The Division 2 Endgame (Deutsch) – Festungen, Weltränge, Deck of 52, Projekte [TD2 News Flash 02]

Moin Moin, this is the Zap. In the following there are the latest news and
Infos about The Division 2 from the last days. I collect the important news, give
my opinion about it and also speculate now and then, but everything was clean
from each other. Today it’s about the important topic of endgame,
and especially around the strongholds or fortresses and umd the world rank, and what content
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On Twitch there was the State of the Game Show Number 111 and there were all sorts of new ones
About Trick Dempsey, the senior game designer at Massive Entertainment. He has a huge amount of information about the endgame
and the developing content, which comes into play when you reach level 30
Has. First, there are the Strongholds
or fortresses. These are larger missions or dungeons,
as you would call them in other MMOs. There are already fortresses for the three opponents
Fractions before level 30, but at level 30 then they become particularly important. In the course of the campaign you will get through
numerous missions and some fortresses have to fight, then at level 30 the
Unlock the final fortress task and to complete the main campaign. At this point, the Open World will be complete
to change. The developers plan with so-called
World Ranks, which you unlock gradually can and every time you complete a rank
The world will change massively. ► Level 30 and Open World
Level 30 brings the Black Tusk into play and roll over everything more or less. The Black Tusk are a mercenary army with
highly trained combat troops, strong Battle robots and drones. They should have an improved AI
and more complex collaboration among each other manage it. Control points were fixed to this point,
Once conquered they belonged to the player faction. Now they are becoming dynamic. Because the 3 NPC factions lost their homes
from now on, they live completely on the Street and fight for these checkpoints
and also the Black Tusk will now try to attack them. How good are the control points with resources
how water, food and material are supplied, will have an influence on their strength, though
they have accumulated enough resources around the checkpoint more events
spawn, such as hostage-taking, propaganda events, Etc. And the faction that holds the checkpoint
will not only compete with you as a player, but also with each other with each other
Fractions. So here are a lot of variables in the
Game that deals with you and these points your companions will argue. Of course, with these checkpoints
continue convoys and patrols connected, which in turn also from the individual fractions
to be attacked. This alone promises a lot of action
the streets of Washington. It can also happen to your settlements
blocked by NPCs with a kind of siege become. Now you can not go there any more fast trips
and you have to move the settlement into a larger one Release the event again. On top of that there are many new open worlds
Events belonging to the Black Tusk and offer new dynamic events on the streets. ► Gear Score and Specializations
It will no longer be in levels from this point but with Gear Score, so one
Number that the quality of your equipment rated. And at the beginning you will be a lot below
whose are what you actually need, to fight the Black Tusk sensibly
can. The developers talk about being yourself
from this point first much weaker to feel. Was one, so to speak, the master of the city,
Now you get a painful kick in the butt. And by that you will have the need
to get a bigger weapon. The one then through the specializations too
can get. This will be at this point for the player
the character specializations unlocked. At the beginning there will be 3 of them, for later
DLCs ​​are already scheduled. So we start with sniper, technician
and blasting master specializations, all three have a special weapon
and extra variants for their combat devices and drones. ► World ranking 1 to 3
With the completion of the final fortress will be 3 fortresses that belonged to the factions before
have conquered by the Black Tusk and must then be freed again. Each fortress includes 2 invasion missions,
which you have to do first, before anything To get access to the fortress. You also need a certain gear
Score value before attacking the fortress may. With the completion of each of these fortress, will
the world rank increased. Which in turn means that the opponents in the
open world every time stronger. Say when you complete the first fortress
the world is switched to rank 2, with the second in rank 3 and when you complete all
has reached the world rank 4. Which in turn also in the Open World numerous
unlock new events and features. And with increasing rank of the world, rise
also the gear score requirements and the Difficulty of missions and fortresses. But you can sort of order yourself
choose where to go to the fortresses would like to. And of course, the equipment also increases
the opponent in the Open World. The developers call escalation of conflicts
this. But at least you will notice that around
around fortresses already freed from the Black Tusk, whose activity will decline. But what more air for the other 3 fractions
and also give the settlers from the settlements will, so that the conflicts there more
to move around these parties. ► The Snitch and the Deck of the 52nd
During World Rank 1 to 3 are coming as well even more features in game. So there is the new NPC “The Snitch” and
the deck of the 52nd These are 52 so-called Named
Bosses, so special NPCs, with their own name, that appear in certain places in the game,
have to wander around and be defeated. This is a trading card game where you get the
Collect 52 bosses playing cards for The Snitch got to. And since they are presenting a card game,
There are four types of cards for the 4 factions and there are the simpler number cards and
the really heavy jack, lady, king, ace Cards, and the corresponding opponents will be
be really dangerous. The goal is of course the card game for
