The Best MTB Tech + A Special Guest! | GMBN Tech Show Ep.5

– Welcome back to another episode of the GMBN Weekly Tech Show. So this week, coming up on the show, we got some amazing
reading mods for you guys. We got all the new tech news
that you need to know about. But we got a bit of
special guest joining us, in the Bike Cave. (upbeat music) So first up is the Tech News. And this week I wanna
start with Saracen Bikes. So, in the news a couple weeks back with the news that they
signed up Danny Hart. But don’t let Danny take
the all the limelight away because Matt Walker is doing all sorts of amazing things for him. Especially last year this very season. And now he’s the star
of the new launch video for the brand new carbon fibre ariel. So, that is their new Enduro
Bike with 165 mil rear travel. Now the thing that I
really like about this bike is what is the obvious good look. It’s really low slung thing, is one of these new breed of bikes, that’s 165 more travel outback and you run it with 170 mil fork. I guess you could go lower if you wanted. But the thing that I really like about it is essentially a smaller version
of the Myst downhill bike. Now we’ve seen this
sort of thing happening, it’s been a trend of the moment. Santa Cruz have done this with the Nomad. It uses a very similar of linkage system with low slung design to the
V10 Downhill Worldcup Bike. And Canyon have just
done this with the torch, which again uses the similar sort of, low slung concept to their
Sender Downhill Bike. So this alt design really
emphasises the point of the bike, being design to plusher
and very hard hitting. It’s quite interesting to see
how these frame manufacturers are making compact Enduro
versions of the downhill bikes. And what I see is they’re making the most of plushes suspension system
that are clearly focused on the all out hard riding performance over a more efficient
bike platform that you would see on a traditional
all mountain bikes of today. I mean look at the way that Matt Walker is absolutely destroying
this bike in the video. Which mentioned in this video in itself because they’ve kinda
done the James Bond thing with Q in the video. And the guy playing Q in the white jacket, that is Samuel Waller he is the guy that actually designed the bike. So it’s a really cool sort of video, a bit of a nod to the
typical sense of humour you see behind Saracen. But on the tech side of things, as I said out back it’s 165 no travel. Running a 65 degree head angle stand it, but there’s room to adjust that. And the wheel base is really quite long. So even a size medium is touching
a 12 hundred millimetres. And the excel is just about 12 60. So it’s a really modern bike. And as you can see Matt is
just absolutely destroying it, on every bit of terrain he can. But if you can, what it’s gonna be like with Danny Hart or someone. Planning Saracen you’ll
gonna have a hell of a year. Okay so next stop, and this is not directly
mountain bike related but this is super tech and
I love this sort of stuff. So, there’s something on the
horizon and I’ve noticed this from John Cunning over on
assist site on GCM tech. And he tipped me off about
this stuff called Braeon. And this could well be
the new wonder stuff. The stuff that we need to
have to have, you know. Tool kits along side cable tyres and all the other stuff that
you absolutely have to have. So, this stuff to me looks like
it could be called in Sugro, which is been the long
term favourite for me. Now this stuff comes in a ribbon form. You could mould them bonded
in a matter of seconds, just by heating it and you press it to the desired shape you want. Once it’s cooled, the self
binding material quickly hardens creating a bond as strong as steel. So that, I’m sold in that straight away. You can create custom
grips, handles, harnesses, repair equipment, gear, anything you want. I’ve ordered some of this stuff, I cannot wait for it to be delivered. In fact, there might be a postman now. Okay so speaking of cool wonder
stuff and strange materials, I was at Bikes the other week and checking out the
Exposure of Ranger Lights. And they’ve got this really
cool pair if you like, would capture which is made of graphene. And the reason I’m making it
graphene, is like making light but it’s actually really
resistant to heating up. So if you’re purpose is
