The BEST Black Friday 2017 Tech Deals!

Hey, Ken you Know time of year it is It’s Black Friday time and this video is sponsored by the WD blue SSDs. We’re about to have some fun So if you’re looking to get your hands on some tech This is pretty much the best time of year to do it So there are a ton of deals on game consoles phones laptops TVs You name it and while most of these are going to be only on Black Friday itself Some of them are actually going to be live right now And of course all the links to what I’m going to be talking about will be in the description while the Xbox one X might Be the shiny new toy of 2017 There are some really good deals on the standard Xbox One S So you can pick this guy up from Amazon for $200 for the 500 gigabyte console And then includes a free copy of battlefield one and if your about that coals life You can pick up u1s for one-hundred and ninety dollars with $45 a bonus Kohl’s cash. You know if you want to buy your mom something for chrism– (laughs) and around $200 the Xbox one test makes a lot of sense for most people so it plays all the same games as the Xbox one X However, it just does it in 1080p But you can still do 4k streaming with video and Ultra HD blu-ray zon. This guy for like less than $200 You don’t have an Xbox one yet Now is the time to pick one up But if you are on the PlayStation side of the fence you can get some pretty good deals on the ps4 slim This is also going to be on Amazon for $200 Tovah It’s going to be the one terabyte version Now if you want to visit our good buddies over at Kohl’s they have that same 200 all a deal for the ps4 but with a whopping $60 of Kohl’s cash So you can that’s a gift for your mom now if you do want to get on that 4k life There are some deals for the ps4 pro So this guy is going to be available for $50 off at Gamestop so 300 bucks This is not a bad deal over The best deals on consoles this year are definitely on the standard Xbox and ps4 If you do have a ps4 you may want to consider updating it with a brand new WD blue SSD Who are the wonderful sponsors of this Black Friday video the WD blue SSDs start at? $90 for a 250 gig Drive on Amazon and even if you want to jump up to the 500 gig version It’s only going to cost you 150 upgrading is really easy You can pick this up and either a standard two and a half inch form factor or the smaller m2 if you have a newer computer You really want to go crazy you can put a WD blue inside your ps4? So swapping out the old hard drive for superfast SSD will make a big difference to stuff like game load times they’re rated for up to 400 terabytes of rights as well as 1.75 million hours of time between failure on the one terabyte model That’s a lot of specs well as these have always been fast for a long time they were either too expensive Or just didn’t come in a big enough capacity to really make sense However when you consider that you’re getting a 500 gigabyte drive for about a hundred and fifty dollars It makes a lot more sense So if you want to check this guy out like what everything I’m talking about in this video the link will be in the description Continuing on with game console deals this one is actually kind of crazy so Game Stop is offering the original white Xbox 360 For free, and yeah, I mean that it’s actually free it’s normally $60 However, you get a $60 mail-in rebate, so if you don’t mind spending a little bit of time going for the rebate You can pretty much get an Xbox 360 for free continuing with the game stop trains They have a Zelda 2 DS for $80 now while the price isn’t all that special What is is the actual hardware itself? This is a super limited edition green color and it comes with Ocarina of Time 3d? Pre-installed and when I say super limited. I mean it. They’re probably going to have a few of these per store however It should also be available at places like Target and Walmart if you want to pick up this green one Black Friday is the day to find it they will be gone really quick oh Hi, I didn’t see you there I was just enjoying a wonderful virtual world with the brand-new PlayStation VR that came out last year that I already did a video on What’s cool about this guy is that you can pick up the headset you can get the camera that you need to actually have it? work and a copy of Gran Turismo sport for $300 on Amazon So if you want to join the super cool virtual world with me links in the description moving on to laptops Best Buy has a really good deal on the Lenovo IdeaPad 120 s at $100 so I did a video on this guy about a year ago This is the slightly older one 10 s model, but $150 I was really impressed considering is you can get this guy for $100 though? It’s hard to argue with a cheap laptop like this if you’re looking for something a little bit more high-end Dell has their new XPS 13 available on the Dell store for a thousand So we also just did a video on this guy and I liked it a lot No, do you have that 8th gen core i7 processor, but you have a great build and honestly at 30 andr dollars It’s not a bad deal, but at a thousand if you’re looking for a higher-end laptop It is definitely worth a look And if you’re in the market for a new smartphone Best spot has some good deals on the Galaxy s8 as well as the note 8 so the Galaxy s8 is going to run you 636 dollars with activation But if you want these standard Galaxy s8 it’s only going to cost you four hundred and twenty dollars on Black Friday It wouldn’t be a good Black Friday deal without a good old Stampede Which is where Best Buy comes in with the 50-inch sharp 4k TV They have for one hundred and eighty dollars this might be the best Black Friday deal. I’ve seen this year over and true good old Stomping trampling fighting fashion you want to get this guy unlike pretty much everything else here It is only available in-store so on you can pick up the standard Kendall for $50 You can also get these Fire HD 10 for $100, and if you want to go over to Best Buy They have the HD 7 available for $30 so if you’ve ever wanted a 3000 tablet that isn’t terrible in your life That’s the one to pick up I’ve actually been really surprised with how much I like the Google home mini Having Google assistant in your house for 50 dollars is not bad however on Black Friday on This guy is going to be available for $29, but if you use Google Express Checkout You’re going to get a $25 one more gift card meaning that for $4 these guys are going to go fast So links to check out all this stuff will be in the description and let me know What is the best Black Friday deal that you guys have seen this year? Let me know in the comments below, and I will catch you on the next one

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    $200 Xbox One S with Battlefield 1 on Amazon:
    $190 Xbox One S with $45 Kohl's Cash at Kohl's: In-store only
    $200 1TB PS4 on Amazon:
    $200 PlayStation 4 with $60 Kohl's Cash at Kohl's: In-store only
    $350 PS4 Pro at GameStop: In-store only
    WD Blue 3D SSD 2.5" on Amazon:
    WD Blue 3D SSD M.2 on Amazon:
    Free Xbox 360 w/ $60 rebate at GameStop: Available only 11/23 & 11/24
    $80 Limited Edition Zelda: Ocarina of Time Nintendo 2DS at Best Buy:
    $300 PlayStation VR Gran Turismo Sport Bundle on Amazon:
    $100 Lenovo IdeaPad 120S at Best Buy:
    $1000 Dell XPS 13 at Dell Online Store:
    $350 off Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy Note 8 at Best Buy:
    $180 50" Sharp 4K TV at Best Buy: In-store only
    $50 Amazon Kindle on Amazon:
    $100 Amazon Fire HD 10 on Amazon:
    $30 Amazon Fire 7 at Best Buy:
    $29 Google Home Mini with $25 off when you use order through Google Express at Walmart:

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