The Elusive AMD Radeon Fury in 2019 – Still Worth it for Gamers?

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100 thoughts on “The Elusive AMD Radeon Fury in 2019 – Still Worth it for Gamers?

  1. Seller: "You won't need to give this gpu some tech yes loving"
    Further inspection: "I'm about to end this man's whole career"

  2. i have had the r9 fury for the longest time the sapphire and xfx coolers were far superior my fury even clocked to 1055 mhz with just stock voltage so a small performance gain with almost no power increase

  3. Maaaate, you killed that card! I have exactly the same fury in my son’s rig, albeit my second one.I did the same and took it apart to clean it and refresh the “paste” (at least, that’s what I thought it had) and low and behold, I found the thermal pad instead! I cleaned it up and installed new paste only to find it not hitting the same 71 degrees it used to hit, but instead hitting 85 degrees!! It then throttled like a bastard and with a number of attempts at re-applying past and even trying different branded pastes, I could never get it to the original operating temp. I guess, hence the reason behind this thermal pad. Doing some research, I found it has a higher amount of thermal conductivity than regular paste which explains why I couldn’t get the original temps. I managed to pick up another one for a decent price and that is running great at around 71 degrees with no throttling. I’m happy to lend it to you if you would like to do a re-test? Hit me up and let me know. Enjoy your vids and keep up the good work!

  4. I still have my old Sapphire fury nitro card still a good card my little bro still uses it to this day.
    And yes, it does not need tech loving, cleaned every week.

  5. I had a Sapphire R9 Fury. Coolest GPU I never played on. The temps were sitting @ 65 degree while gaming with a nice overclock and the fan were @ 60%. My 1080 is sitting @ 80 degree 🤦🏽‍♂️

  6. I had one of these beauties (from Sapphire) in my mini-itx Fractal Design Node 202. Had to take off the shroud to make it fit and then soldered my own little adapter cables to go from the videocard fan connectors to regular PWM. Card ran great and didn't even get that hot (considering it's a fury in a mini-itx case I'd even say it was quite cool).
    Sadly it stopped working and with money being tight I downgraded to a GTX 1060 3GB which was the only affordable card at the time – what a massive downgrade! And the NVIDIA software is so much worse.

  7. The reason that a thermal pad was used, is due to the height differences between all of the HBM and the GPU die itself.

  8. My previous Fury Tri-X NEVER throttled, it struggled to even reach 70º, its a massive but incredibly effective cooler.

    This Asus model is known for beign mediocre Fury

  9. shouldve known this
    i have 6 of these laying around i used to have a system with 2 of these and my gf had the same system as me and we had 2 spares if anything would go wrong with them and some point
    now i jsut have them sitting in original boxes

  10. wasnt thermal pads used because the ram and the gpu were not the same height? so you might not make contact properly with heatsink using thermal paste?

  11. I am using this exact card in my own system right now and it tops out at 78 C in Heaven benchmark, low 70's in games, and never throttles. I think you actually made a serious mistake by replacing the thermal pad with paste, not sure what else could account for the difference. At any rate now I know better if I decide to open my Fury up for a clean.

  12. The only issue I'd be concerned about, is trying to flip it with a good air flow case and higher power PSU. That's going to cause the flip to cost more on the in, and might not see it on the out.

  13. I’ve been interested in the Fury Nano as that is one of the only SFF gpus that will work nativity in Mac OS making it good for small hackintosh builds.

  14. I have a Sapphire Nitro Fury and that thing runs cool even when overclocked, it's pretty amazing. But yeah nowadays an R9 Fury is not a good buy because of the VRAM limit and power consumption. That said I still like it, I got it for $300 USD back in 2016. I wish I had actually gotten a 980ti, they were going for a little more.

  15. You should test the RX 460 with unlocked bios and patched driver updates 100% total control of overclock, memory timing and amp draw.

  16. I can understand the negative for Aliexpress.

    1. prices are not always that great
    2. no warranty
    3. takes long time for shipping
    4. a lot of people can't order high value items due to their countries import tax/vat
    5. don't know the quality which can be hit and miss also due to not knowing the quality could be fire risk.

    dont understand what you are saying about going to a store makes no sense how is it wasting time going local pay bit extra to get item straight away and you get extra service I would only agree if no stores are local.

  17. To think Asus sells a Strix card with a triple fan cooler and it throttles shows what a real amateur you're! The reason Asus used a thermal pad is the height difference between the GPU and HBM chips.

  18. TECH Yeeesss MAN! I've been waiting for a video like this for a while. I love these older cards. They were just a beast at the time and still are to me at least. Awesome 🙂

  19. i still have r9 fury, sapphire nitro version. card perform batter on higher resolutions like 1440p. and like all "HBM" card you need to undervolt them, just like vega 56/64 and radeon vii. BTW strix cooler in this gen was bad. friend have r9 390 strix and card run at 90c in a good airflow case, my nitro fury wont go over 77c and can do a solid overclock 1150mhz on core and 550mhz on HBM

  20. In my opinion, when you removed the heatsink and therefore, the thermal pad, you messed it up. 😀 Should have listened to the seller, that card should never have reached the temps you were getting.

  21. The thermal pad is done for HBM to GPU height differences. Remove the cooler to check if the GPU has good spread.

  22. I wonder how does this thing stand up to the recent Titan V/RTX. It's under the same tier, but different era. Why else AMD named it so differently? Obviously to compete against the Titans.

