Teva Tirra Women’s Sandal

Hi! My name’s Lisa and I work here in the
Travel Department at Snowys Outdoors. Today we’re going to be talking about
our best-selling men’s and women’s footwear. I have here one of our biggest
selling sandals for women called the Tirra by the brand Teva. Each season we do get new colours of this model and this is the current colour
that’s available. It’s an all synthetic sandal so it’s very quick drying, a great
sandal to use in the water but if you do use it in salt water we would recommend
to try and rinse it with a bit of fresh water afterwards. It has the Teva spider
rubber sole so it’s very grippy. We find this sandal is a good wider fitting
sandal, it does have the adjustable velcro straps so you can loosen it or
tighten it if you need to. So if you want to check out this sandal, go onto our
website, which is You can check out our full range of sandals and see our everyday low prices. We’ll see you next time.

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