The 1 Bitcoin Show- The Senate has a FUD Libra day and reminds us why Facebook is not BTC! Fees, MWC

Hello everyone this is adam meister the
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July the 16th 2019 you know what we say here right what do we say strong hand be
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bitcoin equals one Bitcoin bitcoin is the next bitcoin offended by selling
five-digit realm don’t worry the five-digit realm is here oh yeah we had
some Facebook food today didn’t we they had a lot of fun with Facebook on
the Senate floor we’re going to talk about that remember if you’re watching
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fun on Friday we’ll have another fun one on this Friday so let’s start off with
the big news of the day back in the USA Vinny lingham said Facebook entering the
crypto market is probably the best thing to happen in crypto in a long while it
legitimizes the space and moves the conversation forward because of the
sheer threat that Libre now brings to the establishment whether it is
successful or not well you know if any that is a very positive outlook in terms
of mainstream yeah it is the best may stream type of thing that’s happened in
the crypto space in a long while I mean when we’re talking about the tremendous
crypto space that goes beyond between yeah I gotta say you’re right about that
because it gets a lot of attention and it takes sup it takes some of the heat
off a Bitcoin in a sense now now what you also mentioned is that it is a
threat to the establishment and who represents the establishment more than
sherrod Brown senator from Ohio or most of the senators that were talking today
if not all of them you know I did I was smart I didn’t watch it well I watch it
who cares I know we all knew what was going to happen why waste your time with
that I don’t need to see those sociopaths I don’t put those dudes on
pedestals shout out from Connecticut says one-two-three noscope shout out
dude I’ll be in Connecticut one of these days in the future who knows when I’ve
been there before it’s for the traffic don’t like the traffic don’t like the
traffic but movie back to to the topic at hand here as I said yesterday I
believe that any entity should have the freedom to print its own money and yet
clearly that’s what Facebook wants to do clearly the United States government
isn’t too keen on that and the Facebook is trying to say they’re not really
trying to do that let the market decide is what I would I say but though know
the Senate doesn’t like that now I warned you all yesterday that that the
price there was gonna be some price wildness and surely enough surely enough
for you Fiat freeze out there it went down at price today because the obvious
happened the Senate started ripping in the facebook coin into Libra that that
doesn’t mean anything right that what does that mean for big coin they can’t
stop Bitcoin but of course this is the way the market reacts and they’re plenty
of people in the market who very much know this they just sell the news should
we say all the big rumors of Facebook joining the cryptocurrency
they started buying up buying up and once the news was finally out once the
reality came out of what all that we what we knew the Senators were going to
say then sell sell sell sell sell let’s get all the weekends to sell so we can
buy for cheap let’s start the avalanche of sell and sure enough they did right
right now when this hearing started sell sell sell sell sell
even though does it does it make a difference for Bitcoin in the long run
this is just a blip okay or one day closer to the all-time high
the Senate the United States government I don’t even know if they’re gonna be
able to stop Facebook coin they’re not gonna be the stop Bitcoin we all know
that so again it’s Levi let me call it by its proper name so I don’t confuse
anybody so here is a tweet from Carsten that kind of sums our count Carsten bkk
fear and uncertainty at work the fearless will be rewarded hashtag
Bitcoin so pound that like button first of all because that’s an awesome tweet
does he just summed up everything I said fear and uncertainty are at work there
was a lot of fear of certainty on the Senate floor and here you and I we are
the fearless we are the strong hand strong handed and we will be rewarded
trust me we still have the same amount of Bitcoin you better still have the
same amount of Bitcoin that you had beforehand you better not have less
VidCon okay if you have more Bitcoin then that is awesome that is awesome but
if you have less Bitcoin after what happened today
you’re not the fearless say what I will tell you that you’re not part of the
fearless you value your wealth and Fiat which I mean I just I can’t grasp that
concept anymore I’m offended by selling Minnesota says al KZ I was gonna worry
but you told us last night that there was gonna be FB there was gonna be
volatility strong hands dude ah thank you I do want to return to Minnesota
little-known fact I have some second cousins in a big city in Minnesota don’t
want to get too I don’t want anybody being tracked down
in the noise or anything like that but yeah I hope to visit them one day maybe
in 20 20 year I might my dad’s first cousin is there so uh moving on moving
