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Hello everyone this is adam meister the
bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister welcome to the one bitcoin show today is
May the 14th 2019 strong ham one Bitcoin equals one Bitcoin value your wealth and
bitcoin offended by selling be a unique beast uncomplicated holder of last
resort world reserve cryptocurrency apex predator alright big point is the apex
predator hey guys on next Thursday I’ve received
word word that I’m speaking in Long Beach here in the Los Angeles area 7
p.m. next Thursday May 23rd Thank You Gaston for setting this up
he is linked to below the event is linked to below so check out he’s he
sets up a lot of advance in the Los Angeles area so if you’re in the LA area
follow him he is a great guy he’s providing the transportation for this
event and getting me down there providing the logistics so I will be
speaking there Thursday May 23rd some p.m. in Los Angeles 240 Pine Avenue it’s linked to below for
all you LA freaks Long Beach freaks wherever you are in Southern California
I’ll see you next Thursday I want to say that this Friday this week a Bitcoin has
already planned Stefan lever odds that Stefan lavera he’s been on the show two
times he’s got a great podcast he’ll be one of the guests will have two other
people it will be at 4 p.m. Los Angeles time that is 7 p.m.
back east on the East Coast and it will be 9 a.m. in the morning on Saturday in
Sydney where Stefan will be so again that’s Friday 4
p.m. in Los Angeles and it already be Saturday 9 a.m. in Sydney so you’ll get
many reminders about that in the coming days but I’m exciting to have Stefan
back on the show so jumping into the news here
Bitcoin dominance measured in transaction fees this is a great graph
provided by a seeder I mean if he’s linked to below whoever he is follow me
on tech ball I already retweeted this Tec HB alt and of course everything I
talk about is linked to below but Bitcoin dominance measured in
transaction fees Bitcoin it has 92 percent etherium 8 percent all others 0
percent and which is basically less than 1 first less than 1% let’s call it so
it’s an overwhelming chart Bitcoin people are using it it’s it’s all of its
fees add up to make up 92 percent of all of these in the cryptocurrency market
and then the theorem is next so people are sending aetherium and Bitcoin and
very much willing to pay whatever it cost which isn’t very much but compared
to the others it’s it’s overwhelming and this shows the true DOM and it’s a
Bitcoin this chart shows you why you don’t want to mess with the other all
coins where that where the future is what is really being used and what is
just speculation so check out that chart speaking about speculation and bubbles
I’m getting contacted by ieo people not ICO people but ie oh people wanting me
to pump their ayios initial exchange offerings but you’re just like anyway
I’m just pointing it out to everyone maybe it’s a good sign that the 80
percenters are coming back in to buy ridiculous things and they think they
can they can buy me but they can’t pound that like button
hey but this is where the big boys play you got to be careful people are gonna
be pitching you all sorts of ridiculous state-of-the-art new crypto trends
ignore them stick with the rock Bitcoin there’s a lot of crypto noise out there
and roaming chooses big when are you bringing back the microphone that was
only for a week and that was in Israel before the 10-year Bitcoin anniversary
party someone lent it to me and maybe when I’m in back in Israel he’ll lend it
to me again but I really I don’t care I don’t care
really seriously so I sound the same to me anyway but thank you for the question
though thanks for your question I can’t I can’t drag a microphone all around the
world I mean people ask you why oh why don’t
you have this why don’t you have that I don’t like to drag around things around
the world I like to go around the world I like to travel I don’t like to have
things dragging me down and if you don’t like that then go watch the show that
has fancy sets and graphics I know Romek you you’re not the fancy sets in
graphics it was just a question yes invention they are asking the big one of
my sugarplum ieo s laughs Oh out loud they clearly have no idea who they’re
contacting you’re absolutely right I is like it’s a form letter they’re like I
love your show please pump the it’s it’s it’s completely ridiculous i erase them
right away but yeah there’s there’s a whole series of people that will just
contact you who’s saying how much they love your show but it’s clear that
they’ve never watched the show before they just want you to and again it works
for some people there are plenty of shows out there that will pump ayios and
interview ayios all this all this nonsense but again it’s personal
responsibility people you got a you got to be able to fill through this stuff
out here another tweet and this is a funny one this is from that garage he