design for as a dive light and the way it’s powered,
it compare itself from it’s own battery or Go Pro. This thing is ideal. So it pumped up between
75 and 600 lumines. You can daze chain ’em to run two of them. And they’ve got both the flood and a water sort of flood and a spot beam. So you can actually cater for
the power when you want it for what you gonna see on your Go Pro. So you can mount these
things on the handle bars, you can mount them on your helmet. It just means your footage is gonna get that extra,
extra good pros look to it. Again, I’ve not gotten one of these yet. I cannot wait to try one. So you’ll have to wait and
see what the footage like. Okay, so a bunch of 29 inch
wheel related news now. So first up is the
Mondraker Rider from Impare. Who last season was riding a double excel, complete one off. And a minion version of
the carbon race bike, that Danny Hart was riding. Now this thing is absolutely enormous. I’ve got no numbers on
it but I’m guessing, it’s wheel base is pushing
probably 300 millimetres, which is just colossal. But then he is six foot five. He’s, as far as I know, he is the tallest racer
out there at the moment. So, is it strange he was still
at 27 and a half inch wheels, when Danny is having it at
29 inch pro top made up. Well, plus it’s strange now
’cause he confirmed that he’s gonna be riding the bigger
wheels for the 2018 season. To me that is really exciting because seeing the guy on the bigger bike really made a difference
to the way he rode and the way he approach stuff, he’s got a really cool style anyway. And when you see him
ripping on 29 inch wheels, I reckon it’s gonna be
his best season yet. Next stop, you guessed it. It’s a more 29 inch wheel related topic. So this time it’s Robot Bikes
have gotten a new one out. So it’s the R130, has 130
travel, 29 inch wheel bike. It’s good enough for Enduro. It’s light enough for XC, whatever you wanna do with this thing. It’s a beast. And why is this one so cool? Well, this is made using a
very, very different technique to pretty much any mountain
bike you’ll ever see. So, Robot Bike use additive manufacturing. So they’ve got carbon fibre
tubes with titanium logs. And the tubes are bonded into the frame. And due to the way that it’s manufactured, every frame can be custom made with your draw machine, your
angles the way you want. You simply go onto their website, you input your height, your arm width, if your wing span as it were,
your inner leg measurement and they can give you recommendations on geometry set for that. But you can actually pick that
yourself and all head angles. Now the stand really comes
with a 66 degree head angle, which is plenty for that 29-er 130 mil. But, you’re open to do this your own way. But thing is really cool, is
how the titanium logs are made. And they’re made using
additive manufacturing by UK company, Rainy Shore. So this is a similar principle
to 3D printing in titanium. It is super tech stuff and
I’m gonna go see ’em soon ’cause I wanna see these
stuff been made in the flesh. And so finally in the news, is some eyewear related stuff from 100%. Now 100% came into the
sport for motocross, for their googles and
their range of eyewear. And they got some really,
really nice stuff. But this new one, the
Speedcraft Air glasses. They’ve got something a
little bit different on ’em. And we notice this first
on the face of Peter Sagan. You know, the road race megastar. Now if you look carefully, around the bridge of the nose there, you’ll see they’ve got this two sort of prongs that stick out. Now the mechanics, and they
say basically vastly enhance the way you can intake
air through your nose. So if that’s the case, that’s
some pretty crazy tech. They call it Phasing of
ACC Breathing Technology. Until we see it in the
flesh and try them out, we can’t really comment on that but they do look pretty impressive. Love the 80’s retro style
you’re getting in these things. Okay, so it’s now back to
comments from last week’s show. Again thank you for all the comments, still going through ’em because there’s quite a
lot more than the usual. Keep on firing them,
add me on the comments, said it by email to the
address on the screen. Hit me up on Facebook, hit
us on Facebook, Instagram, all of the usual methods. Just gonna read a few of these,
one’s out from last week. Yeah, 100% I completely
