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and Gabriel we’re on Gabriel didn’t get to talk that much because he was having
some difficulties in Venezuela hopefully we’ll get him back to the next few days
but they’re experiencing a lot of insanity in Venezuela leading up to
January 23rd apparently is a big day down there
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plate stuff at 2x now on Twitter at the great Alistar Milne had a a statement
and it was an inspirational statement he says and no I am NOT a Bitcoin
maximalist slash extremist simply an altcoin skeptic how about that as a new
term people you know people say Europe you’re a Bitcoin extremist you’re a big
coin Maximus no no I’m just an altcoin skeptic it’s a very nice way of saying
it but I don’t I’m not very confident in these all coins very skeptical 99% of
them trash hey that’s that’s another way of putting it and it’s an interesting
perspective so use the term altcoin skeptic and pound that like button also
I want to cook Gabriel about the 23rd of January we expect revolts and marching
and maybe riots starting the 23rd of January Venezuela lots of fun
for the whole family hold them that Bitcoin tight down there
dudes and I got it we got to get Gabriel on before then there’s all sorts the
issues the internet goes down craziness okay moving on so there I missed this
story I think because of this weekend Bitcoin coin star press release and now
offers the ability to buy Bitcoin at Coinstar kiosks and I have two articles
about it actually I have that the press release coin star machines will start
selling Bitcoin at the grocery store ok now we’re out from in Baltimore they
don’t have Coinstar machines but they do have coin star machines in Los Angeles I
noticed go ahead and you can check out the links below you can see the map but
where they have these machines and would the coin star machine is you take a
bunch of change and you throw it in there and they give you they give you I
think store credits sometimes where they give you dollar bills I don’t know well
you can’t dump your change in there for Bitcoin and again they haven’t
implemented this yet but it will be in California soon and maybe in your
country I don’t know but you’ll be able to put cash into the Machine and you’re
gonna be able to get Bitcoin which is good which is positive and there’ll be a
certain limit there’ll be a certain I think you gotta give a cellphone who
knows they might kyc it up eventually we shall see but one thing that was
fascinating I’m thinking about in East in East Hollywood when I’m staying in
East Hollywood and I looked up there me there’s like three places right now East
Hollywood they have these machines I looked it up and these are highly
there’s a lot of immigrants to say the least
in East Hollywood to say the least so I mean you can like walk into bonds or
Albertsons or wherever the coin store machine is any of those supermarkets and
buy a bunch of Bitcoin and then we don’t you you take you take the money the cash
you were paid under the table to clean that dudes house in West Hollywood and
then you turn it to the Bitcoin and then you set
your brother-in-law in Guatemala I mean this is very interesting very and you
just avoid using Western Union there you go Thank You Coinstar there the
Guatemalans and the Mexicans are saying in the LA area hey man this might be
something there all the sudden here I don’t try to blow these stories out of
proportion but it is fascinating when looking when I’m taking a look at where
these places actually are where these machines are actually located in LA area
what what can happen we shall see I’ll believe it when I see it and you next
time in LA I’ll see if those things are actually working and if you’re in LA
area tell me and check out check out the links below for Coinstar and see if
there’s one near you in LA if you want to play around with it I guess see if
it’s implemented yet here’s an article from Bitcoin east
know before I get there masta yeah this is article from boy the
bitcoin ‘test Erik Voorhees in shape-shift shape-shift aided sixty law
enforcement inquiries in 2018 eric worre here’s Voorhees reveals so yeah people
are disappointed shape-shift went from becoming this rebel company to aiding
sixty law enforcement inquiries in 2018 hey people it’s centralized it’s bound
to happen okay it’s going to happen only Bitcoin itself doesn’t uh snitch on you
okay Bitcoin it doesn’t snitch pound that like button okay going on and again
snitches a lot of bad um yeah I shouldn’t use that word but hey whatever
it’s funny when you use it for a big point doesn’t snitch I don’t want to say
Erik Voorhees is a snitch I’m not saying that um I think it’s this is used by
some really dirty people out there and they you said you’re a snitch and then
they kill you I mean it’s disgraceful some people who use that word do okay
moving on moving on it’s late it’s almost 1:00 a.m. here in Tel Aviv so
where was a yeah medium post by Thomas bloomer he’s a jerk
guy I think tell me a use case that works only with Lightning Network I took
the challenge and found one with augmented reality so I read this news
article he’s talking about this augmented reality that eventually might
be popular you’ll be wearing some glasses and it’ll make the word world
seem a little brighter and point things out to you like what time it is or that
go into that store you have to read the article for yourself but he makes a
pretty good argument on why a lightning Network could power that or could
enhance augmented reality read the story hey the guy is getting pretty creative
here I give him credit and that’s what Bitcoin and lightning Network are all
about we’re gonna there gonna be some innovations we cannot even fathom right
now so he’s on the right track with time trying to tie in augmented reality into
the Lightning Network in good luck so I’m yesterday’s show I’m going to tie in
a Beyond Bitcoin show into the one Bitcoin show here I mentioned a guy
named Sam bankin Backman and he deals with narcissistic personality disorder
and that was a subject for yesterday’s show because people in this world are
all but sorry people are becoming narcissists and they’re worshipping
themselves and us it’s terrible but he also did a Bitcoin video the guy’s
