The best Office apps for Android

hey what’s up I’m JR Raphael and if you’re
anything like me you’re probably always working at least a little bit well
that’s the beauty of these fancy little rectangles we all carry around these
days they make it super easy to jot down ideas and keep up with any kind of work
no matter where your actual body might be the trick of course is having the
right office apps to get the job done and today
we’re gonna make sure you have them so the first thing you need is a proper
office suite right well fully featured word processor spreadsheet editor and
presentation tool is what you’re after Microsoft’s tried-and-true Word Excel
and PowerPoint apps are the way to go the classic trio will be immediately
familiar to you if you’re used to using office on your computer they just work
really well too it’s not always the case but they’ve
come a long way over the past few years any standard office files will open up
without any real effort and everything just happens what you’d expect it to no
fuss no hassles required you’ll even get the full Microsoft Office ribbon if you
like that condense down into a more mobile-friendly form and all the usual
sections are there – including the Layout tab for messing with margins and
columns and review tab for managing comments and tapping into Microsoft’s
trademark track changes mode if you don’t need everything in that Microsoft
suite you might be better off going with Google Docs and it’s sheets and slides
Brothers Docs sheets and slides are polished and easy as can be to use and
they work perfectly with the rest of the Google ecosystem so if you’re already
using other Google Apps I bet you probably are well integrate with Gmail
Google Drive and all those sorts of services some pretty handy ways when it
comes to collaboration the docs collection is as good as it gets you can
edit in real time with your colleagues and everything you do from your phone is
saved everywhere instantly as you go Google’s apps don’t have all of the
advanced features that Microsoft’s apps will give you stuff like being able to
style tables within documents or sort rows within spreadsheets from your phone
so if you need all those bells and whistles yeah they’re probably not gonna
be right for you but they do throw in some interesting and very googly touches
like the explore function in Docs it lets you search through your own past
work and the full web from right within the word processor and then view the
results right then in there you can even drop text or images right into your
document if you want to and slides makes it ridiculously simple to cast a present
to any TV with a chromecast or built-in cast support whichever way you go you’ll
probably want to grab Microsoft’s office lens app to scan documents on the go
it’s the best way to capture papers whiteboards business cards whatever sort
of stuff comes along that you want to save the app does a really good job of
finding the right content in your camera view then cropping it straightening it
and making it look sharp so you could save it as a JPEG or PDF for sharing and
last but not least if you ever need to edit PDFs from your phone an app called
Zotoh PDF reader is the one you want that’s Zotoh x o d o so I’m just got
everything you need to markup PDFs whether you’re looking to highlight
underline annotate or sign and best of all it’s even free to use for more tips
on how you can make the most of your Android device check out my android
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