The Indigenous Territory Project: Culture, Production and Environmental Management

AMAAIC is an indigenous institution which has been crucial, not only for the environmental management work carried out But also, for the education and training of agroforestry agents for more than 30 years, developing the ongoing program of Integrated management of water basins, In the indigenous villages, in extractivism, in agriculture…etc.. At present it is working towards the development of the national and international program, Garbage Zero “Lixo Cero” in the villages. AMAAIC, plays a key role In the integrated environmental management of the territory and in the integrity of said territory, bringing awareness to this is of vital importance and we received an invitation from the AMAAIC President to help develop this field research for us to have the opportunity to concretely show what the work of this indigenous institution is and what it intends to do to improve its performance in the future.

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