The Best MTB Tech Of 2018 | GMBN Tech Show Ep. 51

– Welcome back to another
weekly GMBN Tech Show. Of course it’s Christmas Eve here so we’re pretty excited about all the cool stuff that’s been going on this year. And this week, I want to have a little bit of a special show. We did the bikes show last week, this week I want to look
at all the cool tech that’s been over the year. I mean, there has been
so much cool bike techs. I had to cut out the things that I really thought stand out to me and to us here at GMBN Tech. Let’s have a look at some of the coolest tech for 2018. So, first up, I’m gonna
put the new Shimano XTR and in particular, the rear
hub with the silence system. Now Shimano being Shimano, they waited to see what everyone else were doing and then they refine it. They do it the Shimano way afterwards. So when they brought out
their 12 speed system you knew things were going to be a little bit different. Now there’s two cassette stars available but they’re both
installed in the same way. And what they decided was that the previous system one hub, the amount of splines in there, so there was 13 splines originally, there wasn’t enough to cope with the load, the stress that goes through it, all that torque that you can put through those bigger sprockets
on a 12 speed system. So it designed a micro-splined system, so it’s a completely
dedicated free hub body system for these new 12 speed hubs. They’ve got 23 splines each. So have a look at this
on the screen there. So this is a brand new
piece of hub technology. They didn’t just do
the free hub by itself, they designed and
redesigned the whole hub. They also took into
account a lot of things that riders are doing to bikes, new crazes, new fashions. And part of that is the silence system. Now, in the past, if you said to me, would you like a silent
hub or a noisy hub? I’d be like, noisy hub,
any day of the week. You’ll have that Chris King balls to let everyone know
how much money you spent on your rear wheel, or
do you know what I mean? It’s nice to have a
loud, clicky, punchy hub. They sound great. But actually now, since
trying the Shimano system, I want the completely silent bike. I don’t want any noise at all. It’s the strangest thing, when you first ride it, you’re thinking, oh, something’s not engaged right. This is a bit odd. It just feels faster. You know how riding at
night time feels faster? It’s not, its just, it’s got that same sort of thing going on. Now the key to the silence system is the fact that the ratchet is completely disengaged when you’re coasting. So they’re not even contacting each other, so in theory, they should roll faster as well as the fact that
they don’t touch each other. And when you pedal, they basically pull into each other and lock in place. They can’t slip. They can’t slip like older pull systems with less pulls actually can. These things lock into place, they do their job as you free wheel, it sits undone again basically. It’s an amazing system
and it’s really cool that Shimano have designed
a whole fresh system with this new micro-spline free hub body. Now, at present, there’s only
a few other hubs out there that are using this system. DTF have done it, and I think Industry 9 have got something coming. I’m sure that Chris King is gonna have something soon as well. But really, the Shimano hub, it’s made by Shimano, it’s gonna be good. It’s gonna be durable and I think it’s one of the
coolest bits of tech this year because not only was
their entire group set really interesting and really cool but really the hub was
the thing that enabled them to do the 12 speed thing and bring it to the table. So, I think yet again, Shimano smashed it. Awesome. Next thing on the list, clearly has to be Sram Black Box Wireless stuff. Now, we still can’t get
anything out of Shrams. Trying to get blood out of a stone speaking to them about
their prototype stuff. But we do know it will be around at some point next year. This stuff looks amazing. We’ve seen on Nino’s bike a few times over the year, be lucky enough to have a little play with it, but they wouldn’t let it be operated, the battery wasn’t there. So we have no idea actually how it feels. Very few people have
actually ridden this stuff. It looks really cool and looks it’s got the same technology you’ve seen on the Red Road stuff. Of course you got all this stuff completely disconnected from the bike. There’s no cables, no nothing. So, you brake at the rail and you plug another one on and you go. I love the idea of that. And something interesting that someone pointed out was how quiet
this system should be. You think with all the
cables on the inside you think that you’re
bike might be silent. But there’s still noise going on from the cables. The more things you remove from the bike the more silent it’s gonna get. Same principal as when
I was talking about that Shimano silence rear hub there, I think this is another way of making your bike incredibly silent. Now I also suspect as well, knowing what Sram are like, that the shifter on this, have a look at this on the screen here. It’s got a quite unique paddle shape that you can use with
your finger or thumb. And it looks like it could be used in multiple ways, so, I’m wondering being the fact this is
