The Modobag Suitcase Is My New Hot Ride

(bleep) (laughs) – Tricks, brah. (jazz music) The Modobag. You might’ve seen a video for
this thing about a year ago, and it’s pretty cool. Who wouldn’t want luggage
that you can carry on, but also ride. Look at me now. Look at me now. Look at me now. (rock music) – Here are the deets. You can get about 11 miles on one charge. According to the company, battery charges about 80
percent in 45 minutes, and fully in about an hour. Weight capacity is 260 pounds, we obviously exceeded that. It’s priced at twelve ninety-five, but they’re hoping to bring that down once they go into full production. – Here’s the thing, this
thing is cool, right? But, is it allowed on planes? Because the hoverboards,
they’re shut down. Lithium-ion batteries,
it’s like super regulated, you have to take it on
and off, all this stuff. So it’ll be interesting to see if you can take
these onto airplanes. And it’s luggage, so you’d
expect that you could, but. Tricks, bro. (rock music) (whoops) The project started it’s life online as an Indiegogo campaign. But after a couple delays, they finally started
shipping to early backers, and are about 30 percent fulfilled. The Modobag is pretty fun. – What’s the story behind this? Oh hey, look! The CMO of Modobag and part of the founding team, Tim Ryan. – Tito, how are you? – What’s up, man? Hey, what’s the story behind this, how’d you come up with this? – So Kevin O’Donnell’s the
original brains behind Modobag. He was going through O’Hare
with kids hanging all over him and he’s like, “Life
would be so much easier if we can ride our luggage.” And that’s how Modobag started. – Who’s this targeted at? – So it’s for the on-the-go
business professional, the savvy traveler, the urban day-tripper, anybody looking to get
to where they’re going in a fun and functional way. Modobag gets you there 3
times faster than walking. – Does this bag come with an app? – It does have an app. So, you know, if you lose your Modobag you’ll know where it’s lost. – Cool. And how do you your
kids from running away? – (laughing) Sometimes you
want your kids to run away. (laughter) No, no. I mean, anybody
who hops on the Modobag, I mean they have a great time. And, you know, it immediately puts a smile on people’s faces. It’s the new way to travel. – It sure does. Alright, see you Tim. – Be good. – [Narrator] Lots of positives and a couple things to keep in mind. The luggage is fun to ride, it
holds a pretty good capacity. Also when you’re riding it, the distance that it
can travel is impressive and also pretty comfortable. Now twelve ninety-five is
definitely a steep price. You can get some really nice luggage for less than $300. Even really, really nice stuff is less than 500. Also, riding the suitcase, I mean… Nobody is really on a day-to-day use going to be as extreme as me. But it does get dirty and the pegs where you rest
your feet kept flipping up, but it’s an easy problem to fix. It’s been a year since Modobag’s
viral video was released and from all the fanfare we got from people coming up
to us asking questions and wanting to ride it’s definitely a fun
and functional product sure to turn heads just
by the uniqueness of it. – So is the Modobag a fad? or does it have the potential
to becoming a real product? I’m not sure, but it’ll
be interesting to see if they can keep up the momentum and grow once they officially launch this January at CES.

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16 thoughts on “The Modobag Suitcase Is My New Hot Ride

  1. No market for this. This is the type of thing where the tech bubble argument gets stronger. Nobody fcking asked for this. There is no problem walking around airports. People look ridiculous driving their luggage. Also the added weight will make it more expensive to take. You sit in an airplane for a few hours….I think the last thing you want to do is sit more. Especially on your own luggage like an idiot.

  2. Wheeled luggage is easy to walk with, and most airport walks are short enough. Lifting baggage up stairs- that is a problem. I think there is a future for this type of vehicle though- not as "luggage", but scooters with better storage design.

  3. wow , what is the weight , when I buy a suitcase I always look for the lightest one possible . The price of airline baggage now a days is crazy enough as it is , imagine at the ticket counter and one is presented with an extra 10 dollars a kilo fee, I think I will walk and burn calories, this is perfect for lazy travellers , next thing people will be travelling on the modobag and leaving their bicycles at home, lmao. Airlines have been forced to modify their policies to accommodate the growing popularity of these bags. The guidelines set out by WestJet and Air Canada, informed by the Canadian Air Transport Security Authority (CATSA), dictate that they will accept smart luggage as a carry-on provided that the system within the bag is completely powered down. If the system cannot be turned off, any batteries must be removed. In order to check a piece of smart luggage, the lithium ion battery-pack must be removed and brought into the cabin. In the event that a piece of luggage cannot be powered down and the batteries cannot be removed, the airline will not accept the bag. (The generally accepted wisdom is that potentially volatile batteries are safer in the cabin – where any fires could be manually extinguished – than in the baggage hold.) I'll take 2 please , LMFAO

  4. Was thinking about buying one until I saw it was $1,500 which I’m in NZ so it would probably be over 2 grand

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