The 1 Bitcoin Show- Early is better than late, getting the wealthy comfortable with BTC

Hello everyone this is Adam Meister the bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister welcome to the one bitcoin show today is September the 6th 2018 strong hand long term thinking deferral of gratification uncomplicated Bowl Hoffman line strong for all you Fiat freaks out there ok I’m back in Baltimore new show here every single day even when I’m traveling across the country I got to do a new show every day check out the links below disrupt meister calm everything i talk about is in this video check out all my old videos below and all that all that jazz remember tomorrow friday in about 12 hours or go over that 1245 in the afternoon eastern time 9:45 a.m. los angeles time 5:45 p.m. London time this weekend Bitcoin on this very channel BTC Benny Maximo and Chris black will be on again that’s 12:45 in Baltimore in New York that’s right after noon and that’s 9:45 a.m. in Los Angeles 5:45 I mean in London by 5:00 p.m. in London so morning in America later in in London ok I’m wearing a new shirt so since I’m back in Baltimore I’ve received some new shirts and now it’s time to wear them this one says twenty one quadrillion Satoshi’s twenty one twenty one quadrillion satoshi shirt and that he’s from i linked to him below of course chain junkies calm he sent me another shirt also i’ll wear that one soon chain junkies so check that out okay remember on September the 10th that is Monday there is no show because of Russia Shana there’s only two days a year I take off that is one of the days a year there is no show here so let’s move on into what’s what’s been going on while I’ve been on a plane all day didn’t check the price which is of course all of you should do that to have your strong hand because Fiat who cares one Bitcoin equals one big coin but and no look in the super chat five bucks from hey big fella keep up the good work that’s from Andy Anderson well thank you and the Enderson thank you for all the support so here we go from Alistair Milne he says investing is about conviction and patience daily news and volatility are noises meant to distract you from your investment thesis and shake out the weak hands dude Alistair Melanie have you been reading Adam Meister or something that sounds like atomizer pal Matt freaking like one I love that that tweet there Alistair Melanie alright so he’s he’s saying yeah crypto noise it scares people it you’ve got to have conviction and patience you gotta be a long-term thinker you gotta have a strong hand there’s a lot of weak so let’s talk about some crypto noise we can bait that was out there the other day and I you know not that this matters but I’m just bringing this up to just confirm allister’s awesome tweet this is from Sally Shin she says Goldman CFO at TechCrunch regarding rumors of rolling back crypto desk this is what the Goldman CEO said about the rumors about rolling back the crypto desk I think one of the wonderful things about us is that we get written about a lot I never thought I would hear myself use the term but I really have to describe that news as fake news so again people get I mean so first of all you should not put Goldman on like pedestal in with but so many people out there whether they be 80 percenters with it who knows they think oh goldman can make or break bitcoin or whatever so they put on this pedestal so then someone sends out some rumor that they’re Goldman’s that gonna deal with bitcoin or whatever the rumor was and everybody panics has a we can always we can’t sell dude it gets you away from your investment thesis you didn’t get in the Bitcoin because a Goldman I mean so there you go it was and it was totally fake news it was totally fake news and people fell for it and people lost Bitcoin because of it some people have less Bitcoin today than they did yesterday what a shame alright so hey we’re still early in all this that’s another thing because you know what the Gobin they haven’t been bought they have it they might have some they might eventually have their trading desk or whatever where’s the ecosystem around Bitcoin is still growing quickly fast you know from from bead small-time holders to big investment giants are just putting their toes in the water right now so here is a reminder of early versus late this is from Alistair Milne again something I wrote to investors in 2014 this is what he wrote in 2014 we prefer to be early than late by the time we feel like bitcoin is a sure thing the price will inevitably inevitably be a lot higher than it is today well yeah that makes a darn lot of sense dude and yeah you you spoke you did it Alistair back in 2014 so did I so there’s a lot of people we understood hey but but what’s what’s wrong about being early I like to get to events early I like to do things or if you’re late yeah I if I would have been late to my plane what am I wouldn’t be back here date I got early to my plane I’m back here today it’s that’s conscientiousness right there being early instead of late and that’s a that’s something that 20 percenters understand that’s a quality conscientiousness is something at 27 but but anyway damn I’m jumping at a little bit ahead here but here’s the thing guys what what’s Bitcoin is a short thing it’s gonna be obvious and you’re gonna be too late everyone’s it’s gonna be it’s gonna be unaffordable you’re gonna be complaining why does Goldman Sachs have it an item so