wireless piece of kit that there might be some sort of app and you’re gonna be able to tune the way that this thing works. Also predict that it might have something to do with the sensitivity, like some people might want to have a bit more pressure on the lever. Some people might wanna
be able to literally just touch it when they’re
completely knackered. I mean at the end of the day, it’s been developed around Nino Schurter. I mean he was our first people riding and racing this. So pretty much what he said, went. And when you ride like Nino Schurter, you ride until you’re nearly at black out level of intensity. So, he needs to be able to change gear and do exactly how he
wants, when he wants. So, if that enables him
to do it, I want it. I want in. I think it’s amazing. Bring on the date when it arrives. Come on Sram, tell us some more info. Please. Please, please? So another really cool thing I saw this year in fact was at Sea Otter, was the Cane Creek eeWings
in titanium cranks. Now, well at first, just look at them. They’re titanium cranks,
they’re absolutely beautiful. But interestingly,
they’re 20 to 30 percent stiffer than the stiffest
carbon cranks you can get. Which as we all know, carbon cranks are insanely stiff, so this things are very stiff, but also, being titanium, they’re gonna have that kind of ride that titanium has to hopefully dampen out some of that shock. But there’s a whole bunch
of other cool things. So that titanium axle
has a hearth joint on it and it’s kind of like fingers that lock into place. Now that is one of the most beautiful pieces of engineering I’ve
seen on a bike anywhere, let alone on a part of the bike that’s gonna be hidden away in the frame. Just look at the shots of this. I’m just blown away by how beautiful these cranks are. I really, really want
to try a set of these. Now, so they say they’re 20 to 30 percent stiffer than high end carbon cranks. They weigh 400 grams, so it’s not exactly, don’t really weigh a lot do they? Wouldn’t be very good as a paper weight. 10 year warranty on them. That’s what you want. I know that some riders do worry about riding carbon cranks
because they can break. And most things can break. But I don’t reckon you would break a set of these cranks. I think these are just beautiful looking. I want some. Like I really want some. Now one of the next things that really really interest me, completely took me by surprise if I’m honest, was a set of Syncros wheels
called the Silverton SL’s. Now these are one piece
carbon fiber wheels. I’ve never seen anything constructed like these before. Now I’m actually gonna throw you to me at Sea Otter because I think you’ll see I’m genuinely surprised
about these wheels. If you look on screen, you’ll see I’m holding one of these wheels here. Now because they’re one piece design, they’ll never need tensioning and they will never go out of true. I think they look incredible. And someone did actually point out, “What happens if you
break one of the spokes?” Well they can be replaced. That’s not a problem. You have to send the
wheels back to Syncros, but they sort that out. So these things, I mean, one piece carbon fiber wheel with pressing bearings. Wow. That is a really really interesting piece of tech. Also from Syncros is are their one piece bars and stems, like
the Hickson for example. Now there is a few
different options out there. They do the more hardcore ones. Up to 800 millimeters wide and 14 to 15 millimeters stem lengths, they finally look amazing. The shorter ones, they are a little bit lower and a little but narrow for me. That’s what came on the Scott Genius. But now there’s an 800,
it’s like, oh, hold on. I’d love to have a look at those. They look really good. But look at these ones on screen. Now, these are Nin Shurter’s bike. That’s the Nino Special. Look at the angle of
that stem, it’s insane! They’re built custom to fit Nino Shurter. You can buy them as replica bars. And I think they just look amazing. They remind me a lot of
early Cross Country products. But these are much more refined. Super light weight. Very stiff. Compliant as well, they take their shock out of the trail. I think they look amazing. Very odd, but very futuristic. I’m really interested in seeing both products on Syncros. Gonna feel one piece approach. Wonder what else you can make in a one piece design? Hmm? And next up actually is a suspension fork. So, it’s not often a suspension fork really really jumps out. There has been a few great products over the years. But a DT Swiss 535, like the F535 Fork. That is sort of a Euro bike. Wow, what a fork. Now I have been riding set of these forks just to see how I feel in
different trail situations. And I’m super impressed, to be honest. But have a look at these ones, the original ones that I
looked at, at Euro Bike. And I think the thing that drew me to them instantly, was the fact that there weren’t any external
dials or anything. Everything is stealth on that fork. So there’s various
different models available. Some with remotes and some with actual lock-outs and
dials on the forks themselves. But they have covers on them. They’re completely