says this is a message he’s been he’s been getting lately hey are you still in
the big coin how much do you have should I buy some text messages we’re
all getting right now now I haven’t gotten that text message
but I can imagine plenty of people are the people who only get into things when
they’re hearing about it in the news they don’t they only get into things
when it’s going up in price the entire time it’s been going down and Fiat
price no no they wanted nothing to do with it they had a feeling that you had
something to do with it but now that it’s going up in price oh they want to
ask you the expert now they want to get into it and hey you know at least they
want to get into it at least they want to get into it but it is funny that
people get and again we haven’t even seen the true pump in Fiat pricing in
Bitcoin yet and I’ll get into that soon and that’s when people will really start
asking people they know have something to do with Bitcoin like oh how do I get
this stuff how do I get this stuff all right big point primitives has a
question don’t compromise your ethics of course don’t compromise your ethics but
I got to tell you something big point primitives there’s very few people have
any ethics out there today they’re not really compromising anything based so
hardly anyone stands for anything in this world anymore that they’re really
they’re willing to change their mind or a dime and they don’t they don’t they
don’t stick with anything they don’t have any conviction that’s one of the
stains on the show have conviction this is conviction a new show every day
every day a new show every day all right and I’m talking and it’s talking about
talking about a big point every day I’m living this thing baby I’m loving it to
live it love it just let Zeppelin okay found that like
button for Led Zeppelin alright and here is a okay so guys stay calm even though
I don’t appear very calm because is that about Meister ever calm no but stay
snake I’m a high-energy guy but I’m gonna say but stay calm this is not what
this pump that’s been going on it’s we’re not even this is not this is
definitely not like the 2017 pump and we’re not even in the having hype stage
yet we’re not even like the 2016 when it went from 400 to 700 that’s probably not
what’s going on right now this is some other they say it’s a slow buildup we’ve
clearly started something positive here okay but and this could be some whole
new element that I we’re not even familiar with maybe maybe it will really
pump a lot but don’t be surprised if it goes back
this is this is not the having height pump this is not the Post having pump
yeah this is this is not you you this shouldn’t make you happy like if you’re
getting a good feeling from this pump hey man you ain’t seen nothing yet baby
but at the opposite end of the spectrum you should be prepared that Amina could
go down the $4,000 or 5 a matter it does not matter because you will be able to
sell it for more you will be able to sell it for more in terms of dollars but
you shouldn’t be valuing your wealth of dollars anyway you should just be trying
to get more big coin know about this is just all of this is just a reminder to
keep in mind the fundamentals the big players are coming the institutions and
they need to buy Bitcoin ok gbtc people alright that that fund those people who
buy into that thing there will yesterday they instead of owning their own private
keys they have to own the gbtc fund for some reason and then he were valuing
Bitcoin yesterday at over ten thousand dollars okay yeah I linked to the gbtc
quote below so you can follow that people you multiply it by a hundred and
that is what they value Bitcoin these people who aren’t willing they’re
willing to pay that much to earn to own some fun that owns Bitcoin okay and so
that just shows you that that they’re willing to do that and not own their own
private key that big players will be willing to pay a lot for Bitcoin to to
reconfigure a Bitcoin anyway they want you to sell it to other individuals who
aren’t willing to to hold their own private keys to hold funds have
custodial accounts that have fees and all this ridiculousness
of course the big players will be willing to pay more than it’s worth
today for Bitcoin in order to charge people more than Bitcoin is worth today
more than they pay for Bigpoint okay including fees and whatever ridiculous
concepts they come up with and guess what this is where the big boys play so
let these funds come in and charge people that have custodial accounts and
do magical crypto accounting or whatever they’re gonna do I mean I think it’s
ridiculous the gbtc people our exist I know you guys are made well
I’ve got a 401k that’s the only way I can invest my 401k in the big point dude
you know I got rid of my IRA like back in twenty fifteen or fourteen I forgot
you know what I did with that back then I turned it in the Bitcoin and oh but
their penalties Adelman you sure to say that we were 75 years old oh baby I hope