Complete the Snitch. Each of these bosses has their own skills
and of course special loot. These card bosses are only present until
once defeated, then disappear you. At least to the point where you all 52
will have defeated. For a complete deck, of course
also a special reward. Then this starts again from the beginning, with probably
slightly increased difficulty. ► Cassie Mendoza – The Gun Runner
Also with the world ranks is the NPC Cassie Mendoza unlocked. Cassie is a trader who is secretive
Places will appear and their store offer Weekly change. It will always offer goods that are up to date
World rank fit and it should be extremely good Things, such as named weapons,
which will probably have legendary rank and especially strong properties. Say when the opponents become more difficult
and you need new equipment, Cassie will they offer you. Cassie’s stay is about every 36 hours
announced by the NPC The Snitch, which of course requires that one first
done a few of his bounty orders. You can not just find Cassie like that
will only be possible through The Snitch. Due to the 36 hour rhythm, the
Developers ensure that every player sometimes the chance to reach them, no matter
in which time zone. ► WR1: projects of settlements
With world rank 1 start daily and weekly Projects one from the individual settlements
gets. You get these tasks every day or
once a week, but you do not have to Do it right now. You can accumulate them and do them gradually. Unlike the normal Dailies, where everyone
Players will have the same, it is at the daily projects probably a very big one
Library of possible missions and which you get chance and every player can
get another job. Whether the number of projects you have open
can have a maximum number is I do not know at the moment, it was not
so clearly. ► World ranking 4
If you look at those 3 fortresses from the Black Tusk will have freed and the world will rank
4 is reached, a lot will change again. Already before level 30, there are more than one
Point in the main story so-called bounty Missions of NPC Otis Sykes. Each area has its own villain
for which you can pick up a bounty. There are up to 4 daily and weekly
Bounty orders. To activate them you have to target Intel
(roughly translated target research) operate and accumulate a certain amount of points for that. Target Intel is an extra currency, this one
you get for every opponent in the world, but especially when you open missions
Hard play, Named kill bosses or other particularly heavy tasks done. In world rank 4, this system will be repeated
extended. This extension is called Priority Target
Network, roughly translates the network the main goals. These are special bosses or boss groups,
which you have to defeat in order. These bosses have certain levels of difficulty
and also own loot. These Priority bosses are said to be extremely heavy
be, but also with the best loot in the game Offer. As another new feature in world rank 4 gets
the “Challenging” difficulty level for all missions and fortresses in the
Unlocked world, which then of course turn new challenges but also new, better ones
Bring loot with it. That’s not enough, with world rank 4 coming new
additional daily projects about that Division network, the most difficult tasks
bring with them, for example, a specific one Complete Mission on Hard or Challenging. And then there is more. World Rank 4 switches at the checkpoints
in the open world the possibility free that these are being leveled. So not only the control points but
also the associated events in the area increase in difficulty. And if the difficulty of the surrounding
Events is high, so does the level of Main control point. Fundamentally, these things are up to this
Time on level 0 and thus of the difficulty ago on “normal”. So there are 4 events and checkpoints from world rank
with +1 what, +2 which equals hard, +3 what matches and +4 corresponds to heroic. Of course, the level of the checkpoint will be
not only on the difficulty and quantity the opponent there, but also
what to do in the storage room of the checkpoint Loot can get. ► World Rank 5
With the first DLC Episode 1 – Tidal Basin The Black Tusk Fortress comes into play
come. When this fortress has been played through,
the world will be ranked 5, then what exactly will happen and what features this
new world class will bring with it, is not known yet. But it is clear that with rank 5 still long
not the end will be reached. And whenever you get a new rank in the game
reached, the whole world is on it react and level. A very exciting concept, I think. There’s probably no time for boredom
on. ► opinion
I’m pretty amazed frankly, What Massive there already at the launch
Endgame content has in store. The world ranking system seems to me a right
to be an imaginative method, the whole To keep the world interesting in the long run and for that
not to worry like many others Play a lot of the game after a while
Game more or less desolate. The different features and the increasing
Amount of opportunities new challenges to find in the game sounds like that in theory
first overwhelming. On top of that, it was said that most system
in the game are not static, but almost all spawns, events, missions etc of so-called
Managers are created. These are not random missions,
but there are already numerous variants from all opponents groups and fighting
come out, so one and the same Place always feel a little different
You can play and you can play here and there as well can expect surprises, because
the opponents do not always stop in the same Composition and in the same place
spawn. I’m really looking forward to how good this is
Manager systems work. What do you think of all this content? How do you like the individual systems and
which do you think will be your favorite feature become? Please write me in the comments. ► More about Division 2 and others
You can find games in the upper right corner of the game “i” or on the channel main page. On my website is also available
a community forum, and then I hope you look again next time. I wish you a great day, leave it
You’re fine, ciao ciao, your zap.

