The 1 Bitcoin Show- Bitmain IPO should help BTC, Coinbase goes Altcoin, Monero bug

Hello everyone this is adam meister the
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september the 26th 2018 strong hand long-term thinking on kompis skateable
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weatherman’s gonna be on Alex Adelman who has never been on before he’s from
lolly you know I’ve talked about lolly on here before and some of you are
interested in it so he knows a lot about crypto and he’ll talk a little bit about
lolly and our jinnah he’s got a great Twitter feed that I often quote here he
will return to the show on Friday morning this week in Bitcoin you better
believe that show is freaking awesome 10:30 a.m. on Friday Eastern Time so
Alistair Milne has a very interesting tweet out there every week I am hearing
the same thing from high net-worth individuals family offices and asset
managers we’ve been watching Bitcoin but haven’t invested yet now that it has now
that it has had a correction we are interested in getting involved hey man
that is good news but someone replied to that and they said I get this from high
net-worth individuals I only want Bitcoin if it’s available in an ETF I
don’t want to do with the complexity of storing and
securing the bitcoins hey well if you’re hunting that worth individual and you
were concerned about the price and you’re concerned about storing it well
hey man just wait a little longer your ETFs are gonna come along remember
I was on andy hoffman show it’s actually linked to below by the way earlier today
uh and and i specifically said that you know all these great things aren’t going
to happen or some people aren’t gonna consider it eats yes to be great but so
many things have we’ve been talking about for a while the next steps for
bitcoin and take they’re going to happen just a matter of time people get very
nervous and weak and it when they don’t hack it tomorrow or when there’s an etf
denied it’s going to happen you have to be have a long-term mindset you can’t be
impulsive again i can remember in 2013 when there was nothing so much has
happened since 2013 in this space i mean there were so few exchanges there were
so few coins and now no such thing is an IC o—- no such things a crypto
dividend back then so much has changed it’s just a bet you just gotta stand
still and wait so anyway it’s good that high a network that i mean again this is
not a scientific study we got two guys out there saying high net worth
individuals are just just getting ready getting ready and yeah it’s just a
matter of time they’re gonna pour in here and maybe some of them will even
watch this video and pound that frickin like button people yeah remember follow
me on twitter at Tech ball te CH be alt and of course you get t-shirts and Trez
or link to below and yet you should get a treasurer and not wait around to buy
some ETF or some use some custodial service like these rich people are going
to like these high net worth individuals hey you should want to be a high net
worth individual and here’s a tip for you in order to become a high net worth
individual don’t wait until they compile in the Bitcoin learn personal
responsibility learn how to that how that treasurer works get it get your
going on there before they even contact their stockbroker to do all the dirty
work for them in the near future I don’t know when these ETFs are gonna come I
don’t know when and I frankly I don’t care because I just know they’re going
to happen and I am holding and you know bitcoin is the rock and I got the
strongest the hands baby all right so we got another inspirational tweet out
there from the great Michael Krieger who has also been on this show I mean Daichi
I get some nice guests on that this weekend Bitcoin show I gotta say best
guest in the space dude all right so a micro kicker says if you need someone’s
permission to use something there’s potentially tyranny baked into the
product think about that one he’s got some good insights over there at liberty
blitzkrieg I don’t always agree with them but he does have some good good
insights all right yeah you can email me to Adam at trey’s or help calm you can
you decrypt the consultation you need help setting up your treads or we got
some news tips for me banging at Bell button if you want to get reminders when
we go live so what do we have yeah I said I was on the Andes hop insurers in
the world crippling Network earlier so yes my second show of the day but yeah
check it out it’s linked below it was great we talked about we talked about
all coins is asking about all coins is stuff from from B rhodium to aetherium I
mean all sorts of talk and you better believe I was on fired energy was going
wild through me Dan who she’s always going wild through through me I mean
it’s like it’s night time it’s a what is it here 1102 11:04 yeah man I could go
run right now and of course I did run what I ran six months or six miles
earlier today you’re some five miles I don’t know Santiago Chile that’s where I
am it’s nice good running there’s dog defecation on the ground here in the
South American countries there’s something with the dog defecation
northern European countries no dog defecation South American countries talk
defecation all right so you gotta be careful when you’re running out there
gotta be careful and by the way the dog defecation is worse
Argentina Uruguay and Brazil here is it’s better but there’s still dog okay
enough about that this this is not the dog defecation channel that’s that’s uh
I mean I’m sure 80 percenters would love that before there’s dog poop Oh dog poop
I bet yeah oh yeah 80 percenters would appreciate a dog poop video more than
this video and that’s why they’ll end up in dog poop one day and you will end up
as a high net worth individual pound African leg fun
so TechCrunch as a article here crypto mining giant writ main reveals heady