agree with you there. I mean it taken me long, the
same time all I’ve ridden with nothing on my back, you know. Going out with bare minimum stuff. I do see the appeal of that
but most of the guys doing this is purely in the racing situation. Where the fastest possible
access to the thing they need. So if that’s in a tube of cartridge, just done on the top tube,
they can tear it off. Get it straight into the
bike and get riding again before they lose a time in the trail. I understand, they can
protect their frame on before they put a stuff on the Heli Tape. And that’s probably what I would do, if I was gonna do that sort of thing. But definitely take your point on. And it’s definitely
worth listening to that and everyone else is
watching this at the moment because it’s a very valid point. That those tools aren’t
designed, specially the pumps, not designed to handle the
British winter like the bikes do. Next up. Yeah you know what, I
can’t emphasise enough. Like they’re the future of our sport. Anyone coming in, the first
experience you gotta get in a mountain bike is so essential to make you wanna do in the future. And the bikes, they were just so heavy. And I didn’t have gears or anything. So you think it will adding
all of these extra stuff onto the bike, the suspension,
gears to try to make ’em look like the big bikes that we ride. No wonder little kids are
gonna struggle with that stuff. So yeah, I’m all for like
pushing with kids stuff and giving them the best
possible interest in sport. Yeah and Ilsabike and of course Hope are doing a great job with that. And the brands you mentioned too, Giant, Salsa, Specialised. Some great bikes and tracks too. So, there are some really
good manufactures out there. In Plaskett Is that an invite? I’ve never been to Bellingham. I love to, sounds great. And Hub sounds awesome. I’m gonna check them out after the show. Richard Allen It kinda depends, how
long a ride I’m going for, where I’m going, what
lenses I’m gonna take. I mean I got an Evoc CP 26 bag. And it’s indestructible base, this bag a really heavy duty bag but it is extremely heavy
when it’s fully loaden. So if I’m carrying a
7200 and 27 inch tripod, bunch of other lenses
I can widen in a fish and stuff in there. You’re talking like 20
pounds or sometimes 25 pounds if I have a heavy duty tripod on it. You can ride in that
but obviously you have to change the sag on your
bike, it’s not ideal. So what I’ve been doing is trying to strim my kit as much as possible. I’m just in a process of trying to find a lightweight trim
line bag by using sort of, internal camera compartments
rather than a dedicated bag. Just to protect the camera
inside a regular riding bag, so I’m actually gonna do
something out on my Facebook page soon with all different
ways that I do carry stuff. Now it’s time for Bike Cave. But instead of doing it here on my own, I’ve got someone to go and see downstairs. So, I’ll be back in a minute. So this week for Bike
Cave, I’ve come downstairs to the very own Dirt Shed set. And I’m here with Martin. How cool is this? – Wow.
– So Martin is the original. He’s the man invented bike volt. So I’ve got high hopes for our Bike Cave. – Yeah, okay.
– Maybe we’ll get it there. – I’m very interested in Bike Cave. I think I could get a bit into this. It sounds like a lot of fun. – It is, we got some cool this week. – Let’s take a look. – Alright, so first up is Roy Broomfield. Here’s my bike cave. I’m very lucky to have a wife that enjoys the sport as much as we do. She let me build this bike
cave in British Columbia. Oh man, you’re living in bike heaven. – Yes.
– He’s got a lot of kit in there. – So, good selection of bikes too. – He got fat bikes, they’re
prepared for the bad weather. The clockwork bench is massive. – You know what, it’s good use
of angles in this bike cave. – It looks like a bike shop, isn’t it? – Yeah, you know it fit an
awful lot into a not much space but somehow kept space. – Original as well.
– Yeah, it’s very clever. – It’s a very nice place I’ll go to. (laughs) – Yeah, that’s definitely
a good run in the start. – Okay so next stop
we’ve got an Adam Cross. My bike cave in the making, but it’s coming along nicely. – Wow that is tiny. – Oh hey we’ve got… – Trail maps.
– Trail maps. We’ve got one from Lenzerheide
and one from Whistler. – Yeah.