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13 thoughts on “The Division 2 Endgame (Deutsch) – Festungen, Weltränge, Deck of 52, Projekte [TD2 News Flash 02]

  1. Moin Agents 🙂 Was hälst Du vom dicken Endgame Angebot, das The Division 2 bereits zu Release bietet? Welches Feature gefällt Dir am besten?
    Inhaltsverzeichnis mit Sprungmarken:
    00 Intro 00:00
    01 Endgame und Welt Ränge 00:44
    02 Level 30 und Open World 01:42
    03 Gear Score und Spezialisierungen 03:16
    04 Weltrang 1 bis 3 04:07
    05 The Snitch und das Deck der 52 05:22
    06 Cassie Mendoza – The Gun Runner 06:28
    07 WR1: Projekte von Siedlungen 07:19
    08 Weltrang 4 07:57
    09 Weltrang 5 10:17
    10 Meinung 10:50

  2. Ich freu mich wie ein Schnitzel auf das Spiel, muss sagen das mir eigentlich alles sehr gut gefällt und auch wenn Massive angekündigt hat, das Spiel um das Endgame herum aufgebaut zu haben, so habe ich jetzt wirklich das Gefühl, dass das auch stimmen könnte 🙂 In Teil 1 hatte man irgendwann einfach alles und es wurde langweiliger, jetzt scheint das anders zu werden 🙂

  3. Ich hoffe nur das es nicht wieder so läuft das jeder nach 3 tagen OP sein kann. Man legis solo rennt weil man jede Bewegung der gegner kennt.
    Es hört sich aber viel versprechend an 🖒
    Was mich wieder nerven wird ist das durch jedes Patch DLC und Co wohl wieder dein equipt unbrauchbar wird daher werde ich es erstmal nicht spielen.

  4. Moin Moin Agenten, angeblich soll ja der der Gear score bei Weltrang 1 bei 300 liegen, wie kann es dann sein das ich bereits gear score 380 bin ? ok ich gebe zu ich habe von einem Kollegen Ausrüstungsgegenstände bekommen, jedoch konnt ich diese problemlos ausrüsten und nun dropen auch bei mir ü 380er gear. Was bringt es nun im Weltrang aufzusteigen wenn ich doch auch schon im Weltrang 1 max lvl erreichen kann. Weiß darüber jemand bescheid ? Danke für Infos

  5. musste nach 5 min auschalten… habe echt nix gegen scripts, aber dieses video fühlt sich an wie ne bedienungsanleitung von nem alten staubsauber haha trotzdem danke für die weltrang infos

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