as all of you know during during my travels like talk about Bitcoin whenever I have an opportunity to so I was wearing I don’t when I’m traveling within the United States when I’m not doing international travel I’ll wear a Bitcoin shirt while dealing with the border because there’s no border you know you know you’re going from Washington State to Las Vegas to Baltimore it’s yeah so the TSA guy I never go through the naked body scanner I make them frisk me I make I make them do the whole thing because I’m so against anyway that’s a whole other story so I’ve told some stories about how the you know the conversations have come up and this dude he starts to frisk me and I’m wearing my be private shirt that I got when I was in Philadelphia and he sees the word Bitcoin on it he said what’s that I never heard of this one I was like yeah yeah yeah you just got to worry about Bitcoin you know I got this shirt for free and he said yeah man I’ve heard about this and so he cuts he basically he does a hat he does a terrible job of frisking me which is great because he doesn’t like cool you know grab or anything or he cuts it completely short he gets into a crypto discussion with a TSA agent this is great so I’m talking about Bitcoin with this and he’s like yeah one of my friends did really well with the theory um and I said well that even if you know the word aetherium you’re way ahead of the crowd dude you gotta get in the Bitcoin and he said yeah I was thinking about it and you know you know he sounds like a no coin I was thinking about it my friend did well in it but I’m so I’m like just go to coinbase dude just go to coin base okay so that there’s your story that’s a regular man a regular guy he’s working for the government unfortunately they’re not doing a Granada not the best job in the world when you gotta fondle Adam Meister as your job that’s not the best job but he’s interested but he’s you know he’s on the sideline a little bit he it’s earth so he does he has to be convinced he has to be reminded I said just go to coin base how early this is that the big players the rich of the world are still uncomfortable just like him he’s uncomfortable and the wealthy are uncomfortable that’s because it’s early eventually that roughy are going to be very comfortable and it’s going to be too late for the people who are not wealthy so let me give you an example of a wealthy person who is not comfortable so I I went from Spokane to Las Vegas while I’m in the Las Vegas Airport and I’m in line for my Southwest Airlines flight remember I did this all Southwest airline supposedly a low fare airline there is no first-class on Southwest in the line in the regular you know of course you’ve got it you get numbered up I’m in the a group I’m number 60 I see on the other side around number 20 maybe around number 15 is Ravens Hall of Famer Jonathan Ogden okay you can’t miss the guy he’s like 6 foot 7 6 foot 8 up he was a lineman for the Baltimore Ravens um but I’m like this dude is flying Southwest but I had you know he made millions of dollars millions of dollars in the NFL and I had heard rumors about I mean I he’s a smart lineman or traditionally the pretty smart dudes you gotta be compared to a running back definitely but he’s a smart dude people made fun of him about being frugal through the years he saved money he did hit the fan you know the NFL players love to be flashy and some of the guys picked on him even though he’s 6 foot 8 and saying you know you you’re cheap or whatever but so I know the guy’s got a he’s got a good any he’s got a good head on his shoulders he is wealthy he saved money um so I was like I should talk to him but you know what is ease a lot yeah but I’m like obviously even though this guy is a multi-millionaire he is flying on Southwest like regular people so he I noticed in this once we get into the plane he sits in the the emergency aisle you know it’s it’s bigger because he’s big but again there’s no first class there so I’m just I’m just backing this stuff that this guy is a long-term thinker even now that he’s retired he’s got a millions of dollars he’s still saving money so for the people out there’s people like like that same kind of poke fun of me you know Adam you’re cheap you’re cheap no dude that’s how you become wealthy and you maintain your wealth is by you know you don’t the fly first class on American or whatever he got on Southwest he flew like a regular man it was the big people weren’t even coming up I was shocked the people were not even recognizing him because he he sticks out there was one person taking a picture and I think some but here’s the point so we get off at BWI the plane we tend to it was an extra hour in the air by the way because there’s there were storms in the middle of country get to BWI Baltimore Washington International Airport I go to the bathroom and then I I notice now now I’m in a hallway we’re good walk and I see Jonathan idea no one’s talking to John so I’m like I got to go up to Jonathan him right now I got to tell him about Bitcoin immediately because this is an opportunity I know this man is financially savvy I know he has he has had I’ve heard of it he likes to save money he likes to make money and if I could get him a like Bitcoin he could tell all his fellow NFL Hall of Famers all his current NFL friends these guys have a lot of money now a lot of them blow all their money but I mean I’m sure he would love to help his friends do a good in