on he’s a good guy ah okay go back you guys are distracting me so yeah and
again another reminder that Adam Meister always deals on the show we’re gonna
have days then drops by a thousand we’re gonna have days that goes up by a
salicin I mean after the hearings are over would you be shocked if it just
went up to where it was beforehand No wouldn’t be shocking at all
oh the weak hands weeded out then they buy they come and I’m coming back in to
buy four more and all the speculators who tried to scare the weekends they do
well this is where the big boys play guys you can’t you can’t get worried off
of these and by the way al Casey in Minnesota whoo you’ve got quite a
congresswoman there don’t ya what I like to her to be handling the Bitcoin
situation but that there is an awesome Republican congressman there who wants
to clarify the crypto dividend situation and for those of you who don’t know if
you hold Bitcoin you get crypto dividends you get interest on your
Bitcoin if you really hold it if you don’t keep it at coinbase if you control
your private key on your trays or you get with the member Wimble coin airdrop
that’s coming up you gotta sign up by the 19th chris just updated me details
in bitcoin have been registered whoa pace is picking up over there isn’t it
but the congressman from Minnesota actually wants to clarify it’s not clear
the how the IRS defines crypto dividends and he wants to clear it up this dude
from Minnesota so he’s on one side of the spectrum in terms of if government
could be productive he’s on the productive side and then of course the the the the congressman from a Somalia
congresswoman from Somalia Somalia Minnesota she is on the other she’s on
the other side of the spectrum in terms of productivity but you know what if AB
Oracle party was to us you know put all their
money put all their cards on one person if they’re damaged if they’re gonna do
that with them anyway that’s a Saturday show type of thing and my god had you I
mean if you and you guys should be trying to learn about Bitcoin as much as
possible but there have been some mainstream distractions lately have it
there it seems like if you go to any like web site or too much and I don’t
watch TV but I think every other word now from the mainstream is he’s racist
she’s racist he’s racist he’s raised sissie
I mean how my numbing can it get here so again you can be with the Somalian and
you know call everyone racist or you can be over here in the Land of Israel where
people really do care about big where at least this guy’s cared about Bitcoin and
try to educate and spread the word but hey personal responsibility is this
new counterculture if you want to raise your time while calling everyone racist
be my guest if you want to learn about Bitcoin I think you will realize that
that personal responsibility is the new counterculture and dad and the
mainstream culture calling everyone racist yeah you’re not gonna really end
up being that good at this working from for that woman from Somalia
that’s pretty bad you don’t want to work for the government
oh man okay moving on moving on Minnesota boy in a place apparently
quite a bunny Ohio you got to wonder this sherrod Brown guy he really got his
virtue signaling it you know there’s four there’s four girls in the Congress
they been getting their virtue signaling in and they’re just girls don’t worry
honey I wouldn’t classify them as women they’re not growing up so um but uh yeah
they they to get in there virtually singling in but you know but um the
white male who hates himself he had to get some virtue singling in today too
you know I guess he’s sad he didn’t get to run for president because he’s he
hates himself for being white so much he couldn’t he couldn’t put another white
person in the presidential race so instead he got to rip off Facebook and
say that they’re villains oh my god that’s trapped sherrod Brown
guy go off on Facebook today and a game and
this is what was to be expecting look at what the headlines in the mainstream
media work I mean the fun titles BBC Facebook’s Libra cryptocurrency attacked
at Senate hearing a Business Insider Facebook should not be allowed to create
Libra it’s absurd that were even entertaining Facebook’s Libra currencies
idea oh you you great mainstream media you you can define what what money is I
guess oh we must bow down to you all the centralized leadership we need your
approval we need the Senate’s approve no we don’t we don’t need these uh
centralized points of approval okay that’s not what this is about
so I’ve stole facebook you keep doing what you’re doing you come up with that
centralize cards and yes it is sexualized and yeah you’re good people
wouldn’t give a lot of information to you
but it is gonna break countries monopolies on money on centralized money
at least because bitcoin already broke the monopoly of money for countries but
it’s a decentralized okay so let’s have some reminders from today’s hearing why
uh why this Facebook kick coin is definitely not Bitcoin two lines of
Lieber questioning how can we be sure you will maintain enough user data for
AML and then I’ll mean how can we be sure you will protect user privacy okay
