The Most Advanced Iron Man Robot

With an innovative bipedal design, the
Iron Man Mark 50 robot combines cutting-edge robotics and integrated app
entertainment and provide a window into the exciting world of Iron Man. “Armor is
locked and loaded.” Design custom animation sequences using block based
programming that can be downloaded and trigger to be a voice command. The robots hardware features create an
interactive Iron Man augmented reality experience like no other. “Not today.
Enough standing around. Let’s do this.” A first for Marvel, this walking talking
Iron Man Mark 50 robot by Ubi Tech, brings Tony Stark to life. Now it’s a
party. Create, control, code, and battle against enemies inspired by iconic
Marvel Cinematic Universe villains in high-tech AR battles. You can also upload
your own face and record audio to reenact some of your favorite superhero
moments. “stop right there. What’s the password?”

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