no one’s saying that to me I hope no one’s saying that to me so I
got rid of my IRA whenever was twenty fourteen or fifteen so it was Bitcoin
worth then like five hundred dollars or something like that
come on come on so I I turned that that small IRA into some Bitcoin and now
what’s what the IRA would never even be worth that much probably we take so many
years to get it anyway I are a you know you with your IRAs and your 401ks that’s
yesterday dude that’s good and I had one of them look okay and I was building
very willing to part with it okay we’re entering a whole new era and we’re gonna
talk about really put in the perspective when we talk about gold in one second
okay so well rail Panda says bitcoin is a meritocracy all coins and fiat
currencies are a theocracy pound that light but I love it baby I love that
yeah again this is this is the cream of the crop here this is where the big boys
play if you want to base your base your faith in money on faith alone and you go
to go to fiat currency you know believe worship your government okay so Sauron
act says oh he said and I interpret this as meaning Bitcoin he says
cryptocurrency but keep in mind big point when I say cryptocurrency
cryptocurrencies intrinsic value is this they are payment networks that work even
where traditional financial systems fail they work for the unbanked the
underbanked the censored no accounts to open no authorization to seek that’s the
value I love that I especially like that no accounts to open that’s how you can
explain big point to your friends you mean in order to have a bank account
you gotta over back like that you gotta give them information they gotta keep
track of you forever and ever you give me your social security number
there’s and people think with Bitcoin well I got to go to a coin base that got
to open an account no you don’t have to do that you do not have to do that you
can just buy a trace or you can just create a paper wallet yeah
you did there are there other solutions out there where you do not have to
create an account where you give out information where you have a a user name
etc etc you do not have to do that with Bitcoin and I I think that is something
is people should tell their friends to make you easily understand the bullying
and marketable there’s a lot of people don’t like having no these third parties
tell them to say oh you got to give this information and against some people for
some or no reason feel comfortable by putting their big point at a Bitcoin
bank like coinbase but hey they’re gonna learn the hard way not your keys not
your Bitcoin right there so no there are no intrude Bitcoin there
are no accounts to open Bitcoin criminis says bitcoin meister china trade war
good for Bitcoin yes I said that was yesterday’s show that was basically one
of my major points on yesterday’s show please watch that it is linked to below
everyone yeah of course the China trade war is is grateful it’s great for
Bitcoin the the uncertainty that it’s causing but at the same time if the
United States keeps the upper hand China is gonna stop China will suffer
and the people there will suffer because it’s all it’s all built on it but that a
house it’s a house of cards over there their economy and we’re calling them out
on it and if we’re if we’re not going to buy as much to their products anymore
because it’s gonna cost more who’s worth everything it it starts to bubble apart
over there so the people who live over there who are smart are not gonna want
hold that yuan anymore and not want to speculate on Chinese real estate or
speculate on whatever other bubble not says they have over there they’re gonna
want to protect their wealth and get it in the Bitcoin and so yeah it’s great so
I don’t I don’t let it drag on for as long as possible
I don’t need cheap stuff from Walmart I don’t care about that stuff at all
and the let people get into real asset a real asset class and that is that’s big
point so yeah it’s great wait um mention said he said five bucks
he says Adam you’ve got bigger cojones than I do
I’ve only been willing to invest some of my surplus income in the Bitcoin I never
invested large songs yet you are correct I’m younger than you though also
mentioned so it’s there’s a whole your risk tolerance depends on youth and a
lot of things a lot of things but yeah I do day I went all in Bitcoin I saw the
house I turned into freakin big okay so uh I knew this was the thing I practiced
uh practice what I preached and and again I got a give any lingham pray yeah
because he did he did the help get me over the edge there really take me take
me to the next level so what is this other Travis share at the digital
currency group was quoted in his TechCrunch article and he it really sums
up but nicely what you should tell the golden hold minded individuals out there
we fully expect Bitcoin to replace gold as the leading non government controlled
store of value over the coming decade and I agree with that a hundred percent