so please PLEASE Facebook coin gather as much information as possible so we can
have a kyc FML but don’t lose any of that information for protecta the all
that information that you’re going to be gathering a ton of information Bitcoin
doesn’t do that dudes Bitcoin doesn’t it doesn’t gather people’s personal
information they don’t give up they don’t do KIC they you know it’s as
private as you make it it isn’t century you can’t tell Bitcoin
to do those type of things either big as so many differences came up
as as far as I could tell from these tweets between Facebook coin Libra and
Bitcoin alright let’s see we got some more comments here we’re gonna keep on
going back and forth between my points and and what’s this a cabal says get
Caitlyn long and Anthony pampu Nelo on your show pump
yeah I had never had pop on the show uh Caitlyn long has been on the show twice
dude so I hope you’ve seen them she’s been great she’s awesome and I
recommended you everyone I talked about her yesterday then read her read what
she had to say about all this everything that’s been going on with the
government’s interact well what Trump had to say about fááá about Libre and
Bitcoin she’s that great a really great positive take on the entire situation
one two three no scripts ed do you think that the fan coins in the future will
offer crypt of dividends for Bitcoin holders you never know dude I hope so I
said this assay I said it before I’ll say it again I hope they do I think that
would be smarter them to make their own coins and are add that they’re just
Forks off a Bitcoin I think that would be a new take on all this why not why
not have their there hey man they’re supposed to supposedly at the tip of the
sphere a tip of the spear in terms of innovation so that that’s pretty
innovative right there to create your own centralized coins by air dropping
them off of Bitcoin and yeah Google go ahead and make my day Twitter do the
same or Twitter just incorporate Bitcoin into your a project that’s that’s even
better so moving on what is this a TechCrunch has a pretty good summary of
everything that was said today while some like Senator Brown blustered that
Facebook is dangerous other surface pointed questions about libras risk
senator Menendez asked if the Libre Association would freeze the assets of
terrorist organizations or if they were identified Marcus Steph said that
Calibra other custodial wallets that actually
hold users Libre could do that and that regulated off-ramps could block them
from converting leader into Fiat so yeah they’ve reassured them about the
terrorists like yeah if we think the terrorist has a Libra will shut down
their account look another debt another big difference
between Bitcoin but that didn’t do up that didn’t do that wasn’t good enough
for sherrod Brown no no he had to tweet out to all his followers oh you know the
two people that wanted him to run for president look at Facebook’s record we
would be crazy to give them a chance to experiment with people’s bank accounts
and to use powerful tools they don’t understand like monetary policy like you
like your colleagues understand monetary policy
you think AOC and Somali understand monetary policy and Rashida Rashida
Rashida I mean you think you think they understand a monetary cost II bet it
better than Facebook does come on dude like mine to jeopardize hardworking
Americans ability to provide for their families oh it’s for the families for
the fact God maybe you guys are so predictable for the five families and
then big points price goes down by $1,000 because some Schmo was screaming
about for those families and we knew he was gonna scream out for the families
that’s why you have a strong hand guys predictable stuff it happens
sherrod Brown is not gonna be able to stop big point which he didn’t even
claim that he would be able to but people like freaked out because he
threatens Facebook that that has something to do with that’s not gonna do
a big coin and he he isn’t gonna be able to face book point neither and
Facebook’s record oh they they sold advertisement to some Russians oh and
your friend Hillary didn’t become president not because of that though but
I mean that’s what you care about strive that’s what you you’re virtually
singling you want to get women to vote for you you want to get these shows to
vote for you for the children for the families who knows your tweets might
actually get some people to vote for you but they’re not stopping
baby and so whose side you guys on Snowbell Browns Somali side or on your
phone Facebook side Oh people they’re a corporation the Facebook has changed
this freakin world or gay dudes and yeah they lost people’s information you don’t
have to give me your information dude you don’t have to dare bring
cryptocurrency to the masses and maybe some of the masses will get educated so
they don’t keep on voting for Somalis and fur and fur sera tease and for
whoever ease and that then some of them will actually move the big coin I mean
that’s the that’s what I you know that’s why I’m written on Facebook coin dad
yeah this is where the big boys play I’m not scared of em at all like clearly
these people in the Senate are scared that they’re gonna be there any more