concealed and covered up. And they look so clean. And when you go to look at another fork, it looks clunky. Which is quite surprising. And unlike the traditional forks which had a reverse arch, they’ve got an arch on the front. It has an integrated mud guard design as you’ll see on some other forks. In fact, Syncros make them. Used to have that on the Scott. The one that had the Hickson bar on. But, wow. What a fork. And in on the inside
the fork, a whole bunch of different stuff going
on in there as well. So instead of having the
speed sensitive damping set up it has a position
sensitive damping set up. So effectively, there is no damping for the first tiny portion of travel. Which means they’re incredibly
supple over small bumps. So supple, in fact,
that they feel too soft until you get used to them as you start hitting impacts that damping kicks in and does it’s job. I’ve not spent enough
time and I’m back to back against other stuff to actually really directly compare them, but I think it’s an amazing and a really different product to see. Now something else that’s
actually particularly interesting about them,
is all these concealing caps on there to hide all the stuff. The Allan key for those is concealed in the actual fork axle itself. So you can take the quick release lever off the quick release axle there, and that has an Allan key in the end and you can use that to remove the caps. So, it’s there the whole time. You can do trail side adjustments if you need to. But pretty much, once you set ’em, you’re good to go. I think that’s really cool. Really cool products from DT Swiss. Now there’s always a lot of cool dropper posts popping up on the market. And the one that really
stood out to me in 2018, it had to be the One Up Components’ one. Now this has a few cool features on it, in fact you can adjust travel tool three. Now, this was demonstrated to me at Sea Otter and, well,
look at me doing it. This is how easy it is to do it. You can see literally take that collar up, take that shim out. Put it down to the height I want and Bob’s your uncle! Change the drop in the
post, it’s that easy. So, they’re very little, 170. 170 mil drop that is,
adjustable down to 120. 150, which is adjustable down to 100. And it’s got the lowest
effective stack height of any drop post out there. So, you can have more dropper drop for amount of exposed seat
post than any other post. You can custom tune the post by lowering the travel and extended length of the post by as much as 50 mil in
any increments you like. The drop tuning can be done on the bike tool free as I was just
demonstrating there. And without even removing the saddle or touching the shock pump. How’s that for a cool bit of kit? Really nice to see the fact that the dropper post market
is still expanding. You’re getting more things for your money. You’re getting more
reliable products out there. It’s really good. So yeah, I think that’s
a really cool post. Everyone knows I love a lefty. I’ve even got one here
that’s retired from service. I just longingly look at. Not really. But anyway, so there’s the Lefty Ocho. So this single crown, single leg suspension fork from Cannondale. Wow, what a masterpiece of bike design. Completely redesigned from the ground up. Of course the traditional
ones had eight rows, four rows of 88 needle bearings on there. The new one has three rows, it’s more like a triangle sort of layout
on the inside there. And needle bearings running up and down on those surfaces. The way the bearings are constructed, it’s different, they’re
more like they’re in packs. Everything about this fork has been improved and redesigned. And I say it’s the stiffest, lightest, highest performance Cross
Country fork on the market. And without even riding one, I don’t think I agree, this thing is incredible looking. But their not going to be making this in long travel options. This is a cross country race fork. Designed for light riders
in demanding conditions. It’s ultra stiff, there’ll be no binding when you’re going for travel compressing, which is a problem with lightweight cross country twin leg forks. As they bind slightly as the legs flex, it actually, you get problems with them compressing and doing their job. It doesn’t happen on all forks of course, but there is that issue. They’re lefty, they can’t actually bind because of the way the fork is designed with those three rows of needle bearings. It’s gonna work just as well when you’re halfway at compression, going through a turn and half sideways, it doesn’t matter, the fork,
it’s gonna perform the same. Now in the past, they’ve had issues with the damper. If you think, on a regular
set of suspension forks, you have an air or a
coil spring in one leg. And you have your compression of rebound damper in the other leg. On the lefty, it’s all in one leg. It’s a very complicated design to master and make work. In the past it’s felt like there wasn’t something quite right with the fork. They were really good, but there was just
something holding them back. And it certainly feels, from
the ones that I’ve felt now, that the fork feels,
like it feels amazing. It feels really supple. Nice and progressive. It’s a modern fork and has all these insane high tech features. Whether you love it or
