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Hello everyone this is adam meister the
bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister welcome to the one bitcoin show today is
February the 25th 2018 strong hand adam meister is dr old conviction the few the
proud the 20% alright remember people I post a new show here every single day
so who if you to doesn’t send you the reminders doesn’t matter you just come
here there’s gonna be a new show here every day that has not changed at all
people and it will continue to be this way I’m the hardest working man in
YouTube cryptocurrency land I guess alright and speaking of a new show every
day check out this weekend Bitcoin from a couple days ago we talked about the
petrol we talked about all sorts of interesting things and check out
yesterday’s show check out all those shows from last week or so but
yesterday’s show is all about be private and we’re going to talk more about the
be private for coming up also the links section below you can see how you can
you can learn how to see me in South Africa on March the 7th in Los Angeles
on March the on April the 17th and again I’ll be in Boulder on April 25th
speaking also we’ll get into all that stuff a little later on especially the
bolder I don’t have a link to the boulder thing yet alright so and again
I’m trying to connect all you people out there so if you need a crypto
consultation Adam at treasurer help calm and again I connect people all the time
my clients can tell what one client out and that connects him with all sorts of
them go to Africa not connections and he’s doing great
maybe he should come on the show on these days all right so and follow me at
Tech ball te CH be alt on Twitter that is very very important and
remember everyone is a genius in hindsight so they’re not that many odd
geniuses out there because everyone is a genius in hindsight without hindsight
not that many genes alright so a lot of hindsight uses not real Jesus
all right so B rhodium I want everyone’s got their questions that B rhodium you
can they have an option now where you can re-sign if you didn’t correctly sign
the first time when you signed up I linked to that tweet below also you can
contact Andy Kaufman about that also so contact be wrote in contact andy hoffman
there’s your be rhodium advice your be rhodium message of the day okay so here
is a great tweet by Krypto Jackie big treks announced the be gold fork two
days before the fork the be cash three days before the fork Z classic is big
trucks his second largest coin after Bitcoin it is February 24th the snapshot
is February 28th you sold the bottom okay and he was commenting on someone
who who is there’s all these people in the Z classic be private discussion
groups ready they’re just sowing confusion okay and they’re like I sold I
saw what is a fork when is a fork so much confusion out there this guy this
tweet is great and this tweet is obviously from yesterday was it’s
already the 25th on the East Coast is already at 26 here in Darwin Australia
but but here is that here’s the deal people bid tricks it took them to the
last minute to announce the Beagle that they were supporting be gold and that
they were supporting be cash the fact is this and I’d link to this below in
trading volume the number two coined all the big tricks is Z classic as this
guide points out okay it’s it’s ten percent of all their training it deals
with Z classic any and he’s barely number two it’s almost number one
so thinking logically here they’re gonna want to do everything they can do to
accommodate their Z classic people because that’s their number to market
all right it’s going to help them a lot and that be private is the replacement
of it basically is the replacement of Z classic now a little later on I’m going
to talk about how maybe Z classic can survive maybe they can you go their own
way create some gimmicks around that what’s left of C classic we’ll get to
that in a second but for the minute that for the moment the important thing is is
that this is a huge coin on bit tricks if they’re in their right minds are
gonna make this easy if not they’re gonna lose so much
I mean customers people pulling off people very frustrated and I doubt they
want that so again yesterday’s video was about is forc about this crypto dividend
the private crypto dividend check that out and also you know retweet that tweet
from yesterday and copy me when you’re putting pressure on bit tricks and
trésor to to do the right thing and make this easy for everyone now yesterday
there was a little bit of technical difficulty during my my video and as
someone pointed out as a native australian pointed out sometimes the
australia australian Internet has some issues hey you got a deal that’s life it
isn’t Australian Internet is not as reliable as the United States Internet
that’s all right nothing wrong with that so for you 80 percenters who can’t deal
with that I mean I guess that’s tough luck you’re not very patient people
you’re you’re not gonna have a very successful life but if you can you know
deal with little bumps in the road you should travel around the world good hang
out in Australia see the world was you won’t be put off by little things like
that and you’ll be able to learn despite little glitches but one thing that was
left out that I want to stress that got a little bit blurred out yesterday was
this and a lot of you already understand this but some people are either
spreading finding confusion are or are actually confused about this forever
easy classic you hold you are entitled to one be private crypto
dividend friendly form for every Bitcoin you hold you are entitled to one and
that’s maybe the show that one Bitcoin show found that like button people you
are entitled to one be private friendly for crypto dividend okay so it’s one for
one no matter what you hold so it is cheaper if you really want to get this
thing and you don’t policy classic and you don’t know Bitcoin I don’t know why