– And I’m liking the fact that you’ve got a dog in the bench there. – Oh my god, there’s a tiny little dog. I love that. I really like the old
licence plates as well. – Yeah.
– A bit nostalgia. I bet those cars were loved, you know. – Yeah.
– Yeah, yeah. Yeah, I really like it. I really like it. – Clearly into mountain sports. We have a snowboard at the top there. – Yeah, he got a lot in there. Crammed and awful a lot in.
– It’s crammed. Next up is from Bayling Jill. There is no words for
this one, unfortunately, which is a shame ’cause it’s
a pretty cool setup I think. – You know what look at those tools. Those tools, I mean you know
if you torture a pro mechanic, there’s this thing, 90 degrees
is the roll, you know I mean. Keep your tools in order. And I think that is a
very good example of that. That’s what I’m always looking
for in a bike cave, I think. Is like what they did with the tools. – It’s called compressor
down there as well. Pretty serious in there. And nice roll cup and stack of tyres. This is fully kitted out. – It’s all going on there. – Do you know that was good but the next one really
impresses me for his commitment. So from Dan Scotney. Here is a picture of my current
bike cave, my front room. I’m in the middle of moving
house from to Late district. Obviously he had to stop what he’s doing, moving house that wasn’t important. – What?!
– Fixing his bike. – Oh my god. Oh my god. – He looks like he fits in the pose. – The partner is not gonna be happy, yeah. – That’s irrelevant. – I feel like there is a lack
of light in this bike cave. I mean, you are not be able to see what you’re doing that well. I mean, open the curtains maybe. Get a better light in there. – Maybe he has to. – Yeah but you’re right, real commitment. – This kid, I’m into that. Front rim, mechanics all alike. And next is Yang Zhou in Germany. And you can see my wife’s
Rocky Mountain Slayer, my old kit freeze and my
brand new Propane Tiller. You got some serious kit in here, dude. – Wow. – He got the WT40 at the back. – I like the Propane. – Yeah, that’s a slick looking bike. – The tools are nearly in shape. They’re not quite as ordered as I’d like. – Despite something new you would like, the Beastie Boy Sabotage poster. – Yes.
– In the back. Probably the coolest
music video of all time. – Yeah, yeah I did a
whole video based on that. – Did you?
– Yeah. – How is that, Tricks and Stones? – Tricks and Stones.
– Of course. – Is based on loosely, I might add. And badly base on–
– No, no it was good. It’s all good some paint sealer. – I like the cupboard, the mesh cupboard for the helmets safe. – It’s kinda like his little
gold treasury in there. – Yeah, everything is in it’s place. I like it. – Okay so next up we got, Mike Hood. And this is very clearly is
not any sort of workshop. He’s taking over the kitchen.
– That’s the kitchen, yeah. That’s a kitchen, that’s not a bike– – But you know what, the
mat where you fix your bike. The bike is important
you can’t do, can’t you? And I also like your commitment. Taking over the kitchen, need to house and upgrade to proper cave. Nothing to do with the house, this is all about, I need a
bigger place to work my bike. – We’re always dreaming it. We all want that special
place to work on our bikes. I still dream about it. We’ve filled our shed, we have a film set. We should have thought about this. – I know, we should have done. That’s no good.
– Wow! – But you know what, this
is the champion this week. This is just off the chain. – Wow.
– This is my, Mike Cook. Sorry, Mack Cook. And he entered a couple of weeks, going to wonder that’s San Andreas, you can see hanging up there. But he only had this picture for, but look all of the other
stuff he got in there. – Oh my god.
– He’s got all of the tools. All the proper set up,
lots of spare rotors. Oil and flux fluid up
there, stand, tyre sealer. – It looks like a shop. – Oh my god, they got a screen with–
– A TV. – A screen with Doddy playing on it. And it happening. – Look how big it is. – I’m so jealous.