hate it, that is one of the coolest pieces of tech for 2018. Now I mentioned them
last week on the show, the Rev grips. I checked them out at Sea Otter. Shock absorbing grips. They came and found
me, they saw us filming and they were like, “Guys, you need to check these grips out”. I looked at them, at first I was like, “Who wants a pair of
shock absorbing grips?” I felt them, I was like, oh, hold on. These are really cool. I’ve tried them since then. I gotta say, these things
are really really cool. What a great idea. So you have collars to go into the grips. You have inserts in those collars and then you have a system of shims that can tune the amount that those collars allow the grip to move around your handle bar. Now only talking two or
three millimeters at most. It’s barely anything at all. But it’s enough to really take the sting out of trails. If you’re the sort of rider that suffers with arm pump, hand pump, any of that sort of stuff, and sort of discomfort
when you’re out riding, you may be long endurance
style riding events. Then you might want to consider having a look at these grips. It’s a really cool piece of tech. I would have never thought I’d be putting something comparing
handle bar grips on a show that’s about tech and bikes. First time it’s happened, I tell you what, they are flipping amazing. It’s a really really cool product. They’re not cheap, but you can buy each of the components individually. When you wear the grip out, you can buy just the grip section and retain your collars
and the rubber inserts and the shims and the end
plugs, all that stuff. But they’re really really nice quality. It has various options, there’s different rubber durometers, there’s different grip thicknesses. There’s all sorts of different colors out there for color coding to your bikes. You name it, they’ve got it. But as far as handle bar grips
goes, that’s pretty tech. And finally, Tyler from STG Saddles, he came and found me at Sea Otter and he was like bursting
to show me something. Although I couldn’t really touch it properly at the time,
because what he showed me was a 3D printed version. But it was the Grom pack. So we’re talking a set of handlebars, handlebar grips, pedals and a saddle but dedicated for kids. The handlebars are a narrower diameter to have smaller diameter grips on that. Especially for little hands. They’ve been purposely designed for kids. The pedals are smaller, they’re thinner, they’re small in profile. They look incredible. And again, the same with the saddle. And they come in a whole range of amazing colors. I know if I was a kid riding bikes, that would be like the
coolest Christmas present. The coolest thing to just get. I think it’s just an
amazing little set up. And it’s so cool to see now
that bike manufactures get it. They get it. There’s enough people out there with mountain bikes that have got kids that want their kids to get
into mountain bikes as well. So you can treat them
to the nice cool stuff. I just think that’s really cool. I can definitely feel, with STG doing stuff like this, there is going to be a
whole bunch of other brands really pushing kids stuff. So I reckon we might have to do a kid show special on some of the cool tech and bikes that are available for
kids and little rippers. So there we go, it’s been a hectic year of tech as far as GMBN tech goes. But that was certainly some of
the coolest tech we’ve seen. We’ve been out traveling around the world to different bike shows, World Cup races and things like that. Of course it’s not the only other tech. There is loads of tech
that we saw over the years. But that’s the stuff
that’s had the biggest impression on us. What did you like best? What was the thing out of our list of tech that really sort of got it for you? Let us know in those comments below. And let us know if you disagree with any of that as well. If there is any other tech that you think we might have forgotten to add in there. Or any other tech that you might have preferred to see in there. Call it out guys. There we go. There’s another weekly
GMBN Tech Show in the bag. Hopefully you enjoyed the show and all the cool stuff on there. Let us know what you
think in the comments, if you got any suggestions for cool stuff you’d love to see us make, also let us know in the comments, or if you’re a bit shy, you don’t want to add in on the comments, drop us an email. We love getting your
emails, [email protected] right at the bottom of the screen. Right there. For a couple of great videos there’s one at the top and
there’s one at the bottom there. Please don’t forget to
subscribe to GMBN Tech. We love you guys. And of course give some massive thumbs up if you love Tech and you
love mountain bikes, yes!

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    Interesting read debunking marketing BS:
    Even superior tapered roller bearing has interesting disadvatage: "Tapered roller bearings do not tolerate dynamic misalignment well." Something that is constantly ocuring in lefty. Also the awesomeness of lefty is that the wheel lives the life of itself, turning left and right like crazy, which is clearly visible in slow motion. So…..the hype, the hype, the hype.

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