The 10 Most Exciting Technologies Shaping The Far Future Of Medicine! – The Medical Futurist

Let’s see the top 10, most exciting technological
shaping the long term future of medicine! This is Bertalan Mesko and you are watching
the channel of The Medical Futurist. In one of my recent videos, I talked about
those trends and technologies which I think will shape the future of medicine in the year
2015. But in many cases, I get questions about well the long-term future of medicine and
healthcare. So let’s see my actual favorite technologies that I think will really shape
the way we practice medicine and healthcare is delivered. Let’s start with the first one,
cognitive computers. Cognitive computers have the potentials to
be as important in the history of medicine as stethoscopes were more than a hundred years
ago. Because now the amount of information is so huge it’s humanly impossible to deal
with that so we need help. And cognitive computers like IBM Watson can do that job. Checking
the medical records of patients, the 23 million medical papers and medical textbooks, and
then coming up with the actual suggestions. But the doctor makes the final call. In this
case, the doctor could finally focus on the patient instead of trying to find the right
information for that case. The second is virtual and augmented reality.
With virtual reality masks, we could change the whole hospital experience letting patients
experience the actual procedure they will receive later on. They could see what it would
look like in real life. With augmented reality, showing more from the digital world through
a smart glass or digital contact lens, we could make sure to let people access the information
they actually need immediately. Number 3 is having scanners at home. First,
health scanners like the medical tricorder depicted in the TV series Star Trek which
by scanning the patient would tell some basic diagnostic options but there will also be
food scanners with which we could actually tell what kind of ingredients our food contains
from ingredients to allergens and even vitamins. Number 4 is about wearables, then smart clothes,
then the so-called insideables. Devices with which we can measure vital signs and health
parameters at home. Now we use wearable gadgets measuring blood pressure, pulse and EKG, then
we will have smart clothes that can measure all these in one piece of clothing. And then
we would have insideables, chips and little devices living inside the bodily fluids or
just implanted into our body measuring all the required health parameters and letting
us know when we should take care of something important.
Number 5 is about 3D printing. Instead of the expensive manufacturing process, we can
now 3D print plenty of things from customized prosthetics to medical equipment. Now we can
print out biomaterials such as liver tissues with which we could eradicate the use of animals
testing for pharma companies. And then in the future we would be able to print out actual
drugs. A Scottish group has been working on that. Just imagine how it would disrupt the
whole healthcare industry printing out drugs in 3D live at the pharmacy instead of manufacturing
the drugs in large factories. Number 6 is about genomics or biotechnology.
Everyone will have their genome sequences at home and then by using that, we will get
really customized, personalized therapies. We will have the data of our microbiomes,
the microbes living in our guts, and then we could be able to make decisions about what
to eat exactly based on our metabolic background and the metabolic background of our microbes.
Number 7 is nanotechnology. We will be able to deliver drugs to the actual places, I mean
cells in a targeted way. In cancer, it would eradicate the range of side effects of chemotherapies.
Or with such nanorobots, we could detect signs, early signs, of diseases. It would put prevention
to an absolutely to stage or level. Number 8. is about distant care or telemedicine.
In areas with doctor shortages when care is needed but there is no medical professional
or device around that location, we need help. And with the help of great medical solutions,
we could provide the care. So then patients don’t need to travel for hours or wait for
hours to find out whether they need to go to a doctor right now or not. But they can
find it out first at home or at a local care service with an assistant by using digital
solutions such as the digital stethoscope, devices measuring ECG, pulse, blood pressure
and all the vital signs including blood markers as well.
Number 9 is about surgical robots and androids. Just imagine the daVinci robot, the most sophisticated
surgical robot out there getting more and more precise, better and better every day.
Imagine clinical robots walking around in the clinic and giving access to distant care
showing the physician’s face through a high-definition quality, the sound, even the handshake with
force feedback gloves. If I wear a force feedback glove when I touch the patient’s skin, the
doctor continents away could feel the same feeling with his or her hands.
And Number 10, exoskeletons and neuroprosthetics. Imagine using brain implants that could improve
our cognitive skills from memory to attention or problem solving making us real life cyborgs,
augmenting human capabilities which will lead to serious ethical concerns about whether
they might be biological differences because of financial ones. Some people can afford
brain implants and some others cannot. So these are the 10 main trends and technologies
which I’m really excited about and I cannot wait to start using artificial intelligence,
really good biotechnological solutions, digital services for providing good care. And I think
that now such technologies can let us keep the human touch in medicine. Actually only
technology can let us keep the human touch in medicine. If you want to read more about
futuristic predictions about the future of healthcare, please read my recent book, The
Guide to the Future of Medicine, and please do share what you think about that. Thank

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24 thoughts on “The 10 Most Exciting Technologies Shaping The Far Future Of Medicine! – The Medical Futurist

  1. Regarding #1, Cognitive Computers, please take a look at – it does things IBM Watson doesn't. Would love your opinion!

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  4. Technology should be used in medical-science to find a way to cleanse/destroy stuck asbestos particles in the inner human body-this would prevent asbestos related diseases!.

  5. Technology is taking too long 😢 I don't want to be in my 80s when this technology becomes the norm😭

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