well will it happen over the coming decade yeah it’s coming decade listen
2020s yeah so by 2029 Bitcoin Therese call to fully expect deeply well this is
this is the part that I like about big goal right now is the leaving non
government controlled store value oh it is it yeah it’s not controlled by
government at all real estate is is controlled by government it’s taxed by
government stocks are controlled by the government that regulated by the
government sold is not it’s a way to store people
like in all those gold people they’ve always liked it because the government
it’s it’s it’s getting away they’re storing their value and not in the
government is having no say in the and what it’s worth and how its
regulated etc etc etc now in the in the recent past it it hasn’t been too easy
– I think store it really and move it at least and now we’ve got this digital
generation chain coming up okay and everything everything is going digital
in this world and I was heard about IRA before and and kids are growing up with
a completely different mentality toward finance and wealth and gold just doesn’t
fit into this paradigm that the youth are growing up in today okay and so
there are going to be people who want to have a store of value that the
government has nothing to do with a digital gold as it were and then I’ve
never to buy gold they’re just not gonna buy gold it’s so much easier than gold
it is so much easier to travel with it to send it to store it and it just it
fits in so nicely into the modern world that we live in gold is definitely a
relic of the past I could really see gold go I mean it will go down and down
I mean I don’t see it thrown up in value and I see people who don’t want anything
to do with that got all the all those gold bugs of the past if you if you’re
born with that gold bug mentality you’re not gonna be led the golden you’re going
to find Iranian the big coin and people who sort of had a gold bog mentality all
these years who never could get into gold but they didn’t want us for an
evolvement it’s heavy is big the people who just didn’t want to mess with it but
who knew about it they’re gonna get in the big and they’re gonna use Bitcoin as
a digital gold gold and whole baby that is what bitcoin is and so yeah
people don’t say Adam you don’t like the gold no I don’t like I think it’s for
dat this point I think is completely ridiculous to hold it this is this
replacement we’re seeing it right now we’re seeing it happen I see no reason
to no reason to hold it to have anything to do with it
now maybe yeah I don’t see why what you know any 18 year olds I want
anything to do with gold except for gold chains okay but as a store about as it
is AZ financial instrument no I get it will and you’re don’t have a use in
industrial and but again you know people getting wedding gold wedding rings for
their loved ones me I we are ever I talking about the dudes who have gotten
their loved ones Bitcoin it might replace gold that way and Bitcoin chains
we really got a trésor around your neck or something else that we can’t even
imagine right now might be the new like think way to show off to your friends
that you’re rich in the eighty percent of the world because again you know
having those shoes gold chain totally eighty percent took totally eighty
percent or total total waste it gets half when we get robbed and you know you
ask mr. t what he used to do with gold chain said when he was a bouncer and he
would just steal people’s gold chains alright so uh
nice flat back to the eighties headlight button with that Mohawk alright alright
moving on but no the big point replaces going down that like button and who is
this Roman hue says people are calling me as saying take profits I tell them
that 99% of my Bitcoin will never move from their current addresses
multi-generational thinking dude I love that I love that way of thinking bro
meet you and ya know don’t take profits don’t come on take profits there’s a let
me translate to you what that really means pay short curved Apple gains tax
to the United States government be their slave no don’t do that
don’t be an 80 percenter and do that it will go up more in the future hold it
for long as long as possible you won’t have to pay short-term capital gain tax
you don’t even know when the future of what the tax regime will be on top on
top of a big coin maybe it’ll just be an official currency wherever you live and
don’t we know taxes don’t worry about who knows there’s no reason 20 hands
nothing people 2020 for having its 2020 it’s 2019 now be patient launch are a
long term Pena don’t be impulsive defer gratification 88 wonders in hey
is it better to run a full BTC node with your BTC on trains or are just keep BTC
on your treads or hey dude if you’re traveling all around and stuff just keep
BTC on your treads or if you’ve really got a full time a full time space where
you live all the time that you and there’s something I’ll just slip my my