  23. Hey man i've been thinking about buying some phone or tech in China and reselling in Brazil, Do u know any good sites or places for me to look?

    I can use my family`s import/export company for shipping tech to Brasil. If u know any tip about places to buy it will help me. 🙂

    Great Video!


  24. Nice way to ruin a rare card. This card needs a thermal pad.,10.html

  25. I have one of the same card. You needed to replace the thermal pad for another thermal pad. Not Thermal paste. The HBM and GPU chip slightly have hight differentials. Temp on mine stays below your marked max. Also tuning the card by lowering the voltage helps a lot to overclocking it and lower the power consumptions.

  26. i buy an asus r9 380x strix dc2 oc 4gb for 50 euro's for 1080p gaming is awsome and run's cold 58 degrees on gaming with 60% fan speed.This must try and make a video about it

  27. The Fury's performed better when under volting them. It also cut down on the heat causing the thermal throttle issue to not become a problem. I had 2x fury's in x-fire for a long time. They were the Sapphire Nitro+ R9 Fury . Can get a little bit of an overclock when under volting.

  28. These thermals don't look right Brian. You shoud probably try thermal pad and retest again. The Asus was one of the best coooooled cards at the time.And even now it should keep temps under control.

  29. I just got a Titan X for 120 euros. It's amazing to think this one cost 1000 euros and most still go for around 250 euros on ebay.

  30. Trying to build a budget VR rig for my living room – it's been difficult to find VR benchmarks for different systems/cards. Are there any reliable free VR benchmarking software out there?

  31. I feel like a graphite thermal pad might have been a better choice in this case. The throttling might be caused by the fact there's just a ton of paste on it.

  32. Youre the first person ive seen mention the picture quality seems to be getting worse. I noticed that too when I went from a fury to a 1080 awhile back.

  33. The Fury is about equal to the Radeon 590 in performance. I have one and it does quite well in a lot of games.. If you just do 1080p in modern titles or 1440p in older titles Fury is a good choice. I can play a lot of games at 1440p if I turn down some of the settings.

  34. 1440p would have been interesting with the fury and where the 4gb could cause problems, also: time for a snowman shootout as there are different versions

  35. Omg what a waste… You just destroyed this Fury by removing thermal pad. Did you do thermal testing before repasting? I think you did not. You would get 72*C or less, 1000MHz no throttling and 1400-1700rpm max. Unless previous owner opened it up. This pad doesn't degrade over time. Could overclock it to 1100MHz with thermal pad. I did the same mistake and had to RMA the card. Thermal paste doesn't work on Strix Fury, there is too big gap between core and heatsink. Results in +10*C/ 20*C even with kryonaut, and also air bubbles will form frying the gpu over time. Hurts my eyes when I see people opening Strix Fury… It's game over for this card after opening it. And Fury also draws more power as it gets hotter… Anything over 45*C means less stability and insane power leakage. Just sad. RIP fury…

  36. At one point I was running dual r9-290X's and those were my heaters in the winter. Good cards but they ran way to hot for use in summer. Lol

  37. People are against Ali Express for one main reason – they are Chinese. With China being the enemy of free society, I think it's pretty self-explanatory. Bottom line, it's a political thing as I understand it. Of course, whether or not I agree with it is another thing entirely, but that's the general sentiment if you were wondering. There is a huge distrust of China and in particular the Chinese government in the current global political climate, and perhaps rightly so. Needless to say, promoting such companies is sort of "frowned upon" in most of the West.

  38. So many comments on the Thermal pad, obvious something is wrong with the paste application based on many reviews which show temps around 70.
    Dislike for that reason. Clearly an issue with the removal of thermal pad and improper HSF contact.
    Many comments the same.

  39. I personally don't buy from AliExpress. But anytime you order from online websites you have to be smart about who you buy from. I think yes tech City has no issues because you know the smell if there's something fishy. Some people are just cheap and they see a cheap price and go, "I'll buy that".

  40. Please for the love of yes re-check that thermal interface. Also: please for the love of yes run these at higher res/settings!

  41. Something seams weird with your temptures like the cooler wasn't making proper contact or something

    My overvolted nano stays arround 75*c (stock cooler 100% fanspeed 20*c ambient ) at 1025mhz with the Powerlimit removed.

    As well as many people I know with the trix model had unlocked cores and overclockd and while still not throttling on the stock cooler.

    If you haven't looks in to it the fury has 2 rows of cores dissabled compared to the fury x unlocking half of them makes the difference between the cards 75%-80% smaller.

    But until the temperature issue is resolved you are getting worse then stock nano proformance.

  42. im really thinking that the thermal pad being removed skewed the results. whats the chance you'd redo it with a thermal pad replaced. I was really hoping you'd have tested it before the "clean-up"

  43. I've been buying off AliExpress for years also, I find that people think because it comes from China then it's crap, when in reality everything comes from their anyway. Just make sure you buy off a seller with high stars.

  44. I always love to see that cooler, the one thing tempting me whenever I see a card that has it on it, even when it's an R9 card lol

    And yeah I'm inclined to agree with a lot of the comments here, using thermal paste there seems to have been a mistake and a revisit of this GPU with a pad would be best.

  45. just about every rxc 570 can hit 1400 core out of the box without adding any voltage mine is at 1420 i haven't really pushed the limits see how far it can go before crashing

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