growth as he files for its IPO okay so it did bit main file for their IPO it’s
done the B cash price pumped because of that because now it’s much less likely
that bit main will have to dump their B cash and they own a lot of be cash
because they’re gonna be able to raise a lot of money through this IPO now I’ve
got to say if they pull this off if they come out and have a mainstream IPO with
people handing their panthan and all sorts of money hand-over-fist
from all over the freakin world this is going to be a positive thing for the
crypto space okay it’s going to be a positive for Bitcoin because this will
be the first like pure cryptocurrency company with a tremendous IPO it’s gonna
make mainstream headlines and people aren’t gonna be able to deny that a
Bitcoin related company people are giving them real money and they’re
making real money and it’s it’s they’ve done the IPO route which all these you
know everyone else that’s supposedly legitimate it will I mean to me it
doesn’t make them more legitimate I mean I know I don’t find that companies that
go IPO or better than the companies that deal with crypto right now but this is
going to take them to a whole new level it’s gonna bring a whole new level of
mainstream interest to the cryptocurrency space to the Bitcoin
space and again most people who don’t know the whole drama controversy would
be and Bitcoin and Raqqa man whoo they
don’t know and frankly they don’t care and in a sense we shouldn’t either if
they’re all going to come piling in here and now I’ll be like you know this is a
legitimate industry because this company that deals with these cryptocurrencies
has gone IPO successfully so I wish bit made the best of luck with their IPO
there’s a lot of people out there on Twitter land who are just like finding
every little thing that’s wrong with this IPO with the write-up that they did
the information that gave great they lied
great I mean that’s I mean did they lie I don’t even know again I don’t care the
fact is they’re one step closer don’t get in a real IPO I am if Rocketman
who’s gonna become the one of the wealthiest men on earth that’s great I
don’t have any hate toward and for that dude I we should all strive to be some
of the wealthiest men on earth just like he is if he I’m telling you if this
thing succeeds it is gonna help it’s gonna help Bitcoin is gonna help
cryptocurrency bring a lot of interest into the space and you got to look at it
from that perspective I know people have their their feelings their feelings
toward the cash and bit mean look it over your feelings get over your
feelings its facts not feelings as a Ben Shapiro is they right all right so I
have a strong hand strong emotional hand long-term thinking here okay so uh
Andreas Antonopoulos has another good video out there what’s it called orphan
blocks and stuck transactions okay it’s interesting and you need if you’ve got a
pretty technically technically sophisticated wallet or an understanding
of technically sophisticated wallet this is this video is especially for you but
I will say this he says in the video that he first aim is he sends Bitcoin a
lot that he has not spent more than one Satoshi per but per byte since February
on his transactions so for all you funsters that say how expensive it is
this master this guru of a Bitcoin true guru I mean could I don’t even I
shouldn’t use the word guru this master of Bitcoin hasn’t spent more than one
Satoshi per fight and he says that you know how he waits and he gives reasons
how he was able to pull that off and everything but again it doesn’t call
don’t believe people are still trying to do this old-fashioned it’s cyclical
maybe they pull up old fun or expensive the sun-baked it’s not expensive simple
all right and again you can go to this site I also link to the site Bitcoin if you want to see how expensive it is right now to send your
Bitcoin I’m at freaking Lima alright so coinbase oh my god they make an
announcement today we’re announcing a new listing process that will allow us
to rapidly add most digital assets that meet our standards and are compliant
with local law while providing our customers with tools to discover
evaluate trade and use digital assets with this shift in process our customers
can expect us to list most high-quality assets over time if you’ve developed a
new digital asset and it has passed an independent legal and security review
apply to list your asset on coinbase today and you know darn well that in all
the reddit’s and all the little groups that everybody’s posting the links that
I post you below that that show you the this blog post and show you the
application form won’t coinbase you can check it out yourself now so corn base
is going all-in with these all coins it was pretty obvious for a while
and they’re going beyond the top-tier it looks like and they’re not gonna just
you know you’re not just gonna be able to store them there you will be able to
buy and sell them there for fiat so it is going to open up eventually we’re
gonna have some non first tier all coins on there that all sorts of Americans 80
percenters and 20 percenters are going to be able to use their fiat on to
purchase so is this going to create a new pump situation is this going to be
the spark of a new alt point pump is this why ripple went up to date
because again it’s it’s it seems to be the ripple people who are obsessed with
getting on the coin base – and maybe this is a sign they’re one step closer
you know this is actually a sign that yeah they probably will get on there
sooner than later you know and it is interesting the whale panda has another
take on this and I’m gonna read what he said sure that a placate that sure
pretty sure that applications that go through this form go directly into the
trash beam it’s just an attempt at stopping the harassment by certain
communities we’ve seen these type of application forms since the first crypto
exchanges and they never worked okay that’s an interesting take on it um he’s