powerful oh they’re gonna they’re gonna be on print money the will that we can
print money all they really know about monetary policy you guys aren’t big boys
you’re four little girls pound that like button literally that’s what most of
these dudes here that girls they’re like those four little girls your race is
your this your that your name callers you you’re scared you can’t compete with
face for you dude this one a big boys play compete don’t complain you four
little girls pan that like button away baby it’s okay
enough of those sociopaths to talk about them and guy Bennett says only racists
use the world word racist dude I don’t even know anymore
because there’s so many people that say it’s like maybe that’s just what I just
think people just say it to say it’s lost on meaning it’s kind of unfortunate
that it’s lost all meanings but you know what
take feelings out of it people if someone here here’s a good example there
are a lot of people they don’t like me because I’m Jewish
great great it’s fine good have your own little lives
awesome what’s wrong hate me great that’s the grown-up take on this people
people are gonna hate you remember what I said once are the people that you meet
are going to hate you there’s just a lot of haters out of
there be a big boy move on be productive let the haters rock
in their little corner and you you’re in motion baby
so that’s life and steel horse 2004 says I have more big point today than I did
yesterday awesome dude that is awesome all right
so let’s talk about when I was at Tel Aviv Bitcoin embassy on Sunday night I
was uh I was talking about exchanging in the fees transaction fees a Bitcoin
hello it’s clear that so many people just pay the default fee that’s listed
on their wallet or listed at the exchange and then someone said to me oh
yeah the exchanges love those high fees and then I started thinking about him
like yeah of course exchanges are gonna list the highest of Bitcoin transaction
fee possible and and pay that fee or get their users to pay that fee because the
higher the transaction fee for Bitcoin the less likely the schmoes that that
are going back and forth between all coins a big coin and Fiat and tether and
Bitcoin the less likely they’re gonna remove their Bitcoin move their Bitcoin
from the exchange and a lot of these exchanges love that because they don’t
have all the Bitcoin that they say they have so they love this high in shape
they love these high fees okay so people spread the word people that there are
low fees out there and also spread the word to people that if your exchange
isn’t defaulting you to the highest stuffie possible or to really ridiculous
high fees that that exchange might actually be def telling the truth about
the amount of Bitcoin that they have there but if your if your exchange is
just charlie is listing you know their vita and i’m not just talking about the
fee to move like their personal fee for moving bitcoin but the app they actually
lists the the miners fee on there the trend that the the the might yet come on
that’s the best we’ve seen they also they list the miners fee on
there and if they list that as high and you do not have to pay a high a high
miners feet that’s again they’re they’re listing the high ones so that you don’t
move it up but so those ones you don’t trust
and then some of them probably want you just to sell your Bitcoin again and then
move it at all for their exchange in the form of some altcoin just trust me
they got enough altcoin there and the more transactions you make on their site
the more transaction fees they’re gonna make off okay so there’s a little uh a
little bit of a the thought process behind why these guys are listing these
high fees why they exchanges are they’re protecting their own but then they don’t
want that Bitcoin leaving they don’t want a bank run on their on their
exchange because they don’t have the Bitcoin they say yeah so there’s so many
of you or you would just be like c’mon I don’t want to pay five dollars to get
this thing off of here so I’ll just leave it on here guys don’t leave your
coins on exchanges you shouldn’t be messing with exchanges anyway the crimp
of dividends should be incentive enough to move your big coin to at reservoir
all right now the great what there there is a there is a pole out there now by uh
what’s the dude’s name I always forget his name he’s got like a surfer I got I
got actually look up the well anyway there’s a pole out there you can vote
for like the most hardcore Bitcoin be pirate beach bum pirate beach bum as a
pull out there i link to it below but it’s actually from the Twitter account
of dieter Bob but vote for the most hardcore Bitcoin er and I’m honored to
be listed on there as your you could vote for me if you want if you think I’m
a hardcore big pointer but he’s in motion good job dude good good job
pirate beach bum i temporarily forgot your name
alright alright so 80 percenters roam excuses any pretenders have a OC and the
rest of the squad the four little girls we have big coin core developers you
have not really worries test funded nicely add again you know what I’m
saying uh what’s right Omar Omar I call her the Somali
okay yeah it’s fine if you want to be from Somalia that is cool nothing wrong
