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100 thoughts on “The Blockchain and Us (2017)

  1. Leaves me with a "I need more info" taste. We, street walkers need to understand better how this new tech will impact our lives. Give us simple examples in order to start rebuilding our conscious and logic grey matter.

  2. Question: Was Blockchain/Bitcoin released for future A.I.? ………………….search for Quinn Michaels.

  3. amazing tech ( although knowing that nb knows who created ,it h started with the left foot) btw just be sure you have the proper exit strategy before the bubble pops !!!!!

  4. A 32-minute infomercial. Nothing more. This film was 99.5% promotion and 0.5% substance. I came here thinking I would learn something about how blockchain and cryptocurrencies work. Instead, I found expressions of love by the early adopters, over and over and over.

  5. 20:30 When anything becomes common it becomes less valuable. Money that is plentiful = money that is worthless. Why would a person work their ass off for something that can just be picked off the street? When money is too easy to get people will trade in something that is more difficult valued and harder to get. I would like someone to ask this man where he learned economics.

  6. The machine takeover the planet is certain.This proves that humanity is standing on the cusp of a major

  7. This video looks and sounds like a paid infomercial. If I were to see this video not knowing anything about bitcoin, I would run. And run fast. This sounds and looks typical of a government/banking supported video production.

  8. It takes massive amount of energy and people to keep the blockchain up and running. Every time a transaction is mined and processed, the difficulty increases. When that happens, it takes more energy, people, and computing power to mine and prosses a transaction. When that happen it cost more the miners more $$$ and makes mining less profitable. That can potentially result the transaction fee to increase., or most of the miner will stop mining it., which could result longer or more expensive to do a transaction. Maybe it is possible trasaction fee might get so high it would not even be worth it.

  9. Flying is great and it did in fact change our perceptions and vision and has had a radical influence on our present style of living but it never touched the core of that deep human problem dealing with the lack of a widespread sense of human dignity, liberty, freedom and most of all of a semblance of a tolerable equality. This problem is deeply embedded in our long long tribal past that we still carry with us. Its primary cause is apparently our need for authority and intermediaries; who naturally have had a dominant role to play in making our dependence on them even more institutionally, ideologically and theologically cemented. It is not a result of some conscious planning but the dynamic in the system. Privilege is relative and moreover once acquired it will be maintained as long as others do not contest it. And since it arises from their hold on human and thereby also on nonhuman resources more the potential to rig the system the more resources you have.

    There is a undeniable evidence for it in 21st Century. It is easier for you to make even more unheard-of-in-history wealth the more you have. And wealth is basically a privilege; that can contest, reform and clandestinely even write the dos and don't s of the public, judicial and legislative bodies and determine the nature of the tribal national policies. With industrialization, more and more people have been drawn away from self-subsistence to an almost inescapable dependence on the accumulated wealth presently being clutched by the hands of an extremely constrained segment of the human populations; with equally constrained ideologies.

    In fact from Plato to Newton to Einstein no feats of thought and technology had the potential to induce a radical change in our societies so that that the need for leadership and intermediaries could potentially and in the long distance become redundant. No neither Buddha nor Confucius or Christ could give us anything in hand to make their visions, or our projections thereof, a reality on earth. Least of all any Nobel-prize economist!

    Enter Satoshi Nakamoto and the Mathematics and Technology of the 21st Century spiced with Game Theory.

    This is very much the victory of the great Greek enlightenment that gave mankind the greatest foundations of methodical thinking, logos and thereby laid the foundations for mathematics and axiomatic thought; exemplified by Euclid, one of the greatest teachers of mankind.

    Based on such noble foundations; it can be nothing other than humanistic. As is their other legacy: Democracy!

    And this a quantum disruption in an age of disruptive technologies. Perhaps the most disruptive of them all.

    The first feasible technically possible empowerment of humans on large scale.

    The age of Inclusion as against that of exclusion!
    The age of redundancy of many of the traditional predominantly tribal institutions and the emergence of a new P2P global solidarity free from string-attached tribal/national ideologies based instead on math, imbued with transparency and immutability and at the same time privacy!

    What a wonderful world!

    No doubt there will be a lot of people out there to fight it in order to retain their privileges or use it for their own nefarious purposes and certainly some hard growing pains and serious setbacks; an innate characteristic of all great transformations.

  10. It's not fun or interesting… PLEASE get real Jobs and create real products!!!
    Hashgraph killed it
    NSA is guiding this globalization of currency exchange and eventually chipping of the human unit

  11. yo pien so que esto esta diseñado para personas que hacen movimientos grandes de dinero empresarios y gente asi pero a los ciudadanos que no tenemos acceso a telefonos inteligentes en donde la señal de internet es muy poca o casi nula donde tu para solicitar una tarjeta de credito te ponen un sin fin de peros y trabas este sistema de blockchain no aplica en un pais tercer mundista y no por la tecnologia que el pais pueda tener sino por la manera de pensar de los ciudadanos hay que educar a la gente para que podamos subir a otro nivel de entendimiento otra cosa como hariamos por ejemplo yo soy costurera en que me beneficia una moneda virtual si no tengo tarjeta de credito por que son muy pocos los empresarios en el pais que pudieran tener acceso a este sistema o sera mas bien una manera de desaparecer aa los mas desprotegidos por decirlo asi en el ambito economico y social

  12. 0:42 He, or, they didnt invent it though. It was a follow-up (and quite similar to an earlier project) so it was genesis involving many people over time.

