The Hottest Bikes & Pro Tech Of The Giro d’Italia 2019

– It’s now time to check out
some of the hottest bikes of this year’s Giro d’Italia and well, I’ll give you a clue, one of them is going to be a De Rosa but it’s not one of these. Let’s go see what they are. (mechanical sound) Now undoubtedly, one of the hottest bikes of this year’s Giro,
belongs to Conor Dunne, the Irish Road Race Champion who rides for the Israel Cycling Academy. This is his De Rosa SK which comes from the
Pininfarina Design House, which is really, really renowned for making some of the
coolest designs out there. Some of the classiest bits
of mechanical engineering, there are going basically. Just have a quick Google of that, not until you’ve finished
watching this video, of course. Not only is it in the
National Champs’ colorway, which looks great, it’s decked out with these Vision wheels and it’s got FSA finishing kit too, including the K-Force light chainset, which incorporates the Power2Max
power box power meter here, and we’ve also got
ourselves some Maxxis tires. And you could be mistaken at first glance to be fooled that these
tell-tale orange valves are designed to match up, I guess with the kind of orangey
style here on the paintwork, but in actual fact, that is a standard bit of kit there too. Now Conor, he’s a big lad. He’s 6’8″, which is roughly thinking, two meters and four in metric terms. So hence the size of this bike out there, and despite the size of it, it does look absolutely spot on. Check out that, carbon
bit of engineering there for his number holder. That comes from Berk Composites, a Slovenian company. And then we’re finished off here with a nice Selle Italia
saddle with carbon rails too. One of my favorites, this one. Right and I’m here with the owner of that bike, too, Conor Dunne. So Conor, so what do
you reckon about that? I’ve put your bike in
one of the hottest bikes of this year’s Giro? – Oh, that’s mega. I mean, the owner’s
pretty hot as well, but. (laughing) – He’s got to say that. – That’s me by the way. But, no, thanks guys. It’s a great bike, I love the De Rosa, and they do all their own paint jobs, and so, they can do
something a bit extra special and it’s really nice to
have like a special bike when you’re the National Champion and flaunt it a bit in the Peloton. – Why not? If you’ve got it, flaunt it. – Yeah, exactly. You’ve got to make the most of it. – Now tell me, are you in trouble at all? Because, well, you’ve just become a dad like days before the Giro and you’ve gone off for
a three week holiday. – (laughs) In all seriousness, it was a decision we took together to come to the Giro and
give it my best shot. So, I wouldn’t have done
it without the support of Stacey, my partner. I’m missing them a lot, but it’s the mother-in-law
I’m scared of the most. – (laughing) She says I can’t come here for nothing, so, I better come back
with a bit of success. – Well, wishing you all the best mate. – [Conor] Thanks a lot,
thank you, cheers, thank you. – Now undoubtedly, one
of the hottest bikes at this year’s Giro d’Italia has to be to the Colnago V2-r belonging to Valerio Conti,
of UAE Team Emirates. He’s the current Maglia Rosa. Fingers crossed, he’s
going to remain in it by the end of the stage. GCN curse and all that though. So as you can see, it
is pretty much standard other than these pink details. We’ve got the pink logos, the pink forks, the pink bar tape, and importantly, in my eyes, the pink hoods on the brake levers. Now, at first I thought, they’ve got to be coming from the company
Hoods, the American company. Although I’m not sure
if they’re still around. But a close look on them, you can actually see they are, in actual fact, from Campagnolo. So Campagnolo, they’ve
been doing a little bit of behind the scenes manufacturing there to make sure that if they
were to go into pink jersey, they’d get maximum exposure. This bike as well, is
one of the few, I reckon, that comes from virtually all Italian component manufacturers. The exceptions on this
bike being the Look pedals and, well, the only other one I reckon, is probably that K-Edge mount
up front there for the GPS. That’s probably the
only other part on there that I think doesn’t hail from Italy. It’s a great looking bike and, well, it’s deservedly going in one of the hottest bikes
of the Giro this year. Let me know what you
think of it down there in the comments section. A bike that’s more than
worthy of inclusion into the hottest bikes of the Giro has to be the Ridley Dean TT, belonging to Victor Campenaerts, the World Hour record holder. Remember, because this bike
is truly customized to him. First up, the handlebars,
just check them out. They’re 3D printed by
a company in Belgium. Their name slips my mind right now, but they are in fact, UCI legal, because they are available to buy, and you can see,
literally, where his thumbs or his forefingers, and
everything like that, actually mold into the handlebars. There’s also a nice
little cut-out there too, where you can slot an SRM unit into place. No detail has been
missed here, whatsoever. We’ve got 58 tooth chainring there. He does also use a 60 tooth, but it’s paired up with a 46 inner ring and then the rear tire on this bike, mounted onto the Bora disc wheel, is a, well I don’t know. All I know is, it’s Vittoria because it has no other branding on it, just the Vittoria label. So maybe it’s something in
development, I’m not sure. The one on the front, I’m
well aware what that one is. Vittoria Corsa Speed. That’s a tubeless tire in a 25mm width and it’s married up to this
Bora in 77mm depth rim. Now, bottle cage and
bottle, they come from Tacx and it’s got that, well,
aerodynamic finish to it also and then, I’m going to show