– I dream of working in this. – So jealous. – This is bigger than our workshop here. You do realise that, do you Matt? – Man cave. Man cave it says on the wall. And some, it’s that a 90’s
MTB in the back there. – Well you said looks like Blake Harrison. – Yeah, I think that– Look at those tools. – The angles and screwdrivers.
– 90 degrees, please. 90 degrees. – Just like you said, oh it’s
a wall mount interesting. Good tools, great tools.
– Yeah, yeah. – We’ve got the same. – I like it here, like it with the drill. – But they are all good, and like the fact they’re
all organised, 90 degrees. – Yeah, oh my god. – I’m not so sure about
your walking wardrobe there. – It’s gone crazy. – How many pair of jeans does a man need? – That’s a lot of riding kit, right there. – I agree with the shoes. – Mack, Mack.
– Wow, that is it. – Special. – Out of bike cave, guys so
impressed with the level, with the variety and the size of ’em. Like we got the tiny ones
and the massive ones. – Yeah, absolutely. Thanks for having me
along for the Bike Cave. I enjoyed it.
– Oh man, I need you to get more involved in this. – I cannot wait to see what comes in next. I’m a little bit jealous after all that. – Yeah, well keep ’em coming in. Make sure use the #BikeCave. You can add ’em in the comments
below, Facebook, Instagram or of course to the usual email address. – Am I an official GMBN
Tech presenter now? – Yeah.
– Yes. – Okay so now it is Rewind. This is the retro section of the show. And yet again I’ve got Martin here. Basically I love having this guy, right. ‘Cause he knows so much stuff about retro. – I can’t wait for this bit.
– Very retro geek like me. So we’re getting straight
into the first one, is a 1997 Baracuda coming from
Chris Brasher in Australia. Now it’s all OEM specs deal. Besides the handlebar and seat post, which is pretty amazing. – That is incredible. – But you remember that–
– Oh! Look at it. – It’s a unified design. So, a Baracuda well paint as well. – Yeah.
– So the suspension design, actually doesn’t do anything. Look she’s sat down. So it’s basically hard
to, you’ll stand up. Kind of quite back then
’cause everyone is trying to battle the suspension working. – Yeah, but can you imagine going down on a World Cup Track on that bike? – No. – Oh my god.
– Terrifying. – I’ve got those tyres
in my garage, it’s IRC. Sun rims.
– Yeah, that’s right sun rims. Flat saddle in there. – Fantastic bearer kit. Oh wow. – Now that’s like a really nice kit. – It makes my mouth water a little bit. – And it’s next to his
modern day bike here. And a Da Vinci, I think is that carbon? – Next to a modern bike
it looks kinda crazy. – Look how tiny the bars look. – Fantastic.
– And they would have been wide at the time
’cause that’s a riser bar. – And with bar ends on the end. – Yeah.
– That’s so kooky. (laughs) – I’m gonna build a retro
bike, I need to do it. I need to follow what this guys had did. – Yeah, it’s interesting
that suspension system is slightly around the overweight, problem I have when I’m
riding my mountain bike. Mine bucks ’cause I’m always sat down. Where is the only way I
make this suspension work, is sit down.
– Yeah. – So you got a hard tow
and once you’ve sit down, you got a suspension bar
compare as good as mine. Not good.
– Yeah. You say yours looks really cool in modern? – Mine does look good, yeah. – And let’s say this does look
cool, cool in a retro way. – It definitely is.
– And I’ve just noticed, ’cause it had grip shift on it. Grip shift ESP.
– Yes. – That is when SRAM all
started to coming on. But they were just grip
shift to that point. – Yeah, yeah, yeah. – And that was really the start of the SRAM stuff that we see now. – Yeah, ESP.
– Really cool. – Brilliant. – So next one, this one is a great rewind. This is a Kona Hei Hei. So this is titanium frame. – Yes.
– Remember those? So this is pretty simplistic. Love the synchros on them. In fact, is that a Tyson–
– I think it is. – You don’t often see those. – I mean, I just think this
bike still looks relevant. – It’s quite classy looking isn’t it. – You see a bike in titanium, and I just think that
material just sings, man. – It’s beautiful.