  13. Some of these Bitcoin proponents should concentrate on innovating and making money through Bitcoin. Grand claims were made about microfinance, awards too. But they never considered the consequences of removing the barriers they targetted. The suicides started showing up soon after, poor people who got themselves into such debt they would never get out. Who takes responsibility for that? This 'helping the poor' line is being delivered by those ignorant of what the life of the poor is. Just listen to 'a poor person just needs a cell phone and the internet'- so says the sophisticated and experienced mind of his own practice.

  14. I'm no Bitcoin expert but the founding fathers and family's of the Federal Reserve and the IRS they hate this cryptocurrency but if help to destroy the Evil Federal Reserve more power.

  15. Two dozen+ hypesters telling me something is great, without telling me exactly what it does. I heard that financial transactions can be completed without needing intermediaries, which means they can be completed without the knowledge of the government, which means the government will do its utmost to block the implementation of this technology.

  16. Thanks for this. Great insight. You should consider using subtitles to clarify what the foreigners who speak English are saying.

  17. Sorry, nah, y’all gonna get burned. Have fun! Write me after you lose. Can’t wait to hear the trolls who hate on me. Hahahahahahahah

  18. Спасибо за фильм) Очень полезная информация) читаю много комментариев к криптовалютам и технологиям блокчейн, многие ругают её, некоторые не понимают) думаю просто надо изучить данную тему а не ждать что кто то все объяснит))) объяснят тогда, когда таких доходов как сейчас уже не будет))) Изучайте все самостоятельно)) Удачи всем)

  19. Fantastic content, great camerawork and presentation. As a film maker/vid producer, I “get” the airplane analogy- thanks for NOT doing a rocket for the “moon” kids. This is a big boy game…and the shift is HERE. Time for implementation.✌🏼

  20. I worry on the social inpacts of th so called forth industrial revolution. Wealth concentration, virtual surveillance, weakened civil decision power, hightech-low life. Could blockchain be a hope for a less unequal dystopian future?

  21. 19.05: 7% of Americans don't have a bank account. Not 50%

  22. I'm quite disappointed with this documentary. I do have a now working knowledge of block chain but I was hoping to see how this technology itself is applied to real-time business processes/operations. I thought this documentary would demonstrate how block chain is applied. Where are the practical examples? All of these are just interviews how block chain is "so good" "so revolutionary" but how???

  23. Great work. I am already a believer in the blockchain technology, your documentary laid it all out very succinctly. There is really no excuse to be ignorant about the phenomenon. I have shared this on my FB page. Thanks.

  24. dude, nice shots, but wheres some -ucking data? it has the exact same limitation as every other introductory resource on blockchain, except that in this case its financial + tech insiders who say those big generic prophecies. i want something to hold, some concrete examples for my brain to understand how it will be and is used. its like jehova witnesses promising me something in future that i should not deny right now but you – filmmaker – give no arguments, what is then the reason to watch this?? why is so information-scarce?

  25. A resource based economy is where blockchain will ultimately end up producing. It's the end game for crypo

  26. Wish there was a documentary or at least footage of what people said about the internet before it got going, or anyone speculating about technology we all use every day now. Would be interesting to compare 🙂

  27. Blockchain is completely useless once it hits the human world. It only works in the digital world, like bitcoin.

  28. A bunch of salespeople trying to sell you the technology. Code your own blockchain to learn it (google it). Then think critically about what can be wrong with it and search for critics. Consider both sides — those pro and against it. Then make up your mind. Personally, I find the currency application unfeasible. Blockchain can have some applications but then you realize the hype isn't real — cryptography has been there forever and nobody celebrates it this way. A million other inventions are as profound, or more, and the average person does not spend time thinking or hyping those. Wake up.

  29. I guess it's the money thing which makes its attracting more and more people apart from solving different problems

  30. Great documentary Manuel and crew! Very cool corporation perspectives and long term vision potential of blockchain. The question is 'will we'? Best line.

  31. Me gustó mucho este documental; como entusiasta de blockchain te digo gracias por postearlo. Sorry if i no writte in your lenguage and bad ortography . 👍

  32. Blockchain is reality now and going to take over legacy systems with in 2019. Please check if below social moral principles can be helpful for core fabric of this revolution

    1.     One should always be
    ready to accept truth and to renounce untruth.

    2.     All acts should be
    performed after deliberating what is right and wrong.

    3.     The prime objective of
    new Society is to do well to the world, that is, to promote physical, spiritual
    and social good of everyone.

    4.     Our/Every one conduct
    towards all should be guided by love, righteousness and justice.

    5.     We should dispel ignorance)
    and promote (knowledge).

    6.     No one should be
    content with promoting his/her good only; on the contrary, one should look for
    his/her good in promoting the good of all.

    7.     One should regard
    oneself under restriction to follow the rules of society calculated to promote
    the well-being of all, while in following the rules of individual welfare all
    should be free.

  33. hello , i am from brazil , and i love bitcoin and the blockchain tecnology . is the future of mankind ! #forkthebanks

  34. Yeah, we're all going to be rich and everything will be wonderful. The rich are going to share! Isn't it marvelous. Oh wait….

  35. I guess it's at the extremely vague stage at the time of making this film. It's going to be used to control people and everything in their lives by those outside of it so nothing new really just a more efficient and inescapable system. Slave management. There, I explained it.

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