THAT’S RACIST!!!… or is it?! I honestly don’t know anymore…

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100 thoughts on “THAT’S RACIST!!!… or is it?! I honestly don’t know anymore…

  1. Yep. Millions of people throughout the history of the planet sat on a cloud and said "I want to be born on the African continent" While others said "I want to be born on the European continent" Sure, that's what happened…right. In places where the sun is hot, melanin produces dark skin to repel the suns rays and in colder climates melanin creates light skin to absorb the suns rays. Let me get this straight: We are supposed to be prejudiced about generations of heritage? This makes sense to whom??? I am attracted to nice men. I admit it!!! I am a racist against mean people. So, flog me.

  2. I don't think there even is such a thing as "preference" when talking about physical appearances.

    Cause like have you MET all the people of all races to decide that you like one better than the other. I mean okay, maybe in YOUR MIND you have a preference but I think if you were to meet the right person than it wouldn't matter what race they are.
    You would like them for who they are.

    Or maybe I'm not being realistic. But I don't know I've never fallen in love ^^. I used to think appearances were everything. I used to have 5 guys that I "liked" at the same time but only cause they were hot. But it's been YEARS since I've liked even one guy now. Nowadays I have to get to know someone to like them and I kinda assumed everyone outgrew their middle school self by now lol.

    I don't have a "type" or a "preference", honestly at this goddamn point in my life I've been single for too long to start being picky now. Plus I don't really think I have the right to be picky, like I'm pretty SOME days, but not many X'D.

    Just think of it like keeping your options open. 😀

  3. there is nothung wrong with not being sexually attracted to someone based on any reason, If you just arent into thats cool.

    however saying All of a race, arent attractive is wrong.

    You should be able to find one person in Any Race thats just enchanting Not someone you want to date or even kiss but can apriciate as art. a sculpture of them would be Fine art…

  4. I love your videos! Its amazing how you can give your view point and still convey the unbiased news. 🙂

  5. the problem here is being able to treat each person as an individual. if you've only dated a certain race or "type" of person before, this doesn't make you a racist. this could be due to circumstance or maybe these just happen to be the individuals that you have felt an attraction to. it's only racist if you say you would never be open to dating ANY INDIVIDUAL from a certain race (or races) because of prejudices and generalisations that you have about that race that in no way apply to the entire population of that race. It's also racist when people try to control the actions of others and say that they should only date within their own race (but I probably don't have to tell most people that)

  6. I prefer to date people who live longer.
    Asians tend to live longer than Whites, who outlive Blacks.
    I'm now racist.

  7. I could care less about race, only chemistry. If the chemistry is there, and I would automatically know it by how I feel with them, then I would date them.

  8. The idea behind saying that if someone says they are not attracted to a certain race it is racist is that you are saying all people in those race inherently have something you do not find attractive, when they are all very diverse and different people and the only thing all of them have in common is their race, you are sectioning that race into a certain box. I used to say I wasn't attracted to black guys until I actually looked into this idea that that type of preference is racist and sometimes comes from some type of prejudice, whether you're aware it's there or not and I realized I was being ridiculous saying that I'm not attracted to a huge chunk of the world's population when none of those people have something that I inherently found unattractive. The problem with saying you are only attracted to a race, specifically if it's different from your own, is the same thing, you are putting all people into a box of what you think they are like. You are again disregarding that they're a completely diverse group of people and not all the same.

  9. Just because I'm not sexually attracted to African American men doesn't make me believe that my race is superior to theirs or that the African American race are in any way inferior and therefore lacking the basic human rights.
    Tyler Oakley is fucking stupid for trying to say that it is a fact that being sexually attracted to only certain races is racist. By that logic then I guess girls who only like tall guys are… heightists… or guys that only like guys are sexist. Like wtf?

  10. Preferring a race when it comes to what you're attracted to isn't racist, but I would say (to people who are like that) don't completely rule out that option. If you hit it off with someone of a race you don't prefer when it comes to romantic partners, don't let that deter you from experimenting

  11. It can be racist/colorist. Preference means you favor something more than another BUT could go for the opposite. It becomes racist or colorist when you literally cut that specific margin out of your tastes.