you don’t hold Bitcoin my lord you’re behind the curve on that one good but
it’s if you want your if you really want won’t be private that badly it’s cheaper
to buy one Zeke less you’ll get yourself one be private all right
but again bitcoin is the king bitcoin is the one you should already be holding
bitcoin to beget you’ve already gotten all sorts of dividends or you’re
entitled to them and this one hopefully will be easy all right come on Tresor
and ledger and big trucks and everybody and again remember subscribe to this
channel like this video share this video check out the new section below and you
know you know what the slogan is here pound that freaking like button and take
them I’m going to do that I’ll give you a second did you do that now if you did
it you can have my broccoli that I’m eating later did you guys actually eat
this or you just go to McDonald’s if you’re gonna make donald’s you’re an 80
percenter if you eat this you’re actually understanding the long run this
is gonna help you in you know 20% or and if you don’t understand that then you’re
an 80 percenter get go away or something alright so what else do we have here
technical okay and again yesterday’s video is linked to below alright so Z
classic is it gonna have a purpose afterwards and it’s someone actually
suggested something that Z classic could be used for afterwards I did a video on
this oh wow and I don’t even remember what it was it’s um some technical
aspect people who really love their Z classic they should start to come up
with some ideas and promote them so that the price of Z classic just doesn’t go
down back down to $5 after this fork but here is an interesting idea out
there that Lian foo and I don’t know why he’s talking about this exactly but he’s
talking about it here’s an idea after watching Ella Kash successfully
launched and I’m not even read that next point he said if be private gets a good
launch maybe the Z classic community to do L
private like Quinn private ZK snarks privacy for litecoin users okay now you
might be joking around I don’t know maybe purpose of Z classic in the future
could be a crypto dividend spork launched platform so basically it could
take on litecoin create a light point fork that comes from Z classic and light
corn next that’s what Z class could be all about
in the future just the plate what you hold if you want to get sporks a various
top tier all points it’s just an idea combining what I you know when I read
out there from what Leon said and just that hey it’s going to be very
interesting to see what happens to the price of Z classic once up be private is
live it is going to be a it might be what they call a defecation show I’m not
gonna use the S word there was none curse on this channel I don’t curse on
this channel sometimes my guests just let it all out
we try to be fun family-friendly here okay
and another thing about bait racks supporting the Z classic side of the
fork if they if they go all the way big tracks and stay hey we are not only
support if you hold Z classic on our site
yes we’re gonna credit you with the be private but also if you happen to be
holding Bitcoin on air on our platform which you shouldn’t be but some of you
are you’ll also be credited with your be private
well that will that will be huge it will be the be private center of the freaking
universe if they do that you won’t have to move anything around if you happen to
hold pointed there already which you
shouldn’t but I mean this would build up huge customer loyalty two big tracks if
they just go all out on this so look again I encourage you all all of you out
there to tweet out the bit tricks do the right thing
support the Z classic side of Portman hey if you want to support the Bitcoin
side and credit everybody with a Bitcoin be private then do that you he’ll be the
heroes of this whole thing and that is good for customer loyalty I mean you
gotta build up Brad there’s a lot of competition out there in the exchange
world and some of these people I don’t trust at all I mean people are like what
is they want something Satoshi out of England though they’re supporting the
fork they’re supporting the crip the dividend
I’ve never heard of this thing before and I don’t trust them for one day
you’re gonna want to keep a cryptocurrency at this place you’ve
never heard of before at all was it you sons of Satoshi so I don’t even know
what it’s called I actually may be bringing it up and they could be the
greatest guys in the world I don’t know they have very low volume but trust me
it bit tricks does this thing does this thing is going to make a tremendous
difference in the price of the private and as holders a bitcoin we want be
private fees worth as much as possible alright again if you’re watching this
live and you’re in the chat and there’s a few in there right now very good job
guys and Cory’s in there Corey is in there he
is a great guy he’s he is the man behind the scenes at the world crypto Network
but if you got a question over there um do the super chat I will see you that
way and I can answer your question live if not whatever your question won’t be
answered so and yes remember to check out the links below to see the a cast
podcast version of this show and all of the guys on the world crypto network but
this is this is the YouTube platform the direction they’re going is it’s it’s not
the future of of podcasting that disabled is a Corey is you
diversifying us and that is just totally totally awesome all right
so where do we have here the trees were oh yes that the trees were marketing guy
what’s his name here underscore X patch he did say something when people started
tweeting at traceur he said we currently have no information
about the state of be private well that’s not good now of course I can’t
ask the be private people if they’ve been in contact with trees or because
they can’t answer it because of some rules so maybe their marketing guy is
mistaken I really hope the read private people have been trying to get in touch
