The ☰ Tesla – Tech & Gaming on the Weekend #4

Today is Saturday, April 2nd, 2016, you are watching TGW and there were so many news this week, so let’s get right to the main topic. There is currently undergoing a yearly conference for developers in San Francisco, Microsoft Build. At the main keynote on Wednesday we found out, that a year after it’s premiere, Windows 10 will be getting a serious update in the summer. Among other things, it will include some advancements in the biometric security, like finger scanning, and broader support for styluses and the Windows Ink app. What’s more, Windows is getting new apps from Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram, which should help in using them more comfortably. Because it’s a conference mainly for developers, there was much news focused on them specifically. Definitely, the most positive reaction got the implementation of Linux bash shell to Windows 10. A great part of the conference was dedicated to bots and digital assistants. Cortana is going to get even more powerful and in the new Skype, you will be able to chat with Cortana as well as third-party bots. It sounds really good, but unfortunately, we in Poland, won’t be able to use it in full extent. For more and more specific info you can always click the links in the description. Literally few hours after Microsoft’s conference we got a ton of news from Square Enix, a Japanese video game studio. A massive event took place called Final Fantasy Uncovered, where we got to know the premiere date of highly anticipated game Final Fantasy XV. It’s going to be released this year on September the 30th and until this day, the Final Fantasy universe is going to get super crowded. An anime mini-series “Brotherhood” will be released, telling the story of the main game characters, and also we are getting a CG movie “Kingsglave” about the main game story. A mobile game will be released as well called “Justice Monsters Five”, bringing an in-game mini-game from Final Fantasy XV to real life. What’s more, during the conference a Platinum Demo was released, which shows the gameplay and story of the main character. All of this is or will be free, what shows how much Square Enix is trying to promote the game among FF players and gamers completely new to the franchise. Don’t forget to watch the new trailer for Final Fantasy XV with an awesome cover of “Stand by me” by Florence + The Machine. On Friday local time there was a conference by Tesla Motors, which is a company run by Elon Musk. As you probably know, they are an electric car manufacturer with popular Model S and extremely rare and exclusive Model X. Yesterday for the first time we had the chance to see the new Tesla car Model 3. From outside it looks similar to the Model S, but what sets it apart the other two is the price on a bit more reasonable level of 35.000 USD. Even though I’m not a car guy, I’m pretty sure, that the price is on a par with similar gasoline cars. We also found out that the range of Model 3 won’t be lower than 350 km [≈215 miles]. It’s a great result, which strongly outruns all other electric competitors. You can already place your preorder for 1.000 USD, but don’t be too excited, because the car is scheduled to ship to the customers until the end of 2017, beginning with orders from the United States. That’s all for this week and I can assure you that the next weekend is going to be super special, so don’t forget to subscribe to my channel. See you!

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