The BEST Holiday Tech Deals! (2017)

– You guys, Jonathan
here for Black Friday. We saw some really, freaking’ good deals but I think Cyber Monday
might be even better. Number one deal on this list, Austin Evans, recently dropped from $67.99 to $12.46. – Ouch. – [Jonathan] Link below. Next we got some headphones on sale. The Status CB-1’s are
on sale for 55 bucks. Honestly, I love these
things when they were priced at a hundred. One of the most underrated
pairs of headphones out there, period. So for 55 bucks, they are a freaking steal on Instabuy. And if you’re looking to
upgrade your headphones jump on these. You will not be disappointed. What’s next on the deal list? Next, we got another smart phone deal. The original first generation Google Pixel is on sale for $459. Now I not sure how
attractive it is with things like the one plus 5T, or the essential phone. But if you want that
pure Google experience, I think it’s a really solid deal for under 500 bucks. So next if you’re looking
for an inexpensive tablet, this is about as cheap
as it possibly gets. Well, at least without
worrying about the tablet being a pile of shh. – De-monetize. – Rich gots food poisoning right now. If you hope Rich feels better, drop a Like down below. (laughs) The Kindle Fire 7 is on sale for 29 bucks. 29 freaking’ dollars. You probably spend more than
that on coffee in a month. So if you’ve got kids, or you got family or
somebody you wanna bring some tech into their life without dropping a ton of cash, this is your guy. Or girl. Next we got some more headphone deals. The Sennheiser HD 579 Open Back Headphones are on sale for 99 bucks. Now keep in mind, these are open backs, so they’re gonna bleed a little bit. Not gonna be the ideal pair of headphones to wear out in public, unless you wanna share with people what you’re listening to, but if you’re looking
for a fantastic standard pair of headphones to enjoy at home, I would scoop these up asap. Next maybe using an IPhone 8, 8 Plus, 10 or Google Pixel Two and you are missing that headphone jack, the Bose SoundSport headphones are on sale for 99 bucks. Now the original price there are probably
better options out there but at 99 bucks, I would scoop these up in a heart beat. Now this next MacBook deal is actually a much better deal than you might think. It’s for an early 2016 12 inch MacBook and it’s on sale for $999. I think the initial reaction
might be to ask yourself, “Well this is for the
previous generation model. “Is it actually a good deal?” What just makes this a good deal is if you look closely, it’s actually a bumped up tier so you’re getting 512 Gigabytes of storage so at one point even if the list price is $1299 this was a 1600 dollar machine which is pretty damn good, man. From there, if you caught my recent What’s In My Tech Bag video, I feature the Hershel Apex Lawson which is one of my
favorite backpacks to date. Today for Cyber Monday, if you spend 60 bucks, you get 20 back. If you spent 110, you get 40 back. Or, if you spend 140 bucks, you get 60 bucks back. So if you’re looking at that video, maybe you’re interested in that backpack but didn’t want to spend that much. Today is the perfect day to scoop it up. From there, kind of jumping outside the tech world, Urban Outfitters is doing a similar deal where if you spend 150 bucks, you get 50 dollars back. A couple deals I saw is the EP 33 Bluetooth turntable which I featured way back. Got some questions about it but today with that discount, it’s $119.99. Next for you sneaker heads out there, one of my favorite pairs of NMD’s are included with this discount. This is an all silver pair of XR1s. You get the silver boost which really makes them stand out with the discount. These are on sale for 110 bucks. Next, we’re looking to jump into these smart home lighting game, there’s a Philips Hue White Starter kit on sale for 67 bucks. What’s awesome is you actually
get the hue motion sensor included with this. That is normally about 30 to 40 bucks by itself, so for this with the bundle, it’s a steal. For Black Friday, we saw some really awesome
Google home videos, but today, there are some
really freaking good deals for Amazon Echo’s. You can grab these second
generation Amazon Echo for 17 bucks and aesthetically with the different colors and options. These are on point. The Echo Dot is on sale for 29 bucks which is rivaling that
Google home mini price. You don’t get the 10 dollar gift card but still it is a really,
really enticing deal. Also, the Echo Plus is on sale for $119.99 but you’re also getting
a Philips Hue light bulb so you’re kind of getting a two in one into that smart home set up. Next, there are probably
way too many to list out individually, but Amazon
is doing a huge sale on cases from there. From ten, 8, 8 Plus, Galaxy S8, Note 8. There’s even some accessorize, too so I will post everyone
one of those down below. Next, if you’re looking to pick up your own first drone, there’s a DJI spark bundle for 399. I believe Best Buy and (mumbles) did this for Black Friday, but it’s currently also
available on Amazon. I have no ideal how long this will last but it is a damn good deal. Next, I actual Tweeted this deal out a day or two ago and it looks like it is still active. There’s a 128 gigabyte micro SD card from Samsung for 36 bucks. If you’re looking for an upgrade, that is about as cheap
as it comes right now. Next, the GoPro Hero5 Black is on sale for 349 each. Pick this up at Amazon, Best Buy, Target being (mumbles) so it kind of seems to be the universal Cyber Monday price right now. Last up on the deals list is the Sanyo wireless charger. So if you have a IPhone 8, 8 Plus, IPhone 10, Galaxy S8, pretty much every phone but the Google Pixel two. One plus 5T. Essentially phone. This will work for you. With that price, I actually
ordered one right now. If you own one, I would love to hear what you think on how it works but aside from that, thank you guys very much for watching. Hopefully, you enjoyed this video. If you did, and you are feeling like being awesome, make sure to go. (bell rings) On that Like button. Again, every one of these deals are linked down below. Time is running out so make sure you jump on ’em. This is Johnathan and I’ll catch you guys later. (beeping) (laughs) That’s good, man. Comb your hair. Hope you feel better. – [Man] Thanks buddy.