of Tresor and make this easy and that we’re not all that a lot of people
aren’t going to end up relying on an exchange because even though if that
exchange might do a great job of crediting everyone that’s not healthy we
need to rely on our storage devices where we control our own private key for
these type of things in the future and this is all going to evolve eventually
maybe in a year we’re all gonna look back on this and be like Oh remember
when it was so hard to get a for crypto dividend oh god remember be private I’ll
remember that crazy be diamond shine on you crazy Floyd anyone get that
alright pound that like button alright so yesterday’s show yeah retweet yeah I
already mentioned that reading one thing I thank you to everyone who retweeted
and was pro and they were proactive they didn’t just sit there because again this
is your individual responsibility you’re responsible for what’s gonna happen to
yourself so some people took the initiative and tweet it out to Tresor
and and ledger and pit wrecks to do the right thing here
so that’s great I’m glad you guys are taking bright steps on being part of
this countercultural where we take responsibility for ourselves alright so
here’s a chart I linked to below from well it’s linked to below people like to
buy the 80% like buying coins at less than a dollar and the guy has a chart
out there that just shows it of the top the so-called top 200 coins I mean it’s
always changing but there is definitely a significant percentage of people who
are clearly just buying with several cheap and that is not that’s not good
for them they’re clearly 80 percenters you don’t buy something because it’s
cheap they clearly don’t understand how you can buy a fraction of a Bitcoin you
by a fraction of a light coin but they’re just some people they’re like
under $1 must be great will be the next Bitcoin must buy blindly they’re not
gonna end up in great shape all right here here’s another one
uh-oh this is from the great my great buddy in India who says etherium makes
its debut on zeg pay and price pumps immediately similar to XRP about ten
days back and he this tree is actually from a couple days ago so uh thank thank
you for that information that’s again it reminds us that India might be the Korea
of 2018 we shall see because there are definitely when a new one in winning an
altcoin is added to zip a it does briefly at least boost up the price of
the alt coin that is added it appears that way at least so everyone knows I
love competition I love I love this space where anyone can come in and just
compete you can create your new coin to compete with Bitcoin could create a coin
to compete with Manero whatever you want to do but there is a company our coasts
and I link to this below they are launching a cryptocurrency hardware
wallet and I link to that below so we’re gonna have another hardware wallet in
the space maybe crypto Hwy little sell it check
them out below on the links section but note that’s
great more competition is it is good and I’m going to talk about some competition
in a second here is a tweet from from lingham forum in Ealing and he says my
and it’s a downer it’s a downer type of tweet he’s got this down or attitude
about the current Bitcoin market he thinks it’s a it’s a bear whatever he
thinks might as well have some fun in times like these and he so ran down in
South Africa of the CNBC South Africa show of the Bitcoin in Africa show he
says ran says I just took a bet he says Bitcoin will go below eight
thousand dollars by the end of the month I say no way if he wins I have to admit
on my show that he is the Oracle and if I win
he will and I forgot I didn’t I left that that part because this is all
completely ridiculous and silly because not not ran side but here we go
so you think bitcoins you think it’s bad you think it’s a G so you’re gonna have
a bet and you because you want you think bitcoins gonna go down to 8,000 or
whatever you’re gonna bet ran who thinks the opposite and this let me send it you
might as well have fun well here’s my attitude with that you might as well
have fun all of the time people you might as well have a good attitude all
of the time this is not a special time that we’re getting it’s not a specially
bad time that we’re in in these times these you know when you usually hear
that term these times it is it trying that’s not a trying time this is an
awesome time and it’s when you might instead in you’re sitting there and
making bets what I’m doing is I’m actually going to freaking South Africa
I’m gonna go up to R and I’m gonna shake his hand I’m real a brother it is great
to meet you man this is a great freaking time to be a lot and I’m glad you’re
happy about Bitcoin man let’s do this ran and ran I’m gonna see ran most
likely on the summit a tonight maybe even with ten also I might be hanging
out with ran every single day in Johannesburg maybe he’ll take me around
the studio well we’ll play around and stuff
no but that’s Staten Island that’s the attitude I like in a cryptocurrency Eon
world and hey if you want and maybe this is why some people are frustrated
lingham maybe people are frustrated with me because I’m a positive guy hey live
life that way you can be negative you can be positive whatever but man in
these times I am happy to be traveling around connecting with people making the
most of this great situation and just building being in motion and yeah you
bet the friend I go out and fly out from continent to continent to meet Rand and
shake his hand baby so it’s gonna be awesome
all right so here’s your 80% verse 20% Quotes of the Day there was a guy on on
Twitter and this was involved in some of my tweets he said why would I buy Manero
when I can get be private for free by just holding a Bitcoin or Zeke classic
and that is a great question but and here are the two answers from 80
percenters maybe because Manero is legit and be private is standing not an
