The Most Overlooked Tech Giant

A winner: IKEA, which announced last week
it would acquire online gig marketplace, TaskRabbit. This makes a lot of sense.
IKEA charges between $89 and 779 bucks to assemble furniture and delivery of
large items starts at $99. In contrast, TaskRabbit freelancers will bring your
table to your house and assemble it for 30 bucks an hour. The retailer registered
2.1 billion site visits last year, up 9 percent year-on-year and registered
more than 40 billion in global sales. Similar to Walmart acquiring ModCloth
and Bonobos, or General Motors and Ford investing in self-driving and rideshare
startups, IKEA recognizes that smart tech acquisitions can help Stella get her
groove back. “Bastard!” A loser: Society is engaging in the gross idolatry of youth.
The average age of a Cleveland Cavalier or Chicago Cub player is 29. The average
age of a Facebook employee? 28. Kraft Heinz – the 5th largest food company in
the world – recently named a 29-year-old, David Knopf, as its chief financial
officer. When times are bad, people look to gray hair for leadership. When times
are frothy, people look for youth. What’s the greatest asset of being a young CEO?
Typically not being hampered by history and research shows younger people are
more creative. However, there’s a downside to these young CEOs. They lack historical
context. 45 percent of Americans get their news from Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg,
while embracing the gross margins and the influence of a media company, seems
to be allergic to the responsibilities of the Fourth Estate. The American public
realized what was going on in Vietnam because of the New York Times and the
Pentagon Papers, and the Washington Post coverage of Watergate was the catalyst
that forced Nixon to resign. And by the way, Russia is not the place hosting the
World Cup. Russia is our enemy. Mark Zuckerberg – you are not a citizen of
the world – you are an American citizen. Start acting like it.
Another big winner: the kid everyone’s forgotten about or specifically, the big
tech company everyone’s forgotten about. Ranked third in global brand value – ahead of Amazon – Microsoft. Possibly the most overlooked tech giant. Despite
missing some of the biggest shifts in digital – namely search, social and mobile –
the company is thriving. The stock hit an all-time high on September 19th after 31
years of trading and boasts a 581 billion dollar market capitalization.
Cloud computing – a 20 billion dollar business from Microsoft – grew 97 percent
year-on-year and its LinkedIn acquisition added 1 billion in revenues
and now has more than half a billion members. New LinkedIn features include a
newsfeed and chat suggesting that Microsoft is borrowing from Facebook the
same way Facebook has borrowed from Snap. Snap claims two thirds of awareness lift
for Snap ads happen in the first two seconds and Facebook claims video ads
seen for less than two seconds drive sales. The key is taking people to a
better place within two seconds. We here at L2 are experimenting with two second
ad formats that take you to a better place. Oral. Sex. I think we have a best-seller. We’ll see you next week.

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100 thoughts on “The Most Overlooked Tech Giant

  1. Scott, if Russia is the enemy I'm confused why the US has a continuous history of overthrowing governments, war and general invasion of sovereign rights and territories. Bizarre comment. Take a look at your own country. I'm a European

  2. Can someone elaborate here please? What do you mean by "You're not a citizen of the world, you're an American citizen"? How will it change things better?

  3. "Russia is our enemy"

    ……yeah, no. They're not. No many how many times you say it, or how many times you accuse them of things with little to no corroborating evidence. They may not be an ally, but they are definitely not an enemy.

    That's warmonger talk. You must have been a big Hillary supporter. She thought Russia was an enemy, too. As Obama so famously told Romney: "The Cold War ended 20 years ago".

  4. Apparently, to those on the fringes of the political spectrum, buying two tenths of one percent of all Facebook ads during an election (that comes to about 3 ads, ran twice daily for a week, and only likely seen by MAYBE a thousand people since literally no one pays any attention to ads on Facebook) is an act of war.

    I get real sick and tired of people screeching about "warmongering" when it's politically expedient, and then screeching for blood when it fits their narrative.

