The Circuit Board Tie 2.0 Made From Recycled Electronics

Hello everyone! It’s Drew Johnson, Founder and Chief Executive
Upcycler with TechWears. I am so excited beacuse I finally get to reveal
what I’ve been working on for the last 6 months here in the Circuit Cave. You probably have seen or remember or (maybe
not) the original circuit board tie. It’s all recycled parts. They are fun, they’re funky but there is one
major problem… You are going to jingle all the way wherever
you are going. So we set out to solve that problem and I
am pleased to finally introduce the 2.0, upgraded, circuit board neck tie. So, it’s foldable, it’s a little stretchy,
got some boingy action. Stretchy. And it’s just a huge improvement. If you are trying to stand out at a conference,
what to be remembered for a presentation, for a job interview, if you’re just trying
to impress the ladies this is a great way to do it. I think you’re gonna have a lot of fun with
this and what I have found is aside from the lack of “jingeling” the tie stands out just
a little bit less. Because from across the room you can tell
this is a funky tie. It’s got the gaps, the rings, it’s a giveaway. But this one is understated just a little
bit. People can’t tell if it’s a real circuit
board or what and you’ll see peoples eyes kind of fixed on it. But they don’t always ask you about it. Or you can tell that they want to ask but
they’re not sure if they should so that is just a really fun experience if you are out
there networking or trying to build relationships with people. So do let me know if you have any questions. Every bit of this is handmade right here in
Colorado Springs, Colorado. So as we enter year 3 of upcycling all the
tech with TechWears it’s a very exciting time and I appreciate your support so much. So thank you and let me know what you think!

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