards and insanely, wasteful way NASA and others are going about it now.

    If this man went into details of HOW, to build this thing then try to push his ideas toward any agency or company who will take it seriously and who WILL, BUILD, the damn, thing. Then build massive ones to get people and goods into space and to travel throughout our solar system and beyond.

    I'm thoroughly, poisoned that NASA and others continue to use rockets rather than adopting this far more sensible and viable design.

    My Visionary Space Best. Out.

  23. I envy the passion and have the utmost admiration for someone so talented who is prepared to devote himself to promoting an essential visionary we all benefit from being exposed to and protecting his priceless work….Human kindness in action…!!

  24. Nicolas Telas is a predecessor in such a project; After his death all his notes and projects were simply stolen.

  25. I've seen enough docos and read enough stories to know… never share your idea with a big corporation… they will STEAL your idea and cut you off.

  26. Look like he was a mongol men, 🛸 are made from extraterrestrial 👽 how could be somebody patent them aircraft as his invent

  27. The first two man warp drive saucer spacecraft made by nilkoa Tesla scientific scientist and inventor devoplement and built the first two man warp drive saucer spacecraft with patent in 1899year in Colorado springs Colorado springs Colorado

  28. That was a poorly done ending. You have him stating that he should continue on his mission and then immediately display text of in memorium. What a disappointing conclusion! I hope some one continued the work he wanted done. Thanks for letting me know who these two individuals were.

  29. Thank you, we need more people standing on their own two legs. Willingness to expose ones self to public ridicule has stopped more genius than ignorance ever could.

  30. What a load of cr[email protected]! So basically what you are saying is that all ufo 🛸 phenomena are actually a figment of our imagination sparked by this dude…he basically created every ufo movie and the whole global ufo phenomena…sniff sniff 💩

  31. "Oh, Weygers, as in Alexander Weygers..yea I heard of him" I reply anytime anyone asks me anything.
    Mission accomplished, Randy

  32. A Russian Alexander Lodygin made the first tungsten light bulb and sold it to General Electric back in Jan,4 1893. It was too big and cumbersome for any commercial applications. The power grid we have today was created by Nickolai Tesla, not Thomas Edison. Edison was a thief.

  33. Any human cant patented ufo baecose earth not have chemical element to do such thing , thx (UFO – not identified flying objects not build by human hands – explanation )

  34. When you are on dying and you want the world to appreciate another man's work that is already dead. Very special.

  35. My deceased great aunt had told me her brother (I believe his name was Benton Hooper,) had sent in a patent request on one either during or after his military service. They never got the confirmation back from the U.S. Patent office before he mysteriously died. He was found on train tracks somewhere in Tennessee.

  36. for being a genius the guy sure is nonsensical, the discopter looks like it was made without any scinetifict knowledge. That thing cannot fly no matter what, I think the dude was an artist not an inventor.

  37. So alien space craft was technically created by a human, but I guess there was space craft before that but our space craft is man’s version.

  38. you had the nazis that had ufos before this and alot of the technology came from patents by Nicola Tesla they didn't steal randy's idea

  39. RIP Randy!!! I know who he was now!!!! Weygers, the saucer inventor!! He should've built the flying saucer and let everyone take rides on it along with the museum!!!!! I would've loved to ride one!!!! I'd like to see the museum…..

  40. Flying saucers did become a reality but only in secrecy. Read book "Secrets of Antigravity Propulsion". Check videos by "Mark Mccandlish" and "Paul Laviolette".

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