The Latino Leadership Initiative (LLI) – Boston College School of Social Work – Video

The LLI is designed to train social
workers both practitioners and scholars to work with Latino communities
from an asset based perspective, that’s basically what we do. What makes us
different is that we work from a paradigm that allows students to reach
their full potential. For instance, we teach in Spanish. Teaching in Spanish is very interesting because not only creates community but it fosters an
environment where all the traits of leadership, risk-taking and innovation
which are part of the Latino experience can flourish. There’s a disparity in the amount of Latino
professors especially in social work so knowing that we created the Latino
Research Seminar under the LLI to ensure that there’s a pipeline of Latino
social work professors researchers and scholars for the future. I draw an
incredible amount of optimism from the growth in our alumni network. Knowing
that each year there are more voices and change agents being added to our ranks
it gives me hope that one day our voices will be so numerous and so loud that we
cannot be ignored.

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