referring to I guess ripple harassment there hey maybe this is just a way to
get people off their backs I think it may be it’s a combo of that and hey they
want to streamline the process they don’t want to be accused of favoritism
and just they were I think they want to be open and transparent here or appear
to be open and transparent so we shall see how this we shall see how this
develops I’ve been invited here from now like 750i a year from now if they are
selling like fifty altcoins on there I think we’ll be going through quite a
bull market for for all coins again and I guess I guess for bikal I mean
there’ll be all sorts of people piling in that weren’t pile because there’s so
many people they just want to divert they want diversification for the sake
of diversification they want the next Bitcoin they don’t understand bitcoin is
the next Bitcoin and of course they value their wealth in fiat not value
their wealth in Bitcoin so they’re gonna go that way I’m so much in dollars not
realizing how much it it’s going up in terms of how much is going down in terms
of Bitcoin they’d be better off holding their Bitcoin rafter man our thanks for
the $2 super chat dude keep up the good word and work Adam well thank you
man are I appreciated dude okay well panda had his paper line okay
chain analysis they have a blog they have a new report you can check in Alice
link to below today we’re excited to provide freshly updated data through
August 2018 and discuss our central takeaway that Bitcoin investors and
speculators have held their positions over the summer so yeah there has been
some strong handiness through assertive by certain members of the community
since including speculators during the summer so people aren’t people aren’t
panicking they’re not there seems to have been a cool off in terms of the
week handedness hands are getting stronger it appears this this was the
summer of the strong hand perhaps well we’ll look back on it one day and we’ll
have to see if this was a big turning point but they’ve got a report on this
so check out that their their actual report i link to below
ok Monaro they had something called the birding bug and they have a full report
on to it i link to it in the Matt Odell tweet below apparently on some exchanges
you could not deposit Manero for a while because I guess this bug affected the
exchanges I don’t know I have not been on any changes to even check if you can
deposit your narrow remove Herman arrow now I I don’t know yeah I mean again if
you’re if you’re concerned about this please investigate but this is what he
said a bug in the wallet software allowed a determined attacker to cause
significant damage to organizations present in the Monaro ecosystem I assume
that’s exchanges with minimal cost fortunately the bug did not affect the
protocol and thus the corn supply was not affected okay so we had some uh
narrow issues two days ago in yesterday so and I should have mentioned it
yesterday actually I did stumble upon that tweet but I just I didn’t put them
in there so now you get to hear about my narrow alright so hopefully the cheat
you know if if you’re a person who values who wrote the Bitcoin you got
some narrow trying to get rid of them an arrow
hopefully you’ll be able to deposit at your favorite exchange soon
speaking about favorite exchanges well Polonia acts as part of circle this is a
from the Bologna ex blog as part of circles commitment some paint to making
Pilate acts the premier destination for crypto asset trading we are announcing
the addition of our new stable coin USD coin it’s gone to Polonius USD coin
serves as a bridge between dollars and trading on Polonius alright all you
state will coin people this is this is just the beginning of stable coin man
this all is all be exchanges will have their own we’re nowhere near peak stable
coin as you can tell I’m not very excited it’ll just be it’ll just
convince more people to trade and they will end up losing their precious big
coins as they will BB we can go this is makes it easier I
don’t have to worry about dollars I don’t have to worry about taxis and you
do if the word about texts like that they’re gonna think oh this makes it oh
this that and the other they’re not giving away my information even though
I’m giving it my social security number isn’t you do have to be planning
exercise security number no no these stable coins are great yes yeah first of
all don’t let stable coins they’re not tether all of them ignore them don’t
even worry about them busy if you’re not worrying about them it’s clear that
you’re not a traitor if you’re if you’re trader and worrying about um 95% of
traders end up in pretty bad shape strong ham long term thinking hold all
right finally and I almost skipped this where is this darn
how do wear my gold thing go I wanted to say something that gold wait a second
I’m not I’m not I’m not leaving this ok here we go
people are asking my thoughts on gold a lot okay and this tweet which will be
the last part of this show today this sums up my thoughts on goal okay I don’t
I’ve never owned gold I don’t plan on ever owning gold okay but this sums it
all up this is from sanh Tris key out of it a friend it’s linked to below a
friend who escaped Venezuela tells me about government officials in
the Caracas Airport confiscating gold from families leaving
these families risk their life savings in their luggage and service does take
advantage but they can’t confiscate your Bitcoin he tells me I’m confident is a
durable strong hand counting out like button click on all the squares just see
my old videos if you’re watching this not live i’m adam meister the
bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister remember subscribe this channel like to
see or share this video check out the nose section below i’ll see you guys in
the chat right now bye bye

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