pretty smart guy and he did the video about a year ago and I do not agree with
a lot of it but I’m putting it out there because it’s a different opinion and
it’s some of the things have already been proven wrong but some of the things
he said played it 2x okay play definitely played it to expose it’s long
but one good point that he made and it opened my mind a little bit more because
again sometimes your mind can be open when you watch a video by a smart person
who you don’t agree with okay and to say the least I do not agree he said you
know Bitcoin will eventually die or there’ll be a
I mean it’s an entry he says he says bitcoins not a scam it’s not a Ponzi
scheme but he says he gave some reason why he thought it would not last why all
cryptocurrency as a whole will completely change in ten years and again
he’s had some bad experiences with different governments so he kind of
fears the government and he thinks that the government will be able to do things
with big okay the point is the point is he talks about alternate alternative
finance okay and that Bitcoin can dominate this meet this niche market
okay and that banks and governments they know they don’t really care about
alternative finance that much in fact banks will like you know they enjoy
alternative a they’re not gonna mess with alternate finance because there’s
not that much money in it but if companies if endeavours get funded by
alternative financial means then the next thing they’re going to do is go to
the banks and ask ask for a loan so again in theory so if Bitcoin can
dominate alt alternative finance like right now we’ve got all those fund
raising platforms I came I can’t even think of their names right now and you
get a little piece of the pie I mean but the big Bitcoin could could wipe all
those out and dominate and dominate that you know for these small little company
and you know again not big cryptocurrency already kind of
experimented an alternative financed with icos that didn’t go so well but I
mean there were some pretty simple implementations with Bitcoin you can
have an alternative finance realm and it really it really may thrive there so I
did I did like how he brought that up in the video what was this oh yeah never mind it is a
great alternative finance these are growing and growing financial industry
okay definitely a lot of people are financing their endeavors by various
different means by not going to the traditional finance players like banks
what I came think of the name of the the big company it’s the company that does
the alternative finance now you you know they retired all right but any
big big quick Dominator so here is some the Whale panda tweets this out and it’s
kind of a warning because there’s an article out there someone with dark net
dark net market claims to be selling kyc information from finance
Polonia X bit tracks BitFenix smells like Fudd since that would mean all four
got hacked or word using the same third-party to do the KYC
and it turns out that this story has been out there for like six months it’s
like six month old FUD but this is just God let’s just publish in a in some
public in some quick online crypto publication of some sort so don’t panic
people about that that does sound like something that’s just didn’t happen
especially since it’s been floating around for six months we shall see but
you might have read headlines about that big you know people trying to get you to
click on our videos was it some clickbait about you know this is you
could you can make some big clickbait out of this and in fact this this
publication did that so he’s warning whale Panda is warning that it just
probably just fun don’t worry about it Hey JW weathermen I I have one of his
tweets below he is now he has some videos of his that previously were not
free they’re out there his cyber his cypherpunk
videos lectures are now available so click on his link below there that was
nice of him and I had a W husband people they asked about JW he hasn’t been on
the show for a while because I says it’s a ten hour time difference now between
where he is is undisclosed location where I am so it’s like I can it’s not
working out for this week a Bitcoin to get him on it’s just he’s the mill the
night where he is when I’m doing this weekend Bitcoin we
might have to do this week on in Bitcoin on a Thursday night here in Israel to to
maybe get some other view because I’m gonna be here in Israel till March 13th
we got a lot of weeks left which is great I love being here in Tel
Aviv but it’s harder to get guests I can’t get like any North American guests
it’s very difficult getting North American guests for this weekend Bitcoin
when I’m in Israel just putting that out there I put that out there before so for
those of you wondering but it’s cool because I’ve gotten a lot of guests from
Europe and Africa and I love having people from all over the world and
getting different guys on there that you’re different guys and gals on there
that you don’t usually that you’re not usually hearing I mean I hope I hope you
guys are learning I mean guys like gee I mean he isn’t all not many people know
who cheat is but this dude is a smarmy watch watch the video from yesterday and
if farzam in South Africa I mean he’s a big name in South Africa people know in
South Africa but not everybody knows him here in the entire world so I love
having guys like that on the show and of course you guys all know Gabriel that
was he was a good show thank you to check it out Friday all right
I love all my guests I could keep along because I think they’re very interesting
and I’m learning for them too I learned something every show I love her this
weekend pick one show pound that like button okay hey you know in the past
I’ve had a few people on that I regret having one and they’re never coming back
again but you know you cannot perfect with the people but and I learned that
if I’ve learned if someone is a do not someone that I would not have sushi with
then I I get rid of them I cut them that’s it it’s that simple you never
hear from him again and he gets some people because it’s just it’s hard it’s
hard to get some people back on schedule says some people don’t some people are a
little shot tell you truth okay therefore people on that had been on