and this is an investment it appeals a lot of people because he you can kind of say well it’s a gamble to or what some of these guys will never get over gambling they just love gambling um so in any way and not John Finnegan of course so we’re walking I grew up going like gossin have you heard about I just straight up I don’t try I don’t say I’m Adam Meister I know you’re just like Jonathan this is Bitcoin how you know I know you know about Bitcoin if you have any bitcoins like no I don’t have any Bitcoin yet and uh like yeah Jesus thought of it at Bitcoin uh and he had and I said well you know you should go get some he’s like well I don’t know if it’s what’s it backed by he says I and he’s got good questions and stuff that was his first name would sit back by and I said has your financial adviser told you not to buy it he’s like yes but so again he is Fung and he mentioned some things that why would I want to risk you know when you’ve got a lot of money why would you like to risk a lot of money when I can get like a five to eight percent return and I don’t know what he mentioned about a five it to eighth person return but I mean he’s straight up saying he’s got a lot of money he’s got it know he’s proud he should be proud that he’s got a lot of me he’s he’s managing greatly he’s got a financial adviser but again he’s stuck in this tradition mode where he’s got his financial adviser his financial advisors making an 8% or whatever he’s gonna listen to him and all fine wearing it we’re in a time right now where financial advisors are telling people don’t get in the Bitcoin so he’s got he’s got a conservative investment thesis here Jonathan Ogden which is great for a wealthy man he’s gonna become wealthier and wealthier but he specifically mentioned me also storage concerns he’s like you could just lose it in like one second I was again it’s about personal responsibility and I could tell he did not he and then we I said no by the way remember Bitcoin is a lot different than all these other cryptocurrencies yeah I know I’ve heard about all these other ones also and I said just whatever you know take this just remember big coin is better than all the rest I want him to believe him with something and but what he left me with here is that right now the wealth until they have these custodial accounts until you can buy it through traditional financial means when until it’s kosher kosher with the financial advisors of the world where they’re telling rich people like Jonathan Ogden okay you could put 1% into it now they’re not gonna get into it’s still too early it’s still too early for them at this store and again you just say well why don’t they want to take personal responsibility it’s a new counterculture indeed it is but rich people don’t have to I mean they let other people manage their money there so doing rich you know there’s their thing they date they don’t want to invest a million dollars and then lose it because they lost or trees or private key or whatever okay we’re not gonna get into all the specifics but I’m bringing all this up and telling all this huge long story because for all of you out there it’s clear both the wealthy and the masses are not comfortable with Bitcoin yet but again once the rich the wealthy can confidently store it and whatever for us long-term thinkers guys who understand this stuff that personal responsibility is new counterculture in it you got to control your private key we know that you know no it is not safe storage when some custodial account is going to be a controlling it and when they’re investing it through yes and all this other stuff okay and that’s that’s not really only Bitcoin but here’s the fact of the matter guys like odd doing guys like whoever else that are wealthy they’re not getting into it until it’s like that okay and we’re not there yet but one day it is gonna be like that one day financial advisors are gonna be tell all the financial advisor is going to be telling all the upper-class people of the world to put 1% in the Bitcoin or crypto or whatever okay and it won’t be early anymore so for all you people like the guy who’s working at the TSA consider that consider that that eventually all those what are you gonna beat the wealthy people to the punch or are you gonna make up the same excuses that the wealthy people make now because you gotta be the fact that matter is if you want to become wealthy you got to become more comfortable and more aware of what you want to become wealthy in before the wealthy okay you can beat them to the punch right now all right but once Jonathan Ogden once I’ve run into Jonathan Ogden in another airport one day and he already owns Bitcoin is too late for you probably it’s gonna be too late for you so I just wanted to put those two airport stories the one way it happened I guess what happened in BWI excuse me what happened in Spokane I and what happened in BWI in Baltimore and again this is also why you should wear your Bitcoin shirts out and about you could start conversations it does not hurt to start conversations with people did I change Jonathan Ogden’s outlook I do not but probably not who knows it was worth a shot because if oh my god if there was a miracle and I did it could make a tremendous difference for Bitcoin but you learn stuff when you’re talking and you’re in motion like that be in motion pound that like button now again here is a it is good to be for Bitcoin as a whole moving on it’s good