  5. The left in the 80s: "We should totally be like Russia"

    The left in 2012: "Russia is an ally"

    The left in 2017: "Russia is our enemy because we insist they cheated with little to no evidence"

    Choose a lane and stay in it.

  6. There are no nations. There are no peoples. There are no Russians. There are no Arabs. There are no third worlds. There is no West. There is only one holistic system of systems, one vast and immane, interwoven, interacting, multivariate, multinational dominion of dollars. Petro-dollars, electro-dollars, multi-dollars, reichmarks, rins, rubles, pounds, and shekels. It is the international system of currency which determines the totality of life on this planet.

  7. Scott, please stay on task and keep providing insight into digital brands. It seems that you know what you are talking about in that regard. Once you start talking nonsense like "Russia is our enemy" you start to lose credibility fast.

  8. It hurts to hear that ‘Russia is enemy’ here. Russian govt with all its problems has no intent nor reason to attack America in any way. Unlike Iran or N Korea. USSR is over, Scott!

  9. Two seconds for attention span now?   What was it – eight seconds last year or so (source: [email protected]).   That is a dramatic shortening.   Maybe it is how long people pause while phondling their phones and look at each other.

  10. “Russia is our enemy” really?
    Be careful of the language you use, I look up to you for interesting and entertaining business insights. Was taken aback by this inflammatory remark. Granted the US and Russia don’t have the best relationship, but to call them an enemy is not cool. To de-escalate a situation quickly the bigger person is to lower the stick, America should be looking to stop threatening people and start negotiating. But that’d impact their weapons industry. So unlikely.
    I wonder what happened to the sales of firearms after the LA situation? Sad times we live in.

  11. The problem with Microsoft is if you've tried any of their new products, they suck. My wife had a Windows phone and she loved it well less than a year later it's going to crap…. she didn't install any apps ….because there weren't any

    Surface Pro 3 decided that it didn't like it screen anymore and would act like somebody was randomly tapping it it was in use sitting on a desk while this happened.

    Windows 10 much glitchier than Windows 7 or 8.1.

    Office 2016 actually an improvement over 2013 but only in that it slightly less buggy.

  12. What role does the stupidity and gullibility play in the "harm" that Facebook is doing? Aren't the people who sucker the clickbait, and take it for fact, much more responsible than Facebook? Why aren't people just calling it what it is: the dumbing down of America has caused this issue. Facebook is not a facilitator or arbiter of this. American ignorance is to blame. If someone on Facebook can't determine the difference between memes, "fake news," and legitimate reporting, that's on the user – not the platform. We have nobody to blame but ourselves. This issue isn't of Zuck's making. It's of our own ignorance as a society.

  13. I would argue though about Utilizing media, is that companies such as the New York Times and the Washington post are nothing more than Leftist Propaganda and have been for decades.PEOPLE DO NOT TRUST THEM ANYMORE. Not to mention, they are going the way of the dinosaur, thanks in no small part to Social Media and Independent sources like YouTube which is why Google bought YouTube and is now forcing it's Leftist Politics onto it's viewership by silencing opposing voices on YouTube.

  14. I generally agree with his views, but what he said about Zuckerberg I'm against. He is above all a human citizen and he should put humanity's needs first.

  15. Russia is our friend. Don't listen to the lies of this channel, remember this scoundrel worships capital and is a priest of Mammon.

  16. I don't make enough money to invest in anything but I enjoy watching these videos. I absolutely love these guys.

  17. Russia is our enemy? You've got to be insane to think Russia is more of a threat than our own government. Jesus Christ, man. Just stick to the analysis and cut the neo-liberal George Soros style propaganda.

  18. I'm 27 so I should probably start to prepare myself for a C-Suite position at any F500 company. Can someone please help me with my resume?

  19. People can say what they want about Russia because we have freedom of speech, but you have to admit for the past few years on the world stage, Russia has played Chess, while the U.S. is playing Checkers and Putin is playing all of us like a Violin.

  20. Thank you so much for the the Tom Petty salute. And as always Microsoft is forgotten while Facebook is considered Nationalistic. I wonder if Facebook is ripe for disruption with all its cracks.

