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Hey Everyone, Brett from Kitchentable Commander
here, and Iím back with another deck tech. This time Iím diving into the hive, with
The First Sliver. I know what youíre thinking, ìBut your content
is usually so nice and fair. What happened?î Donít worry, this isnít
a permanent change. Sometimes you just have to add a little chaos
into your life. When The First Sliver was spoiled back in
Modern Horizons I started thinking about slivers again. I knew people hated playing against slivers,
and that my friends would probably not be my friends if I brought out a sliver deck. But I just had to build thisÖforÖfor science. Before we get into the deck, I just want to
remind you to subscribe to the channel if you havenít already, and hit that like button. It helps me know if Iím doing a good job. With that said letís get to it. First off letís talk about our commander. The First Sliver is a 7/7 for 1 of every colour. Pretty good specs to begin with. It has Cascade. Getting better. And it gives all Sliver spells you cast Cascade. Just bonkers if all you ever do is cast Sliver
spellsÖOh wait, thatís what weíre gonna do. Well I guess thatís the video, no need to
keep watching Iíve ruined the endingÖ Except you need to know what Slivers to put in the
deck and how to capitalize on that ability? Guess itís not over yet. Letís start off small with our spell package. This is a bit on the light side since we obviously
want the majority of our deck to be Slivers. We only have 3 enchantments and 2 each of
Instants and Sorceries. We have Familiar Ground and Gruul War Chant
for a funny combo. The War Chant gives our Slivers a boost to
power, plus Menace, While Familiar Ground prevents our opponents from blocking with
more than one creature. Guess weíre getting our damage through. The rest of our spells are removal. We have Time Ebb to send a creature back to
the top our opponentís library. Alpha Brawl can act like a one sided board
wipe if used correctly. Despark gets rid of anything with CMC 4 or
greater. Obviously we are including Oblivion Ring,
because wellÖOblivion Ring. And we have Abzan Charm to give us a little
flexibility. Exile something power 3 or greater, draw some
cards and lose some life or give a couple creatures +1/+1 counters. Thereís only 1 other non-ramp, non-creature
card in this deck, but Iíll get to it later. Ok hereís the part thatís really going to
get this decks engine revving. Our Slivers. To keep this in even the realm of budget builds,
I didnít include the usual commanders in the 99. So thereís no Sliver Queen, Sliver Legion,
Sliver Overlord or Sliver Hivelord. Now prices will change, but with the exception
of a handful of Slivers, weíre talking an average price of 31 cents for our creatures. Donít think because this is a budget build
that itís weak. This deck plays very well and can be quite
competitive. Thatís enough blabbing, lets get into it. Slivers are typically 1/1ís and 2/2ís, so
we need a way to make them bigger. Weíve included a bunch of Slivers that give
buffs to our team. These include Battle Sliver, Cleaving Sliver
and Frenzy Sliver to give our Slivers a boost to power. Armor Sliver, Steelform Sliver and Watcher
Sliver give Slivers a boost to toughness. And Enduring Sliver, First Sliverís Chosen,
Megantic Sliver, Might Sliver, Predatory Sliver, Spectral Sliver, Spined Sliver and Tempered
Sliver to give a nice boost to both power and toughness. Some in the form of combat tricks and some
as permanent counters. Speaking of boosts to power and toughness,
remember that card I said I was going to talk about later? Well itís later, so letís talk aboutÖStoneforge
Masterwork. A 1 mana artifact that when equipped it gives
the wearer +1/+1 for each other creature that shares a type with it. If weíve cascaded into all our Slivers, thatís
a potential +46/+46 BEFORE any other boosts from the previously mentioned Slivers. I know thatís magical Christmas land, but
come onÖ a commander players gotta dream right? AnywayÖ back to our Slivers. We have Battering Sliver and Groundshaker
Sliver to give all our Slivers Trample. Gemhide Sliver and Manaweft Sliver to make
all our Slivers into manadorks. Lancer Sliver , Spitting Sliver , Striking
Sliver and Talon Sliver give all our Slivers First Strike. Belligerent Sliver, Shadow Sliver and Shifting
Sliver make it harder for our opponents to block our Slivers. In the case of Shadow Sliver and Shifting
Sliver, basically impossible. We have Bladeback Sliver and Lavabelly Sliver
to ping our opponent or a planeswalker. Leeching Sliver to drain life and Quilled
Sliver for attacking or blocking creatures. Clot Sliver and Poultice Sliver give our team
the ability to regenerate. Blur Sliver and Reflex Sliver give all our
Slivers Haste. Winged Sliver gives Slivers Flying, while
Cloudshredder Sliver gives them Flying AND Haste. Constricting Sliver makes all our Slivers
into the creature version of Oblivion Ring. Ghostflame Sliver makes all our Slivers colorless,
meaning we can get around protection like the Swords or Mom. Mistform Sliver gives us the ability to take
on any creature type until end of turn. Capitalizing on any symmetrical effects that
care about creature types our opponents might be playing. Like Steely Resolve or Urzaís Incubator. Quick Sliver gives our Slivers flash, so we
can surprise our opponents. Screeching Sliver lets us mill our opponents. And with 47 possible slivers on the battlefield,
it wonít take long to take them out of the game. And with Scuttling Sliver giving us the ability
to untap all of our Slivers, it might as well be game over. Mesmeric Sliver turns all our Sliver spells
into mini Jace the Mind Sculptors. And last but not least Sentinel Sliver to
give all our Slivers Vigilance. So the only time we need to tap them is for
their other abilities. Oh and who could forget about Fury Sliver. Giving all your slivers Double Strike is hard
to beat. As youíd expect a 5 colour deck needs a fair
amount of fixing, though keeping it budget is the real trick. Weíve included signets to help boost our
mana production as well as give us all the colours we need. Azorius, Boros, Dimir, Gruul, Izzet, Orzhov
and Simic. Likewise weíve added the accompanying guild
gates. Because of the demand on Gruul colours weíve
also included Timber Gorge. And what commander deck would be complete
without Command Tower? Then last is our basics. 8 Plains, 3 Islands, 4 Swamps, 7 Mountains
and 7 Forests. And there you have it, a fair and fun, The
First Sliver Commander Deck. Well that about does it for today. What did you think about this deck? Let me know in the comments below. If you like this video and want to see more,
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next video.

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