The Best Cyber Monday Deal Roundup of 2015 ► The Deal Guy

– Today I get you the biggest Cyber Monday
deals before anyone else, in the country. Hi. I’m the YouTube deal guy, Matt Granite.
You know me from your local TV station or USA Today. I find huge deals, everyday. – Hey, guys. It’s Intern Amy. The links to
make all these deals a reality located right under this video screen. Just click the “show
more” tab. – We are the first people, in the country,
to actually predict many of the deal drops that I’ve been charting for months. I test
every deal. None of these are paid products. My only goal in life is to save you money.
And hook you up with huge freebies. If you’re not yet subscribed to this channel, click
the subscribe button and you could win one of my huge daily deals. Now, let’s get Cyber
Monday started. 56% off hoverboards. We tested a lot of the ones in the $200 range. They
were pieces of junk, they couldn’t sustain weight. I realize that I should be wearing
a helmet. This one goes really fast. I’m getting very dizzy. This deal located right under
this video window, this Cyber Monday. The drone deals we saw, Black Friday, also come
to new life this Cyber Monday with 60% off a whole new selection. Beats Mixr Headphones
back at its Black Friday price of $129.99. Free shipping. Your choice of colors. Boots
like these, only 20 dollars with free shipping and they’re super super comfortable! 50% off
Kindle bundles right under this video window, free shipping. The Amazon Echo $149.00, today.
Bluetooth ear buds, also left over from Black Friday, back at under 30 bucks, down from
70, with free shipping. – This wireless home speaker system is down
from 350. I got it for my dad for Christmas and I loved the price. – [Matt] All sorts of soundbar deals, that
we’ve also tested, going strong, this Cyber Monday. Some of them are left over from Black
Friday. Some are new deals. NFL heaters that we loved testing. 99 bucks down from 150.
Whole choice of teams, as well as free shipping on this bad boy. – This Lenovo tablet deal is awesome. I love
the price and it’s great use for school. – [Matt] This cyber power kits. These universal
six in one accessory kits are two for under 20, down from 50, with free shipping. 30 bucks;
this is my favorite power pack deal. – For the price and the size, I honestly like
this the best, out of any of these power packs that Matt has tested. – [Matt] This awesome app controlled robot
that does all sorts of tricks, that I’m going to show you in a moment. 59 bucks down from
a hundred. We found a way better price than Amazon. – [Voiceover] There goes Ollie. [Matt] With new stock for Cyber Monday, the
Star Wars watches and DC Heroes. You pick your character. 19 bucks, free shipping. Fuji
Labs iPad keyboard. It’s complete with case. 40 bucks down from 90, free shipping. Sketchers
Go Watches Under 20 bucks. I love these watches! I love that they have a heart rate monitor
and no chest strap. These six piece steak knife sets, from Wusthof,
that I found for under 30 bucks. Free shipping. We loved testing them. -Now the list under this video window is growing.
We’ll have and eye on it all day long. And I wanna remind you if you want big deals like
this moving forward, I don’t just do this for Cyber Monday, I do this all the time.
I have no life. And people like you make it a whole lot more worthwhile. Just click that
subscribe button. I will make sure you get all of the big deals, moving forward. And
if you are new, Hi. It’s been amazing that we spent Cyber Monday with you. So, for those
of you wondering how I’m being shot, I’ve actually turned the camera on Abby and Jose.
We’re going really high-tech to bring you the best shots, this Cyber Monday. Well done,
people. Well done.

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66 thoughts on “The Best Cyber Monday Deal Roundup of 2015 ► The Deal Guy

  1. I remember how exciting it was last year to see those notices and tweets come up all Cyber Monday last year. My favorite shopping day of the year – and with 6 kids and 8 grandkids that need a special gift, it's always nice to see some things that have been tested and approved by you and your crew. Hope your holidays are as special as you help mine to be. 🙂

  2. Hey Matt, I checked out that LG Leon prepaid phone and it would cost $29.00 and pay the first month's payment of $50.00, then it would be $40.00 a month. I don't want that type of phone, I want to purchase the phone and just do pay as you go with it. Add minutes whenever necessary, I don't want to be obligated to a monthly charge of $40.00 a month. Can you help me? Thanks, Cindy

  3. will there be any security cameras on sale? I missed the last sale. Also any good cameras or waiting till 1st of year there will be better price. Thanks! Appreciate all you and helpers do!

  4. awesome deals as always. You never disappoint. Amy is doing an outstanding job. I had found a hoverboard a lot cheaper, but, glad I didn't buy it. Never thought about the weight issue. Thanks so much!!!!! #teammatt

  5. Maestro, I am EXTREMELY impressed by how much work you and your crew have done! Your TEAMWORK has certainly paid off! These * HOT DEALS * for Black Friday and Cyber Monday are UNBEATABLE and the list seems endless! I especially appreciate your ability to secure codes for EVEN MORE savings. Keep doing what you're doing because it's working! I hope you get plenty of rest/relaxation after Monday. Take care…

  6. Little Matt Little Matt let borrow your………HOVERBOARD?     UGH the good ones have to come down to $200 range eventually , I think the market is getting overflooded with them now, something has to budge. When I do get one…fingers crossed…im getting the mattel hoverboard replica stickers and making the hover board look like martys. Happy Thanksgiving by the way, ive been off line for a few days.

  7. Thanks Matt for the other option for power kits, I have already purchased it when you previously showed it. Thanks for the info on the tablet's and keep me posted on the Blue Nile select deals! Your the best keep up the great job!! Cindy 🙂

  8. Hi Matt! Awesome service! So glad I found you! Which hoverboard were you riding on in the video? Do you recommend it since all that you have listed on your Cyber Monday deals are in the $200 range? Are they all decent quality? Thanks for all that you and your team do to find us great deals!

  9. Hi Matt! Could you give me the link for the hoverboard you tested and were impressed by. There are so many out there that it's hard to know which ones are a good deal and work well. Thanks so much!

  10. +The Deal Guy what happen to the Hoverboard deal? It's 9:45pm Cyber Monday and I thought this deal went until midnight but the price is $349 something.

  11. I love this channel! Thanks for posting all the deals! I was able to get some Christmas shopping done and found a couple things for myself. 🙂

  12. Hey Matt, Thanks for the heads up on Blue Nile deals, I will be sure to sign up for their email. Great job on Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals, now get some rest! Look forward to seeing what deals are coming up in the future. Have a great day!! Cindy 🙂

  13. I really really wanted a hover board for Christmas but I didn't get one. I was wondering if you could hook me up with one of those, that would be awesome. I love your channel and I got the Martian notifier watch for Christmas and love it. If it weren't for you I wouldn't even know about it.

  14. Need these deals don’t get to go out so thanks for sharing the energy of the seasons! Yes drone and soft yoga pants to yes need toys !!! And lead me to the best deal. On the X Box one !! Help me help me so many ads where do I start???

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