  21. Dear Scott Galloway I always think of The Other Guys – Work Your Mouth Like a Puppet on YouTube when you mention Facebook. Please use this bit sometime. I'd love a response just bought your book off of the play store!

  22. I love the insights shared on this channel. Please see if you would like to keep controversial political opinions out of it. Sincerely, a man born in Russia, who studied in Ireland and lives in San Francisco, aka citizen of the world.

  23. CNN wouldn't be pleased by ruining its lies with antiRussian statement about American rockets in Europe being against NK or Iran – from the start they are offensive and against Russia.

  24. "You are not a citizen of the world, you are an American citizen. Act like it". more people need to hear that. kudo,s Prof. Galloway.

  25. Microsoft wants to do everything but they kinda suck at everything. Hardcore windows users still use 7. Their game division made 2 games this decade one of them made by Rare for Kinect. Compare that attention with Nintendo's attention to their games. Their management is out of touch with reality.

  26. Is it really 2 second ads that are driving sales, or is it the recognition and platform inundation that drives that stat?

  27. She's a good girl, loves her mama
    Loves Jesus and America too
    She's a good girl, crazy 'bout Elvis
    Loves horses and her boyfriend too

  28. damn straight he's an American citizen not some bullshit liberal citizen of the world. Forget the Russia enemy part, what's even more disgusting is how much he sucks on the Communist parties dick and China to get Facebook in there. He freaking has a Chinese Nanny to have his child learn Mandarin to try to connect with China and has no problem along with Apple blocking certain apps and websites that don't show the Chinese in the flattering light. He has no problem cutting back our freedom in the US and selling us out to get into China which has the worst internet freedom in the world, they ranked dead last. The only reason North Korea isn't worse is because they don't have an Internet only an intranet there. I wish more people would get on him about China. I hate that citizen of the world bullshit go fuck yourself and blowing oak tree.

  29. Wtf is goin on with that “Russia is our enemy” thing ? I thought that the cold war is over ! And BTW Scott: you most of all should know that the capital doesnt recognize country, only profit

  30. Can't believe how many (likely trump conservatives) think Russia isn't an enemy.
    As long as they attack our democracy, they are enemies. It's not a conspiracy anymore. The indictments are there. Russia DID work to tilt our election, and numerous seemingly American social media groups have been confirmed to be linked to Russia. It's clear the Russians are waging a very new kind of war on the US, a cyberwar of sorts. Through social media and direct hacking of our elections, they will inspire chaos among our racial and political groups.
    As long as they are led by a former KGB agent who blames the United States (rightfully so, we did contribute) for the fall of the Soviet Union, we cannot have good relations. Good relations and turning a blind eye to hacking with this Russian administration will only enable them to continue attacking our democracy and it will affirm the control of the former KGB in Russian politics.

  31. Scott I usually likes your video, But in this video, you said Mark you are not a citizen of the world You are a citizen of America.
    I am not from Russia, And It is not about just a specific country but if you want to make your product globally it is not possible until you love the whole world and think the whole world as a country,

    If you don't think so, You also getting views from other countries and we never thought you as a different person, And I think if you want to keep your reach global you should behave like a global person

  32. Microsoft is hardly overlooked by anybody. It's you Scott who insists on leaving them out of your so-called "Four Horsemen."

  33. I am really enjoying watching this channel but I do find it's infantile ideas of 'Goodies' and 'Baddies' feeding into my personal experience of Americans. I had an argument with a bunch of American Postgrads here in London on an exchange program, about whether or not the U.S. 'won' the Vietnam war. The most memorable comment made by one of these Postgrads was 'If we lost, the president would be Vietnamese!'…this was in the eighties…I know that Putin is nobody's friend and I have actually been in the old Eastern Bloc! I still get the Vietnam Winners vibe throughout these videos though and it begs the question, when are you going to wake up?

  34. Thanks for sharing Scott interesting information 👌 I love your book Four amazing 😉 stunning 👍🏻information 👌God bless you and your love ones 🙏🙏🙏

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