  12. It's complicated. It isn't a black/white situation (no pun). There are fine lines here, and every situation heavily depends on each individual. There are many factors at play. There is systematic racism, societal and cultural preferences, media, implicit biases, personal preferences, and genetic/biological factors. The first couple of those are social aspects that we cannot personally control, yet we are fed this information from a young age and are taught to prefer certain things that we are unconsciously aware of. This can be unlearned. There exists a whole documentary explaining this about how all over the world, light skin is preferred to dark skin and dark-skinned people are considered unattractive. Individuals can become aware of this and learn to think dark-skinned people are gorgeous (whether or not you then might want to sleep with them is a little different).
    Then we have actual personal preference, which, after everything above has been considered and given conscious thought, a person can either be like "Well, I was taught to be racist, I still don't like __ people," or "That's interesting, I do think __ are beautiful, but I still might not necessarily want to sleep with them" (again, understand that those are not the only two paths and this situation is still complicated).
    And we also have genes that tell us that certain physical characteristics might be better for survival of offspring (unsure if this applies to homosexual, bisexual, asexual, pansexual, +). For example: hip-to-waist ratio, symmetry of faces, muscle mass, etc.

  13. I don't think if someone doesn't like/only likes a certain race/certain races it's racist, it's just preference. Everyone has a preference.

  14. Idk what other countries are like, but the root of the argument in the US is the fact that white women have been the standard of beauty since….forever. So maybe it isn't racism so much as the effects of a whitewashed society ingraining the same beauty standard into its citizens for the longest. Imagine living on an island where there's apples and oranges, but people always have said oranges are just spoiled apples so no one eats them. Then imagine new technology coming out and saying that oranges are completely different from apples and delicious in their own right! That's what the "preference" argument reminds me of. I really don't think there's such a thing I just think it's the biproduct of America idolizing euro features. People probs aren't as attracted to black girls cuz they look nothing like white girls. My whole life I've dealt with guys telling me their preference but the good news is that with each passing year the beauty world gets more and more diverse. Right now the ideal woman has shifted from Marylyn Monroe to Kim Kardashian. Still pretty pasty but still more diverse than the blonde haired blue eyes ideal.

  15. I know these are serious topics, but I have my captions on and every time Philip speaks every third word comes translated as "meow" … is this a glitch or…?

  16. It's not racism it's preference. Just like how some people prefer the color blue over orange or cheeseburgers instead of PB&J. It's not demeaning to say you have an ideal and someone for WHATEVER reason doesn't fit it. White guys, Black girls, Asian dudes, Latino women, there's so many people, you can afford to be picky.

  17. I don't like certain cultures, the shade of the person practicing it is irreverent but fuck it, I guess I'm racist for what little that means now.

  18. No. I have never had sexual attraction towards people who weren't Caucasian, however, I have nothing against them. I just never wanted to have sex with men who weren't. It's personal preference, like how some people won't eat pears.

  19. Interesting that Tyler Oakley allows himself to have a sexual preference, but not anyone else. He looks at females as a particular group and is not interested in them. One who is a female could consider that offensive. I am not, mind you but the point is the point. He is picking and choosing what he wants. I think this younger generation has lived with "political correctness" so long that they have no idea what it was like to live in an age of "good common sense" where every single solitary person was not so dang sensitive. Good grief. I am so exhausted by all this stuff (trying to say and do the current acceptable thing etc.), I am about to lose my ability to care. And that would be the worst tragedy of all to me.

  20. Okay I don't like what Tyler said here…just because you've never dated or fallen in love with a specific type of person doesn't mean you're against that person or their culture. Doesn't matter if its black or white. Could be Chinese. Suddenly if you haven't found at least one person from every race attractive you're racist? Last time I checked you're allowed to like who you like. Just like sexuality. You argue you dont like girls and you're a dude, does that make you sexist? NO. its your personal feelings and personal interest in a type of person. The one sighted ness in that was so cringy I just can't.

  21. I personally think that what he said was ignorant. I'm not into girls that are taller or guys that are shorter, among other specifications. I didn't CHOOSE that, it's just what I happened to be attracted to. Now, what WOULD be racist is going out of your way to say something cruel about a person's skin colour. Simply not wanting to have a relationship with them on the grounds that they don't strike your fancy doesn't make you a bad person. It's the same thing as being gay/bi/pan/etc.; you didn't CHOOSE to be attracted to that specific gender, and you don't bash on the gender you aren't attracted to.

  22. I don't get why this is considered 'racist'. It's like preferring blondes or tall dudes. It's a personal preference that has NOTHING to do with the person itself.

  23. I don't want to hire any whites or Mexicans. Why? Because I PREFER the Chinese. See I'm not racist, I'm just used to being around Asians…

  24. I love Tyler Oakley but people have preferences. He bases his whole channel on how he is gay(being gay is a preference!!!).I'm not going to be offended if someone doesn't want to date me because of my race, gender, or sexuality because I'm aware that not everyone is going to find me attractive.