with people people from Somalia just pointing out you know that that’s the
part that’s her district it’s in like Somali st. Paul or cite some alt Somalia
Minnesota not nothing wrong come on Somalia you know but but but again you
know some people perhaps some interesting points if I mean that guys
you could say she doesn’t like to unite is that wrong to say someone doesn’t
like the United States of America nothing wrong with that you know again
take your critique she could scream racist as you know why people say that
about more or maybe people actually analyze the words that she says it
doesn’t appear like she’s too friendly toward uh the United States and uh I
guess she’s happy she’s in the United States though I hear Somalia isn’t isn’t
this isn’t too fun this time of year all right but I mean it’s for the four
little girls this is uh I mean I did see some one of them I think it was her
tweeting out this is what democracy looks like she’s absolutely right
it’s mob rule yes they they’re exactly what democracy looks like opt out of
that get into the big point overlay absolutely right absolutely right pure
democracy it deteriorates into four little girls trust me all right so but I
mean and they’re free to hate on anybody they wanted but they could be they can
dictate the heat no they’re for little girls they they can’t take this is where
the big boys played yeah can’t play here apparently uh all
right we talked about this is becoming a Saturday type of show here what’s this
1xrp oh this shark here XR peace since being listed on coinbase this is a chart
so devastating ripple has just since he’s been listed on coinbase whoo I mean
it’s like a Led Zeppelin did you I didn’t all right let’s see uh it’s
fallen like that now I here’s a well Panda he yesterday I talked about how be
cash and ethereal might have some type of partnership and by the way it’s all
about marketing dudes for the coins and it probably will work but we all panda
is no fat fan of all coins he’s no fan of marketing so here’s his
predictable take on the situation what do you do if you’re s coin keeps dumping
and you don’t really have a plan to give an actual value you find another
centralized s coin it keeps dumping with disparate promoters and announce the
potential collaboration yeah that’s one way to do it dude but no one’s trying it
yet why not let him try it if it if it doesn’t work I guess it doesn’t work and
people even lose more of their value and be caching ethereal oh well we should
just be happy that we’ve got Bitcoin I’m happy I’ve got a big coin left the all
coins experiment with marketing and partnerships and collaborations I got no
problem with it alright man and this guy said this guy is tweeter melech is so
against marketing he says this tweet puts it perfectly short and sweet
marketing is everything in OP coin land yeah it does it plays a tremendous role
when you have a centralized team and a centralized coin and you have the
ability to market you better take you better put the pedal to the frickin
metal baby and get as many 80 percenters to hear about you as possible can you
blame them can you blame them they’re trying to be the next Bitcoin when
Bitcoin is the next Bitcoin let him do it and again we US marketing Bitcoin me
having the one Bitcoin show I’m marketing Bitcoin is that a negative no
talk about Bitcoin Facebook coin these hearings
it’s a roundabout way of getting bitcoins from a free marketing so
marketing can be interpreted in many different ways
marketing is a good thing if if there’s no marketing the a lot of people aren’t
going to hear about your coin a lot of people aren’t going to hear about it I
mean the word has to be spread word of mouth marketing grassroots marketing you
know the guys that have been tweeting about this is 2013 making shows about
this is 20 I think that’s a good thing I think that’s a good thing it’s just the
difference between bitcoins marketing and the all coins marketing is the all
coins have founders they can assign teams to the marketing while Bitcoin
does not doesn’t have that it’s got to be guys just saying I want
to market for Bitcoin and I think there is a lot of opportunity here and I think
it can be monetized in the Bitcoin space and definitely can be monetized in the
alcorn space I mean like of our hate him andy hoffman became a aucoin consultant
which is basically him marketing auckland he made it makes his money it’s
not it’s not like I’m saying something that isn’t out there inside me and he
says it too for all you hate haters of Andy Hoffman it’s not like he’s trying
to hide anything from you it says it right on his Twitter all right so yeah
left all coins do their marketing this is where the big boys played let them do
what they’re gonna do we all if you have a true strong hand it doesn’t really
matter you know that bitcoin is the one you know to hold on to your Bitcoin you
know not to get tempted by these all coins when the few times that they they
start beating Bitcoin for a little bit in terms of they’ve gone up greater than
Bitcoin has that happens every so often but over the long run bitcoin is the
winner you’ve got a value your wealth in Bitcoin not in fiat there are times that
have been a few times when some all coins have done better than a Bitcoin