and you know what you’re doing okay then you can run a full note okay but know
what you’re doing just to say well I don’t know what the heck I’m doing I’m
gonna run a full no that’s a pain in the butt ressource just as easy okay so
again if you know what you’re doing you have a full place you’re not playing or
moving anytime in the next two years set up your full note or whatever but again
I don’t I don’t I don’t have a full I just have a truth I just have storage
devices all over the place okay and that’s the other thing you know running
your your full known and I like do both have it stored in a lot of different
places I just don’t I don’t feel comfortable having it all in one place moving on where we got here oh yeah
so I said Travis and squawk box NBC this is hilarious CNBC this dude on CNBC
who’s interviewing pump he comes across not so not so smart of a dude he says he
bought a hundred dollars of crypto stuff on coin base and it’s down like 70
percent and he complains like I got a guy and he was it and pop asking what
did you get Bitcoin he’s like I got everything everything that they had on
coinbase I got and it’s like so typical of a new buyer who doesn’t do his
research they go to coin base and they buy everything that’s there and then
they complain when it goes down but they don’t even know what they were buying if
they knew what they were buying they would just get the Bitcoin and again
this is why some of these all coins are gonna stay inflated for quite some time
and they’re gonna want to get on the coin base because you’ve got mentality
like this guy but this guy wants out of it he’s impatient too he doesn’t
understand he made a tremendous mistake by getting you every single thing that
was ongoing bass and he’s very impatient it’s not gonna wait for his he should
turn over all that either Bitcoin out be a hundred percent of the big point and
just be patient but so this is a lesson in do your own research
patience and and what 84 centers do and that what the definition of a top-tier
all point is also you want to you want to get a coin base so that you get guys
like this to blindly by your by the bundle the coin base bundle which they
which I guess this guy bought a lot of people are gonna blindly buy it a coin
base isn’t a bad place to buy your first they point it but just only buy a big
coin there and move it off as soon as you know how to move it off don’t buy
the bundle don’t buy the other stuff like this don’t end up like this dude
who’s trying to rip away and again this guy pirate probably has other motives
about behind what he’s saying he’s probably invested into a lot of other
things and he doesn’t want Bitcoin together short-term think you’re old
school dude who knows what it is but is another do not diversify for the sake of
diversification the title of this show I forgot when I titled this show now but
it’s a you know complications of diversification or something like that
that’s that’s a bad that’s an example right there why you know diversify for
the sake of diversification watch it bitcoin primitives he bought the coin
based bundle coin based bundles trip back coins
yeah yeah it’s the bundle is it’s it’s getting worse and worse over there I
believe I think it has 0 X whatever 0 X is I am you know what these ridiculous
things I’m glad I don’t know what the heck they have a coin base you should be
glad if you don’t know what they have on coinbase in the big and again the dude
ended on would be cash he ended up with me cash if you would have just bought
Bitcoin three years ago he would have ended up would be cashed for free and
turning the big point that’s that’s the way the end percenter that’s the way and
the people who don’t want to learn for themselves the impulsive people who want
coinbase to do the work for them that’s what you get when you let someone do the
work for you oh well create this view a bundle for you yeah it’s real
beautiful real your and then you get to brag to your friends you have a crypto
portfolio your port over your crypt what’s in your crypto portfolio Adam
Bitcoin found that like button all right stuff Oh gab I wanted to share
this dad no no before I do dad this is from pump NFL quarterback Matt Barkley
tried to get the San Francisco 49ers and sissonne Bengals to pay his contract in
Bitcoin neither would do it Matt is just one of many bitcoiners that are playing
in the NFL on Sundays and another so I wish war would speak up I wish more
would speak up because NFL was a toady Toby maybe for Senator thing that I gave
up um what was then 2016 when I was in Las Vegas in September uh September and
yeah it was a David September 11th the 2016 a day that Hillary Clinton felt
down with the day I say I’m not anymore any was that a lot of people do and so
if these dudes that they worship start talking about Bitcoin well maybe it’ll
wake some of these dudes up now it’s unfortunate that matt barkley didn’t
convince the 49ers of the bengals to to to pay him it that because he would he’d
