The KEY to Successful Streams & Efficient Setups!! – Elgato Stream Deck Review – Custom Keypad

Elgato has just announced an awesome, incredibly-helpful
product for streamers and content creators that isn’t a capture card! I’ve been using the Elgato Stream Deck for
about a month or so now as a beta tester, so I wanted to go ahead and review it for
you. I will have a few tutorials for setting up
the Stream Deck for a few streaming scenarios, as well as a more advanced video on how I’ve
adapted it for my full production workflow, coming very shortly, so make sure you’re
subscribed to see those. I’m EposVox, here to make tech easier and
more fun, and today we’re taking a look at the Stream Deck – a customizable macro
keypad with backlit, digital screens behind every key that you can customize in software! I’ve been wanting something like this in
place of my big CP48 macro keypad and second keyboard for a long time, as I got really
tired of printing out and cutting paper key labels. Before I dig into the review of the product
itself – which, it’s great, by the way – I want to briefly talk about why you might
want or need this. Macro keypads are super useful in streaming
and production environments. Launching applications, sending automated
messages, switching scenes in your live stream – there’s huge productivity and convenience
benefits to having dedicated button to completing actions that you’d otherwise need to click
around a lot for. This is especially key if you’re streaming
live – clicking around in menus or tools while trying to chat with your viewers and
play a game leads to a not very polished or professional stream experience. Instead, just quickly tapping a button off
camera to switch scenes, tweet your stream, show a gif or meme – looks very nice to
the viewers. And if you really want to dig into advanced
settings, this is quite useful for regularly-completed actions in other programs such as my Adobe
production suite, or launching email, and so on. I’ve used quite a few products in this category. I have a Genovation ControlPad CP48, a ShuttlePro
V2, and an entire second keyboard programmed for macros sitting on my desk at one time
– so how does Elgato’s Stream Deck compare? It’s actually quite nice, but it has some
light limitations. Build quality is top-notch. It’s rugged, with a metal face and hard
plastic on the bottom shell, along with non-slip feet. The buttons are inherently a little mushy
– which is a stark contrast to the mechanical keyboards I use everywhere else – but since
I’m not constantly typing on this, it doesn’t matter. The buttons are well-lit and quite clear,
despite only having a resolution of 144×144 per button. You can change the brightness in the software. Viewing angles on the buttons aren’t perfect
– but you have the option of leaving it flat on the desk like a normal keyboard, or
mounting it at an angle with the included stand, which makes it much easier to use while
streaming or gaming. It’s worth noting real quick that if you
frequently build up static from carpet, covers, fuzzy clothes, and so on, you will likely
shock yourself on the metal plate of the Stream Deck. This is insulated from the electronics, so
it will not harm the device or your USB ports, but it will… shock.. of course. The software is pretty simple to set up. You have a live view of the icons, and can
add in functionality from their Game Capture HD software, TipeeeStream alerts, OBS Studio,
Twitter, Twitch, or you can set up your own custom hotkeys and executions. You can add your own icons to every button
– which is a lot of fun to set up – and set them up quite simply. You can also create folders of shortcuts to
expand capabilities. For example, I have dedicated folders for
shortcuts for Adobe Premiere, Photoshop, Audition, and a folder for the shortcuts I use while
live streaming. I’ll have dedicated tutorials for all of
this on my channel very shortly. You can do some neat stuff with this little
device, though you don’t have complete control. You can only program it to do what the software
allows – so certain key combinations may not work, or you might not have quite as strong
integration into your program as you would OBS or their Game Capture software. But with a little AutoHotKey magic and crazy
hotkey programming, you can make it do quite a lot. Overall, the Stream Deck has been a great
addition to my production workflow. When I first started testing it, I was only
using it for my Adobe Production apps, but now that I’m streaming 3 days a week, it’s
been a lifesaver on that front, too. The Elgato Stream Deck will be available shortly,
and I hope many of you can make use of it. Hit the like button if you enjoyed the review,
subscribe for more awesome tech videos and upcoming Stream Deck tutorials, and I’ll
see you next time.

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43 thoughts on “The KEY to Successful Streams & Efficient Setups!! – Elgato Stream Deck Review – Custom Keypad

  1. Wow! That's awesome that you got this man. The Stream Deck seems to be a very powerful tool. Will look into it as my stream grows.

  2. That was way faster than other reviewer. And Plus now u make me feel like gettig 1 also.Great review and video by you btw @EposVox

  3. Ohh, a macro keypad with LCD screens. Neat. I feel like a lot of other tech channels would come nowhere near to revealing their workflow or "insider secrets."

  4. You background makes your videos look old because it looks like it has black bars on the side. Mabye something you should think about.

  5. @Jeexzee Yeah I usually shoot on the other side of the room w/ a different background but it was super messy and I didn't have time to clean it up lol

  6. Gotta admit, first product I'm genuinely interested in. Although 150 USD? That's pretty steep for something you can get a cheap num-pad for and program it in LuaMacros and AHK. I'll probably buy it once I have some money in my pocket, but I'll stick with my solution for now πŸ˜€

  7. Very interesting. I use a OLKB Planck as a macro keyboard for my stream PC right now. This is a nice alternative. Definitely thinking about picking one of these up. I was afraid a product like this would be restricted to the Elgato streaming software and would not be able to be used with OBS. Glad to hear that it isn't!

    I wonder if they have the ability to be daisy chained, that's a big question for me.

  8. Great review, i've been dreaming of a keypad like this but it's been a concept design for the last 10 years without any actual products.

  9. This device is amazing for the price I'm seeing. I'm a flight sim'er and this product would be perfect for all the many keys needed in a flight sim. In this regard, I wonder if the Stream Deck will be able to send key presses into a running game; or if not, will AutoHotKey for example be able to "see" key presses generated by the Stream Deck. I'm buying one regardless, but would love to know this.

  10. Hi my name is Codi-Leigh and i have my own little YouTube channel (Up4LaughGamer) I buy all your amazing equipment but i just cant aford your new stuff coming out can you help me out please. Thank you

  11. I have a question. How do I play a sound clip from the stream deck and have it heard on stream and the recording? When I do it now I can hear it but no one else can.

  12. Every time I hit stream it loads for about 7 seconds then says "Cannot stream because your account is not in good standing". My account both is in fact in good standing and has streaming enabled. What should I do?

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