The Bus Stop: Bridgefy (trailer)

We thought we were going to win. We thought we did everything right. I was smiling. Smiling, but inside, I was like… Crying. Been working for three days, two days continuously. You start getting to know everyone, the real… everything, the real person like a family. Come on, how much traction you can get in three days? It’s Guy Kawasaki, you know, it was really important to hear that. We’re still not friends! I don’t like you! I think this is like the real hackathon. This is like the big hackathon that everyone should do. It was like a physical, emotional, and intellectual
marathon. Well, we are in San Francisco. We are in Silicon Valley. We are in investors’ meetings. We are with clients. Alright… Okay… We are with… Okay. Alright, we are with clients. We are like… I’m living my dream life.

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