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100 thoughts on “The iPhone 12 Might Go Back to a Better Design!

  1. 2020 is an iPhone S year. I'm not expecting anything more, than a bigger Spec jump than this year, and a mega Pixel Jump for the Cameras and who knows maybe some RAM jumps too? People are expecting too much from Apple.

  2. Top 3 Favorite iPhone Designs:

    3. iPhone 4/4S
    2. iPhone 5/5S
    1. iPhone X

    If Apple can retain design cues from the X while implementing fan favorite elements from the iPhone 4/5, then I’m all in.

  3. This video talks abt iphone 12 and next phone is gonna be 11s 😂😂 so we talking abt the phone changing design in 2 years am dead!!😂😂 proud p30 pro owner here!

  4. honestly… i kinda like the design of the iphone 11 pro. holding it in the hand, not just looking at it in a video, its not bad at all. iphone 5/5s was pretty good too.

  5. Well, i thought this years iPhone will be ugly rubbish. But I was wrong. The front maybe not the most appealing, but the phone in general is very impressive.
    "Samsung Note 9 user"

  6. Love my S10+ and Note 10+
    Will definitely be getting the S11+ if they have a major camera upgrade.
    & thanks for letting me know about Mario Cart racing for smartphones!
    (Installing right now)
    Now only if we can get Super Smash Brothers for smartphone gaming!🔥

  7. I liked the simplicity of the iPhone 6. But, Apple just didn’t innovate. But with the iPhone 12 changes I might get tempted to switch back to Apple.

  8. The best iPhone design would be an all screen display, with an in-screem fingerprint sensor, and the selfie camera popping from the top. I know plenty of Android phones have already done this, but if Apple can make it even better and more seamless, and market it like crazy, it could be the greatest iPhone ever!

  9. Last iPhone I had was the 5s, then I jumped to a note 4. Apple is dead to me. Using an s9 atm and I'll get the s11 when it's out

  10. Well, I'm gonna have to say iPhone 6. Sure it's their least original design, having shamelessly copied the HTC One, but the HTC One was a great looking phone! The only things I hate about the iPhone 6 design is what they did with the antenna bands and the fact that everyone says that HTC copies the iPhone when they're just following the HTC One design language

  11. i think you probably wrong mr. Jaime about the last video that you said the most powerful camera may not be the mate 30 pro… as a result today… site got the mate 30 pro. a 121 scores 😂

  12. Apple: What do you think about going back 7 generations in design?
    Me: I think you should use the design from 2005.
    Apple: But we didnt have an iPhone in 2005.
    Me: Exactly.

  13. I'll be upgrading my s9 plus in 2020. I need 3 things to happen to stay galaxy s11 plus. I need Bixby button gone. I don't stust Samsung updates to make and keep Bixby button disabled as I still to this day get Bixby voice appearing all the time. so no button or no sale. 2 I need at oeas a 4000 ma battery and 2 days between charges mostly. lastly and more importantly I need Samsung S3 gear to work for wireless payments. with my current S3 frontier it's works 70 percent of the fore wireless payments and when t fails I take out phone and Samsung pay works all the time. change to Google pay now. yet my gear 3 has Ben sent back 5 times with 4 times getting new insides andmlast time returns with no fault. yet it still fails too much at wirelssmpaymentw. I have always thought arch was unreliable as a main man's of augment unlikempay or googl on th phone. goto being Asher faster to open and quicker tmusw. so the me working watch wireless pay r I'm out. I love Samsung's ui but fommmy point of view their watch has not been the promised payment system they keep telling me it is and Bixby button is plain stupid in its location and force nature.

    why do reviewers not talk about th gear railers and lies. or do they not wirelessly pay enough with the watch. mine failed 2 to 3 times a week out of 6 to 10 transactions

  14. Apple simply doesn't want to follow the cutting edge design that Android phones have and especially Samsung….. That "pride" encloses them even more in their own world of sheeps.

  15. My fav design would be a box design with dual speakers and no chins
    Apple must find a way to place camera and scanners elsewhere unlike other companies
    And bring the 90-120 Hz OLED displays then it could be called the innovative company of 2020

  16. The iPhone 5/5S was the last great Leap for Apples iPhone line. Then they just started copying HTC and then started added Samsung’s “gimmicks” to their devices. Funny how that works. Ain’t it.

  17. Anything that does a good job of bringing back the same feel the iPhone 4 and 4s have is a win for me. Those designs were so good you can still pick up an iPhone 4 today and it will male you feel special.

  18. i like iphone 5s desigan look very sexy. and also on second spot iphone 8plus on 3rd spot iphone 10xmax new iphone 11 phones feature r nice but desigan and the camera bump on the back is look very ugly and horribale samsung phone desigan very sexy specially s10 plus and note 10 plus r sexiest phone

  19. never a fan of recent ip design since ip X…. the ip6s design was good. but nothing beat the ip4 and ip5 design in my opinion still one of the best from Apple till this day and im not even owning any iPhone.

  20. The iphone 12 needs to get rid of the 11s ugly ass camera. Do a vertical triple camera setup like the note 10 or something

  21. iPhone 5/5s/SE. Hands down. I don't mind if they go to an aluminum back or ceramic. Wireless charging is a gimmick, not many use it as we still want to be able to use our phones while it's charging, DUH!!!

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