be doing great i mean i think it was at a time when Bitcoin was worth less dude
I don’t know who he pays for now I don’t know who he is really I remember his
name from college I mean I got tired of telling NFL now how that like button if
you like that Adams out country the NFL now thank God and when I hear San
Francisco and sistas and ankles I think about that Super Bowl from back in the
day with your Montana and through size it so uh that’s what I think what I hear
those two days combined that so alright but yeah good I don’t like to talk about
the NFL but that’s a positive thing and Matt I’m sorry they didn’t pay you in
bitcoins because you’d be even richer now but keep talking about it wake these
people up man so Deb GAD says at this point our technology strategy is simple
for open source technology wrap it in three speech protections of US law and
gabs principles and bitcoin remove altcoins uses a different word ship and
no one can stop us so again dag is just up on the Bitcoin
train they are willing to fork other other route observe that healthcare and
other tech open-source technologies that are out there and an incorporated
Bitcoin into their model and go for it so go for it dudes go for it and this is
the opposite of saying hey force Facebook to do that no they’re creating
their own things but they’re creating their own social network so good for
that good for this day no one can stop them and that’s a great attitude to have
brick why Turner says bitcoinmeister Finance doing update right now great
great for them I hope no one has their coins at Finance and he also says Bikram
moisture cancer your cable put the money well right I’ve never had I only had
cable there was a place six months of my life I paid for cable and I’m ashamed of
that I’m ashamed of that but you know what my parents never had cable my
parents never had cable and I only had cable for six months of my life I think
I had it for free it’s some places to buy only watch TV anymore and you
probably notice and all the Airbnb Zeist after these huge TVs and never even turn
them on I almost turned it on the other day because I knew they’d be the Angels
were playing the organs and I was like this TV probably’s got that game on it
but I was like well they plan an Anaheim and maybe this a don’t want to mess with
it and then I Damon watch it but no yeah guys how can any of you have cable TV
now if you’re watching YouTube right now and you learn so much from about the
quality stuff that’s on YouTube and it’s all free you have to find it again you
can’t have some one guy okay there’s no point you know what there are there are
equivalents of coinbase i guess on youtube you know channels that will tell
you what to watching you want it and you to tries this steer you in certain
directions but it’s so easy to steer to go your
way on YouTube and learn your own thing and so why would you have cable TV and
pay to watch the nonsense that’s on there and the stuff that I hear and I’ll
talk about this on Saturday show is Game of Thrones is that on cable I don’t even
know what the heck that is on but the people out there that are wasting their
time with that and then and they’re gonna be the ones complaining in the
future how did you know about Bitcoin so early I knew about Bitcoin so early
because I wasn’t sitting there picking my body watching Game of Thrones and
then talking about it for eight hours all day I mean this is ridiculous this
stuff I mean I know names the people on there because every late bitch appears
we’ve been talking about it it’s ridiculous you’re wasting your time
you’re wasting your time you are becoming a worshipper of
whatever conglomerate makes that darn show okay you are their slave and I just
spent way too much money time on that learn about Bitcoin for
God’s sakes all right moving on middle Wimble coin which is a crypto
dividend a Bitcoin that you can sign up for right now it’s an air drop the
snapshot date is what July 19th okay I see that these dudes and I link to it
below they have a Chinese site now this is great they’re reaching out to the
Chinese people who’ve got a big point who want to get crypto dividends and who
want to get air drops good for them good for that good job bimble Wimble coin for
translating into China it’s very proactive Chinese is very proactive of
you and uh hey dudes you don’t want the Chinese to beat you
on this one you guys who understand my voice right now speak English
sign up for it get your free MWC turning in the Bitcoin in the future in the
future if this middle Wimble is so great you can send it or do it anonymously or
whatever you want to darn do if you’d like to hold crypt of dividend fine I
don’t care you’re getting it for free and then they’ll be in to here’s someone
we like how much do I pay through middle window coin Adam you should have bought
it right now dude if you’re watching this in 2020 you should have got it for
free right now if you’re watching this in
2021 all right so that consensus thing is