you something also cool. It’s not the green bottom bracket, that is nice and fancy though. That comes from C-bear. But it’s the actual brake caliper. What mechanics have to do there is actually take part of it off because, where it’s mounted on the other side of the chainstays, it would actually catch the
inside of the crank arm there, so they’ve actually had
to grind a little bit off. The attention to detail,
like this, is fantastic, but I’m not finished just yet because there’s some special
skewers on this bike, anti-theft ones. No, Victor doesn’t think
anyone’s going to steal it, but in fact, they’re more aerodynamic. There’s no skewer that’s
poking out there at all, but it does mean, if you puncture, you’re going to have to do a bike change because you have to use a
special spanner for that and it only fits into
one way of the notches. So you can’t go ahead and do it in a rush, because you just have to
line them up perfectly. And finally, he’s got a
saddle specific to him. So it’s a split nose jobby and that’s going to allow
his hips just to free up a little bit more, so he can unleash the power. Undoubtedly for me, one
of the hottest bikes of this year’s Giro has to
be the Bianchi Ultra XR4, belonging to Primož Roglič, because well, there’s only one of them. Well actually, there’s four of them, being used in this year’s Giro because he’s got two of
these with this handlebar, but he’s also got two with the Vision Metron Integrated handlebar on it. Now the team, I think,
have done a great job of incorporating as many of the Celeste color details as possible, with the actual frame there. And they’ve done a great job of doing that because it’s not an easy thing to do. But enough about that, one of the other great reasons
is the integration here. So they’ve integrated Di2 cables, along with some heat shrink, and then they’ve matched them up, run it through internally into the frame, run it out through the seatpost, and that is where the
junction box is fitted. Other than that, it’s relatively standard. So it’s got a Shimano
Dura-Ace 91-50 groupset, with the addition of sprint shifters here, and also the rear cassette
has had a little bit of mechanic wizardry done there. So they’ve changed the
last couple of sprockets. So that is now an 11-30 cassette using a Shimano Dura-Ace lockring. Although, initially, I was fooled and I thought it was an 11-28, and they’ve just changed
around those last two so he can ride in the high mountains with relatively easier gears. Now I said at the start, there’s only two of these
kicking around at the Giro and the reason being, this paintwork. Just check out that eagle out there, just going for a little
cruise or a little fly, looking for some prey. Who knows, either way, this one is one of the best I’ve seen. Now undoubtedly, one of the hottest bikes at this year’s Giro d’Italia is the Specialized S-Works Venge, belonging to Pascal Ackermann of the Bora-Hansgrohe squad. Why? Well, right now he’s in
the Maglia Ciclamino. So, he’s leading the points
race competition there. So, you can see, he’s got
some finishing touches so far, such as the handlebar tape
and the water bottle cages. If he’s goes all the way to Verona and he’s still in that jersey, I reckon we can expect to see this bike fully decked out in some
really fancy color scheme too. We’ve also got a 55-2 chainring on there, paired up with a 42 inner. So 55, that’s probably
among the biggest size we’re going to see actually
with the sprinters. 54, pretty common, but 55, not so. We’ve also got some Roval
wheels on there too. The rear hub of that has
the DT Swiss internals. It uses that star ratchet system. I’m a big fan of this redesign but that, for me, are
great finishing touches. Now undoubtedly, one of the hottest bikes of the Giro d’Italia, has to be the bike belonging
to Vincenzo Nibali, the Shark of Messina, of Bahrain-Merida. This is his Merida Reacto
and it’s absolutely bling because it doesn’t have any paint on it. It’s been all striped back, so, it’s ultra-light. We’ve also got this silver detailing. We’ve also got red, pink and yellow there to celebrate the victories of all of his Grand Tours that he’s taken. This bike is definitely
one of my favorites. Last year, he even had
some special silver wheels or decals on his wheels too. We’ve got a customized
SRM head unit on there. It’s got little pictures of him, it’s done in blue. That is really fancy. Not to mention, the fact
that he is so particular about his kit. Having checked out his time trial bikes, in the past, I’m very impressed. Look at that saddle. That is certainly not a Prologo from the team’s sponsor. In fact, that was a Fizik,
but it’s just been unbranded. But done ever so well. He’s also got some grip tape here, inside of the actual bottle cage there, to stop any bottles from, well, falling out over any rough road and then he’s even got a very special SRM chainset on here, too. Now, most of them have a
little tri-lobe insert, meaning that a rider can, ultimately, adjust their crank
length, if they need be, from 170 to 172.5 and 175
but this is a standard one. So, that is going to be lighter. There were are, some of the hottest bikes at this year’s Giro d’Italia but who did I leave out? Who should I have put in? For a start, I didn’t put those brand new Pinarello Dogma F12’s in. Let me know in the comments
section down below. I’m ready for all the
grief that you’re going to give me for missing out
some of your favorites, I reckon. Right, remember to like
and share this video with your friends. Don’t forget give it a big, old thumbs up and also, why not check out the GCN shop at and now for two more great videos, how about clicking just
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