before that it had been shined look I can’t go on again hungry jobs so
continuing continue eating uh here’s a great tweet from luck when but instead of having a president’s face
it is online like your video game characters
it works with a secret passport so that the only person who can do not a bank or
a king that’s how you explain it to a kid yep according to a kid but I like
that part the only person who can move in is you lauric King found that like
button speaking about people that have been on the show before who were
freaking awesome though you might have not heard of before or but now I have
become more popular Arjun Arjun has been on Maya this week it becomes show about
two tiny bazan people knew him but I mean he’s reputation has grown a lot
since then he he writes for the bla and he’s got another great highly regarded
uh article out there about the Lightning Network latest piece is on the massive
lightning infrastructure build out we’re seeing its it’ll be a big year with
improvements coming across liquidity privacy usability and security so if you
guys love lightning that or read this freaking article by Arjun it is it’s a
good one lots of information for you people I got I don’t mention these I
know I see click on the links below I’m serious about that dude check it out
that’s it you know this is this is the class
you’re in the class right now you gotta do your homework
that’s the links below you got do your home work run individual and your hand
becomes much stronger and you become the notorious BTC notorious b.i.g remember
that dude he was pretty mad okay you’re like this I think he had a lot of carbs
yes he wasn’t a faster like the Myers all right
fasting try it out dudes intermittent fast yeah I was just at the Tel Aviv
Bitcoin embassy I’m having a I’m raw I love going there onsen
nights again if you’re in that I meet someone new there every time there’s
always a new person there it’s a great time great time met a reporter there
tonight you know there’s one guy right he’s pretty high up in the bsv community
apparently I mean he’s hanging out with fake toshi and stuff this yeah meet all
sorts of people dude when you get out there into the real world
yeah so yeah the televi bitcoin embassy there’s a PSP guy he’s a nice guy he’s a
nice guy you know Laurie and gamma also be a me guy also he’s a nice guy he’s
I’m not a PSV guy again you haven’t heard much about the PSV lately have you
yeah I guess the big Toshi is a calm down a little bit right I don’t know
just say everyone just stop pay you know did you ignore when someone’s screaming
about nonsense you eventually you ignore them yoki
what is this oh this is Matt O’Dell has this I got two more things here bear
with me here he says by Nast when it comes to regulatory arbitrage the plan
is to support Fiat Eagle entities based in different countries around the world
they will only support big corn in aetherium to reduce regulatory hurdles
so yeah there’s an article about buying in
they got this master plan and Bitcoin in aetherium it’s pretty good they I give
them credit they are centralized they are a centralizing entity but they are
setting up in many different jurisdictions so it will still be in
another jurisdiction down so and dealing with all sorts of I mean it’s it’s hard
to do is set up bases in all these different countries I think in eight
different countries but they’re trying it and maybe and maybe they’ll be the
big winner in the exchange game in the end I don’t know again in the end of the
day they are centralized though Bitcoin itself is not I okay is this the last
thing yeah this is this is about Venezuela I I could emails from ski
professor Hankey professor Stephen Hankey he’s actually at Johns Hopkins
but on the financial side you don’t hear about that and that’s in Baltimore where
I’m from and he does I don’t think he likes Bitcoin that much he’s one of
those blockchain not Bitcoin guys and which is what you’ll see here he’s got a
press release out I linked her below err TM to raise and distribute a million
dollars for hyperinflation pattern vet Venezuelan Steve Hankey the world’s
leading hyperinflation expert and he is he does know a lot about hyperinflation
tell him that hyperinflation expert and professor of Applied Economics at the
johns hopkins university spearheads a campaign to raise a million dollars in
cryptocurrency for impoverished Venezuelans the air TM platform will be
used to distribute cryptocurrency donations to 100,000 Ben as well and
suffering from the world’s only ongoing hyperinflation okay to me it sounds like
a complete waste of time I mean why not just send a Bitcoin what why have this
air tea I don’t know why he is into this air TM air TN thing I think he likes
stable coins i he’s not a Bitcoin guy he’s a curse anyway I give I link to it
below he will he knows what’s going on in Venezuela he wants to help the
Venezuelans I don’t think this is the best way to do it I I think at the same
time and he’s he’s involved with this company he wants at the pump people
wants whatever Queen er whatever they’re trying to do to pump and he does want to
help the Venezuelans this is not this is not the way to do it at all I have
always said and I know Maximo has agreed you know get get some people in
Venezuela to do some work for you and pay them in Bitcoin they can do online
work for you they definitely can do online work for you I don’t know what
those air TM thing is about check it out it’s linked to below and tell tell mr.
hyperinflation experts Steve Hankey get on the Bitcoin train dude you’re almost
there man your own there he’s got some good articles
sometimes about other country he’s not always whatever I’m giving you some
different opinions today I talked about banking beforehand I’m talking about
hanky now you know what I’m all about I’m about pounding that freaking like
button having that strong hand that twenty20 having deferral of
gratification I’m gonna watch a video after this before I go to sleep some
like simple steps of deferral of gratification yes some video randomly
popped up on my feed and I’m gonna check it out afterwards anyway everybody that
that’s about it for now new show here every single day
I’m Adam I should become I should just run my store remember subscribe this
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