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when it comes to the tech world it’s nearly impossible to keep up with the latest updates releases in hottest new tools lucky for us our friends at Tech launchpad keep us up to date on the latest and greatest coming out of Silicon Valley today Megan Harris shares some new augmented reality coming to one of the world’s most popular social media platforms plus one major tech giant announces efforts to help save the planet check it out hey ladies it’s Megan here with tech launchpad so a pretty busy week in the world of tech and the first thing I want to talk about is Facebook the company announced they are now going to start testing augmented reality in their advertisements on newsfeed now augmented reality or AR super cool and the first company that they worked with on this is Michael Kors so you might start seeing this in your newsfeed when you sign onto Facebook the first ads they use were Michael Kors with sunglasses what happen was users saw the ad for the sunglasses just like they would any other Facebook advertisement except when they clicked on the ad they could try on the sunglasses using the phone either on their computer or on their mobile device and this is a really big deal because this will open up an entire new world for advertisers Facebook is now gonna start talking to makeup companies like Sephora furniture companies clothing you name it and imagine a customer won’t have to go into a store to try something on they can actually just use their own computer or their phone device to see how the item would look and I think this is really exciting too with furniture imagine you could see how art looks on the walls or how a new sectional would look in your living room so that is going to start rolling out a lot more in the future but the ads for now will look relatively the same now in more tech news I want to talk about Apple so the big thing with Apple is they want to start exploring renewable energy sources in China of course China the second largest economy on the planet does have a problem with pollution and wastes especially because there are over 1 billion people in China right now and a huge percentage of apple products are made in Chinese factories so while Apple is looking into renewable energy sources they already are invested in wind energy out there the problem is environmentalists are arguing that if Apple products had a longer lifespan that would significantly cut down on the amount of waste found in these Chinese factories so it’s kind of interesting that they’re investing 300 million dollars into finding these energy sources when some people say that they might even be part of the problem and speaking of environment and waste we work the company that is all about social working together has announced that they are no longer going to be serving meat at any of their events and even further than that they are no longer going to expense employee meals if they have meat in them and while some people say this is great even going vegetarian for just one day a week and significantly cut down on our planet’s consumption of energy and water and waste a lot of people are arguing that there is a very fine line here between what a company can and cannot tell their employees to do so while we work has currently said no more animal products at all are allowed to be expensed or served at their events it remains to be seen if this is something they’re going to carry on into the future so those are just a few things happening in the world of tech right now for more information on these and other things going on check us out online at tech launchpad comm and back to you ladies in Roanoke

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