Teva Original Universal Premier SKU:8824667

How’s it going? Guys, my name’s Joe, this is the original Universal premiere from Teva Those sandals going to be very water friendly quick drying, just ready to hit the water you’ve got two hook-and-loop straps here at the top, made of a soft webbing really fine tune the fit keep you comfortable the footbed is contoured to fit your feet and all that hard support you’re going to get on that side and has a slight texture to it as well to keep your feet from sliding around and you have a heel cup here in the back, little bit in the front too, really just lock your foot into place and then down here on the outsole, they’ve used a Durabrasion Rubber with that sporty outdoor tread You got to try these on, the feel how comfortable they are so go ahead, add them to your cart today, they’re from Teva

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