– I think it just looks, It looks really special. It will always looks premium. That bike still looks premium. I loved to ride that. – You say he got smoking
dark tyres in there. Which is quite cool because
they’ve just reissued the original that opened them up. – Yeah, I saw that. – Pretty rad so maybe you
can get fresh set on there. And so, is that twos? What was that phrase I’ve forget. It’s nice.
– That is a beauty. – It does say check out the
big ring, it’s original. There’s still left on it. (laughs) But yes it has. – It’s a great XC weapon, that one. – Yeah, but that’s awesome. Love seeing that stuff. Okay, and then last one for this week, is this beauty from Collin Reid. So this is a GTST SDH. This was the thermoplastic. – Wow.
– They did this in alloy as well.
– Yes. – That’s what Peaty
used to ride, isn’t it? – Yeah, I mean I look at that bike and I can just see Steve
Peat stood over it, just I think he would have
used that probably something very similar to that in Cairns
in Australia for World’s. Maybe a similar bike then. Bit about right.
– Yeah. I think so, yeah. Just before the lobo time probably. – Yeah, yeah. – I love this, ’cause it’s packed with
technology so relevant now. So the real shock is trunnion mount. So that’s, it’s pretty
ancient by today’s standard but all the modern rockshox metric shocks. – Yeah.
– They’ve able to trend your mount on them.
– Yeah. – And it got a Shimano DX downhill pedals. Mavic D5 2-1 rims, which
is like the standard. That’s what you had. – You have to have those. – Those Tioga tyres,
they came in two versions and look the same and they’re
like terrifyingly bad. And the programmes.
– Yeah, I rode those tyres, like for three years. I tried so many different compounds and I never really found
one that suited me, for four hours using the bike for. But you had to have the Tioga C. Like the white line there–
– Oh gotcha, iconic isn’t it. – You were no one unless you
had that Tioga C, really. You had to have it. – There is something here that
does make me a bit sad though so, you got AC chain guide on there. But they used to have upper and lower and I’m sure that bike
have the lower on it. And you’ve got a cord
chain on it rather than AC. – Yeah.
– I’m guessing, it might have broken at
some point down the years. – Yeah.
– But you remember those, Bullet Brothers. – Yeah.
– That was the old answer to the modern day clutch. – Yeah, that is right. Yeah that’s what that was, yeah. Yeah, I mean I look at that bike and there’s just one bit
that just grates on me. I mean it’s beauty as
in beautiful condition. But that little sort of seat post that’s– – Ah the stub.
– The stub post there. It grabs my eye all the time. I wish they thought of another
solution to that there. – But you know what, GT are so iconic. – It know my gears. – Yeah, of course yeah. (mumbles) – On a downhill though, they
will not the ideal brake. They would get a little bit hot and you start pulling ’em and you think, you know what my brakes aren’t working. – I guess so, by this point,
this were only just coming in. The Forks day shows on there. They’ve got this types on
’em, but the rear doesn’t. – Yeah, yeah. Well quite there.
– They just started to. And a massive rises on bars. – It’s a specially looking bike there. Special.
