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Hey everyone welcome back to tech feed i’m
juliet beauchamp. Equifax just settled with the f-t-c following its huge data breach in
2017. And not long after, capital one announced it was the target of a massive data breach
in march. Let’s talk about the consequences and what to do if you’re a victim of the
breach. Stick around. So, the background–capital one recently announced
it was breached back in march. The data of over 100 million people was compromised in
the hack. It was allegedly carried out by a software engineer in seattle, who had worked
for amazon web services in the past. Millions upon millions of credit card applications
were stolen. One hundred forty thousand social security numbers were also stolen, along with
eighty thousand bank account numbers. And around another one million canadian social
insurance numbers were compromised–that’s canada’s equivalent of a social security
number. It seems as though this hacker obtained information
from credit card applications filed from 2005 through 2019. And the alleged hacker, paige
thompson, obtained this information by cracking into a server that stored capital one’s
data. This server was hosted by none other than her former employer, amazon web services.
Capital one built other web applications on top of what a-w-s offers, and the hacker was
able to target a misconfiguration in one of those web applications to access the server. Large-scale data breaches have become status
quo rather than random occurrences. And chances are, you or someone you know has been a victim
of a large-scale data breach over the past few years. It just goes to show the importance
of cybersecurity for enterprises of all kinds, but especially those dealing with private
or financial data. You can be as careful as you want about monitoring suspicious looking
emails or entering credit card information on certain websites, but in cases like this
one, there’s really not much you as an individual can do to guard your data. If you have been
affected, capital one will notify you. And the bank will offer credit monitoring services
for free for those whose data has been compromised. Thanks for watching this episode of tech feed.
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We’ll keep you updated as more news about this breach comes out. And we’ll be following
along with legal proceedings. See you next time.

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