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100 thoughts on “The BEST Holiday Tech Deals! (2017)

  1. 11:38pm PST as I type this. This was posted 5hrs ago. It's a little late for this type of video? It's already 6pm or 9pm EST when this was posted. Most deals were probably gone already?

  2. Can someone help me out? I was going to get this acer laptop for $699.99 but I was looking through amazon and some more and found this MSI laptop for $899.99. Should I get the acer or is it worth the extra $200 to get the MSI? I'm not really pc savvy so would really appreciate the help thank you!

  3. The motion blur while zooming in on the Amazon page of the products is not good, Jonathan. Don't do that anymore please.

  4. The funny thing is…..the Macbook (deal) costs the same as a new iPhone X. Yeah….. Apple feels the iPhone X is pretty much the same value as a fucking MacBook!, which is a thousand times more useful than a fucking phone that you are gonna use for a year or two and will throw away! πŸ˜‚

  5. The link to Austin Evans isn't working! It just takes me to his YouTube channel. Please fix before the deal is over!! 😭

  6. I've got to know- what are the white speakers on the desk in the background? They seem to be the same ones with the EP-33 Bluetooth turntable but I'd love to be certain! Cheers to a fruitful holiday haul everyone, hope you're not always getting throttled by Amazon like Canada does!

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  8. ┏━┓╋┏┓

  9. hi jonathan! I recently bought the MacBook deal by woot on amazon. they advertised NEW but the laptop box has been open, the charger block is definitely used. the laptop itself looks new, but was completely dead when I tried to turn it on. When I did turn it on after charging there was only a black screen with a file flashing with a question mark in the middle. I then did a hard restart and got it to work. I started to do some updates and later tried to turn the MacBook on and there was only a blank black screen, I had to do another hard restart. should I be concerned? after all the update as of last night, it seems to be working now.

  10. I bought an iPhone X 10 of them and I’m giving them away first 10 people to comment their fave tech gets a space grey iPhone X

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  12. Bought the cb1 headphones, and I love them. Almost found no difference between the ath m50x's and the cb1's, Great buy πŸ‘πŸ‘

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