– Wow like, absolutely loving the retro stuff. Like please keep that stuff coming in. Kind of inundated with you. We’ve gotta quite tight on the
amount we get on the channel ’cause otherwise, we’ll be
doing retro all day long. – Hell yeah, why not. – Again keep that stuff firing
in with the usual #Rewind, usual addresses and all the normal portals and hopefully you’ll get
in the next week show. Okay so now it’s my favourite
section of the show. This is Top Mods. And this is where we get to find out, how you guys been modifying your bikes. As always, really impressed with the level of in variety of stuff coming in. So, please keep that stuff coming in. I love hearing about it all. So first up is Dorothy Volker. I’ve upgraded to One By. Yes, well done another
one with One By system. I really prefer the
simplicity and lightness of a One By system. Previously I had a 2 by 11
which was has to be excessive. I love keeping things simple. And you know what I can see as well, is were that nice looking
whitey bike you’ve got there with a one by set up on it, is the fact you’ve ditch
off two chain rings and a front mick and a shifter. That’s a whole bunch of weight
you’ve just lost on your bike well seven, eight hundred
grammes of weight. Going simple, that’s the way. Nice one. Next one is from Nick Morris. Hi Doddy and GMBN Tech team! Loving the content and focus on tech. Cool, cool that’s what we’re here for. Here’s my submission for the show. I hope it succeeds. Anyway, it’s a simple fender made from an old document wallet. Cut into the shape and attach
to the frame using Sugru. That’s the stuff we’re
talking about earlier, the self setting rubber. It’s a modest fix but
protects my rear shock from the type of muddled that I’m in. It’s a 2007 big hit and no
after market fenders available. You know what, that’s a
really, really neat solution. It reminds me a lot of the sort
of fenders you get built on the Mondraker frames, is
the exactly sort of thing. It’s like you’ve done this yourself. That’s neat, you know. It can be an aftermath product, you know. If you get that right. That’s a smart mod. And that’s gonna keep
your shock gone longer before it needs to be serviced as well. Next up is Jonas Boon. My last race in September
turned out to be very wet one. So I’ve got some grip tape on my shifter in a hurry pre race but it
didn’t really satisfy me ’cause it look a bit messy,
it’s kind of meh as you can see. Yeah, alright fair
enough it is functional. Let’s just call it that. Took me sometime to make paper templates but now as I’m also a tech nerd, I’ve make my one logo and
shifter, oh dude that is so cool. That is rad, compared to the other one, alright yeah that’s functional but now you’ve made it
looks like it’s suppose to be on there, that’s cool. Okay next stop is Toby Gwinneto. Hi I’m Toby from Colorado, oh lucky you. Love to go to Colorado. Kind of a bit home now biking there. The factory chain stay protector on my Rocky Mountain Growler wasn’t enough to protect from my rowdy riding. So I protect my chain
stay with power cord. Oh okay that’s interesting,
keeps the chain stay safe and use some paracord you
need out in the trail. Actually that is really
cool because like you said, you can unwind it from your
chain stay if you don’t need it. And you can use it for other stuff. So if you got a, maybe a cable
came lose from it’s housing or something you can
lash it back on again. Nice, that is tidy. I don’t think it would fare too
well in this country though. I mean, what’s paracord made of? Is it nylon? I think it’s nylon. It looks like it would
still soak up some moisture but I’m guessing it’s quite
a little dryer where you at. Either way, it’s really neat and tidy. That is a nice top mod. Next one is from Steve Saunders. So he’s got a 2010 Ibis Mojo,
a very nice bike that is. He took an old chain ring and he created a bass guide out of it by angle grinding off all the
teeth and spray painted it. I’m all over that. That looks really good as well. That really looks like
the rock ring how used to ride back in the 90’s. That is a great top mod, that is recycling something
you’ve already used and it’s gonna protect
your chain and chain ring. That is, absolutely top notch that is. Nice work. And finally for this
episode is Matt Norseman. Here’s my submission for Top Mods. I took my whole two by
shifter and modified it to become a dropper post lever, oh yes. Did this by opening the
shifter and removing the pool, that’s responsible for
keeping the cable in tension when you change gear. So basically it just
acts as a one way lever. That is very smart. Do not know why I haven’t done that. I also cut off the release
lever to make it look a little bit cleaner and
less like two by shifter, it works a treat. But you know what, that is awesome. I’ve got a whole bunch of
those I can do that with. Watch his space, I
