The BEST Cyber Monday 2017 Deals (Tech, Fitness Trackers + more!)

– What are your best deals
this Cyber Monday, 2017? I have your hook-up and your inside access to a huge giveaway. (cash register bell)
(soft reverberating music) I live for Cyber Monday. I live to hook you up with freebies and I’m just really excited. I haven’t slept in a few days. That’s why you keep seeing the same shirt and tie in a bunch of my videos. Yep, I’ve just, sort
of, been standing here watching the stock and also your requests. Hi, I’m the YouTube
deal guy, Matt Granite. I do tech unboxing’s, deals, giveaways. If you’ve never seen me before, all my favorite items get given away to the subscribers of this channel. I want to showcase some of my favorite savings this Cyber Monday. But since the deals are selling out, this is gonna be a little
bit of a shorter video. Just expand the video
description box, right under me. The constant updates of all
the items you need to score and things you can buy
right now, are all there. I’ll talk about a giveaway in a moment. First, many of the items still in stock if you are looking for home
automation deals and smart savings. Yep, that is right under me. Amazon’s deals still in stock. Still kicking around and
some great incentives tied to yep, Alexa, she’s still here. You need to save money on that, you can. The single best deal on an
electric bike is this thing. Absolutely amazing. Self-assisted, so you
pedal like a regular bike. But it has all of the gears and all of the features (horn buzzes)
and an awesome horn! This at its lowest recorded price. I mean, I’m flying on this. You can go so fast. Your sharp turns, it’s (grunts excitedly). I love this deal. At under 30 bucks these are not just regular purses these are travel bags. When you have an internal
mechanism to make sure someone can’t just tear into your
purse if you have this. They would really
struggle with it to open. Just as I’m doing right now. But once you get the
hang of it, it’s great. You could actually travel more safely with your passport,
whatever it is you want. And designer luggage at under 50 bucks. This is also great for Cyber Monday. Again, you get those 360 degree wheels. You get a hard case or protective shell. If you’re tired of the baggage handlers tearing your luggage,
or the conveyor belts wreaking havoc on it, this is awesome! Absolutely love this. I could pack a whole
lot of deals into here. And if you’re wondering,
Ben Sherman has been making luggage since 1963. Great warranty tied to this. This 3D rotating massager is one of my favorite Cyber Monday grabs. If you’re looking to relax or get some of the painful spots taken care of in your back or your shoulders, personal neck and back massagers down to their lowest recorded
prices at under 45 bucks. With heat mode and all sorts of savings. I love this. One of my favorite safety essentials is not just a stocking stuffer but it’s a great Cyber Monday deal. You get four 150 lumen, super-bright, aluminum alloy key chains. You can clip this to yourself. Great to have in a purse. (flashlight button clicks) Unbelievably bright and I
absolutely love the quality. If you’re looking for home blenders, or some of the items that you wouldn’t necessarily associate with Cyber Monday. There are huge savings
that you can literally save a couple hundred
dollars on the kitchen aisle. Things you wouldn’t necessarily associate (suitcase hits ground) Not worry, that can handle it. That’s a durable carry-on. And store-wide savings as well. If you’re looking for Nike, for example. Big savings tied to this. Black Friday had North Face. Nike definitely a few deals that really surprised me this Cyber Monday. Keep in mind that a lot of
the store wide sales you saw on Black Friday are usually
10% better on Cyber Monday. For example, Gap, Banana Republic, if they were offering
30% off Black Friday, you’d be saving 40% Cyber Monday. That’s why I’ve tried to
differentiate my videos and make sure you know what to buy, when. So for example, the Fire tablets. Great Black Friday through Cyber Monday. There’ll be another deal dropped on these one time before Christmas if they are still in stock. But, something like this
isn’t necessarily something you will see again while you need it. Okay, now I know that
you need various things that I’ve not shown you or discussed yet and I want to hear from
you in the comment section. What do you still need for Christmas? What can I help you
for celebrating Hanuka, Kwanzaa, another holiday, whatever it is. Or you’re not celebrating anything at all. Let’s celebrate you by making sure you get those deals that you’re looking for. Oh, and I also want to mention, I’m giving away every
single item you see here. So, The Nintendo Switch,
which is no longer really a good Cyber Monday deal, the bundles just aren’t so great right now of the ones that are in stock. I am giving this away for free. If you are subscribed to this channel with your notifications turned on and you’ve commented in the last six months, you’re new you
haven’t done that, don’t worry. Moving forward, there
will be several giveaways where every item you see in
front of me can be yours. Click on my head, right here. Not this one, that one. Whatever one it is you want. It’s big, it’s oversized, click it. You will get subscribed to this channel. If you need help turning
on your notifications, or leaving a comment
you can click over here. And the last big round-up
of deal I did over here. It’s been epic but stick with me. Cyber Monday is just the start.

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