The $5,217 Mystery YouTube Tech Surprise

– A little surprise. It’s not a Canon. (funky music) Yo guys, Jonathan here, and meet Moses. So, Moses is an old friend. We go way back. He actually started YouTube
back when I started. We would wait in line
for product launches, at one point we even spent
the night at a AT&T store, slept on the floor for an iPhone launch. Good times, greater person. He’s just got a huge heart,
super hardworking, family first, and that always led him to kinda have to put YouTube on the back burner. – So I don’t really pursue it,
dude, you know what I mean? But sometimes when I’m like, okay, I’ll get the motivation
for it, I’m like, man. Just like, man. I feel like I got so much
on my plate that I’m like, man, am I really gonna
be able to pull this off? – [Jonathan] Yeah. – I got so much stuff on my plate as far as responsibility, family-wise, then I got work.
– Yeah. – And on top of that,
having to kinda juggle, I guess maybe I just kinda
kill myself in my mentality, like, man, okay, how am I
gonna pull all this off? – Fast forward to a couple weeks ago, I see a fresh upload
from Moses in my sub box, I get excited, and then
I see that he’s trying to do everything off a GoPro, and I think to myself,
we gotta change that. So I reach out to my
buddy Darren over at B&H and Darren, I love you man, thank you so much for
putting this together. I told him, yo, check out Moses, he’s an amazing dude,
we gotta hook him up. So I wanted to put together
kind of what I thought my dream package was for under five grand which includes the camera,
the lens, the lights, microphone, everything,
and let’s surprise him. – [Rich] Hi Moses, I’m Rich. I’m not at JD’s desk right now. I could get the door, dude. You could get the door. – [Jonathan] Alright, Ben. Act normal. Yeah. What’s up, man? – [Moses] What up? – [Jonathan] How’s it going? – [Moses] Alright, man, how’ve you been? – [Jonathan] Good. – [Moses] How’s everything? – Good.
– What’s up, man? JD. – [Jonathan] When was
the last time I seen you? You’ve been here once, right? – [Moses] I’ve been here
but you weren’t here. How you doing, bro?
– How’s it going, man? – Hey what’s up, man?
– How you been? – Alright, how ’bout yourself?
– Pretty good. – That’s what it was. The last time I saw you
was at Josh’s house. Yeah, the last time I saw
him was in your kitchen. Now the best part about all this is Moses was actually looking
for a cheap, used camera. So I kinda went with that. At that point, I was looking for any reason I could to get him down. I was like, yo, I’ll buy
you lunch, just come down. – [Moses] Wow, blue cart. – Yeah, I swear I just made up the memory in my head that you were here. – Yeah?
– Yeah. But it was at Josh’s place,
now that I remember it. Alright, little surprise. It’s not a Canon. (calm piano music) I talked to B&H and we got
you a whole starter setup. – What? – Yep. – Nah, bro, you’re kidding me, man. – I got excited when I saw you upload. It was a little bit of
nostalgia, good people. And I know you work hard. This was–
– Man, dude. That’s crazy, man. For real, I appreciate you guys, man. Especially, man I remember when
you just started doing this. What’s up with MTP. (men laughing) You know what I mean? It’s like man, dude. – He’s still going. – [Moses] He’s still going? – Tech Examined. – Oh, really?
– Yeah, check him out. – Wow. – Shout out to MTP. (men laughing) This is, I almost cussed,
but that’s really cool. So for the setup, I
went with the Sony a6500 paired with the classic techie two-part lens, the Sigma 18-35. It is also coupled with the Sigma Adapter to connect the EF lens to the E-mount, but overall, this is a beautiful setup. – Dude, this is a killer setup. We use 6500 all the time. Literally this exact same. 6500 and the 18-35, so clean. It’s so nice. – What kinda takes us
over the top, though, is one of my new favorite pieces of tech, the SmallHD Focus OLED. Which is this amazing monitor that sits on top of the camera. Honestly, it is the best
in the game right now. Just the quality you can get with that and actually see your image is amazing. Evans. – I haven’t tried this monitor, though. – It’s amazing. I need them–
– That’s bright. – I need them beefy guns. Can you get that out? – No. What, with my finger? – No! For the lighting, I went with the trusted, classic Apurture 120D
paired with their Light Dome and this combination is (kisses fingers). It just kinda produces
this beautiful, soft light that looks so, so good. So this beautiful setup of Austin Evans that you’re seeing right
now is the Sigma 18-35 through the 6500 and the Apurture 120D with that Light Dome softbox. For reference, with that light
off, here’s how it looks. And you can see it
makes a huge difference. As far as the audio goes, I went with an S-MIC 2
from Deity Microphones. It looks very similar
to a Sennheiser MKH 416, but it’s a fraction of the price. And testin’ it out today, it
sounds amazing for the money. – It was Lew. It was Jon, it was me, it was Achilles. We were just chatting, you know? Just talking about general
light sorta things. And Lew brought up the
idea, as Lou is known to do, that he wanted to make a music video. He had already made a
song all about fanboys and why they’re toxic on the internet. – Now the microphone is going into the Sound Devices MixPre-3. Which in my opinion, is the best recorder you can buy for the money. If you’re looking to upgrade
from something like a Zoom, this is the best option you can get. So with this combination of gear, you can produce some amazing results. For me, I just wanted to kinda put the ultimate package under five grand for everything you need, the camera, the microphone, the lens, the lighting. And I think it’s a pretty solid combo. All that aside, though,
I’m just more excited to a surprise a really good friend. I’m excited to see what
he does with the setup. If you guys wanna check Moses out, I’ll drop a link to
his channel down below. Again, big shout out to
B&H for making this happen. You guys can check out everything featured in this video down below as well. This is Jonathan and I
will catch you guys later. – Speech, I thought it was gonna be old little Canon and whatnot,
but thanks a lot man. I appreciate it, bro. For reals.

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100 thoughts on “The $5,217 Mystery YouTube Tech Surprise

  1. 🙌🏼Nothing but love for Moses, check him out!

    Also, expand for the full kit!

    Sony A6500 –
    Sigma 18-35 f/1.8 Lens –
    Sigma MC-11 Adapter –
    SmallHD Focus OLED –
    Aputure LS C120D –
    Aputure Light Dome –
    Light Stand –
    Deity Microphones S-MIC 2 –
    XLR Cable –
    Mic Stand –
    Sound Devices MixPre-3 Recorder –
    Manfrotto BeFree Video Tripod –

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