but they’ve all come back down there especially now during this era that
we’re in where Bitcoin is it’s back to 67% or close to 67% market dominance and
I toured them Easter just said he expects us to get up to 80% again I’m
doing a tour towards a smart guy I’m not gonna I’m not gonna bet that the
household mad or anything like that it doesn’t matter I don’t care if Bitcoin
gets back up to 80% market cap I know bitcoin is the next Bitcoin and you know
you don’t buy Bitcoin because of what is market cap is going to be in the future
okay because so a Facebook coin and all these fangs develop their own coins and
they get listed on coin market cap bitcoins dominance is going to go down
an incredible about – just so all of you understand that lutely here’s a little
prep for the future for you we can ders out there Bitcoin market dominance
if Facebook gets so clean if Google gets its own if Amazon gets its own coin and
they surely will be listed on Mark Twain mark
Bitcoin dominance is gonna go down to what 20% or something like that I mean
in theory they think one of them will be listed as the number one cryptocurrency
strong hand people they’re not a real they’re very centralized but just be
ready be ready there’s a little peek into the future for those of you
watching in 2023 you’re probably laughing like yeah you said that in 2019
it’s so obvious though moving on what else do we have from the chatters here
John oh oh here Casso says you know be great if you could get beauty on on your
chef I’ve talked to him behind the scenes it’s hard to get him on we beauty
on and I have been talking for a long he’s a great guy though we’ve been
talking for quite some time offices Johnny and I said I really wonder ever
since bitcoinmeister made that video about buying 10 Bitcoin for four
thousand years up in US dollars how many people actually took his advice and I
wonder how many or how many how they are feeling a few people have told me they
actually took my advice but it literally how many people had really seriously got
10 Bitcoin because that video what at most 20 I mean it’s so easy to say it
it’s so much harder to do it trust me I’m proud I did it huh but but
it’s a fun video to go look back on and just to see that you know it’s laughable
it’s laughable that people were scared to buy 10 Bitcoin for a total four
thousand dollars back it’s just it’s funny you know you gotta you know check
the art I say check the archives most people will never check the pet with the
past of anybody they start to follow on the Internet I mean that’s why we have
people that still to this very day ask me about web BOTS and I know someone
nice just asked me about that but like I just have to shake my hands sometimes I
just really have to shake my head that you’ve really got it
maybe first of all check my own archives when I do the Bowie bot video about that
that people still fall for this kind of mumbo jumbo stuff that’s out
I mean it’s uncle it’s showing I don’t know what to say have a strong hand guys
don’t fall for nonsense try to see what people have said in the past and see if
they’ve changed their tune or I’ve totally disappeared are totally gone
silent yo man I’ve been a strong hand since day
one I’ve been telling people you know it’s cheap get it
think about the having a 20/20 I know but boring stuff right it’s it’s the
boring that wins in the long run but again people like non boring stuff when
they can say oh I’ve got a magical computer that could predict that
bitcoins gonna be eight thousand eight hundred eighty eight dollars and that
aliens are gonna land in Israel oh I’ll just forget about the part that I said
aliens were going to land in Israel and everyone else will forget about that and
again web BOTS said that in 2010 for those of you who think there’s
legitimacy any legitimacy behind that that guy said aliens were going to land
in Israel and I believe he still talks about aliens from other planets but
again I give you this we’re a big boys play you guys you can follow those guys
you could you could take their advice and you listen to all the all coins that
mr. alien told you to buy tuned by the way or didn’t do me before because he
didn’t trust me it’s really exciting to talk about aliens landing in Israel and
big earthquakes that are gonna happen in Israel and all this other weird cuz it’s
always that with these guys that part this is your okay this is the key to
like getting 80% of do MERS excited you talk about Israel Jews aliens
conspiracies 9/11 and just on and on and on a Federal Reserve Oh silver sovereign
gold Oh what happened to all his predictions about the silver and gold
you all forget about that all of you guys forget about all the big to all the
big cryptocurrency guys who used to be uh that they’re now telling you buy XY
and z all coin and all this that mumbo jumbo and the other stuff that they I
mean there’s so many silks all these so produced and they don’t apologize for it
now I’m not talking about Hannity Hoffman because he said that he’s wrong
about that admitted pick it up it was wrong about
the silver thing but there are plenty of guys out there that are just whatever
they just determined they just forked off and you’re supposed to forget that