argument okay and then the other one was lmao you are gonna get so wrecked my
friend again that’s not an argument so here’s a better way of phrasing the
question for you 80 percenters out there why is someone giving me a $5 bill
better than me giving away a $2 bill and so would you guys give the same answers
to that question like one’s a scam the $5 bills a scam but it’s better for me
to give away money you probably might hear an ad for Center okay guys you’re
getting you’re getting if you’re a holder Bitcoin you’re getting to be
private for free might as well get your be private instead of trading in your
Bitcoin to get them an era okay because you’re gonna get your free bright be
private and end up with Bitcoin okay so you don’t you take your $5 bill you
don’t give away your $2 bill all right so Alex Jones is out there
complaining that YouTube censoring hammy and hey
it’s true but YouTube is a private corporation okay they can do what they
want to do clearly YouTube is getting stricter with
certain people now there’s no doubt about it okay they want to become
cleaner more commercial friendly that is their prerogative Alex Jones
cryptocurrency people out there here’s your opportunity
start early start an alternative YouTube platform a video platform that involves
cryptocurrency and have Alex Jones be your flagship guy okay he could make or
break any platform Alex Jones knows this too Alex Jones shit I hope he knows this
he should be getting in touch with smaller video platforms and saying hey I
can make the platform let’s get together I’m about to be kicked off a YouTube
let’s be proactive that’s the free market people that he doesn’t have to be
on YouTube he and you yourself you you creative entrepreneur person out there
who knows about cryptocurrency and knows about videos and knows about marketing
didn’t touch talents to partner up the opportunity is there and if it’s not
Alice Jones someone else plenty people meet our didn’t kicked off on YouTube
ever what a lot of people are getting three strikes because they’re not
following the party line and that is YouTube’s right to do that and it’s your
right to in this free market start your own competition beat YouTube because
trust me a lot of people don’t like what you choose doing and would flock to an
Alex Jones a center competitor and I’m not saying I’m not giving my opinion
Alex Joe Alex Jones can be totally out there sometimes or whatever I’m saying
this is an opportunity for cryptocurrency people take to make to
take advantage of YouTube’s mistakes and you got to do it the way you’re gonna do
it and this is I see this as an opportunity I don’t see this is a time
to panic then YouTube is censoring us all no it’s an opportunity to start
something new that’s how you have to take adversity it’s an opportunity all
right let’s see decentralized lifestyle stop
here walking I walk so many different places it saves you money on gas it also
it keeps you healthy and it teaches discipline so guys walk very safe areas
if you don’t live in a safe area then you can go to be a little careful when I
lived in Baltimore full time but roughest of ghettos okay and I’m not
exaggerating this and I ran through said right there’s some videos out there you
could watch them of me running through East Baltimore you know West Baltimore
walking through West Baltimore places you got I couldn’t feel totally
uncomfortable and there’s nothing wrong with feeling uncomfortable in some of
these places but what I’m saying is a lot of you don’t have to worry about
that walk it keeps you healthy it’s it’s great and you can personal
responsibility is the new counterculture I love that I love that line of mind and
what else do we have here a tweet from oh yeah here here’s the art tweet of the
day found that like button for atom poking a
little fun of himself in this one of the sky victor artless he made a
side-by-side comparison of a simon Bulevar i guess he was the founder of
venezuela and um and me he put me in my face on top of sonic wearing simón
bolívar’s uh old-school clothing and everything and indeed you know our hair
is kind of messed up the same way and everything and actually someone said I
believe they were firm immediately said I’m better looking and I am better
looking as Simon Bulevar the guy who said it Chu is from San Francisco you
know San Francisco men know about good looking man they do they do not I don’t
know if that San Francisco guy was like a fan of man or not but anyway the point
is look at look at that look at that uh that that tweet it’s funny and it’s it’s
funny to go find it yourself sometimes I guess alright and song of the day I
linked to a song below also and his pump up the volume by Mars
it can pump you up dude sellout check that out i’m adam meister the
bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister remember to subscribe this channel like
this where you share this video do check out the notes section below and
again be patient with the be private situation news will be coming out soon
enough with the bit tricks let’s think logically here i’ll say hi to you guys
in the chat right now bye bye

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  1. "Anyone holding ZCL or BTC in a wallet or supported exchange will be credited Bitcoin Private (BTCP) at a 1:1 ratio." The only possible supported exchange is Bittrex. Read between the lines people. I bought some more ZCL on the dips to sell when the 80% pumps it up again to help offset any losses on the 28th

  2. Hi Adam,
    Maybe at this point if you can try andcalm btcp people out there. On. Btcp telegram a lot of peopke are panicking and rightly so. The team havent friggin come out with support yet from bittrex, binance etc. And time is ticking. Dodgy stuff going on with the dev and forkπŸ˜’πŸ˜•πŸ˜΅

  3. I love your vids Adam!
    Saw u were in israel couple of months ago, I am from Tel Aviv..but I missed u when u were here…
    When are u coming back to visit us?

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