still going on found that like button and Andrew yang is speaking tomorrow
afternoon there and that’s going to be very interesting
I wonder if he’ll get in the news because of that I hope he does because I
want Matt I want people to get to know about Bitcoin and I think if he really
jumps on the Bitcoin train maybe I predicted to be a corner a clique in the
Bitcoin world that would really get gung-ho behind it and hey maybe that’ll
help his campaign and maybe that will help Bitcoin and maybe they’ll bring
Bitcoin onto the net the national debate stage and all the candidates will be
forced to talk about it and then more people will learn about it you know what
I don’t think any of these politicians are gonna they’re not gonna solve any
Bitcoin is I’m not saying that I’m not relying on one person I’m relying them
as more as free marketing tools and I want more people to find out about okay
so Bitcoin furnace says is Ben Shapiro in the Bitcoin no he’s not no he’s not
he advertised as it is some of the companies that he’s advertised in the
past he says you could buy crypto through them I forgot what company that
is eToro it was one of those ridiculous ones but he makes his gold Oh diversify
the gold he hasn’t done me he I think advertisers reach out to him and so you
know advertisers that deal with gold they know that the audience that is
watching him they’re gonna be some older people that are still interested in gold
and stocks and IRAs and all this stuff so he has those type of advertisers he
really should be proactive and get in touch with cryptocurrency companies and
they go start advertising one there but there are plenty of people in the crypto
who watched ben shapiro okay so he really shouldn’t be into it he has no
excuse he can probably maybe he’s not into it because he’s too busy watching
Game of Thrones with his wife he thinks that’s fun or something like that I
don’t think that that’s you know he’s a very busy man and everything he’d get
rid of Game of Thrones and cable Bay banja parent likes to talk about
Washington movies he lives over there in the valley he still got this Los Angeles
mentality in his head people were because he lives here he grew up here
but they 80 percenter you’re a genius fan you shouldn’t care about these
stupid movies that you watch on and he’s critiquing movies all the time dude
learn about Bitcoin value in return on your route from the Bitcoin I mean it
would be a darn I mean it would be a darn shame
if I end up wealthier that then Shapiro but the way things are going I might I
mean that that would be quite amazing that’d be quite amazing all right
so because that dude is a frickin he’s a genius dude and he said they’re very
well known individual and he’s got a big company very popular and stuff you would
think he would end up in life wealthier than I I do but if he doesn’t get the
big coin sooner anyway i’m adam meister the disrupt meister remember to
subscribe this channel like this video share this video check out the links
section below click on their squares pound that like button i will see talk
to you dudes in the chat right now

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8 thoughts on “The 1 Bitcoin Show- THE gold replacement! No account to open! Diversification confusion, Q&A

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  2. It looks like the Bitcoin price may have been artificially low because of the ‘hash wars’ and the hyperwave Fud. Someone made the point that throughout 2018 people may have been preparing for the hash wars in secret, and hence driving down the price.

    Perhaps what is happening now is a correction up to a more normal market price for this stage of the cycle. Either way long term there’s a lot more upside to come!

  3. bro, I went to deposit $ in my bank account and the teller needed my ID and debit card to complete the transaction. Plus to use Zelle it was required that PNC mobile wallet have access to my photos and data on my tablet. fuck banks and the surveillance state!

  4. Adam the 8% ethreum. Thats the transaction for selling my BAT ZRX to be bitcoin they call that Tax/means transaction fee sonyeah ethereum is a joke

  5. Respectfully, I have to disagree with your Game of Thrones comments. I'm a long time Bitcoiner who also watches not just that show, but other great well written shows, movies, and books. Heck, I even have time to watch Bitcoinmeister most days 🙂 Our lives are limited and I don't think it should all be used obsessed with Bitcoin, in fact, I think a lot of people waste time getting caught up in crypto social media drama. Regardless, it's important to enjoy ourselves every once in awhile and a good way to do that is with a great story whether it be in the form of a book like The Count of Monte Cristo or in the form of a tv show like Game of Thrones.

  6. We need your participation on the Bitcoin Mastodon, here's your invite thanks Meister.

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