they were the promoting silver and aliens and whatnot just you know a few
years ago but again most people want don’t want to do their own research and
I just again I’m sorry I’ve gotten off on this tangent here but it’s just it
never ends and it’s going as Bitcoin price goes up again all of these
charlatans are gonna come back again and half were you watching this and it’s a
shame it’s a darn shame half of you watching this are gonna ask me well what
is the bubble clip on about the third the third atom I mean it’s just
ridiculous you’re all right then you still can’t get it I mean you’re gonna
be smacked in the frickin face some of you guys it’s an it’s sad it’s really
sad I shoulda I gotta I should care about
and that’s the thing I’m like you really gotta care about yourself take care of
yourself first but that’s oh I guess that’s a little bit of my weakness there
that I’m just like um you can tell I’m feeling it that like I think it sucks
that half of you are gonna be asking me these moronic questions about these
complete charlatans when bitcoin is like fifty thousand dollars in stuff you
still will have not learned and I just got a you know then clearly then I know
I did the right thing at least that I held my Bitcoin I don’t I I say I at
least say try to tell warn people that there’s so much mumbo-jumbo
gibberish out there and it’s just like people I mean people want to live in a
fantasy world people really want to live in a fantasy world so again take care of
yourself first and again I it’s I just I guess that’s a weakness of mine I think
it sucks that some of you are just gonna fall for all this nonsense again but and
I know and I don’t mean to be insulting to my audience but I really I like the
the take that I get from like some of the things that I’m asked it just leads
me to believe that many people watching this just are not listening to a word
I say they just I mean maybe they look like looking at my face or maybe they
just I don’t know you you can’t just watch you have to comprehend
you have to comprehend people to have to comprehend but again for those of you
who do comprehend take care of yourself and then with the rest of your time take
care of others to do whatever you want to do come out like button
BTC Chris said have you ever noticed that only Bitcoin guy Greg hunter has on
his show is the web bot guy it’s like he’s trying to turn people off from
Bitcoin no no I don’t watch Greg hunter anymore I gave up Greg hunter because
he’s just in the doom and it’s just a complete waste of my time and thus it is
not surprising to me that he has that guy on because that guy gives him the
most views by far and if you have that guy on your show you get an incredible
amount and Greg hunters running a business that’s Greg hunters main source
of income so of course he’s gonna have the biggest charlatan flyer on there
possible if it’s gonna bring him 300,000 views and so it’s no shock in the world
and that’s the way I don’t watch Greg hunter great hunter doesn’t cook he’s
still talking about buying gold I think that’s what Greg hunter talks about
buying gold still in 2019 alright mention says said $2 thank you
dude what about the shemitah the shemitah is real and again that this is
the funny thing some of you guys are going to fall for the shemitah guy again
the guy in mexico who has a who’s got a drug problem and hasn’t has a an anarchy
convention every year down I don’t say his name who he talking about something
called the shemitah a 2016 and everyone believed it asking me about the shemitah
you half of these guys are gonna fall for that again to what I can’t okay
80% a guy said that’s the realm of 83 I got a live buy buy a home today okay
84 senators are gonna do what they’re gonna do and I gotta do what I got that
that’s the take you gotta get in life so again you can see you I even have my
I say 80% you’re gonna do what they’re gonna do and then when they do what
they’re gonna do and she bothers feeling it does up human of human people were
all human we all get distracted and it’s just when it starts to come into my
realm when I start to get these 80% questions about Charlotte’s charlatans
and everything I get distracted by the 80 percentage but I gotta live by I
gotta separate take care of myself I’m in the big boy
David overlay let the 80 percenters do what they’re gonna do okay
Romer Chu says would you rather a watch Peter Shiff livestream or eat a pair of
dirty socks what I couldn’t I couldn’t eat a pear trees I couldn’t get that
down no I definitely eat watch Peter Schiff because that’s against my diet
that would make me sick that would that’s not good that’s that would be bad
I saw you’re gonna who I rather watch Peter shoot shift or some of the guys
that I just referred to like shmita or Bowie bot without a doubt I would rather
watch Peter shit because like him or hate him he stands for something he
believes in that gold thing to the very end
he’s got conviction those other guys change their tune so whatever altcoin
buys that especially doubt mr. Mexico down there he keep the EOC said was the
next bit coin because she said was the next bit coin and you guys fights and
people fall for it and they ask me what do you think about uh