might do a little how to and how to exactly that. Thank you for the advice and
the tip there, Matt Norseman. That is a superb top mod. Okay so Tech of the Week, is a product unfortunately
hasn’t turned up yet. It’s apparently on a
plane on the way here so, I’m just gotta have to
show these amazing pictures of it in the mean time. So if you just rewind back to the 90’s, there was a bit of craze with
people running unusual wheels. So Outback people used to run disc wheels, so there was like a basically
disc with kevlar quartz instead of spokes like a
tension disc if you like. And Sugino made one of those. And of course the famous
one was a Tioga Disc Drive. Made a very cool noise
they look really cool but in reality they
weren’t actually that good. However, I still want a brand
new one if anyone’s got them, going out now I’ve got cash waiting. So tip me off. Sorry to the point, let’s just jump in to
the front wheel syndrome. So there was a whole range of
people making carbon wheels, with like multiple spokes. So Spinergy they make the
force spoke wheels that a lot Cannondale riders used
to use, like Lebo Carass. Then there is a tri-spoke
design, once could spin and they were really nice. And then of course there was Spengle. Now Spengle do a lot of
stuff in road world as well, but Spengle were back and
they’ve got a brand new wheel that is pretty crazy and it
looks a lot like the old one too but the technology has advance massively. And this could be could
a really good product for Enduro riders. So it got 27 and a half inch wheel size and it’s a 24 mil internal width. So it’s not crazy wide
but it’s definitely can still have enough support for your tyres. It uses a centre lock rotor mount, it’s available in boost and non-boost. And is UST tubeless as standard. 1750 grammes a pair says
a very reasonable weight for the set of hardware and wheels. What you have to bear in
mind with this wheels is, it’s all about the design of them. So it’s a monocoque, so
it spreads the load evenly and then never need true. So as you know with regular spoked wheels, there’s three places
for the stress to go in and three places for
the problems to arise. The rim itself, the spokes
which do snap very frequently, and then the hub switch can crack and the flanges can crack and snap of. So if you can put all of that stress and distribute the forces
evenly across the wheel, you’ve gonna have a very strong wheel. And also a wheel that if
they’ve done this right, which I’m sure they have
is kind of sort have that inherent quality that
carbon fibre can have when it’s not too stiff. Actually dampens some sort of shock so you don’t actually feel
everything through to your hands. They’re saying that this is gonna be one of the best Enduro race
products out there. So I’m really excited to
see what this wheel is like. And as far as the looks go, I don’t know, I don’t know how
I feel about it either way. I love the fact that it’s super hi-tech and it could be something
really, really good to ride. But I’ve never got to riding any of the earlier ones in the early days. I know they were really heavy back then and they weren’t ideal but now it sounds like a really refined unit. It’s definitely my tech tip of the week. What do you guys think? Finally for this week show is Bike Build. This is what you guys
have been waiting for. So up on the screen now are the list of choices that you guys
have voted for, most so far. So what I wanna do is
get your favourite one and basically build it. So it’s up to you guys
now to do the voting, get voting on there and full
details in the description below this very video
so have a look at that and get those votes going. There’s a date on there
for when we’re gonna close those entries and then
I’m gonna get bike in, build it and do something
very cool with it. Okay so that is end of
this week’s GMBN Tech show. I hope you enjoyed watching it, I hope you enjoy having Martin in with us on a very special Bike
Cave and of course Rewind. And I hope to see what
you guys gonna be voting for on the Bike Build
’cause I’m really keen to get a bike in as soon as possible now. And I know that those manufacturers are dead keen to be involve as well. So get vote in and let us know
what we’re gonna be building. So for a couple more great
videos, click down here for the ultimate MTB spares. That is all sort of stuff
that I keep in my tool kit, along side my tools able to fix bikes. So it’s all stuff about building blocks and all sort of unusual small bits and pieces that you wanna make
sure that you stack up with. And you wanna click up here, and you’ll see Neil’s very own Bike Cave with where he keeps his
Turbo training, his setup, like his motorbikes, it’s all these cool sort of garage stuff. It’s a great video there,
make sure you watch that one. As always click on the globe to subscribe and if you like the video
give us a thumbs up.

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