for the people behind Bitcoin to go through people working on Bitcoin solutions excuse me to go through every solution to make Bitcoin more private to make Bitcoin a lot of different things but I’m gonna agree with origin on the fan has been on my show before the this week in Bitcoin show wishes again is that 1245 in the afternoon tomorrow Baltimore time New York time but I I agree with him but I did what I did want to say that one preface unpopular opinion it feels like many bitcoiners wildly overestimate the competence and coordination ability of large nation state actors giving geopolitical chess any major attacks on Bitcoin would require a great degree of cooperation in an antagonistic global arena I gotta agree with that I don’t think all these nations of the world are plotting against Bitcoin and if they did it would be really hard and they wouldn’t be very quiet about it and people in Bitcoin could avoid it okay could get bit going to avoid it all that being said prepare for the worst though do do think that something like that could happen people who are working on Bitcoin solutions okay do you think that but I don’t think people put so much put governments on pedestals like they’re mad geniuses and they get all these conspiracy theories about them dude they’re like a bunch of postal workers almost the people in government okay and is that maybe the Chinese government is smarter than the United States government who knows I probably a bunch of bureaucrats there that are corrupt just sucking away money also they don’t care about we are stopped Bitcoin again I don’t think it’s that high on the agenda at this point if it gets high on the agenda it takes a certain level of sophistication coordination to really do it secretly and to really don’t worry about it people it’s it most of it is crypto noise most of it is crypto noise hey remember pound that like one check me out a tech ball on Twitter check up you know get your treasurer your t-shirts linked you below including this t-shirt of course crypto Hwy comic you need a critical consultation help Senate res or you can email me at Adam at treasurer help calm I’m gonna be in Santiago again I’m in Baltimore until the 20th then I’m in Santiago for two months Santiago Chile and it’s great to be back in Baltimore I’ve only been back for like what three hours two hours and how was the plane was late okay finally here is a great thread that you guys check out on Twitter from real Ludvig art I see an increasing number of people under the impression that lightning Network as an overlay bridge Network for blockchains the Atomics Wallops is a great thing for all coins and they cannot be more wrong in reality lightning is where all coins will come in droves only to die oh wow all right so I mean I thought atomic swathes were kind of good he’s got an inch at the thread yourself he gives some reasons why this atomic swats might be the thing that just makes a Bitcoin go totally haywire all totally wild all over the all over the all coin world and I just want to say that chakra did Tomei he said I foresee a lot of traffic to your channel two years from now when Bitcoin is just warming up at a million dollars for coins strong hands and golden hold pound that like button actually chakra right you have you’ve sent me super chaste before that was not a super champ and I’m reading it because you’ve been very generous and you’re very loyal viewer in two years I do not see that at all I do not see a lot of people swarming to this channel actually because oh only 20 percenters like stuff like this the 80 percenters will still be going to the the big connect channels of the world the easy solutions people now I know I don’t see a huge look I only see more and more 20% responding it about about this channel that’s that this channels for 20 percenters the masses they’ll just be regretting it and they’ll be trying they’ll be getting into whatever the latest scam whatever the popular whatever the fancy graphics are telling them to do maybe they’ll be into a Fed coin by them but a chakra I like I I the support and two years from now yeah you it’ll be good to be holding Bitcoin that we can agree on that you should have a strong hand today so you still have your Bitcoin after the 2020 having all right dude khakhra everybody everybody all over the world count out like when i’m adam meister the bitcoinmeister this rule meister remembers let’s try this channel like this video show this video check out the links section below and yeah there’s there’s the t-shirt and yeah I probably should go to sleep now bye bye

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  1. Chainjunkies is indeed my website, but it doesn't even link to my t-shirts yet 🙂 That's a different hobby:

  2. Interesting link re Lightening network, atomic swops and the analogy with language! Still if you look through history you very rarely find other languages dying out completely (though they sometimes evolve) – The British Empire for example (India, Pakistan ,Egypt, Israel, Jordan and more ) Also I've worked with a lot of people from Eastern Europe. They all speak English, but when it suits them switch to their 'native tongue'.

    Good thoughtful link though! – Hoffman Line still solid!

  3. Dude I never go through the body scanners either. Every time i do i have a headache for days. I heard they're trying to make them manditory. F that.

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