treat us say that be cash isn’t who cares what he says about it he’s getting
paid by them he basically admits it he’s had king of the trolls at his event as a
sponsor at his event he’s buddy-buddy with king of the trolls and stuff and
you guys it and your google he took ayahuasca so he’s so wise yeah he did
drugs I want to follow a guy who did drugs who doesn’t want to live in
reality my sister lives in freaking reality I don’t want to be I don’t need
to escape reality I loved reality drugs are an escape of
reality and yeah I did drugs because alcohol is a drug so thus I know what
it’s like to escape reality and it’s better to be in freaking reality I was
young and naive once but I moved on mister shmita was born in 1970 he’s 49
years old I think by this point probably should have moved on from
living in drug land and should be able to deal with reality okay because again
we’re all done once we all experiment with things and try to see what the
world beyond with the world outside of reality is like reality is best this is
where it’s at deal with it big boys play because if you try to exit
reality you can get sick without those drugs and stuff okay this is this is
turned into a long show hasn’t it okay because we’re talking about marketing
and now I’ll talk about Nick Bhatia next time as I want to wrap this thing up I’m
gonna go for a walk I always take a walk here in the land of
Israel it’s good to take a walk after you eat although I ate was a few hours
ago what’s this bsv thing I talked about it
already once no need to again Oh in motion him I only preclude with this in
in motion in Miami these guys I’ve talked about Miami on my show yesterday
and then today the Beatty sent Bitcoin Center Miami starting to follow me and I
talked it down a little bit they said come visit us next time you’re in town
we are inside the blockchain Center in downtown Miami so I link to them below
any of you guys are interested in Bitcoin they have a meet-up that’s
coming up and so that’s a bullish sign that there’s a new group in Miami and is
it just starting in June and that they’re starting to have meetup so good
for them and someone said worldly travor said hi from metagame Colombia that used
to be a place where you get substances that would take you away from reality
I found that like button but I fear Medellin is beautiful and yes it is
totally it is totally safe now Oh Peter Schiff has a crypto portfolio ask
Jeffrey Tucker yeah okay let’s not start her murmurs here 55 miles per hour
Jeffrey Tucker’s a little can be a little sketchy too so sometimes Jeff
Jeffrey Tucker is in the B cash man but I will give Jeff fort agra fort beat
credit he was early on in the Bitcoin but now he feeds on Bitcoin for being
expensive and slow which is typical king of the trolls type of flooding and his
ridiculous funding and he’s a P cache fans
so I you know what no Peter Schiff has at least one big point it appears so let
him have it let him have it alright but Peter Schiff he’s wealthy
already and he’s think he really got conviction for what he’s got
commissioned for you you go to you gotta give him credit for that
alright dudes I will uh I will see you tomorrow remember we have a new show
here every day there’s a lot more to talk about that I left off of this show
so if you plan to talk about tomorrow and of course there’ll be more virtru
signaling on the senate floor tomorrow it’s all predictable have a strong hand
guys that you might get you might even get nastier in terms of fiat place it
doesn’t matter it’s going to pass one day closer to a new all-time high i’m
add up for you feel free cuz i’m adam meister the bitcoinmeister the disrupt
meister remember subscribe channel like this video share this video chapter
links below town that like button bang bat del button click on those squares
what a show today always unpredictable I’ll see how do you guys in chat bye

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  1. Hey adam I used your link and bought 7 t shirts from now i can spread Bitcoin awareness and rock my own style.

  2. Haters always hate up, not down.

    That's what I think when I see anti-White progressives & anti-Semites.

  3. With all due respect, Clif High has some wacky ideas, but he was right about space technology going mainstream one year before Trump announced the space force, he was right several years ago about deep state pedophilia beginning to be exposed into the mainstream (Epstein, Clinton, Wiener and a few state level guys who recently committed suicide, etc.), he was right about Trump winning the election when most people were doubting it, he was right about Bitcoin hitting $13,000 by February 2017 (this prediction was made when bitcoin was about $1,000), and there are many other examples that I can't think of off of the top of my head. I could also just as easily rattle off a list of predictions that he got wrong as I don't doubt several haters are about to do. The point is that its worth listening to people who you disagree with. It's actually one of the best ways to learn. Clif is not a dumb guy. And I've happened to meet plenty of very intelligent stupid people in my life (several of them with PhD's).

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