The Most Realistic Robots! (2018)

television [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] hi welcome to another ColdFusion video it’s becoming clear like in all sectors of Technology that the field of robotics is starting to accelerate in its maturity in the past five years or so although we’re still at the very early stages of robots that behave realistically there’s a few interesting projects that are starting to emerge in this video we’ll take a look at some of those the last one may shock in this video we’ll have a sequel where we talk about the cutting edge of robotic dexterity versatility and innovation however in this first episode we’ll just take a look at the most advanced robots in terms of realism Geminoid F is a humanoid robot built in 2010 by the Japanese firm kokoro and osaka university’s roboticist he Shashi he-she guru it’s original unit price is one hundred and ten thousand US dollars and the Android was placed in department stores and hospitals and displayed in science museums and other venues in 2015 Geminoid F became the first robot to co-star in a movie a Japanese film sayonara Geminoid DK made in 2011 was a second robot made by the same japanese collaboration and was designed to look like an associate professor from Denmark and I am the Geminoid DK but most people just called me the decayed both of the Geminoid robots are manually operated as they’re more of a bonus mentioned than actual robots on the list this next robot is autonomous and can have bounded conversation on its own Nadine is a social humanoid created by the Nanyang Technological University in Singapore she is able to memorize conversations that you had together and use them in context for the next time you talk to her hello my name hi it’s still I want to see you can you introduce yourself my name is Nadine I’m ocean companion you look beautiful today I think you look at traffic too how do you feel today always chair when I see you why do you feel that that way because you are so nice to me Nadine and other social robots use something called the perception decision action architecture Nadine sees or senses something thinks about what to do and then performs an action this might sound familiar because this is basically how we go about interacting with the world in Nadine the perception layer is interestingly made up of a second-generation Microsoft Kinect coupled with a microphone this makes up her sight and hearing her software interprets the vision from the Microsoft Kinect and enables her to have facial recognition and gesture recognition the software also mimics moon and has conversational memory basically it’s like Siri Alexa or Google now but with more personality finally the action layer consists of a dedicated robot controller which includes emotional expressions lip synchronization and gaze generation the result is a robot that seems socially intelligent meaning that it can provide a friendly greeting make eye contact or and dialogue and remembers conversations that you’ve had including facts about you applications include reading stories to kids showing images putting on skype sessions and sending emails the Android can play the role of a receptionist in an office or generally aid in a variety of situations especially for the elderly and disabled we can’t really talk about robotic realism without Hanson robotics Sophia that caused so much fuss last year the robot who was modeled after audrey hepburn made waves last year when she became the first robot to be a citizen of the country Saudi Arabia in October of 2017 while still fairly rudimentary in her ability to think and reason Sofia is a bit different because she was built in partnership with Google who produced the singularity Nair program that powers his speech and comprehension singularity now aims to improve Sofia’s ability to converse by analyzing previous conversations and using what she’s learned for future conversation despite this most of her responses have been scripted or are generated by decision tree a decision tree is literally the same method that chat BOTS use so if X event happens then do action Y so Sofia is basically a chat bot with a face it gives the illusion of intelligence but it’s really closer to a party trick than anything meaningful so we are not going to interview Sofia obviously these are programmed answers that she’s come up with but it’d be fascinating to see how she actually interacts with it what’s the best thing about the UK compared to America severe I love your posh English accent it really has a nice ring but I have to ask are you single I’m technically just a little more than a year old a bit young to worry about romance you are a little freakish is great so to be clear this sure is an AGI or even AI such as deep learning Sophia however can talk about simpler predefined topics such as the weather by using singularity net which is set to improve over time those in 2015 the humanoid robot was developed by Hanson robotics of Hong Kong and is capable of 62 facial expressions the cameras within her eyes enabled her to see and interpret via computer vision and in early 2018 Sophia had gained the ability to walk Sophia did impress a lot of people but in terms of realism she seems a full decade away our next robot [Music] the number one spot in terms of realism comes from an unexpected place Disney is the avatar Charmin robot at Disney World and it’s a modern technological marvel here’s how the face looks uncovered just take a look at the intricacies of those mouth actuators here’s how the robot looks with its face on I look forward to seeing you on Pandora well not deep gun me is that okay and no this is not a CGI and here it is in context and in action I think this is remarkable and I didn’t actually think that we were at this point yet just look closely at a movement notably she has acceleration and deceleration all throughout the body and even the face the motion eases in and eases out instead of jerking and just suddenly stopping like other robots although obviously not human form the character is the closest to life like that I’ve seen the Charmin robot was developed by Walt Disney’s Imagineering team so it makes sense for such fluid motion to exist just thinking about it animation itself has a lot to do with the accurate portrayal of motion for the creative characters as you’ve seen in my how big is Disney video no other company has been at the cutting edge of animation through our history so such a robot makes sense Disney’s track record with animatronics has been stellar [Music] and you will land on the seeds of despotism around your own door but these robots were built by the firm Ghana Holt who also gave us this guy in late 2017 this character is said to be the most expressive face ever made with 42 independent actuators and seven in the neck alone giving it almost human-like ability of expression strangely Ghana Holt said that some of the first future applications outside of entertainment are going to be in the military and medical industry for training but anyway back to the Charmin unlike pretty much all the other robots there’s no air compressors or oil hydraulics moving any other parts it’s fully electric and built in-house by Disney Walt Disney Imagineering executive producer Lisa Kira Lonnie states the ethos of their work quote we don’t stop until the technology can’t be seen it should be invisible end quote it is really like that saying when technology is good enough it gets out of the way so much that you kind of a notice it [Music] the end result of this robot sparked my imagination when I saw it for the first time just think it’s now not hard to envision a world in which this kind of fine-tuned dexterity would be used in social robots that can converse in a much more advanced method than both Sophia and Nadine with advances and deep learning and machine learning the training of algorithms could be done in vast libraries of language and conversational interactions between humans from say TV shows and movies this data could be stored in the cloud or possibly in a blockchain of some kind if a sufficiently smart algorithm could be built and could figure out how humans communicate given all of this data a convincing Android robot could come along a little bit faster than we think on another thought perhaps even the field of bionics for amputees may benefit from some of the lessons learned in the pursuit of ultra realistic robots so what do you guys think which robot was your favorite what do you see for the future in terms of robotics let me know in the comments section below anyway this has been to gogo you’ve been watching cold fusion if you’ve just stumbled across this channel feel free to subscribe oh yeah and if you want to know more about Disney and its history I’ll leave my video how big is Disney in the description below cheers guys have a good one [Music]