  25. No its not racist most of the white girls I dated cheated on me so I don't like dating white girls because it's hard for me to trust them so saying something like that is racist is just retarded

  26. I think it comes to the reasoning to why someone is attracted to that race. For example if some one says they're attracted to only whites cause they think all people of colour are dirty, that would be racist. But i know for myself i dont like dating asian women because for some eerie reason all i think about is my mum (who is of phillipino decent). I feel is not racist, as the motive is different, ignorant yes but not racist

  27. White girl only attracted to black guys or not attracted to black guys is not racist I'm not into black people sexually and romantically so I'm not racist

  28. So he is saying sexual orientation is not a choice, except when it is?
    Okay, just checking.
    I mean seriously, if you genuinely don't get turned on by certain features it's not something you can change.
    If you however say "I don't like X feature" because you don't WANT to like it then that is another thing.

  29. Fuck, I guessed I missed the Mac book … Damn… Sorry Phil, I watched you years ago and now just trying to catch up… I love your face and I'll see you in a few minutes… When I watch more..

  30. I do have a preference on what race I date (I’m a white lesbian) I prefer to date asian or black girls it’s just preference not saying I wouldnt date a white girl or anything

  31. I don't think its racist to prefer to date a certain race, it just so happeneds that i haven't been attracted to a black or Asian man yet. I'm not saying I'm not open to dating those races, I just haven't wanted to date anyone from that ethnicity. I can't really help who I am or am not attracted to.

  32. I do not think it is racist being attracted to one race than another. Each race is different and has different features that people are attracted to. But, there will always be someone from a race someone is not normally attracted to, whom they find attractive. As an example, I like the features of a black man. I like the big noses, big ears, and how usually tall most of these men are. But that does not mean I would not find a man of a different race whom I would be attracted to. For example again, I tend to find some Asian guys attractive when they're wearing a suit and looking studious. But, I am also attracted to Zac Efron. It's just the features of what race someone is attracted to. But then again, it is proven that there is no such thing as race. Source–>

  33. Racist is pretty much just used as a slur against white people. If you are not white you can be as racist as you want. No one loses their job because they say they hate white people. You can say it's different because of the history of race relations, but that is just an excuse for why you think anti white racism is ok, it doesn't make it any less racist. Tyler is just part of the anti white left which looks for any reason to call a white person racist just like white bigots look for any reason to call a black person the n word.

  34. Why are people always trying to make something racist when it’s not? We have enough actual racial issues, we don’t need to start making up others.

  35. I don’t think its racist. Unless the person is against the race dating (example: interracial relationships) then its racist. But it you don’t like black guys, don’t date them. Or if you don’t like white guys, don’t date them. Its only wrong if you dint like black guys period. Or you see them as lesser because of their race. But i think if its only about sexual preference, let people be. Nobody can like everyone.

  36. It’s attraction. Nobody genuinely seeks out a specific race; they’re just attracted to who they’re attracted to. It’s not a societal thing. It’s not racism. It’s literally what turns you on or is attractive to you personally. Granted, you could be fluid as to which race you’re attracted to, but have a pattern/typical attraction. Sometimes a person of a race you’re not typically attracted to may be attractive to you. Good lord let’s not make attraction racist now, huh?

  37. My take: Preferences are absolutely influenced by society, but that doesn't mean there's actually anything you can do about it. Also, having a discriminatory preference is fine, but there's rarely any benefit to broadcasting it. Just don't date those people.

  38. I used to be a fan of Tyler Oakley, but his Twitter is pretty full of hate… it’s hard to like him anymore.

  39. Yeah, I only have an interest in hispanic/ latino guys… and that’s not racist. Now i’m not saying whites, blacks, or asians are ugly, but i am saying I am only attracted to someone my own ethnicity. Call me wrong but it’s my preference :))

  40. It’s not racist. It would be racist to say “blackness makes you ugly” or something like that. But to be more attracted to features that are more related to European lineage, which isn’t just skin, is not racist. If I look at white girls and get boners more than when I look at black girls, does that mean I’m racist? Or is it just my dick? I bet if Tyler heard a black person say their preference doesn’t really include European features, Tyler wouldn’t mind at all. He’s just one of the people that want to rage against the norm. Everyone of every race has preferences.

  41. Watching this in 2019 and noticed someone edited the captions to say "meow" in place of words.

  42. Oops. I guess I'm racist because I'm not sexually attracted to black men, and all of my boyfriends have been white

    Get off your SJW High Horse, Tyler. Like someone else said, there's a difference. Saying "I'm not attracted to black men" isn't racist. Saying "All black people are ugly" is racist

  43. 'type' can include things like age, hair color, eye color, height, personality traits like funny, charming, driven, quiet, etc., potentially even earning potential if you're that shallow….it should not ever include anything like race. if you're type includes or excludes a specific race, you need to really reevaluate your prejudices.

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