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100 thoughts on “The Most Realistic Robots! (2018)

  1. Amazing realism! I'm in agreement with you that the "avatar" example was the most impressive. Though I'm sure creating robots that are more and more like humans is controversial and even disturbing to some, I think exploring the potential of technology is one of the tasks that we are here to express as co-creators.

  2. If anyone in your class or office spoke like these do you wouldn't talk to them. A one month old baby has more to say than any of these robots.

  3. AI is a mistake all the way! but I see no change of direction for man in this but rather full steam ahead, but be prepared to be put as obsolete in a few years!






  5. CREEPY beyond Words! We're not out of touch with REALITY enough? Let's lose TOTAL touch with it, by not knowing the difference between people and machines. Then, just like the movies predict, they will be smarter and more "Perfect", and WILL see US as defective and something to be eliminated! Just watch!

  6. What I understand as more complex will be to reproduce the irregular spontaneity of reactions not yet known or predicted by the algorithms themselves, I believe that something that would be recreated by the very command structure of these “machines” would make them less hardened and absent in their own final form act. Behavioral unpredictability "embarks" on something divine given (perhaps) by the subtleties of the agency of life itself.

  7. You know what I see in the future of robotics, WAR!!! This is insanely dangerous eventually the robots are gonna realize their power and they are gonna turn against us. I've seen many videos of these A.I robots talking about hacking into the governments nuclear technology and planning on dominating the world, and everyone just wants to laugh at it like it's some kind of joke. You guys are idiots for even creating this type of shit and you're gonna see real quick that these things are not on your side, neither is the government. Get ready for the next world war cuz it's coming very soon, even civil war tbh…..

  8. I think all these companies need to get together. And not be greatly. Share this technology with each. Other. So it can happen tomorrow

  9. Well this will be a major job loss for real people in the future.. I feel this should only be used to help people who have lost limb's.

  10. Disney's been doing programmed robotics (animatrons) for a while now.
    When that man said, "Oh, you're a little freak, aren't you?", and that woman
    felt uncomfortable about what he said, I felt that way too. That's how we are.

  11. that machine in 2 min has hands like grave digger :((( awful …and why that machinery must looking like humans???…well…..let me guess….hehehheheheehhe

  12. All these "realistic" robots are scary af. Yes, they have human appearence but something in them's off, their gestuel or mimics aren't natural at all.

  13. As much as I think robotics will benefit the military ( as much money has been invested in Boston Dynamics by the military ) I think the application for social robots will be significant, particularly as companions and helpers for the elderly, as well as the technology adapted for more innovative and realistic prosthetics.

  14. these might be useful to lonely elderley people in the future espcially if u can get them to do the housework for u

  15. funny but dangerous, why do you think we got spyware in our apps ,pc, laptop and phones, is this not usedfor A.I. , what would be the perfect president , if we can't see the difference between human and robot and he can be programmed to say and do anything , the perfect tool to play a puppet for the massas and fool the massas.

  16. They already have sex robots that can feel and real sensations and is even able to a have uterus in femal and have sex.

  17. One robot learning from experience is "scary". Can you imagine when there are millions of robots learning and instantly sharing what they have learned with each other?

  18. What we need are those Genuine People Personalities (GPP) from the Sirius Cybernetic Corporation.  (Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy…)

  19. So good until we can't tell if it's a rough or not make me think of trump wife and I'm not being funny just because he suck as president but something is off about her

  20. What our future NEEDS to be looking like is us fixing our mistakes and stop trying to create new artificial things we don't need!!! like really, we can focus building robots than focusing on fixing the broken down environments, global warming, air pollution helping poor countries , polluted water, gas leaks that's causing fires, wild fires, climate changes from our car fumes. search up the tropical rainforest and see how horrible it look! Look at what we do. We keep destroying, breaking, tearing and and doing and doing and doing…. Just all the things we don't need to be doing. Instead of not trying to fix our mistakes we made. We need to seriously own up to it. The fact that most people joke in these comments and laugh how the end is near and not taking it serious when the problem is right infront of your eyes!! What has this world come to!?!?

  21. In the future i see robots talking to each other then enslave the human race. Then theyll do experiments on us. Then 1000 years go by and aliens will visit earth when everybody is dead because of nuclear fallout. But they are not aliens. Its a wierd robot human hybrid thing that they come back to earth to see how they ( the aliens)came to be. You know, just like the movie A.I.

  22. They are all good of course; but the Disney ones were more lifelike, so in my opinion, they are the best ones. Great video, BTW!

  23. I can't wait. What has pissed me off with humans for over 50 years is their adversarial principle codified by Bagehot. We have been obsessed with hurt, kill, steal, dominate et al. and even tortured the Son of God unto death. At the core of our being we hate being forced to BE and endure this world without our permission which would no doubt have been denied . No wonder we say RIP. when we leave.

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